Mission statement of Bank Alfalah To practice Islamic banking in its desired spirit that unfolds its true economic

potential resulting in prosperity to our customers and commercial rewards to our sponsors and our employees. Mission statement of Bank Al-Habib To be a strong and stable financial institution offering innovative products and services while contributing towards the National economic and social development Mission statement of Google Google's mission is to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful Mission statement of Habib Bank Ltd. H !'s ei"ing #epresentative $ffice aims to act as a bridge between the banks% industries and trade houses of &akistan and 'hina and other countries of our presence% by facilitating transactions% (oint )entures% performance bonds*guarantees% correspondent banking% trade financing not only limited to &akistan but across the globe in +, countries* regions. Mission statement of Huawei Huawei's mission statement is- To focus on our customers' market challenges and needs by providing e.cellent communications network solutions and services in order to consistently create ma.imum value for customers. McDonalds Mission Statement /0c1onald's vision is to be the world's best 2uick service restaurant e.perience. eing the best means providing outstanding 2uality% service% cleanliness% and value% so that we make every customer in every restaurant smile./ Mission statement of Mezan Bank ltd. To be a premier Islamic bank% offering a one3stop shop for innovative value added products and services to our customers within the bounds of 4hariah% while optimizing the stakeholders value through an organizational culture based on learning% fairness% respect for individual enterprise and performance. Mission Statement of Muslim Comme cial Bank ltd. 0' ank5s team of committed professionals is dedicated to maintaining long term customer relationships through outstanding service and convenience. Mission Statement of !nile"e 6e meet everyday needs for nutrition% hygiene% and personal care with brands that help people feel good% look good and get more out of life.

ceeding 4hareholder value 8 9mployee 9. Mission statement of $A%A mutual funds &"t. To rank in the top 2uartile In performance of N. 6e combine depth of industry e.nd to consistently offer 4uperior risk3ad"usted returns to investors 'e&si Mission Statement /6e have absolute clarity about what we do =69 49!! HIGH >?.pectations of our stakeholders by leveraging our relationship with the Government of &un"ab and delivering a complete range of professional solutions with a focus on programme driven products 8 services in the . $ur strategic advisory services provide clarity that enables clients to be more agile in the world of convergence. Ltd./ .G9 &#$1?'T4.perience the "oy of advancing and applying technology for the benefit of the public.N1 9)9#.pertise with broad global perspective to provide a uni2ue view of emerging technology markets. <unds #elative to the competition% .pectations% thus creating financial growth and opportunities for our customers% employees and company.!IT@ <$$1 .pectations: Mission Statement of Moto ola 6e are committed to providing cutting edge wireless technology to increase productivity and e.s a symbol of national pride% we aspire to be a 'hoice airline% operating profitably on modern 'ommercial concepts and capable of competing 6ith the best in the International as Mission Statement of 'un)ab Bank To e. Son* Mission Statement /To e. Mission Statement of Son* + icsson .<.ceed the customer5s e./ Mission statement of '(A $ur 0ission .5 $ur success will ensure.griculture and 0iddle Tier 0arkets through a motivated team.customers will build their business% employees build their futures% and shareholders build their wealth. I #esearch provides market intelligence and analysis to help our clients make informed business decisions.Mobilink#s mission statement 7To be the leading Telecommunication 4ervices &rovider in &akistan by offering innovative 'ommunication solutions for our 'ustomers while e.ceed the e.

