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10552013 Coca Cola Marketing Strategies

10552013 Coca Cola Marketing Strategies

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Published by Sana Javaid

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Published by: Sana Javaid on Feb 05, 2014
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Marketing Strategies Of

Coca Cola



TA !E O" CONTENTS CONTENTS #$ ($ )$ +$ Ackno%le&ge'ent$ Mission state'ent Intro&*ction$ Coca Cola$ a$ Coca Cola International$ ,$ -istor.$ /$ Manage'ent$ 0$ Market s1are$ 2$ "inancial re3ort$ 4$ Di5i&en&s an& Cas1 Plan$ 6$ Pro&*cts$ #7$ Strategic 3lanning$ ##$ ottlers o%ne& ,. Coca cola #($ Coca Cola Pakistan$ #)$ Ma8or Co'3etitors a$ Pe3si ,$ -istor.$ c$ "inancial assets$ • Market s1are$ • "inancial re3ort$ • Pro&*cts$ • Met1o&olog. #+$ So'e ,asic infor'ation regar&ing 'arketing of coke a$ Target 'arket: ,$ Ma8or seg'ents: c$ "actors effecting sales: &$ Ma8or co'3etitors: e$ Strategies of 9*alit.: f$ T1reats fro' co'3etitors: g$ Targets t1at %o*l& like to attain: 1$ E:3an&ing target 'arket i$ T1reats an& o33ort*nities for 3rice: 8$ Strategies of getting goals i$e$ ;1ig1 3rofits<: k$ Marketing strateg.: l$ E:3ectations for t1e co'ing .ear: '$ -o% coke &eter'ine t1e .earl. ,*&get: #/$ Marketing strategies #0$ Pest anal.sis

$ 3

T1is re3ort is &e&icate& to '. ,elo5e& 3arents= >1o e&*cate& 'e an& ena,le& 'e to reac1 at t1is le5el$


t to ot1ers t1at s3ans %ritten 1istor.ACKNOW ED!EMENT >e t1ink if an. of *s 1onestl.$ T1e %ork of so'e *nkno%n 3erson 'akes o*r li5es easier e5er.$ >e .&a. s1a3e& o*r li5es an& o*r %ork$ "irst of all %e %o*l& like to t1ank o*r teac1er M". reflects on %1o %e are= 1o% %e got 1ere= %1at %e t1ink %e 'ig1t &o %ell= an& so fort1= %e &isco5er a &e. M#hamma$ Sha%i&#' for t1eir g*i&ance t1ro*g1 o*t t1e se'ester$ T1en %e %o*l& like to t1ank o*r frien& an& . to ackno%le&ge t1ose 3eo3le %e kno% 1a5e &irectl.elie5e it?s a33ro3riate to ackno%le&ge all of t1ese *nkno%n 3ersons@ .rot1er Mr$ Aees1an An8*' for 3ro5i&ing *s t1e infor'ation t1at %as re9*ire& for co'3letion of t1is 3ro8ect$ 5 .*t it is also necessar.

6 .

ottlers= an& o*r co''*nities$ T1e Coca Cola Co'3an.est 'arketers in t1e %orl&$ /$ >e %ill t1ink an& act locall.t1ing %e &o$ ($ ran& Coca Cola is t1e core of o*r .*siness strateg.e5erages t1e.8ecti5es of o*r .. . 'ore of t1eir .$ 0$ >e %ill lea& as a 'o&el cor3orate citiBen$ T1e *lti'ate o.CtoD&rink .roa& selection of t1e nonalco1olic rea&..*sinesses$ >e stri5e to *n&erstan& eac1 c*sto'erEs .e5erage cons*'3tion &e'an&s an& o*r a.ilit.*siness an& nee&s= %1et1er t1at c*sto'er is a so31isticate& retailer in a &e5elo3e& 'arket a kiosk o%ner in an e'erging 'arket$ T1ere are nearl. foc*s on en1ancing 5al*e for t1ese c*sto'ers an& 1el3ing t1e' gro% t1eir . i'3ro5ing econo'ic 3rofit$ T1e Coca Cola s.e5erages sales= 'a:i'iBe o*r longC ter' cas1 flo%s= an& create econo'ic 5al*e a&&e& . are to increase 5ol*'e= e:3an& o*r s1are of %orl&%i&e nonalco1olic rea&. g*i&e& . to a&& 5al*e for c*sto'ers$ >e ac1ie5e t1is %1en %e 3lace t1e rig1t 3ro&*cts in t1e rig1t 'arkets at t1e rig1t ti'e$ 7 .e5erage . to satisf. 0 'illion 3eo3le in t1e %orl& %1o are 3otential cons*'ers of o*r co'3an.= o*r s*ccess in ac1ie5ing o*r 'ission &e3en&s on o*r a.Th' Missi(n S)a)'m'n) (% )h' C(*a C(la C(m+an.ilit.$ +$ >e %ill .*siness )$ >e %ill ser5e cons*'ers a .e t1e . %ant to &rink t1ro*g1 o*t t1e &a..eliefs: #$ Cons*'er &e'an& &ri5es e5er. e:ec*ting co'3re1ensi5e . O*r 'ission state'ent is to 'a:i'iBe s1areo%ner 5al*e o5er ti'e$ In or&er to ac1ie5e t1is 'ission= %e '*st create 5al*e for all t1e constraints %e ser5e= incl*&ing o*r cons*'ers= o*r c*sto'ers= o*r .ste' 1as 'ore t1an #0 'illion c*sto'ers aro*n& t1e %orl& t1at sells or ser5es o*r 3ro&*cts &irectl. to &rink . to cons*'ers$ >e keenl.Es 3ro&*ct$ Flti'atel. si: ke. creates 5al*e .*siness strateg.

egan in #466 %1en t%o C1attanooga .ste' contin*e& to o3erate as in&e3en&ent= local .= again 1el3ing accelerate .*siness'en= en8a'in "$ T1o'as an& Jose31 $ >1ite1ea& = sec*re& t1e e:cl*si5e rig1ts to .ottling s.ottle an& sell CocaCCola for 'ost of t1e Fnite& States fro' T1e CocaCCola Co'3an.illion= an& total re5en*es %ere G/ . .ottling franc1ises .egan a &ra'atic= s*ccessf*l restr*ct*ring in #66($Fnit case sales 1a& cli'. #647s %1en .o*ng co'3an.ilit.lic on No5e'.ottling .egan to 3ro&*ce CocaCCola s.*siness .egan to consoli&ate$ In #640= T1e CocaCCola Co'3an.ottler consoli&ation$ As 3art of t1e 'erger= t1e senior 'anage'ent tea' of Jo1nston ass*'e& res3onsi.er #66#= a 'erger . traces itEs .lis1e& in #640= is a .*sinesses *ntil t1e earl.r*3 for sale in fo*ntain &rinks$ -o%e5er t1e . 'erge& so'e of its co'3an.erton = . for 'anaging t1e Co'3an.= an& .illion 8 .COCA CO!A INTERNATIONA! -ISTORY: CocaCCola Enter3rises= esta.$ T1e CocaCCola . offere& its stock to t1e 3*.e& to #$+ .ste'$ Yet eac1 of its franc1ises 1as a strong 1eritage in t1e tra&itions of CocaCCola t1at is t1e fo*n&ation for t1is Co'3an.Co%ne& o3erations %it1 t%o large o%ners1i3 gro*3s t1at %ere for sale= t1e Jo1n T$ !*3ton franc1ises an& CI -ol&ing Cor3oration?s .. t1e stan&ar&s of t1e CocaCCola s.asis= total *nit case sales %ere 447=777 in #640$ In Dece'.$ T1e CocaCCola Co'3an.et%een CocaCCola Enter3rises an& t1e Jo1nston CocaCCola ottling Gro*3= Inc$ HJo1nstonI create& a larger= stronger Co'3an.eginning to #440= %1en an Atlanta 31ar'acist= Dr$ Jo1n Pe'.ottling 1ol&ings= to for' CocaCCola Enter3rises Inc$ T1e Co'3an.er (#= #640= at a s3litCa&8*ste& 3rice of G/$/7 a s1are$ On an ann*al .

controls a.o*t /6J of t1e %orl& 'arket$ G!O A! MARKET S-ARE: T1e follo%ing ta.ear co'3o*n& ann*al gro%t1 Co'3an .leI Uni) *as' .iggest co'3an. of Coca Cola Co'3an.le can s1o% t1e %orl&%i&e o3erating seg'ents$ HTa."(/)h #7 . 3er ca3ita Inco'e 0J /J /J /J +J +J #4J 6J 27 " . s1are Co'3an . In&*str. in t1e soft &rink in&*str. (77# ann*al gro%t1 Co'3an .MANAGEMENT: T1e 1ierarc1.= Coca Cola en8o.ear co'3o*n& ann*al gro%t1 Co'3an .s t1e largest 'arket s1are$ T1is co'3an. /C. In&*str. In&*str. N(nal*(h(li* $"in0 (77( Co'3an. s1are All *(mm'"*ial 1'2'"a. is as follo%s$ Chairman Board of governors Vice Chairman and chief operating officer Executive Vice residents !enior Vice residents Vice residents MARKET S-AREeing t1e .'s (77( Co'3an .

ottling 3artners is a critical co'3onent of T1e CocaCCola Co'3an. (/7 'illion *nit cases an& generate& recor& 5ol*'es$ eca*se car.ran&s$ 1# . can . kno% t1at accelerating t1is 3ace is cr*cial to t1eir f*t*re s*ccess$ T1*s t1e.$ T1e glo.eca*se t1e.. .*siness . +J %it1 strong international gro%t1 of /J$ T1is is onl.onate& soft &rinks are t1e largest gro%t1 seg'ent %it1in t1e nonalco1olic rea&.T1is s1o%s t1at t1e 'arket of t1e co'3an..al *nit sale of t1e Coca Cola Co'3an. are foc*sing 'ore on t1is an& t1e.. 'eas*re& .*il& an& &eli5er lea&ing .ilit. follo%ing c1art$ H"ig*reI 42 40 3 6 4 2 0 4574 4534 4554 2002 #ni) sal' in 6illi(ns So t1ere is 3ositi5e gro%t1 in t1e 'arket of t1e Coca Cola Co'3an.e5erage categor. is geogra31icall.$ T1e o3eration inco'e earne& .al *nit sale of t1e Coca Cola Co'3an. &a.$ T1ere is a %orl&%i&e 5ol*'e increase . 5ol*'e= t1at is %1. &*e to t1e inno5ati5e 'arketing 3rogra''ers= %1ic1 1as &ee3ene& t1e relations1i3 of t1e c*sto'ers an& Coca Cola$ T1e financial 1ealt1 an& s*ccess of t1eir .. gre% t1eir car.e re3resente& ..CtoC&rink .. to .e ill*strate& .?s a.. is increasing fro' t1e last ten . Coca Cola Co'3an.ears$ T1e &ata of t1e glo. increasing t1e 3ace . t1e follo%ing 3ie c1art$ H"ig*reI T1is strateg. nearl. are contin*all. 5ast an& it is controlling it %it1 great s*ccess$ In (77(= t1e co'3an. are increasing t1eir 'arket &a. t1e.onate& softC&rink . can .eco'e t1e >orl&Es lea&ing Soft Drink Co'3an. 1as %orke& a lot an& it 1as 1el3e& t1e' to .

