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UJI COBA UJIAN NASIONAL SMP/ MTs. TAHUN PELAJARAN 2012/2013 LEMBAR SOAL Mata Pelajaran : Bahasa Inggris Paket :2 Hari/ Tanggal : Waktu :

For no 1and 2 based on the notice given! 1. Read this notice.

CAUTION EYE IRRITANT. Avoid contact with eyes, skin or clothing

It reminds eo le that the roduct is !"or their e#es. $. good B. dangerous %. suita&le '. e""ecti(e 2. Read the caution.

'uring the reno(ation time2 +e can3t accommodate (isitors to read inside the room. 4ou can onl# &orro+ and return &ooks. It +ill last "or a&out one month. We are sorr# "or incon(enience. Wonogiri2 .e&ruar# 21th 2512 ,""icer Ro&# 6. .rom the announcement a&o(e2 +e kno+ that !. $. the li&rar# has &een reno(ated. B. the (isitors are not allo+ed to &orro+ &ooks. %. the reading area can3t &e used during reno(ation time. '. reno(ation +ill "inish &e"ore .e&ruar# 2512. 7. We are sorr# "or in"on enien"e. The underlined +ord means!. $. an enjo#a&le situation B. un enjo#a&le situation. %. com"orta&le situation. '. (isitor3s con(enience situation


What does the notice mean) $. *ome&od# +ill check #our lea(ing. B. ,ne must check in &e"ore the# lea(e. %. ,ne must lea(e their stu"" on the cashier. '. ,ne must check their stu"" &e"ore the# lea(e the cashier. The text is for number 3&4. Dear Amri, You have got Gold medal in clim ledge !o" lead man catego"# in $ea Game% &'(&) *e a"e ve"# +"oud o! #ou" %ucce%% !o" Indone%ia CONGRATULATION Your friend Budi

8. When +ill the reno(ation ro&a&l# "inish) $. .e&ruar# 21th 2512 B. March 21th 2512 %. $ ril 21th 2512 '. Ma# 21th 2512

The text is for

To Rika


I ha(e made u m# mind. I agree to take a com uter course +ith #ou. I agree to take a com uter course +ith #ou this semester. Taking this course is reall# a good idea. *o2 let3s talk a&out +here +e +ill take the course. 9era :. Wh# does 9era +rite the message) $. To ask Rika take ;nglish course this semester B. To remind Rika to join ;nglish course %. To ask Rika to discuss +here should the# take ;nglish course '. To tell Rika that she +ill take ;nglish course this semester <. $ccording to the message a&o(e2 +ho ha(e "irst idea to take ;nglish course) $. Rika B. 9era %. Rika and 9era '. Their arents

-. .rom the te/t a&o(e +e kno+ that) A. $mri has &ecome the cham ion B. The +riter +ant to get gold medal C. Budi has just artici ated clim& ledge D. $mri +ill get gold medal in *ea 0ames 1. Wh# did Budi so roud o" $mri ) Because! $. $mri got the second +inner B. The gold medal +ill &e resented "or Budi %. $mri resented a gold medal "or Indonesia '. $mri &ecame the artici ant in *ea 0ames

The text is for 5-7

Attention to all isito!s

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The text is for 1"-12

19 June, 2008 Hi, Jean! Ho+ is e(er#thing) Things are "ine +ith me2 #ou kno+. Would #ou like to come to m# &irthda# art#) It +ill &e held at =une 212 2512 at 8.55 .m. in m# house =l. 'i onegoro -5 Wonogiri . =ust remem&er that3s m# 18th &irthda#. Please be in time I have special plan with you. Love John

B. To gi(e in"ormation a&out the &eaut# o" Pulau *eri&u %. To ersuade the reader to (isit and enjo# the &eaut# o" Pulau *eri&u '. To tell the readers a&out Pulau *eri&u 11. Pulau *eri&u is a o ular holida# destination "or eo le "rom!. $. the cit# B. the (illage %. the islands '. the rural area 16. >!.and cozy resorts and !..? The +ord >cozy? can &e re laced &#!. $. ugl# B. dirt# %. interesting '. com"orta&le #ead the text and ans$er %uestions 1& - 1 .


What is the ur ose o" the te/t a&o(e) $. to announce =ohn3s &irthda# art#. B. to tell a&out s+eet 18 &irthda# art#. %. to in(ite =ean to attend the art#. '. to in"orm a&out the address o" art#.

M# s$e"ial %a# is "o&in' I turn to 1- and kee gro+ing Mom and dan are ha(ing a art#. The# sa# it3s "or me. 4our smiling "ace is +hat I do ho e to see *o come and &ring #our "amil#. It is a lot o" "un. The art# &egins at three and at "i(e it is all done *aturda# Bo(em&er 2-rd 2512 Place : =en#3s house Taman Cosam&i Indah Block 2B Bo.17. What is the ur ose o" the te/t a&o(e) $. To announce the art# B. To in(ite someone to attend the art# %. To in"orm the lace o" the art# '. To announce s ecial da# 18. .rom the te/t a&o(e +e kno+ that !! $. =en# +as &orn on Bo(em&er 2-rd 2512 B. The art# +ill last "or "our hours %. There +ill &e no "un at the art#. '. =en# ho es that +e +ill not come alone. 1:. Ho+ long +ill the art# last) $. ,ne hour B. ,ne and a hal" hour %. T+o hours '. Three hours The text is for number 1!-21 2-11 *outh $(enue Road Bor+ich ;ngland *e tem&er 16th 2512 .rom: To : Hi +ati2 Ho+3s li"e) I3m +riting this in a dormitor# in Bor+ich. I am here +ith m# ne+ "riends "or a short course. I +ant to tell #ou something a&out ;ngland. It3s (er# di""erent "rom our countr#. In Indonesia the sk# is &lue &ut here it3s al+a#s gre#. ,n the "irst da# o" school2 I thought2 >,h no2 eo le don3t like me &ut no+ the# are (er# "riendl#. I don3t +ear school uni"orm2 it3s di""erent "rom Indonesia. I reall# miss

11. Which statement is true according to the te/t) $. The +riter +as &orn at =une 21th 1<<6. B. The art# +on3t &e held at home. %. The +riter is elementar# student '. The art# +ill &e held in the a"ternoon..
(&) >Please be in time I have special plan with you..? This sentence means that =ean . . . .

