        The Definition of Naturopathy A Brief History of Naturopathy The Philosophy of Naturopathy Comparison: Naturopathy & Orthodoxy The Naturopath Specialty & Subspecialties A Few of Patient’s Common Conditions Realistic Patient Expectations In Locating a Good Naturopath

What is Naturopathy?
“Naturopathy is field of eclectic wholistic medicines that promotes physical, psychological and social health, fitness, and wellbeing through a myriad of natural treatment approaches” A Naturopath

Principles of Naturopathy
       Facilitate the healing power of nature, First, Do no harm, Identify and treat the cause, Treat the whole person, Prevent disease and ill health, The doctor/practitioner is a teacher, Heal thyself,
In order to establish health, fitness, and wellness

History of Naturopathy
         Hippocrates Kneipp Rickli Thomson Hahnemann McFadden Graham Lust Medical dominance

Naturopathy & Orthodoxy
Comparing naturopathic medicine & Orthodoxy medicine

      

Treatment approach Disease philosophy Treatment action Practitioner relationship Assessment Consultation Safety

What is a Naturopath?
“A Naturopath is a health care professional who treats a wide range of people with acute and/or chronic health conditions by applying an array of natural treatment approaches based on the principles of naturopathic medicine.” A Naturopath

What do naturopaths treat?
Common ailments that treated or relieved identifying the underlying causes of include:

 allergies, including food allergies;  arthritic conditions;  asthma;  back pain and problems;  chronic fatigue syndrome;  constipation;  depression;

 digestive complaints such as irritable bowel syndrome and ulcers;  hypertension (high blood pressure);  menstrual and menopausal problems;  migraine; and  skin conditions, such as eczema.

Who might benefit…
…from a naturopathic consultation?

 Chronic conditions: arthritis; Irritable bowel syndrome; osteoporosis; eczema; psoriasis; period pain; hypertension; oesophageal reflux; asthma  Acute conditions: colds; influenza; sinusitis; ear infections; urinary tract infections  Prevention: preconception care; stress/ lifestyle/ diet management  General wellbeing and fitness  When allopathic/orthodox medicine fails  When alternatives to the past are sought

What can I expect…
…from a Naturopathic consultation?

      

Assessment of Wellness,Health,Fitness Diet and Nutritional Guidance Lifestyle and Educational Support Herbal Medicine and Supplementation Detoxification & Cleansing Assistance Physiotherapies Spiritual Care

Where can I find…
…a Good Naturopath?

 State professional associations: <Internet Search> Naturopaths  Yellow pages – “Naturopaths”
Las Vegas, NV

Beloved, I wish above all things that you be in health, …
3 John 2