is c*rrentl... so*rces$ T1e co*ntr.le in&*str.ste' econo'ics$ T1e res*lts in (77( reflect t1is stea&il. i'3ro5ing t1e s. .illion$ T1e o3eration re5ie% accor&ing to t1e seg'ents is as follo%s$ O+'"a)i(n R'2i'/ H(77( %orl&%i&e *nit case 5ol*'e .le$ T1e a. an& fro' t1is &ata@ %e can fin& o*t t1at t1e c*sto'ers of Coca Cola are increasing %1ic1 is s1o%n . i'3ro5ing an& '*t*all.= sol& .ottling 3artners$ T1e 'ain reason .o5e ta. an& t1eir . o3erating t1ro*g1 o*t t1e %orl&$ T1e %orl& %i&e total is a.le s1o%s t1e geogra31ical earning of t1e Coca Cola Co'3an.o*t #2$4 .Es 3er ca3ita inco'e$ Fnit case e9*als (+ eig1tCo*nce ser5ings$ T1e col*'n= %1ic1 s1o%s t1e nonCalco1olic .ottlers to t*rn goo& intentions into realit.et%een t1e Co'3an. t1e co'3an. .In (77(= t1e co'3an. t1e Co'3an..e1in& t1is relations1i3 is to contin*e realiBing s1are& o33ort*nities for gro%t1= %it1 closer coor&ination of o3erations incl*&ing c*sto'er relations1i3s= logistics an& 3ro&*ction$ MARKET S-ARE Y AREA: Coca Cola is t1e %orl&Creno%ne& soft &rink an& t1e co'3an.o*t t1e 'arket s1are of t1is co'3an.e5erages= as esti'ate& . area %ise is gi5en in t1e follo%ing ta. 1a& %orke& %it1 t1eir . constr*cti5e relations1i3 . o3erating seg'entI NORTAMERICA )7J !ATIN AMERICA (/J EFROPE K MIDD!E EAST ((J ASIA #2J A"RICA 0J NORTH AMERICA ATIN AMERICA EURO7E 8 MIDD E EAST ASIA AFRICA So t1e 5ol*'e is least in t1e Africa an& 'ost in t1e Nort1 A'erica$ T1e &ata a.ase& on a5aila.e5erages consist of co''erciall.. col*'n is &eri5e& fro' 11 .

s1are Co'3an.ase& on a5aila.T1e Co'3an. Mi$$l' Eas) S+ain Asia A%"i*a 4 4 6 7 5 9 7 6 5 5 7 4 5 6 10 3 3 3 6 6 3 5 8 5 3 3 6 2 6 3 9 3 2 2 3 7 3 (2) 2 2 2 2 4 2 5 3 5 4 22 23 24 20 23 56 22 12 15 16 15 10 13 23 18 6 398 419 205 236 144 336 462 72 17 8 1 8 1 12 6 7 7 8 3 2 2 3 12 4 6 6 6 9 (1) 11 4 7 8 6 8 5 3 1 2 3 5 5 7 3 (14) 7 (6) 8 2 4 4 10 10 1 3 1 3 2 8 4 7 6 14 9 14 17 9 8 17 14 34 5 5 7 6 6 3 12 5 11 39 110 193 193 104 17 264 23 34 12 . /C.le in&*str. Fnit case gro%t1 NonC alco1oli c Drinks (77( Co'3an .ear co'3o*n& ann*al gro%t1 Co'3an .?s *nit case 5ol*'e %1ile t1e in&*str. (77( ann*al gro%t1 Co'3an .CtoC &rink .ear co'3o*n& ann*al gro%t1 Co'3an . col*'n incl*&es nonalco1olic rea&. !"'a) 1"i)ain I)al. s1are All co''ercial e5erages #7 .= as esti'ate& .leI Co*ntr. In&*str.'n)in a 1"a9il Chil' M':i*( E#"(+' 8 Mi$$l' Eas) E#"asia F"an*' !'"man . In&*str. (77( Co'3an . 3er ca3ita Inco'e N(")h Am'"i*a Uni)'$ S)a)'s a)in Am'"i*a A". In&*str. ..e5erages onl. so*rces$ HTa. t1e Co'3an.

e5erages= t1e co'3an. &a. t1e follo%ing 3ie c1art$ H"ig*reI So t1e co'3an.s close to t%o ser5ings of o*r 3ro&*cts eac1 'ont1$ T1ro*g1 an intense foc*s on CocaCCola= inno5ation an& ne% . t1e 3eo3le of Asia$ A'ong t1e co*ntries of Asia= Ja3an 1as t1e 1ig1est 3ercentage= %1ic1 is a.illion an& t1e a5erage cons*'er en8o.ran&s in a&&ition to e:3an&ing t1e 3o3*larit.e s1o%n . . 1as ac1ie5e& 5ol*'e gro%t1 of #7 3ercent in (77($ >it1 &e5elo3ing econo'ies an& 3o3*lations= t1is region 1as strong longCter' 3otential= an& t1e co'3an.ran&s= le& . of o*r core .. of . )$( . is .o*t (6J$ A'ong ot1ers= Pakistan= In&ia an& angla&es1 are t1ose co*ntries %1ere t1e a5erage cons*'3tion is increasing &a. is e'31asiBing 'ore in t1is area an& is tr.ing to &e5elo3 a strateg. CocaCCola$ In C1ina= for e:a'3le= sales of CocaCCola increase& 0 3ercent$ T1e total *nit case sale of Coca Cola in Asia can .$ 13 ...*il&ing an e:citing fa'il.= %1ic1 can increase t1e gro%t1 of t1e cons*'3tion of Coca Cola .In Asian 3o3*lation= %1ic1 is t1e satisfie& c*sto'er of Coca Cola= is a33ro:i'atel..e5erage .

9 5.2 17. CocaCCola Enter3rises Inc$= one of t1e e9*it.1 7'"*'n)a.' *han.882 0.6% 38.. is still s*r5i5ing t1e *3s an& &o%n of t1e .5 5.969 1. t1e in5estors of t1e co'3an. is financiall.147 26.177 0.352 3.le assets$ • G$7/ 3er s1are after inco'e ta:es relate& to t1e settle'ent ter's of a &iscri'ination la%s*it$ • G$7# 3er s1are after inco'e ta:es relate& to incre'ental 'arketing e:3enses in Central E*ro3e$ 14 .illionsI International o3erations Nort1 A'erica o3erations >orl&%i&e 20."(/)h "a)'s? 2002 Net o3erating re5en*es O3erating inco'e Net inco'e Net inco'e 3er s1are HbasicI Net inco'e 3er s1are HdilutedI Net cas1 3ro5i&e& .882 3.*siness %orl&$ T1e financial re3ort of Coca Cola Co'3an.585 (779) (1.'a" En$'$ D'*'m6'" <4= >In milli(ns ':*'+) +'" sha"' $a)a= "a)i(s an$ .806 16.110 (963) (1.092 5.8 2004 19.601 1.asic an& &il*te& net inco'e 3er s1are incl*&es t1e follo%ing c1arges: • G$(+ 3er s1are after inco'e ta:es relate& to an organiBational Realign'ent$ • G$#6 3er s1are after inco'e ta:es relate& to t1e Co'3an."INANCIA! REPORT: T1is co'3an. "ree cas1 flo% Ret*rn on ca3ital Ret*rn on co''on e9*it.$ • G$#0 3er s1are after inco'e ta:es relate& to t1e i'3air'ent of certain .leI .1% 11.791) (277) 3. 5er.. of t1e . strong$ It is &*e to t1e strong finances= t1e co'3an.asic an& &il*te& net inco'e 3er s1are incl*&es a nonCcas1 gain of G$7( 3er s1are after ta:es= %1ic1 %as recogniBe& on t1e iss*ance of stock .ottling= 'an*fact*ring an& intangi.?s 3ortion of c1arges recor&e& .601 4.2% 23.ear (77# an& (777 along %it1 t1e 3ercentage c1ange is as follo%s$ HTa.3 17.' 1% 45% 82% 82% 82% 15% 24% 6% 108% 12% 5% 2% 4% (77( .685) (133) 2. in5estors of t1is co'3an. Fnit case sales Hin .$ (77( ..5% 12.691 2. o3erating acti5ities *siness rein5est'ent Di5i&en&s 3ai& S1are re3*rc1ase acti5it.889 3.

?s s1areo%ners of recor& %ere 3artici3ants in t1e Plan$ In (77(= s1areo%ners in5este& G)0 'illion in &i5i&en&s an& G)# 'illion in cas1 in t1e Plan$ 15 . stock t1ro*g1 5ol*ntar. stock in s1ares of T1e CocaCCola Co'3an. an& fro' fa5ora. S$A$ an& G$7+ 3er s1are after inco'e ta:es relate& to .INLESTMENT P!AN: T1e Di5i&en& an& Cas1 In5est'ent Plan 3er'its s1areo%ners of recor& to rein5est &i5i&en&s fro' Co'3an. a gain of G$7/ 3er s1are after inco'e ta:es relate& to t1e 'erger of CocaCCola e5erages 3lc an& -ellenic ottling Co'3an.ste'atic 'et1o& of ac9*iring a&&itional s1ares of o*r co''on stock$ All s1areo%ners of recor& are eligi.ear$ At .le to 3artici3ate$ S1areo%ners also 'a. cas1 in5est'ents of *3 to G#(/=777 3er .. 3*rc1ase Co'3an.earCen&= 20 3ercent of t1e Co'3an.enefits fro' a ta: rate re&*ction in Ger'an.le ta: 3lanning strategies$ DILIDEND AND CAS.T1ese c1arges are 3artiall.$ T1e Plan 3ro5i&es a con5enient= econo'ical an& s. offset .

ottling e9*i3'ents is 1ig1est a'ong t1e ot1er .ottles Refilla. &a. is i'3ressi5e$ Since it is o3erating t1ro*g1 o*t t1e %orl& t1at is %1.ran&s= res*lts in t1e 3ercentage c1ange in t1e statistics of t1e t%o . Distri.COMPANY STATISTICS: T1e statistics of t1is co'3an.er of States of O3eration ottle an& can e9*i5alent case 3ackage &istri.8% ½% 2% ½% 2. is increasing its 5ol*'e &a.39 9% 1.$ T1e e:3ansion of t1is co'3an.ination Total Percent of Nort1 A'erica 3o3*lation co5erage N*'.illionsI Re3orte& E ITDA c1ange Ca3ital e:3en&it*resH in .3% 3% Flat 1 1.4 million 25 385 53 463 80% 46 44% 52% 4% 63% 3 6.ottle an& can 5ol*'e gro%t1 ottle an& can net re5en*es 3er case c1ange ottle an& can cost of sales 3er 31..000 54.000 2.ears$ T1e statistics is as follo%s$ HTa.ees an& t1e .2 billion 87% 13% 72.000 52.t Ke.illionsI JCage of net o3erating re5en*es Co5erage of Nort1 A'erican CanN.95 (18)% 0. t1e n*'.18 8% 74% 16 .3 million 25 361 50 436 72% 46 45% 51% 4% 59% 3 6.le .= %1ic1 s1o%s t1e s*ccess of Coca Cola . Statistics Constant territor.ees Le1icles Col& &rink e9*i3'ents "acilities Pro&*ction onl.ottles Ca3ital str*ct*re Net &e.le .t to total ca3ital ratio E ITDA interest co5erage >eig1te& a5erage cost of &e.ottle 5ol*'e 4.*tion Cans NonCrefilla.ottling co'3anies$ T1ere is a constant increase in e5er.97 6% 83% 2004 3.er of e'3lo. as3ect %1en %e co'3are t1e statistics of (77# an& t1e statistics of (77($ T1is is . .eca*se@ Coca Cola Co'3an.000 2.sical case c1ange Re3orte& E ITDA Hin .8 billion 87% 13% 67. .leI 2002M E9*i5alent cases ottle an& cans "o*ntain E'3lo.*tion Co'.