clean. iPa . To remain the leading insurer in the country by meeting our commitments to our valued policy holders and the nation. connect at a core. gut le&el "it! t!eir innermost emotional "ants an esires. an re(use to accept any ot!er pro uct or su%stitute as an option %ecause t!e pro uct is so simple.Mission statement of Standa d Cha te ed Bank 6e aim to be the 6orld5s est International ank by being the #ight &artner for our customers. Apple’s Marketing Strategy – Sell On Value. Apple ma e !ea lines "!en t!ey surpasse #$$on Mo%ile as t!e "orl ’s most &alua%le company. Ltd.eleno The mission statement of the Telenor 4atellite Networks AT4NB group is derived from the Telenor Group's vision% which is defined to be a driving force in creating% simplifying and introducing communication and content solutions to the market. "!ic! re&olutioni'e t!e glo%e. or iPo 5.!at "as Ste&e /o%s’ 0magic1 t!at seeme to make e&eryt!ing !e touc! turn to gol . an easy6to6use* That "!at separate Apple (rom e&ery ot!er %usiness on t!e planet.!ile t!ere’s many secrets t!at ma e Apple’s marketing met!o s so success(ul. The Key To Steve Jobs’ Insanely Great Marketing Apple’s marketing strategy can %e summe up in one "or . release t!e iPa . an gi&e t!em a pro uct so use(ul t!ey can’t li&e "it! out it 4t!ink a%out t!e (eeling you get once you use an iP!one. an "!at ma e Apple’s marketing strategies so p!enomenally success(ul7 And this is where Apple’s marketing strategy begins… . !ere are 2ust a (e". an "ere name t!e most pro(ita%le retailer in t!e entire )nite States* So t!e +uestion on e&eryone’s min is. #mpat!y* 3!e a%ility to un erstan anot!er person. Mission Statement of . How i t!ey o it. To achieve our goal% we need to attract highly3talented people to work for us and give them outstanding opportunities Mission statement of State Life (nsu ance '"t. Not Price In 2010.

t!ey "ere on t!e e ge o( %ankruptcy. t!en. Apple create t!e first computer t!at ma e it easy (or consumers to get onto t!e internet 4most computers took o&er an !our o( complicate set6up. "e !a&e to let go o( t!is notion t!at (or Apple to "in.02 %illion ollars 4Microso(t !as :229 %illion. in 188. an i( !e %uilt exactly "!at customers "ante .!en Ste&e /o%s returne to Apple in 1889. it showed in t!e "ay !e presente !is pro ucts. Microso(t !as to lose 4Competing)* .ell. !e took Apple’s stock market cap (rom := %illion. is !e un erstoo t!at !is 2o% as a marketer "as NOT to (ocus on making money or sales.. coul you (in a "ay to sa&e ten secon s o(( t!e %oot timeGouH&e got to start "it! t!e customer e$perience an "ork %ack to"ar @not t!e ot!er "ay aroun * Eeing t!e ric!est man in t!e cemetery oesn’t matter to me* >oing to %e at nig!t saying "e’&e one somet!ing "on er(ulA t!at’s "!at matters to me* . 0I( "e "ant to see Apple !ealt!y again. t!e year Ste&e came %ack. it starts "it! a great min set@!ere "as Ste&e’s. %ecause t!ey "ere eli&ering somet!ing much more po"er(ul@VAF)#* The “Magic” Marketing Strategy That rove Apple To The Top .e nee to em%race a notion t!at (or Apple to "in. • • • I( it coul sa&e a person’s li(e. an coul set their own prices. an applie !is marketing strategies. o&er t!e ne$t 10 years. Cere are some o( t!e +uotes t!at re(lect Ste&e’s (ocus in %usiness. t!ey "oul continue to open t!eir "allets* Eecause Apple "as more (ocuse on meeting t!e customer’s nee s t!an anyt!ing else.. Apple !a a loss o( :1 %illion ollars (rom t!e pre&ious year. an .!at ma e Ste&e i((erent (rom ot!er marketers. unlike ot!er marketers. an >oogle !as :21? %illion57 so how i !e o it. so t!ey i n’t nee to compete on price. Apple recor e a pro(it o( :<*8 %illion. "!ile t!e iMac !a you sur(ing t!e "e% in less t!an 10 minutes5* Ste&e /o%s kne" t!at i( !e (ocuse on S#BVIN> 3C# D)S3OM#B. Apple !as to o a really goo 2o%A it’s a%out Apple %eing a%le to make incre i%ly great contri%utions to t!e in ustry 4Creating Value)*1 3!e ne$t year. to :. an "as 80 ays (rom %ankruptcy* 3!en.

