Example how it should look.

Also, send a color photo 200x200 to go with your pro file: The Lord is from Sweden. This born in 1973, 6.7 , 135 kg s of piss n vinegar infested na rcissist runs Global Domination and watches over the slaves (aka staffers ) so they provide material for the site regularly. If they don t they will mysteriously van ish from the site, never to be seen again. The legend has it that they are conde mned to a life in IsuckyourpenisforfreeVille, but there s never been any proof. Besi des being in charge of Global Domination, The Lord is occupied being a UFC fan o f insane proportions as well as, most importantly, being the undisputed leader o f The Project Hate MCMXCIX and one of the army of three that is Torture Division . The Lord likes it when you obey him, and he expects you to. Anything else is u nacceptable. And punishable by total death.

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