= %1ic1 are c*rrentl.t 3l*s c*rrent 3ortion of longCter' &e.$ Ma8or .onate& &rinks .sical case an& fo*ntain gallons con5erte& to a stan&ar& *nit of 'eas*re &efine& as (+ eig1tCo*nce ser5ings or #6( o*nces 3er e9*i5alent case sol& .t less cas1 an& 'arketa.le sec*rities$ E&#i2al'n) Cas' (" Uni) Cas' is t1e 31. not onl. &eals in t1e car.. CocaCCola Enter3rises$ PRODFCTS: T1ere are &ifferent .ran&s of t1e Coca Cola Co'3an.efore interest= ta:es= &e3reciation= an& a'ortiBation= an& ot1er nonCo3erating ite's$ • • N') D'6) is t1e !ongCter' &e. in *se t1ro*g1 o*t t1e %orl&$ T1is co'3an.ran&s of coca cola • • • • • Coke S3rite "anta Diet coke Coke classic 17 .E1ITDA is t1e Earnings .*t also ot1er &rinks$ >1ile la*nc1ing its 3ro&*ct= t1e 'arketing tea' consi&ers t1e c*lt*re of t1e co*ntr.

after car.ear= CocaCCola Co'3an.CtoC&rink seg'entOit la*nc1e& Maroc1a Green Tea$ >it1 sales of +0 'illion *nit cases for t1e .O%ater$ . is to &e5ote reso*rces to %ater onl. 1as 3ai& &i5i&en&s$ T1e co'3an.iggest contri.ran&$ In E*rasia= t1e entire T*rk*aB .*il&ing an& &istri. 1as also 'a&e goo& 3rogress in coffees an& teas$ e5erage Partners >orl&%i&e= t1e rene%e& an& strengt1ene& 'arketing 3artners1i3 %it1 NestlP S$A$= .?s first 3*rifie& %ater . energiBe& a 'a8or 3iece of its .ear$ In (77#an& (77(= t1e co'3an.ran& tea' %orke& toget1er to la*nc1 T*rke. is as follo%s$ H"ig*reI T1e co''it'ent of t1e co'3an. t1e en& of (77#= itEs .ottle& %ater 5ol*'e e:cee&e& /27 'illion *nit cases= 'aking it t1e secon& .*tor to t1e gro%t1 of t1e co'3an.*tion$ At t1e sa'e ti'e= t1e co'3an.le gro%t1$ T1is strateg.T1e o5er all 5ol*'e of t1is co'3an. in . in t1e nonCalco1olic rea&. in In&ia$ acke& .. also s*ccessf*ll. ) 3ercent t1ro*g1 a%ar&C %inning 'arketing in a categor. t1at %as flat for t1e . in 'arkets %1ere it e:3ects 3rofita. 1as s*ccessf*ll.eca'e t1e nation?s fastestCgro%ing %ater . a strong net%ork of . gre% Georgia coffee in Ja3an .ran&s= Dasani= Ciel an& ona9*a eac1 ac1ie5e& sales of o5er #77 'illion *nit cases for t1e .ori in Ja3an= !ona"ua in R*ssia an& Kinle. %it1 a lea&ing tra&e 8o*rnal na'ing Maroc1a t1e 'ost 3o3*lar ne% foo& an& . of Maroc1a is also recogniBe& ..= t1e secon&Clargest categor.ines NestlP?s kno%le&ge in life science= researc1 an& &e5elo3'ent %it1 t1e e:3ertise of Coca Cola Co'3an.ran&s in se5eral ke.ran&$ T1is . t1e in&*str. 'arkets= incl*&ing Ciel in Me:ico= Mori No MiB*&a.ear= Maroc1a Green Tea is t1e fastestCgro%ing 3ro&*ct in t1e fastestCgro%ing categor.onate& soft &rinks$ T1ree of t1e %ater .ottling 3artners t1ro*g1 o*t t1e Fnite& States= Dasani .e5erage 3ro&*ct of t1e . is t1e lea&er in t1e total tea categor.ear$ 18 .ran& .: green tea$ T1e 3o3*larit.egan o3erations in (77#$ T1is 3artners1i3 co'.e5erage strateg.ear$ Also in Ja3anO%1ere T1e CocaC Cola Co'3an. a33lie& itEs a33roac1 to ..

OK<Q 1" .Kno% t1e 'ost recogniBe& %or& on t1e 3lanet after .

ran& an& gra31ic c*sto'iBation an& i'3ro5e& relia. s*c1 e5ents$ T1ro*g1 an intense foc*s on CocaCCola= inno5ation an& ne% .A'ong t1e soft &rinks Fan)a an& S+"i)' .ran&s s*c1 as Min*te Mai&= -iCC= Si'3l.$ Re5italiBe& in t1e Fnite& States= t1e co'3an.= .*te& to 5ol*'e gro%t1 of + 3ercent for t1e n*'.le$ T%o .le an& 'ore relia. CocaCCola$ In t1e Fnite& States= t1e co'3an. e5er.o in Africa$ T1is .les %it1 ne% .al s3orts &rinks= le& .. 1as also res3on&e& to cons*'ers? c1anging fas1ion st.ottles$ >it1 . intro&*ce& a con5enient (CR liter .e5erage 9*alit. intro&*ce& Po%era&e in nearl. cons*'ers en8o.s= an& festi5al 3ackaging 1el3e& &ri5e a 0 3ercent 5ol*'e increase for CocaCCola$ T1e 3ackaging inno5ations &o not 8*st in5ol5e resiBing$ T1e co'3an. S.ran& C(*a C(la an& Di') C(0'$ In ke.al s3ortsC&rink ..ste' t1at is 'ore fle:i.e5erage &is3ensing s.le t1e gro%t1 rate of t1e %orl&%i&e s3ortsC&rink categor.*siness= a c1annel t1ro*g1 %1ic1 'an.ottle %as t1e largest a5aila.ottle %ill co'3lete its nation%i&e rollo*t in (77($ In C1ina= CocaCCola is an integral 3art of 1oli&a.ottle to select regions= contri. &e5elo3e& F(#n)ain= a total .erCone &iet$ Soft &rink in Nort1 A'erica: &iet Coke$ T1e co'3an.ste' t1at 3ro5i&es e:ce3tional .e5erages= it 1as ac1ie5e& 5ol*'e gro%t1 of #7 3ercent in (77#$ In C1ina= sales of CocaC Cola increase& . #$/ .ilit.ears of researc1 res*lte& in a &is3ensing s.= eas. cele.= Me:ican fa'ilies 1a5e l*nc1 toget1er at 1o'e$ T1e a5erage Me:ican 1o*se1ol& &rinks t%oCan&CaC1alf liters or 'ore of soft &rinks &*ring t1at .rations an& t1e fa'il. 'arkets= t1e co'3an.illion *nit cases of CocaC Cola in Me:ico t1is . 1as create& ne% 3ackaging siBes to satisf.$ 2# . to 3ackaging inno5ation also res*lte& in ne% initiati5es for o*r fo*ntain . Orange an& Disne.le 3ackage$ So t1e co'3an.eco'e s*ccessf*l along %it1 t1e 'a8or .. &o*. cons*'er &e'an&s$ Increasingl. t1eir &iet Coke %it1 a slice of le'on= t1e co'3an. reCla*nc1e& its glo.ear$ T1is larger . 0 3ercent$ In t1e Fnite& States= recogniBing t1at cons*'ers often en8o.ottle&S t1e conce3t$ T1e res*ltO&iet Coke %it1 le'onOcontri. la*nc1e& (2 3ro&*cts in (77#$ T1e co''it'ent of t1e co'3an.*ting to t1e sale of nearl. getCtoget1ers t1at acco'3an. 8*ices an& 8*ice &rinks in t1e Fnite& States= Too in Asia= Ka3o in !atin A'erica an& i.reak= %1ile a t%oC liter . increase& its t%o largest . an& S3ain= as %ell as in Me:ico an& !atin A'erica$ T1e co'3an.*siness= in5esting in ne% 3ro&*cts= 3ackaging= 3ositioning an& 'arketing$ T1e res*lts s3eak for t1e'sel5es: itEs glo. Po%era&e an& A9*ari*s= gre% . to *3gra&e tec1nolog.ottle siBes &*ring t1e (77# 1oli&a. #) 3ercent in (77(= nearl. 'a8or >estern E*ro3ean 'arket= incl*&ing Great ritain= Ger'an.ear= t1e co'3an.

an& 3re&icta. to generate gro%t1 across all c1annels$ Direct in5est'ents to 1ig1est 3otential areas across 'arkets$ Dri5e efficienc.ing financial strengt1$ T1e strateg. . %(" )h' . as • >orl&%i&e 5ol*'e increase& .. t1e %orl&Es lea&ing co'3an.onate& softC&rink gro%t1= le& . an& consistenc.ottling 3artners$ Ser5e c*sto'ers %it1 creati5it. Ret*rn on ca3ital increase& fro' #0 3ercent in (777 to (2 3ercent in (77#$ T1e co'3an.STRATEGIC P!ANNING In t1e .illion= *3 fro' G($4 .. an& ca3a.$ In (77#= co'3an.'a" 2002 is as follo%s= • • • • • • Accelerate car..e5erage . 1as generate& free cas1 flo% of G)$# .roa&en t1e fa'il. CocaCCola$ Selecti5el.ilit. 4( 3ercent= as %e &eli5ere& on o*r co''it'ent to create 5ol*'e gro%t1 %1ile aggressi5el. acco'3lis1e& t1e cr*st of itEs strateg.*siness is gro%ing soli&l.ear .ilit.ear (77(= t1e co'3an. straig1tfor%ar&$ T1e ma"0')in. toget1er %it1 o*r .. gre% fro' () 3ercent in (777 to )4 3ercent t1is .ste' 3rofita. 1a& a great s*ccess= as t1e strateg. of . %orke& %1ic1 res*lte& in 'aking Coca Cola Co'3an.illion in (777= a clear in&ication of its *n&erl.le gro%t1$ Gro% s. an& costCeffecti5eness e5er. s)"a)'.%1ere$ 21 .ran&s to &ri5e 3rofita. for t1e f*t*re of t1e co'3an.le$ • • • • Earnings 3er s1are gre% . + 3ercent %it1 strong international gro%t1 of / 3ercent an& clear signs t1at o*r Nort1 A'erican . Ret*rn on co''on e9*it. is 5er.