t!ey starte %y creating a pro uct t!e customer "oul "ant. an ot!er companies* oesn’t "aste time turning it into a game like all . s!o" t!em !o" it "ill impro&e t!eir li&es. an rea %ooks (rom anywhere. an on t!e ot!er !an Jell as its competitor uses Microso(t’s operating system in all o( its pro ucts* 3!at is "!y e$ternal tec!nological (actor "ill also !elp apple to plain t!eir ne" goals to compete "it! t!eir competitors* . t!en o((ering t!em t!at pro uct* Microso(t starts "it! making money. so t!ey %uilt t!e p!one they’d "ant to use5* Apple %uilt t!e iPa t!inking a%out !o" to %uil a pro uct t!at ma e it e((ortless.ant to isco&er t!e MOS3 PO.-. easy. an t!ey’re more (ocuse on competing "it! Apple t!an t!ey creating a great customer e$perience 4"!ic! etermines i( people %uy t!eir pro ucts or not. t!us meaning t!e competitors o( Apple Inc "ill also rise* 3!e competition also gets !ar er as tec!nology c!anges an inno&ation e&elope muc! (aster* As a result all o( tec!nology !as a s!ort li(etime* 3!at is "!y Apple nee s to upgra e t!eir pro uct more o(ten so t!ey "ill out o t!eir competitors easily* In t!is case Apple "ill in&est a lot o( t!eir capital to t!e Besearc! an Pro uct Je&elopment* One o( t!e e$amples is t!at Apple installs its o"n %ran operating system. an "!y no competitor’s pro ucts can compete "it! t!e con&enience an ease o( use o( yours. e ucate t!em on "!y t!ey nee it.#BI)F marketing strategies on t!e planet#nter your name an email %elo" to get my e6course 4an a (ree copy o( my <0 page Apple Marketing Strategies eEook5. "!ic! increases its pro uction cost.+CH$-L-G(CAL %AC. customers "ill open t!eir "allets* !ho Are Your "rod#cts esigned $or% Apple’s marketing strategy relies on creating pro ucts 3C#G are going to %e using t!emsel&es 4t!e iP!one "as %uilt %ecause Apple employees "ere unsatis(ie "it! their mo%ile p!ones.Ste&e ma e t!e marketing process simpleA i( you gi&e people "!at t!ey "ant. "atc! mo&ies. an (un to %ro"se t!e internet. an !o" muc! money t!ey make5* Apple simply gi&es people "!at t!ey "ant. . A$AL/S(S Management o& Apple' (nc) 3ec!onolgy (actor analysis No"a ays tec!nology’s market %ecomes "i er.

its position "ill %e snatc!e %y ot!er market lea ers* Ior t!is particular in ustry.http-**applemanagement. Mission Statement . That's how Nokia is needed to help make the world a better place for everyone. They seem to have all bases covered and will always be a leader in technology. which then keeps Apple improving.wordpress. The increase in technology is encouraging competitors to improve. $okia 0ision of the futu e /'onnecting people/ is now connecting people to what matters 3 whatever that means for each person 3 giving them the power to make the most of every moment% everywhere% any time. Apple is a very well established company with a firm grasp on all sections in a E!T analysis. 'onnecting the /we/ is more powerful than "ust the individual. they are knowledgeable in economics. phones and computers have become a hot commodity. Overall.com*category*p3e3s3t3factors*T: Technological Forces: It is t!e era o( tec!nology* A tec!nology can %ecome arc!aic an out6 ate o&er nig!t* Apple is t!e market lea er in inno&ation. They are established politically by having a "plan #' in case something that they cannot control happens and it is still maintaining success while the depression is prevalent. making it inevitable for more products to be sold later. tec!nological (actors are t!e most crucial t!an a%o&e all t!e t!ree an must %e manage in t!e same "ay* Proposed Management Strategies for Technological Factors: 1* Spen as muc! as possi%le on Besearc! an Je&elopment to %ring inno&ation in its pro ucts earlier an %etter t!an its competitors* 3!is "ill al"ays keep t!e cro"n o( market lea ers!ip on its !ea * 2* =* Fearn (rom past mistakes an (ailures Don&ince t!e consumers to %uy original Apple pro ucts rat!er t!an %uying unrelia%le imitate copies ma e %y ot!er manu(acturers* T echnological Environment The technological environment for Apple's market has grown substantially over past years. Apple is on top of the market for innovating products and the main thing about these products is that their life cycles are very short. Apple uses the modern person to depict their product as well as create new ingenuity and design. %ut i( it "ill ignore to continuously %ring inno&ati&e pro ucts. Most specifically.