$ Tro3icana %as ac9*ire& in #664 an& Pe3siCo 'erge& %it1 T1e T*aker Oats Co'3an.a. !i3ton is t1e .o*ng$ Pe3siCo %as fo*n&e& in #60/ t1ro*g1 t1e 'erger of Pe3siCCola an& "ritoC!a.*t t1e cor3oration is relati5el.*sinesses of "ritoC!a. (77 co*ntries an& territories$ Man. entere& .CtoCeat cereals an& ot1er foo& 3ro&*cts$ Pe3siCo . 1a5e 3er'anent %ork force of 2/7 3eo3le an& t1e.ottlers co5ering %1ole Pakistan$ T1e 3lant o3erating 1ere is RiaB ottlers HP5tI !TD$ T1is 3lant %as esta. #777 3eo3le 'ore on te'3orar.asis &*ring s*''er season$ 22 .ases$ Eac1 s1ift is of eig1t 1o*rs$ T1e.ees$ T1e co'3an..e5erages= %it1 re5en*es of a.?s soft &rink o3erations incl*&e t1e .Pe3si Cola<= is &eri5e& fro' t1e t%o of t1e 3rinci3le ingre&ients= Pe3sin an& Kola N*ts$ It %as first *se& on t1e A*g*st (4$ At t1at ti'e= ra&1a'Es a&5ertising 3raises 1is &rink as .le in 'ore t1an #67 co*ntries an& territories$ In Asia= t1e.$ T1e.*siness of Se5enCF3 International$ Pe3siC Cola .*sinesses of Pe3siC Cola Nort1 A'erica= Gatora&eNTro3icana Nort1 A'erica an& Pe3siCo e5erages International@ an& T*aker "oo&s Nort1 A'erica= 'an*fact*rer an& 'arketer of rea&. . Nort1 A'erica an& "ritoC!a.o*t G(2 .$ T1e.earsCol&= .ran& na'es are o5er #77C.CtoC&rink tea .e5erage .. .Yo* got t1e rig1t one .iggest selling rea&.ran&s are a5aila. International@ t1e .lis1e& at !a1ore in #62+$ T1e total ca3acit. e'3lo.ot1$ T1e ne% na'e= .e5erages are a5aila. consists of t1e snack .ee a33ro:i'atel.ran& in t1e Fnite& States$ O*tsi&e t1e Fnite& States= Pe3siCCola Co'3an.e5erage in&*str. 5iolin or 3iano or .MAJOR COMPETITOR PEPSI INTERNATIONA! -ISTORY Pe3siCo is a %orl& lea&er in con5enient foo&s an& . 1a5e fo*r filling lines in t1e 3lant o3erating on t1e t1ree s1ift .le in nearl. selecte& !a1ore to 'ake t1eir regional office$ T1is %as &one in #627$ T1is regional office is 'onitoring all t1e o3erations carrie& o*t in So*t1 >est Asia$ As in Pakistan= t1e.= incl*&ing Gatora&e= in (77#$%o*l& entertain t1e listener %it1 t1e latest '*sical selections ren&ere& .= F1C-*1Q<$>it1 t1e e:tensi5e *sage of t1e stars in t1e a&&s= t1e 3o3*larit. onl. of Pe3siCo?s .E:1ilarating= in5igorating= ai&s &igestion<$ #667C(77( T1e a&5ertise'ent of t1e Pe3si c1anges to= . of t1e 3lant is )7=777 cases 3er &a.illion an& o5er #+)=777 e'3lo. 1a5e ele5en . of Pe3si increase$ In #66( Pe3siC Cola for'e& a 3artners1i3 %it1 T1o'as J$ !i3ton Co$ To&a.

Pe3siEs Pro&*cts • • • • • • • • Pe3si Tee' Mirin&a Pe3si Ma: Pe3si !e'on Pe3si l*e Mo*ntain De% 2*3 23 .

ears of refres1'ent in Pakistan C(*a-C(la intro&*ce& in Pakistan 45@< "anta intro&*ce& in Pakistan S3rite %as intro&*ce& Diet Coke K "anta !e'on 456@ 4572 2004 24 . CocaCCola e5erages Pakistan !i'ite& HCC P!I$ T1e CC P! 3lants are in Karac1i= -.ears= T1e CocaCCola S. o%ne&= are in Ra%al3in&i an& Pes1a%ar$ T1e CocaCCola S.&era.ste' in Pakistan o3erates t1ro*g1 eig1t . .ste' in Pakistan ser5es 27=777 c*sto'ersNretail o*tlets$ T1e CocaCCola S.a&= Ra1i'.Co%ne& .ran&s in Pakistan$ T1e CocaCCola S.s #=477 3eo3le$ D*ring t1e last t%o .ste' in Pakistan 1as in5este& o5er G#)7 'illion HF$S$I +6 ..ste' in Pakistan e'3lo.ar K1an= M*ltan an& !a1ore$ T1e re'aining t%o 3lants= in&e3en&entl.egan o3erating in Pakistan in #6/)$ CocaCCola= "anta an& S3rite are t1e .ottlers= fo*r of %1ic1 are 'a8orit.COCA CO!A PAKISTAN T1e CocaCCola Co'3an.a&= Sialkot= G*8ran%ala= "aisala.

strict an& tig1t in or&er to 3*rc1ase t1ings$ So t1e &is3osa.eco'ing 5er.asic necessities an& after t1at %1en t1e.$ "ACTORS E""ECTING SA!ES T1ere are so 'an.asic 3ro3osition of o*r . also consi&er a. an& t1ose 3eo3le %1o take %eekl.ear . . s3en& 1ea5il. to f*lfilling o*r *lti'ate o.o*ng generations= So= t1e . factors= %1ic1 affects t1e sale of coke$ -ere %e are &isc*ssing t1ree 'a8or factors %1ic1 effects coke$ • • • Per ca3ita inco'e Co'3etitors >eat1er Per Ca3ita Inco'e "irst %e %ill &isc*ss a. t1ink a. CocaCCola$ T1at is t1e ke. get e:tra 'one. t1e.o*t t1is soft &rink $So t1e &ecreasing 3er ca3ita inco'e effects .asic seg'ents are t1ose 3eo3le %1o take t1is &rink reg*larl.ran&s= 3artic*larl.le inco'es of t1e 3eo3le are co'ing &o%n$ T1e.ligation to 3ro5i&e consistentl. an& t1ose areas %1ere t1e &e'an&s is 1ig1er t1en t1e ot1er areas$ T1ere are so 'an.eca*se t1e. Per ca3ita inco'e<$ T1is is 'a8or factor t1at affects t1e sale of t1is soft &rink$ eca*se %1ic1 e5er. in selling an& 3ro&*ction of t1is soft &rink$ 25 . an& f*n to o*r stake1ol&ers= t1en %e s*ccessf*ll. an& t1ose %1o take less often are al%a. on rents= *tilities= an& e&*cation an& .*siness is si'3le= soli& an& ti'eless$ >1en %e .*siness$ TARGET MARKET CokeEs co''ercials . 3eo3le %1o take t1is &rink &ail. t1ose 3eo3le %1o take t1is &rink &ail.*&gets are .PROMISE O" COKE T1e . 3assing . .asicall. %ant to re3resent Coke %it1 t1e . attracti5e ret*rns to t1e o%ners of o*r .o*t1 an& energ.o*t t1e ol& 3eo3le t1e.*t t1e.ring refres1'ent= 5al*e= 8o. n*rt*re an& 3rotect o*r .o*ng generation is t1e target 'arket of Coke .a&l. take t1en as a coCtarget 'arket$ MAJOR SEGMENTS Ma8or seg'ents are .ase& on .o*t .asicall.s t1ere as %ell$ So= t1eir .

. &onEt care .et%een t1ese t%o . get$ T1e.ran&s is .elie5e on “WHAT COLD THEY SOLD” Cons*'erEs a5aila. &onEt act*all.efore &rinking t1at %1et1er it is . t1is .Pe3si< or . c1ange or re3air it$ 26 .PEPSI< an& t1ere is no 1esitation to sa. &onEt care t1at %1at t1e. 1a5e 'a:i'*' n*'.ilit. P*ll cons*'erEs &e'an&$ "or t1is reason CocaCCola 1a5e 3ro5i&e& t1eir coolers an& freeBers in t1e 'arket$ T1e. are going to 1a5e$ In ot1er %or&s= t1e. 3ro5i&e t1is infrastr*ct*re free of cost 8*st to 3ro5i&e c1il& coke to t1eir c*sto'er= %1ic1 t1e.asicall. &rink %1at t1e. i''e&iatel.ran&s in or&er to t1eir tastes$ Cons*'ers .eca*se e5er.e 3*rc1ase$ T1eir sales'an an& 'ec1anics reg*larl. in .coke<$ T1e. one kno%s t1at an& all t1e ot1er col& &rinks an& %ater= coffee= tea are t1e co'3etitors$ >eat1er >eat1er is t1e t1ir& 'a8or factor in effecting t1e CokeEs selling$ T1is is *n&er&e5elo3e& 'arket so t1e cokeEs cons*'3tion in s*''ers is 07J an& in %inters is +7J$ MAJOR CFSTOMERS NEED "irst of all t1e 'a8orit. &ifferentiate . t1ere is nee& to increase t1e le5el of 3er ca3ita inco'e of Pakistan .er of coolers an& freeBers in t1e 'arket$ T1e.asicall.ilit. %orks like: P*s1 a5aila. 5isit all t1e s1o3s %1ere coke 1as its infrastr*ct*re to c1eck t1at eit1er it is in 3ro3er con&ition or not= if not t1en t1e.eca*se it is '*c1 lesser t1an t1e rest of t1e co*ntries$ Co'3etitors CokeEs 'a8or co'3etitor is . %ant to .An& to get t1ro*g1 %it1 t1is &iffic*lt.

co'3ete Coke %it1 Pe3si an& S3rite %it1 2*3 an& tea' $So t1e 'a8or co'3etitor of Coke is Pe3si$ >1en t1e.s 27 .elie5e t1at RC Cola= ne% co'ing AMRAT Cola= an& all 8*ices= e5en t1e.e .lic$ T1ese are t1e . take %ater an& tea as t1eir co'3etitors$ STRATEGIES O" TFA!ITY After Micro an& 'acro anal.etter connection %it1 t1e 3*.stit*te of . co'3ete .ran& or on Coke itEs in instinct .e so'e t1ing %rong in it$ In s1ort it all &e3en&s on c*sto'erEs 3erce3tion$ TARGETS T-AT >OF!D !IKE TO ATTAIN E5er. cons*'3tion<$ T-REATS "ROM COMPETITORS T1reats are %ell 3lanne&$ Price is t1e 'a8or t1reat$ >1en 3rice goes certain .ke.ase& on 'essages &eri5e certain feelings$ *t Coca Cola t1inks in a &ifferent %a.on& t1e e:act 3rice %1et1er co'e &o%n or go 1ig1er its effects t1e cons*'3tion of soft &rink$ eca*se %1en t1e 3rice go 1ig1er 3eo3le go for t1e s*.coke< i$e$ Pe3si$ An& %1en 3rice goes &o%n t1e.asicall. ot1er .s of 'aking 'one. . t1at . are going to 1a5e a soft &rink$ T1en t1e.= t1e.sis ran& .e. 'oti5ate to an. organiBation r*ns on t1e .ases of 3rofit 'a:i'iBation so Coke is also looking for a 1ig1 3rofit 'argin$ T1ere are t1ree 'a8or %a.etter *n&erstan&ing an& .coke< is 3ri'aril.ran&s %it1 eac1 ot1er$ !ike t1e. &eci&e t1at t1e. • • • O5er nig1t 3rofit >in&fall 3rofit Et1ical an& *nCet1ical %a.MAJOR COMPETITORS Cons*'ers firstl. t1ink t1at t1ere is '*st . role #$ En1ance co'3etition 'o'ents ($ >1en 3eo3le %atc1 cricket )$ T1ro*g1 co''ercialiBation +$ "*n ti'e T1o*g1 t1ese strategies t1ere co*l& .

ear$ T1is co*l& . co*l& . kno% t1e na'e of anot1er .Pe3si< also 1a5e .ack in aggressi5e 'anner$ • • • Cons*'er 1as c1oice Attracti5e .ran&s .eca*se Coke is t1e na'e= %1ic1 is t1e 'ost 3o3*lar after t1e %or& .ran& na'es$ So= 3eo3le can &isting*is1 .etter 3osition after so'e ti'e Attracti5e ran& Na'e No% t1e cons*'ers kno% t1e Na'e of Coke= . t1ing is fare in lo5e an& %ar<$ So'e 3rofits sta.e %in&fall 3rofit$ T1e.e o5er nig1t 3rofit t1at is for t1e n*'.s$ T1e.et%een .ran& for t1e .ran& na'es$ 28 .ig .%in& fall 3rofits<$ An& t1e.ears Coke 1as co'e .er # .est na'e .O5er Nig1t Profits T1e.s Profit can also get t1ro*g1 et1ical an& *net1ical %a. are t1e e:tras 3rofit$ >1en t1e cons*'3tion t1e cons*'3tion is on .coke< an& . . can also get 3rofit t1ro*g1 &ifferent a33roac1es$ EUPANDING TARGET MARKET In last ( .elie5e on t1is 9*ote .etter &ifferentiate .s for so'e ti'e like .oo'$ So= t1ere is &ifferent kin& of 3rofits$ Et1ical An& Fnet1ical >a.ran& na'e ran& &ifferentiating Cons*'er -as Got C1oice No% t1e cons*'er 1as got c1oice$ eca*se no% t1e.e got '.ran&= t1o*g1 coke is t1e (n& .ok<$ So 3eo3le can .o5er nig1t 3rofits< an& so'e 8*st co'e an& go like .ran&s %it1 eac1 ot1er$ ran& Differentiation No% &ifferent co'3anies 1a5e got &ifferent .ran&s$ T%o 'a8or . increasing sales 5ol*'e >in&fall Profit Can . E5er.*t it can get a .

stit*te$ If Coke increase t1e 3rice lets sa.eing toget1er$ Coca Cola strongl. %onEt go for coke$ T1e. electricit. is . c1arges$ >e 1a5e to s3en& on &istri.*tions$ After 3a.stit*te of Coke t1at is Pe3si$ So t1ese are t1e t1reats in increasing 3rices$ Coke %ill lose t1e 'argin of its 3rofit an& can face loss$ 2" . .ing all t1ese e:3enses CokeEs 'argin s9*eeBe& an& cons*'ers 1a5e to 3a.FS< .le' of s*.est s*.ME< Pe3siEs ran& Pe3siEs .ing all t1ese ta:es coke 1as to 3a.asicall.elie5e in t1e toget1erness= .ran&e&$ T1e. (2J C goes to go5ern'ent 7)J C In 'aking *&get After 3a.elie5es t1at Pakistani te'3era'ent is .elie5e on in&i5i&*al str*ggle$ T-REATS AND OPPORTFNITIES "OR PRICE O33ort*nities If Coke is consi&ere& a l*:*r.ME< .ran&$ eca*se t1e. .ste' #/J C sales ta: (7J C e:cise &*t. # r*3ee$ T1en 3eo3le &efinitel.Coca ColaEs ran& Coca cola is .FS< not . 1a5e t1e . *se t1e te'3era'ent of . .asicall. .eing 3eo3le toget1er an& frien&s are .ME<$ In contrast to Coke t1e.ran& is . 3ro&*ct$ T1en t1ere is t1e ta: rate s. for increasing tariffs$ T1ese are t1e o33ort*nities t1ro*g1 %1ic1 %e can increase t1e 3rice an& can get 3rofits$ T1reats T1ere are '*c1 'ore t1reats in increasing 3rices$ eca*se sa'e 3ro.

STRATEGIES O" GETTING GOA!S I$E$ . taking a tea .*t also to contri.ing a refres1ing CocaCCola= a %o'an in Ital.$ 3# . are= %1ere t1e..= an& 1o% t1e. taking 3art in t1e festi5al like .o*$ >e are &eter'ine& not onl.ing . e:3an&ing t1e in&*str. O*r local 'arketing strateg. %ork an& 3la. asant< since last ) .ear (77( 3eo3le %ere an:io*sl."anta<= t1is is one of t1e 3ro&*ct of coke$ T1ro*g1 offering &ifferent fla5ors Coke can increase t1e !e5el of cons*'ers an& t1ro*g1 t1is 3rofits can .er of fla5ors in .s t1ro*g1 %1ic1 Coke can increase t1e 3rofits$ So'e 'a8or %a.*te to co''*nities aro*n& t1e %orl& t1ro*g1 o*r co''it'ents to e&*cation= 1ealt1= %ellness= an& &i5ersit. of coke$ T1ro*g1 a&5ertise'ents= offering &ifferent interesting t1ings to attract 3eo3le to%ar&s t1is 3ro&*ct$ -o% to increase t1e interest le5el of cons*'ersV Coke is increasing t1e interest le5el of cons*'ers .-IGPRO"ITS< To increase t1e 3rice is t1e least t1ing= %1ic1 Coke can a&o3t$ T1ere are so 'an. li5e= 1o% t1e. rela: an& rec1arge$ >1et1er ..e5erage is a reflection of %1o t1e. ena.e5erages t1at s3an t1e entire s3ectr*' of tastes an& occasions$ >1at 3eo3le %ant in a .ear in t1is . offering &ifferent fla5ors$ "or e:a'3le Coke is increasing t1e n*'.s are as follo%s$ • • • Lol*'e can .ottle& %ater after a r*n toget1er= %e?re t1ere for .e increase& Interest le5el of cons*'ers To take 3art in energetic festi5als -o% to increase t1e 5ol*'e of cons*'ersV Coke can increase t1e 5ol*'e .reak= a c1il& in Per* asking for a 8*ice &rink= or a co*3le in Korea .e gaine&$ -o% to take 3art in energetic festi5alsV Coke is alrea&.les Coke to listen to all t1e 5oices aro*n& t1e %orl& asking for . to 'ake great &rinks= .ears$ Coke offers &ifferent attracti5e t1ings in t1eir festi5al an& t1ro*g1 t1is Coke gaine& 1ig1 3rofit an& cons*'3tion of coke increase& on t1ese occasions$ An& t1is .o*?re a st*&ent in t1e Fnite& States en8o.*. %aiting t1at %1at interesting t1ing coke is going to offer$ MARKETIN! STRATE!. %a.

of life in t1e co''*nities in %1ic1 %e &o .illions of frien&s aro*n& t1e %orl&= an& %e ne5er forget it$ 31 .or= consistentl.*siness$ It?s a s3ecial t1ing to 1a5e . s1a3ing o*r .*siness &ecisions to i'3ro5e t1e 9*alit.Coke stri5es to .e a goo& neig1.

ottle H#$/ litter 3lastic .ottleI Hno ret*rn .ottle siBes t1ese incl*&es: • • • • • SSR !R NR PET #$/ CANS Hstan&ers siBe ret*rna.ottleI Hlitter ret*rna.ottles in a 3ack for &is3osa.MARKET POSITIONING Pro&*ct Range T1e total range of Coca Cola co'3an.le .ottleI Htin 3ack ))7 'lI Packing Coca cola 3ro&*cts are a5aila. in Pakistan incl*&es: • • • • Coke$ S3rite$ "anta$ Diet Coke$ An& co'3an.ottle (+ cans in one 3ack$ 32 . offers t1eir 3ro&*cts in &ifferent .le .le .le in &ifferent 3acking • • • • (+ reg*lar .ottle 3ack for #$/ 3ets #( .le .ottleI or &is3osa.ottle s1ell 0 .

eca*se accor&ing to t1e e:3ert %1ic1 3ro&*ct seen 'ore in t1e 'arket t1at sells 'ore$ .. 1a5e a goo& sale in t1e 'arket . re&*ce t1e 3rices of t1eir 3et . c1ange t1eir 3ro&*ct 3rices accor&ing to t1e season$ S*''er is s*33ose& to .PRICE STRATEGY Tra&e Pro'otion Coca cola co'3an. &o agree'ents %it1 a s1o3 kee3ers an& stores to e:cl*si5e sale in t1at stores$ T1ese stores are calle& as KEY acco*nts in t1eir local lang*age$ An& coke also in5est 1ea5. . coca cola seen 'ore in t1e 'arket$ An& t1e. a t1at t1e. re&*ce t1eir 3rices to 'aintain t1eir sales an& 3rofit$ *t nor'all.Seen as sol&< T1e.e5erage in&*str.ottle$ 33 . .ottles or # litter glass . t1e. t1is t1ese retailers an& 'i&&le 'an 3*s1 t1eir 3ro&*ct in t1e 'arket$ An& t1atEs %1. gi5es incenti5es to 'i&&le 'en or retailers in %a.ottles an& so'e ti'e cas1 incenti5es$ Different Price In Different Seasons So'e ti'es Coca Cola Co'3an.e a goo& season for . in Pakistan$ So in %inter t1e. offer t1e' free sa'3les an& free e'3t.*&get on t1ese stores an& offers t1e' free sa'3les an& free .ottles= .