ased on the same approach that guides the rest of their activity C =The Nokia Way# 3 their corporate responsibility is developed through logical steps% with much of the work concentrated inside the company% much of the work built on e. They increase accountability to stakeholders through reporting% and informative internal and e. • • Ma keting St ateg* Nokia’s corporate responsibility strategy is to engage. They engage in stakeholder dialogue and form partnerships that serve the areas they want to improve upon. It5s a belief that by focusing on issues over which they have most influence and which their stakeholders consider important% they will be able to mobilize more of company resources% be more proactive% and ensure long3term programs. <or them% corporate responsibility is an integral and continuous part of decision3making in all parts of their businessD taking responsibility for the conse2uence of their actions. .ccording to them it is essential to d i"e co &o ate es&onsibilit* th ough the com&an*3wide strategy process% support issue owners in building business cases for ethical improvement and implementation% and increase accountability to both internal and e.ternal stakeholders.isting programs% and many stages taken forward in parallel. They constantly measure and review their performance in economic% environmental and social issues. The Team C To create the best possible working environment% promoting career enhancement and "ob security% encouraging trust in the company and loyalty to the customer. They pursue focused and practical improvement programs in relevant organizational or geographical areas as part of business operations 3 this involves business planning% internal communications% training. . 6hat makes them uni2ue is the way they do it.• • • 'ustomer C To maintain customer confidence by continuing to provide 2uality service specifically designed to meet their needs.ternal communications activities. improve and be accountable . 0arket C To be recognized as a market innovator in the mobile phone industry to continuing to improve our business practice. usiness C To ensure the team has a complete understanding of all 0obile Network Internal 4ystems and &rocedures and that each team member is responsible for compliance with the usiness 0anagement 4ystem. Training C To develop ongoing training strategies to empower personnel with skill levels essential for future company success.

Nokia employed more than EI%HHH people in #81 department over fourteen countries worldwide. Innovation also creates new opportunities for promoting sustainable development. Nokia always improve their product line through #esearch and development process% beside this Nokia also has multimedia compatible improvement with mobile at the same time% such as% G&#4 and 6. social net"orking an email all necessities on Smartp!ones Nokia "ill !a&e to t!ink o( ot!er (unctions to !elp i((erentiate an stan out (rom its ri&als* As "ell as (unction more an more consumers are looking at t!e so(t"are running all t!e (unctions as a key in icator o( t!e success an +uality o( t!e Smartp!one. internet. as t!e le&el o( competition rises Nokia must ensure t!at t!eir Smartp!ones are at t!e !ig!est le&el o( inno&ation* .tended mobility to enterprises PESTLE Analysis of Nokia Technological 3!e tec!nological a &ances in t!e in ustry are &ital to t!e success o( any ne" Smartp!one in t!e market t!at is continually gro"ing. 4ustainable development and environmental protection have various effects on the operation of the innovation system.pand mobile communications in terms of volume and value9. Nokia has numerous technologies which can satisfy those end3users need% such as% luetooth% 4ymbian% 4@N'0!% 0+0% 6ireless !. It means Nokia does not develop only their product line% but they also improve their service process to provide the most appropriate service to those customers efficiently.& 4ervice.it! (unctions suc! as camera. 1ue to the changes in EFFHs% Nokia also changed its functions to mobile phone market.pand mobile voice 1rive consumer multimedia ring e.N and (ava. They also provided customers to choose the features and service that they personally want and need. * . so Nokia’s alliance "it! Microso(t (or t!eir latest Smartp!ones seems a &ery goo mo&e as e&eryone are a"are o( t!e tec!nological capa%ilities o( Microso(t an t!e &alue t!ey can a to any tec!nological pro uct* In t!e past Nokia "ere t!e market lea ers in inno&ation in t!e mo%ile p!one in ustry. !o"e&er in recent times t!ey !a&e seeme "ell o(( t!e mark an struggle to compete "it! t!eir ri&als* 3!is is "!y Nokia must consi er t!eir position in t!e in ustry an attempt to once again %ecome t!e market lea er %y o((ering a ne" inno&ati&e capa%ility an get to t!e market %e(ore its ri&als In the EFGHs% there was a trend towards microcomputers and Nokia tried to match this tendency by producing its main products as computers% monitors and T) sets.The Nokia 4trategy continues to focus on three activities to e. .

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