offer .ig &e3art'ental stores an& &is3la. t1e. t1eir . *sing t1eir o%n trans3orts$ T1e.eC catc1ing 3ositions$ Nor'all.. s*33l. gets or 3*rc1ase s1el5es in . t1eir 3ro&*cts in s1o3s .ic.3e of selling co'3an. also &o s3onsors1i3s %it1 &ifferent college an& sc1oolEs cafes an& s3onsors t1eir s3orts e5ents an& ot1er e:tra c*rric*l*' acti5ities for getting 'arket s1are$ FTC Sc1e'e FTC 'ean *n&er t1e cro%n sc1e'e= coca cola often &o t1is t. kee3 t1eir freeBers near t1e entrance of t1e stores$ Sale Pro'otion Co'3an.le %1ic1 s1o% t1eir 3ro&*ct 'ore clear an& 'ore attracti5e for t1e cons*'ers$ E. 3riBes in it$ !ike once t1e.3es of selling Direct selling In&irect selling Direct Selling In &irect selling t1e. 1a5e 'ore 3rofit 'argin$ 34 .e Catc1ing Position Sales'an of t1e coca cola co'3an.PROMOTION STRATEGIES Getting s1el5es T1e. 1a5e al'ost +/7 5e1icles to s*33l. 1an&.3e of sc1e'e an& t1e.ottles$ In t1is t. 3ositions t1eir freeBers an& t1eir 3ro&*cts in e. '*c1 3o3*lar a'ong c1il&ren$ DISTRI FTION C-ANNE!S Coca Cola Co'3an. offer 5er. t1eir 3ro&*cts in t1at s1el5es in t1at st.cles= ca3s= t5 sets= cas1 3riBes etc$ T1is sc1e'e is 5er. 'akes t%o t.

1a5e a se3arate &e3art'ent for 3rint 'e&ia$ POS Material Pos 'aterial 'ean 3oint of sale 'aterial t1is incl*&es: 3osters an& stickers &is3la. %1ole sellers an& agencies to ass*re t1eir c*sto'ers for a5aila. t1eir o%n so t1e. 1a5e so 'an.ilit. racks "ree e'3t. in t1e stores an& in &ifferent areas$ 35 .In&irect Selling T1e. 1a5e t1eir %1ole sellers an& agencies to co5er all area$ eca*se it is 5er. *se &ifferent 'e&i*'s • • • • Print 'e&ia Pos 'aterial T5 co''ercial ill. often *se 3rint 'e&ia for a&5ertise'ent$ T1e. .ottles an& s1ells for . of coca cola 3ro&*cts$ "ACI!ITATING T-E PRODFCT Y IN"RASTRFCTFRE "or 3ro5i&ing t1eir 3ro&*ct in goo& 'anner co'3an..oar&s an& 1ol&ings Print Me&ia T1e. 1as 3ro5i&e& infrastr*ct*re t1ese incl*&es: • • • • LiBi cooler "reeBers Dis3la. &iffic*lt for t1e' to co5er all area of Pakistan .ottles ADLERTISEMENT Coca cola co'3an.

ear is t1e c1allenging .oar&s An& -ol&ings Coca cola is 5er. sites in &ifferent locations for t1eir .ear$ An& it %ill take t1e #7J of t1eir 3rofits$ An& %1en %e take it as a glo.ran& centric not t1e 3ro'otion centric$ )$ T1e. &oes reg*lar TL co''ercials on &ifferent c1annels$ ill.ill. t1ing starts fro' t1e attit*&e of cons*'erEs . *se& to 1a5e Coke %ants to a&5ertise t1eir 3ro&*cts 1ea5il.al cons*'ers are i'3ortant for co'3an. in t1e co'ing .Es s*ccess$ ($ >orkers s1o*l& . to attract t1e cons*'ers is to t1ro% t1e ..ear for t1e in&*str.ran& acti5ities$ +$ T1e.TL Co''ercials As e5er.ran&= %1ic1 t1e.o*t t1eir . '*c1 conscio*s a.*&get .. s1o*l& also kno% t1at 1o% '*c1 to &o %it1 t1e 3ro'otion acti5ities for . Target 5ol*'e 36 . a%a. of &oing a&5ertise'ent$ So Coca Cola Co'3an.e1a5ior$ An& t1e . .illion$ Co'ing .'one.oar&s an& 1ol&ings$ T1e.al le5el it is G I .ill.$ "or gaining s*ccess in co'ing .e t1e .ilit.o&.ran&$ -O> COKE DETERMINE T-E YEAR!Y FDGET Coke &eter'ines its . t1e • • • Sales 5ol*'e Profita. of Coke$ T1e.earl. 1a5e to 1a5e so'e i'3ortant t1ings like: #$ !o. 1a5e to s3en& 'one.<$ An& 3ositi5e feeling felling %it1 t1e .asic ke.ear t1e.oar&s$ EUPECTATIONS "OR T-E COMING YEAR E5er. kno% t1at TL is a 'ost co''on entertaining 'e&i*' so TL co''ercials is one of t1e 'ost attracti5e %a. 1a5e so 'an. s1o*l& kno% 1o% '*c1 to for t1e . 1a5e to take lots of &ecisions t1at 1o% to increase t1e 3ro&*ction an& %1ere t1e.

ear$ 37 .ilit. of t1e Coke$ Target Lol*'e: To r*n t1e .3rofit< $if t1e. ac1ie5es t1ose goals in t1at 3erio& t1en for t1e co'ing . &efinitel. concentrate on t1eir ol& strategies$ Profita.: T1e secon& t1ing t1ro*g1 %1ic1 t1e.asis of getting 1ig1 3rofits$ No organiBation %ants to face !oss in t1eir .*siness$ To get 3rofit is t1e first 3riorit. increase t1eir 3ro&*ction an& sales 5ol*'e$ Ot1er%ise t1e. organiBation r*ns on t1e . r getting 3rofits %it1 t1e 1ig1 'argin= t1en t1e. %ant to increase t1eir 3rofits in t1e ne:t co'ing . first concentrate on t1e t1ing is . &eter'ines . .Sales Lol*'e Coke &eter'ines its .*siness e5er.ear$ E5er.*&get is t1e . &efinitel.earl. s*ccee& to ac1ie5e t1at target t1en t1e. in&*str.%1at is t1e con&ition of t1eir salesV< if t1e con&ition is goo& of t1eir sales t1en t1e. 1as so'e targets= %1ic1 t1e. %ant to ac1ie5e in a s3ecific ti'e 3erio&$ If in&*str.ear it increases t1e 5ol*'e of t1e target$ So Coke "ollo% t1e sa'e t1ing it 1as also so'e goals an& targets to ac1ie5e in t1e gi5en ti'e 3erio&$ >1en t1e.*&get t1ro*g1 t1e sales 5ol*'e$ T1e. increase t1eir target 5ol*'e in t1e ne:t .

ers$ CocaCCola realiBing t1e fact t1at cricket is a 5er. CocaCColaEs co''it'ent to%ar&s 3ro5i&ing 1ealt1.ran& 3ositioning of 3ro5i&ing &ee3 &o%n refres1'ent for t1e .roa& is s*33orte& .rarC*lC1a9Es &istinct st.$ 38 . *31ol&ing t1e CocaCCola i&entit.SA!ES PROMOTION ACTILITIES CocaCCola Cricket Cricket t1e 'ost so*g1t after@ %atc1e& K 3la.rar in a '*c1Ca33reciate& TLC K MMT feat*re& t1ro*g1o*t t1e co*ntr.*stling cit.ro*g1t A.ing t1e &elicacies at t1e resta*rants@ all resilientl. to t1e .= so*l K 'in& %ere ca3t*re& acc*ratel. %1ic1 it can reac1 it cons*'ers K 'asses in5este& in t1e o33ort*nit. in t1e TLC K &e3icte& a3tl.lis1 its association %it1 t1e ga'e K t1e 3la.anks to airlines K latel.le of a 3o3 star %1o fo*n& res3ite K relief t1ro*g1 CocaCCola in s1ort 'o'ents t1at 1e 1a& to 1i'self &*ring a concert$ CocaCColaEs .een o%ne& . K f*nCfille& entertain'ent for t1e .le= l.$ T1e co'3etition 1as ..e %on= t1e CocaCCola foo& 'ela treate& t1e 3eo3le of Karac1i= to a festi5e foo& festi5al co'3rising of /7 resta*rants= s3rea& o*t all o5er t1e .er$ CocaCCola Concerts A. in t1e co*ntr..e& ga'e in Pakistan $t1e ga'e of cricket 1as .$ T1e TLC ca'3aign foc*se& on t1e 1ectic lifest.ran&s in t1e in&*str.ran&$ T1e CocaCCola Co'3an.Es 'a3$ T1e 3ro'otion sa% t1e a5i& fa'ilies K frien&s en8o.ricants to co''*nication co'3anies to . for t1e 3ro'otion of t1eir 3ro&*cts o5er a 3erio& of ti'e$ It 1as range& fro' to. &e5elo3e& t1ree TL co''ercials K fo*r testi'onial a&s %it1 t1e 3la.e5erage in&*str.o*t1 of Pakistan$ CocaCCola .acco to l*.oar&$ T1is ca'3aign 1el3e& CocaCCola to esta.rar$ CocaCCola "oo& Mela >it1 a s3las1 of foo&= f*n K 3riBes to . an& la*nc1e& a 'assi5e ca'3aign on 'ass 'e&ia s1o%ing all t1ese cricket stars en&orsing K co'3li'enting CocaC Cola . t1e CocaCCola 'arketing *nit acclai'e& t1e' 'an. 1o% t1e &rink co'3letes t1e 'o'ent for A. K a. strong ele'ent .ol& ste3s taken ..rar to 1is fans t1ro*g1 1ol&ing concerts K feat*ring A.. ackno%le&ge'ents across t1e .o&.er K ran t1e' on t1e national net %ork &*ring 5ario*s cricket 'atc1es$ T1ese .rics K songs 1a5e 'a&e 1i' an instant 1it a'ong t1e 'asses in Pakistan$ -is enor'o*s 3o3*larit. 5ario*s .eco'e to*g1er K to*g1er as t1e ti'e 1as 3rogresse&$ CocaCCola signe& a s3onsors1i3 agree'ent %it1 eig1t of PakistanEs National cricket 3la.

') s(m' 3" .asant festi5al $CocaCCola a&&e& to t1e carni5al at'os31ere .CocaCCola asant "esti5al In "e. 'aking t1e festi5al free to enter K &ecorating all 'ain roa&s in !a1ore %it1 ill*'inate& kites$ CocaCCola also 1oste& a concert of 3o3 i&ol A.ser5e K refres1< on t1e s3ot %it1 iceCcol& CocaCColas at &isco*nte& 3rices .asant t1e 3arks K 1ortic*lt*re a*t1orit. 1o'e= CocaCColaEs #$/ liter Pet .efore$ CocaCCola GOCRED T*enc1ing t1e t1irst of 'otorist= 3e&estrians K 3asser. a&&ing 'ore life to t1e festi5al= gi5ing t1e cons*'er a *ni9*e e:3erience %1ic1 t1e.ottle for t1e first ti'e in Pakistan$ Targeting 1o*se %i5es K fa'il.erg %as a 1i5e of acti5it.asant %it1o*t CocaCCola$ CocaCCola gi5e t1e 'ore refres1ing fla5or to t1e colors of .ing c1a'3ions1i3 &*ring t1e .asant .GOCRED< tea's %ent o*t into t1e cities 'ain 9*a&rants to .een i'3ossi.$ CocaCCola Part.rarC*lC1a9= 1a& c1il&renEs 3ara&e K 1el& t1e CocaCCola kite fl.%1ere t1ere is . &*ring t1e %eeklong s1o33ing e:tra5aganBa$ T1e in a*g*ral e5ent 3ro5e& so 3o3*lar t1at it is no% set to .Es &*ring !a1oreEs 1ottest s*''er season= CocaCColaEs .ottle= took t1e li'elig1t K gaine& 'o'ent*' %it1 a ca'3aign 3ro'oting t1e *ni9*e 3ackaging an& its n*'ero*s cons*'er .acke& .T1e CocaCCola S1o33ing "esti5al< !a1oreEs first s1o33ing festi5al= a reso*n&ing s*ccess %it1 te'3ting &isco*nts= li5e '*sic= great 3riBes K fire %orks$ !i..= CocaCColaEs PET %as offere& t1ro*g1 a .3riceCoff< 3ro'otion t1at sai&XXX$!( (#) 8 .. a 1ea5. "M anno*nce'ent ca'3aign t1e . 1a& ne5er taste& .. in a ParkE %1ile #7 t1o*san& 3eo3le atten&e& t1e e5ent$ CocaCCola S1o33ing "esti5al CocaCCola 1oste& .eco'e an ann*al fi:t*re$ CocaCCola Pet Pro'otion In #660= CocaCCola la*nc1e& #$/ liter Pet conto*r . in !a1ore no'inate& CocaCCola t1e official s3onsor of t1e . in a Park In J*ne (777= CocaCCola create& an e:3eriential '*sical e5ening in !a1ore= %1ere J*noon 3erfor'e&$ T1is 3rogra' %as recor&e& an& oneC1o*r 3rogra' s1o%n in t1e national TL for free$#7 'illion 1o*se1ol&s sa% CocaCCola WPart.enefits $A treat for t1e fa'il.ert.asant t1ere is CocaCCola<= it 1as .r*ar. 'arketing G*l.. t1e 'ont1 of .asant festi5al$ No% .GOCRED< stall= ser5e& %ell to 3ro'ote t1e CocaCCola in&*str.le to en5isage .

ot1 s1ares glo.')h'"< 8oint 3ro'otion to reinstate a'ongst cons*'ers a real sense of t1e affinit.e5erage CocaCCola$ CocaCCola K Nokia In A*g*st (77#= t1e ne% *n&erCt1eCcro%n 3ro'otion . s3ecial CocaC ColaEs 3ro'otion= 'arketing t1e 3o3*lar #$/ liter PET .s= %it1 target t1at an. 3*rc1ase of 2/7'l RG .et%een t1e CocaCCola .( )(. t1at= .ile %ill %in free s*33l. /' .aV<H>1at 1a5e * %onI %as la*nc1e& in colla.$ CocaCCola >on&er of t1e >orl& Pro'otion In J*l. Ni0la Ki. a'ong core cons*'ers$ Coca Cola TL MaBBa T1e coca cola ne% ca'3aign is coca cola t5 'aBBa= it is a *tc sc1e'e in %1ic1 3eo3le are getting tele5ision sets of &ifferent siBes$ T1ese &a.&rea' 5acation< to n*'ero*s .alt.ille& confi&ence an& .ile 31one K if so'eone is ca*g1t talking on a nokia 'o.e a%ar&e& a nokia ))#7 'o.h) R'$ Han$'$B ca'3aign$ ran&e& CocaCCola %it1 Wca*g1t re& 1an&e&E tea' in t1e' %ent to !a1ore K Karac1i for t1ree &a.Iftar< %it1 frien&s K fa'il.ran& K t1e cons*'ers$ T1is acti5it.ottle of CocaCCola =S3rite= K "anta$T1e ot1er 1ig1lig1t of 3ro'otion %as t1e ACa#. s3ecial occasion for t1e 3eo3le of Pakistan Ra'Ban sa% anot1er 5er.ottle %it1 a s*3er 3riceCoff 3ro'otion$ T1e e'31asis on en8o.ottle K t1e # liter .ing CocaCCola at . (777= CocaCCola set t1e stage of t1e gran& FTC 3ro'otion$ CocaCCola %ent a1ea& %it1 t1e i&ea of gi5ing cons*'er c1ances to %in fa.oration %it1 C1i'era Nokia$T1e 3ro'otion ga5e cons*'er a c1ance to %in t1o*san&Es of CocaCCola .ottle of CocaCCola= S3rite= K "anta$T1e 3ro'otion ga5e cons*'ers a c1ance to %in free &rink= a tri3 to PARIS= -O!!Y>OOD= NE>YORK= SINGAPORE K CAIRO along %it1 airfare K fo*r nig1ts free sta.eing ca*g1t &rinking CocaCCola %ill .all.%on&er &estination< t1ro*g1o*t t1e %orl& on e5er.one . 3*rc1ase of a (/7 'l RG .ran&e& Nokia ))#7 cell*lar 31ones on e5er.ran& lo.CocaCCola Ra'Ban Ca'3aign A 5er.s t1is sc1e'e is 5er.*lo*s= 'agical . of CocaCCola$ Ca*g1t re& 1an&e& .eco'e a 1*ge s*ccess a'ong t1e 'asses as it %as one to one interaction .$ T1e 3ro'otion kicke& off %it1 3os 'aterial HDanglers= *nting etcI &is3la. in t1ese &rea' lan&s$ T1e 3ro'otion sa% a5i& cons*'er collecting CocaCCola WCro%n ca3sE K s3arke& a keen res3onse fro' t1e 3*. 1el3e& .e& at all MC Donal&Es resta*rants along %it1 a s3ecial offer for coke K fries$ 4# . acco*nt of MC Donal&Es la*nc1e& t1e . 3o3*lar a'ong t1e 3eo3le$ CocaCCola K Mc Donal&Es CocaCCola K ke.lic = ren&ering an o*tstan&ing testi'onial ca'3aign in t1e secon& 31ase= 1ig1lig1ting t1e %inners o5er %1el'e& in t1e 'agical &elig1t of t1eir fa5orite .

"anta K S3rite !a*nc1e& In No5e'.een ne5er &one . acco*nts of t1e co'3an. 1as s*ccessf*ll.le< . la*nc1e& its first ne% 3ro&*ct= &iet coke= for t1e first ti'e in al'ost ) .ottling facilities in #660= t1e co'3an.le s*ccess in Pakistan$ Diet Coke After t1e ac9*isition of t1e in&i5i&*al local franc1ise . &eclare& t1e ne% .ottles of S3rite K "anta as t1e . consi&era.ran&s= t1e cons*'ers in Pakistan %itnesse& a soft la*nc1 in essence$ T1e CocaCCola Co'3an.*t t1e 'a8or 1it %as t1e'atic fas1ion s1o%s in resta*rants= %1ic1 are t1e ke.ears$ T1e %as linke& %it1 t1ree fas1ion s1o%s as Diet Coke is relate& to fas1ion K fitness= . as t1is 1as .Ne%= On t1e Go Packs< fla*nting t1e inno5ati5e 3ackaging con5enience$ "anta K S3rite are s*re to en8o.NonC Ret*rna.er (777'o5ing on to t1e S3rite K "anta .efore in Pakistan$ 41 .

&a. of Coke in r*ral areas$ • T1e.ilit.ottle$ 42 . s1o*l& intro&*ce R liter &is3osa. .o*t1 &a.o*ng generation 1as a tren& to &rink a coke ( reg*lar .CONC!FSION After t1oro*g1 researc1= %e co'e to t1e concl*sion t1at t1e 'arketing strateg.. s1o*l& tr.$ RECOMMENDATIONS After co'3leting o*r 3ro8ect %e 1a5e concl*&e& so'e reco''en&ation for t1e coca cola co'3an. to e'31asis 'ore on 3ro5i&ing t1eir infrastr*ct*re in t1e 'arket to facilitate t1eir c*sto'ers$ • Accor&ing to t1e s*r5e.le . to increase t1e a5aila.= con&*cte& .ottles at sa'e ti'e= so 3ro5i&ing 'ore satisfaction to t1e' co'3an.it s%eeter cola &rink$ So for t1is coca cola co'3an.= %1ic1 are follo%ing$ • Coca Cola Co'3an. of Coca Cola is %orking for t1e' an& t1e 3ro&*ct is gaining 3o3*larit. s1o*l& 3ro&*ce t1eir 3ro&*ct accor&ing to t1e local &e'an&$ • Marketing tea' s1o*l& tr. a'ong . s1o*l& also foc*s t1e ol& 3eo3le$ • No% . t1e international fir' Pakistani 3eo3le like little ..

t1e re5ol*tion of Coke$ So “)$("&"*'( *$ 0"&"$ ..%"("&'#.les= %1ic1 %e %ill &isc*ss in o*r re3ort= t1e. effect of election= 'ilitar.e seen t1at t1ere are 5er. I'3ort an& e:3ort reg*lations Effect of 3olitical con&itions in certain co*ntries of Coke An. take o5er= Re5ol*tion at Coke YES NE NE YES Concl*sion Of Political Anal.3rotection la%s< are going to . 5er.o5e ta.l.e reall.les %1ic1 effects Coke is “e(e*&"$ .ing t1e 3ro3er %a.ears Go5ern'ent is going to . so'e %1at effect t1e in&*str. of %astage t1e c1ances of .3olitical 5aria.a& i'3act in t1e In&*str.e1a5ior$ In t1e .l. E%%'*)'$ −− Effects of go5ern'ent reg*lations K &ereg*lations Effect of en5iron'ental 3rotection la%s if an.PEST ANA!YSIS O" COCACCO!A T1ere are fo*r 5aria.” t1e.les< 'ost of t1e t1ings are relate& to Go5ern'ental acti5ities$ So= t1e.e &i'inis1e&$ So it i'3act goo& for t1e CokeEs re3*tation$ An& t1e secon& t1ing in 3olitical 5aria.$ 43 . goo& or .” are o5er all lea5e ne*tral effects on cokeEs in&*str.le is concerne& it co*l& .o*t t1e en5iron'ent$ *t after 'aking t1e a&8*st'ents in 3lants an& a33l. E%%'*)'$ ++ S(m' /ha) E%%'*)'$ + N( E%%'*) +− NE S(m' /ha) E%%'*)'$ − S)"(n.les< to effect t1e cokeEs 3ro&*ction an& selling . of coke$ An& t1ere are so'e e:ce3tional t1ings like: “e !"#$ %e &'( )#$&e*&"$ ('+. little c1ances of . are: 7O ITICA CARIA1 ES 7(li)i*al 2a"ia6l's S)"(n. '*c1 conscio*s a.eing affecte& . &onEt lea5e an. . of Coke$ "ro' last t%o . &'/e $!e#” eca*se in t1e &a. t1e .3olitical 5aria.sis: As far as t1e a. fiel& is &ecline&$ So it affects slig1tl.s of elections an& 'ars1al la%Es con&ition t1e co*ntries 3ro&*ction in an.

les are in t1e fa5ora.'ent rate is 5er.er (77#= inci&ent at Coke in Pakistan Concl*sion Of Econo'ical Anal.sis It co*l& .e seen t1at #economical $a%iables& 1ig1l. 1ar&er An.ste' in Pakistan e'3lo. E%%'*)'$ ++ S(m' /ha) E%%'*)'$ + N( E%%'*) +− S(m' /ha) E%%'*)'$ − S)"(n.s #=477 3eo3le$ D*ring t1e last ( .ears= t1e CocaCCola s. affects t1e CokeEs resol*tion$ Econo'ic factors are t1ose actors %1o effect t1e 3ro&*ction of an.*siness task an.l.t1ing &one to re&*ce *ne'3lo. '*c1 1ig1$ T1e CocaCCola s. .'ent An.Pakistan< %1ere t1e *ne'3lo.ste' in Pakistan 1as in5ol5e& o5er G#)7 'illion HF$SI$ >1en %e &ra% t1e concl*sion of #economic $a%iables&. in&*str.le 3osition of co*ntr. E%%'*)'$ −− YES YES YES NE Do soaring interest rates 'ake . effect of ##t1 Se3te'.a&$ 44 . T1en %e co'e to kno% t1at if econo'ic 5aria. t1en t1e. co*ntr. effect &*e to inflation An.Es 3ro&*ction 3oint of 5ie%$ It also i'3acts 1ig1l. i'3act goo& ot1er %ise t1e i'3act 1ig1l. concerne& like . negati5e$ An& inflation is also not a goo& 3osition for an. negati5e in t1e CokeEs 3ro&*ction$ An& as a co*ntr.$ So= Coke is not t1e o*t of 9*estion$ If t1e econo'ic con&itions of t1e co*ntr.l. is not t1at strong an& Coke increases its Price in t1is sit*ation$ T1en it %o*l& i'3act 1ig1l.ECONOMICA CARIA1 ES E*(n(mi*al Ca"ia6l's S)"(n.

-o% %ill &o CokeEs contri.l. of life an& creating o33ort*nit. is co''itte& to 1el3ing 3eo3le 'ake t1eir &rea's co'e tr*e$ All o5er t1e %orl&= %e are in5ol5e& in inno5ati5e 3rogra's t1at gi5e 1ar&C%orking= Kno%le&geC 1*ngr. an& sc1olars1i3s$ "ro' .s inno5ating to .o*r .or1oo& collection an& . E%%'*)'$ ++ YES YES YES S(m' /ha) E%%'*)'$ + N( E%%'*) +− S(m' /ha) E%%'*)'$ − S)"(n.SOCIA CARIA1 ES S(*ial 2a"ia6l's S)"(n. organiBations of Pakistan -as rising conscio*sness of nat*ral reso*rces in 3eo3le effecte& .o*t1 in raBil to first generation sc1olars= e&*cational 3rogra's in local co''*nities are o*r 3riorit.e5erages$ T1is sa'e s3irit of inno5ation co'es ali5e in o*r en5iron'ent 3rogra's$ >eEre co''itte& to 3reser5ing o*r en5iron'ent= fro' *se of 'ore t1an G ( .sa5e en5iron'ent acti5ities$ CONC!FSION O" SOCIA! ANA!YSIS EDFCATION T1e CocaCCola Co'3an.ilities to 3ro5i&e acti5e lea&ers1i3 on en5iron'ental iss*es= 3artic*larl.lic 3o3*larit.l.*siness$ >e %ant t1e %orl& %e s1are to .o* &ifferent &elicio*s . E%%'*)'$ −− Effects of a&5ertise'ent of Coke on P*.s so*g1t to .*tion affect c1arit. for 3eo3le an& t1eir fa'ilies aro*n& t1e %orl&$ T1e CocaCCola Co'3an.cling content an& s*33liers= an& en5iron'ent Manage'ent initiati5es= &o%n to 5er.e sensiti5e to t1e en5iron'ent= %e '*st *se o*r significant reso*rces an& ca3a.ooks= s*33lies= 3laces to st*&.sical %orl&$ >1ile %e 1a5e al%a. t1ose rele5ant to o*r . st*&ents .ear in rec.$ ENLIRONMENT A large 3art or o*r relations1i3 %it1 t1e %orl& aro*n& *s is o*r relations1i3 %it1 t1e 31.e clean an& . local neig1.ea*tif*l$ >e are al%a. 1as al%a.illion HF$SI a .ea*tification efforts$ -ereEs a sa'3le of %1at %eEre &oing in &ifferent co''*nities aro*n& t1e %orl& regar&ing t1e conser5ation of %ater an& nat*ral reso*rces= cli'ate c1anges= %aste en5iron'ent e&*cation$ 45 .ring .elie5e& t1at e&*cation is a 3o%erf*l force in i'3ro5ing t1e 9*alit.s .

ig in&*str.o*t t1eir 3ro&*ctions$ 46 . E%%'*)'$ ++ YES S(m' /ha) E%%'*)'$ + N( E%%'*) +− S(m' /ha) E%%'*)'$ − S)"(n.s s1oot *3$ T1is a33roac1 of go5ern'ent &ecreases t1e 3rofit 'argin of Coke$ As t1e coke 1el3ing in 3ro'oting #)a)e%less en$i%onment& $it i'3acts goo&= .*siness an& can 1a5e *3 DtoC&ate &ata a.Co%ne& . -a88 3rogra' t1at allo%s one e'3lo. to assist$ T1e CocaCCola s.a& on cokeEs 3ro&*ction$ E5er . of ot1er in&*stries to co'e to ne% tec1nologies an& into a ne% %orl& of .s$ An& t1o*g1 itEs a .$ As far as t1e #'o$e%nmental (ind%ances& are concerne& t1e i'3acts 1ig1l.eca*se co'3*ters are t1e . . goo& i'3acts in t1e .ste' initiate& a fa'ineCrelief 3rogra' to 1el3 5icti's an& %as t1e first 3ri5ateCsector co'3an.*siness$ T1ro*g1 co'3*ters coke can increase t1e efficienc.ear %1en .Es e:3ense$ TECHNO O!ICA CARIA1 ES T'*hn(l(.asic nee& of an.ottlers$ "o*r of %1ic1 are 'a8orit.*siness of Coke$ As coke *se 'ore a&5ance tec1nolog. CocaCCola e5erages Pakistan !i'ite& HCC P!I$ COMMFNITY INLO!LEMENT: In (777= %1en eastern Pakistan s*ffere& its %orst &ro*g1ts= T1e CocaCCola s. E%%'*)'$ −− YES YES Concl*sion Of Tec1nological Anal. of its .ste' in Pakistan o3erates t1ro*g1 eig1t .sis Of co*rse business inno$ation lea5es 1ig1l.l.T1e CocaCCola s. 3ro'ote& .i*al 2a"ia6l's -a5e .*&get in anno*nce& go5ern'ent ta:es rates al%a.*siness inno5ations effecti5el.e sent on t1e -ol.l..o*r .*siness -as t1e go5ern'entEs reg*lations e5er 1in&ere& in i'3orting tec1nical e9*i3'ent Does Coke 1el3 in 3ro'oting 3a3erless en5iron'ent S)"(n. so it is 3ro'oting t1e tren& of 3a3erless en5iron'ent$ An& it is gi5ing t1e %a. in its 3ro&*ction 3rocess$ It %ill res*lte& in incre'ent of t1eir 3ro&*ction t1ro*g1 o*t t1e co*ntr. 3erson no% a &a.ste' in Pakistan initiate& a 5ol*ntar.ee fro' eac1 3lant= selecte& t1ro*g1 a &ra%= to . Pilgri'age to Mecca at t1e Co'3an.

t one of t1e 'ost 3o3*lar .e5erage co'3an.s an& %ill al%a. s3en& .s rock t1e 'e&ia$ Pakistani rock stars= s3ort'en an& actors 1a5e 3la.e& a 5er. &onEt %ant to sto3 1ereQQ Its target 'arket is to ac1ie5e a '*c1 1ig1er Jage$ CocaCCola 1as a.s 1a& a close cons*'er an& s*33lier relations1i3 %it1 its c*sto'ers$ Its entertaining an& colorf*l a&5ertise'ents 1a5e al%a.illion of &ollars on t1eir a&5ertise'ent= 3ro'otions an& recreational ca'3aign$ CocaCCola is a close co'3etitor of Pe3si an& it certainl.ea*tif*l 3lant in Asia= Sit*ate& on Rai%an& Roa&$ CocaCCola 1as al%a. 5ital role in 'aking CocaC Cola s*c1 a 3o3*lar . an& its 3ro&*ct COKE is one of 'ost cons*'e& cola &rink$ T1e.o*t (777 e'3lo. gi5es its ri5al a to*g1 ti'e$ CocaC Cola is a (2J s1are1ol&er in t1e Pakistan 'arket an& t1e.ees at Pakistani 3lants$ !a1ore 3lant of CocaCCola is one of t1e .OLER A!! RESF!TS O" PEST ANANYSIS After o*r st*&ies an& anal. interesting re3ort of facts an& fig*res$ CocaCCola is no &o*.sis of CC P! HCocaCCola e5erages Pri5ate !i'ite&I= %e ca'e *3 %it1 t1e 5er.e5erage$ 47 .

*sil. . are organiBing a !asant festi5al for %1ic1 t1e. organiBing st*ff.CONC!FSION: CocaCCola no &o*. ot1er social occasions$ E5ent at t1e 3resent t1e.t co'e t1e 1eart . S$1 “ Jo chaho ho jaye cocacola enjoy ” 48 .eat of Pakistanis$ CocaCCola is one of t1e lea&ers in s3onsoring t1e 'ost i'3ortant= t1rilling e5ents$ E$g$ Cricket 'atc1es= concerts an& 'an.

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