$. Must attend late. B. Must attend a"ter the art# %. Must attend at 1.55 .m. '. Must attend &e"ore the art# &egin. The text is for 13-15


Read# to rela/ and get rid o" the hustle and &ustle o" the cit#) Then come to Pulau *eri&u2 a o ular tourist destination "or cit# "olk. ;njo# the &eauti"ul &eaches and co@# resorts and hotels. *+im in cr#stal A clear +ater2 ride &anana &oat2 take snorkeling and do other e/citing +ater acti(ities. 1-. What is the ur ose o" the te/t a&o(e) $. To descri&e a&out ulau seri&u

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m# "amil# in Indonesia2 es eciall# m# grand arents2 and I also miss our delicious Indonesian "ood. ;Email me soon. 4ours 'asmin 1<. What is the ur ose o" 4asmin to +rite the letter) $. To share her e/ erience a&out ;ngland. B. To introduce her ne+ "riends. %. To descri&e her school in Bor+ich. '. To tell a&out her li"e in Indonesia. 25. What "or is Wati in Bor+ich) $. To (isit her "amil#. B. .or long holida#. %. .or short course. '. .or long stud#. 21. >!The# go to di""erent schools...? The underlined +ords re"ers to ! $. &o#s B. "riends %. girls '. &o#s and girls Text for %uestion no. 22-24
Plane/ .light Bo =akarta $rri(al 'e arture Medan 'e arture *ura&a#a $rri(al 'e arture

!"om mino" cut%0 u"n% and %-in i""itation) Cool%1 2edicate% Heal%1

Direction: () A++l# a thin la#e" on the in5u"ed %-in &) Re+eat a% o!ten a% nece%%a"# !o" u+ to one 3eeCaution: 6o not u%e on dee+ 3ound% o" %e"iou% u"n%) Con%ult a +h#%ician !o" dee+ 3ound% o" %e"iou% u"n%) Expired date: 08/2012

Net 3eight 4'' ml

26. What is the la&el a&out) $. %osmetics B. su lement %. Medicine '. &eaut# cream


0aruda 0$. 61 Fion $ir. F$16 Mandala M$.66

56.12 57.12 57.16

57.15 57.16 58.-5



57.-5 58.16 5:.25

58.15 5:.55 5<.25

27. The roduct should &e used ! . $. Be"ore $ugust2 2512 B. $"ter $ugust2 2512 %. 'uring $ugust2 2512 '. In $ugust2 2512 28. What should +e do "or serious &urn) $. $ l# more cream B. Re eat as o"ten as necessar# %. 'o not use it at all '. %onsult the doctor The text is for number 2 -31 S(n!ise sala%
In'!e%ients) G cu o" stra+&erries G cu o" gra es &anana 1 small &ottle o" lain #oghurt $ small &undle o" mint lea(es "or garnish E*(i$&ents) $ kni"e $ large &o+l $ small &o+l Inst!("tions) .irst2 +ash the "ruit and let it dr# on a er to+els. Be/t2 slice the &anana into chunks. Then2 using #our kni"e2 trim the green o"" the stra+&erries and cut them in hal" or into slices i" the# are (er# large. $"ter that2 com&ine all the "ruit in an indi(idual &o+l and mi/. $dd a &it o" #oghurt on to o" the "ruit salad.

22. Which lane +ill de art the earliest to =akarta) $. Fion $ir B. 0aruda %. Mandala '. Bo lane 2-. Ho+ long +ill Mandala transit at $disumarmo air ort &e"ore taking o"" to *ura&a#a) $. ,ne hour B. T+o hours %. Three hours '. .our hours 21. The onl#!.. ser(es all destinations according to the schedule &oard. $. Fion $ir B. 0aruda %. Mandala '. Bo lane ead the te!t and answer "uestions 2# and 2$.


,uic- "elie!

.%e%/ Fo" %un u"n0 in%ect ite%0 mino" cut%0 and u"n%) Cool% a% it heal%) Hel+% +"event in!ection)

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.inall#2 lace a small &undle o" mint lea(es on the #oghurt "or garnish. 2:. What is the to ic o" the te/t a&o(e) $. Ho+ to make Break"ast B. Ho+ to make 4oghurt %. Ho+ to make 0arnish '. Ho+ to make *unrise salad 2<. What is the ne/t ste a"ter +e com&ine all the "ruit) $. $dd a &it o" #oghurt. B. Place a small &undle o" mint. %. *lice the &anana. '. Wash the "ruit. -5. Which statement is not true &ased on the te/t a&o(e) $. Wash the "ruit and let it dr# on a er to+els. B. *lice the &anana into chunks. %. Trim the green o"" the stra+&erries. '. $dd a glass o" #oghurt on to o" the "ruit salad. -1. >.inall#2 lace a small &undle o" mint lea(es on the #oghurt "or 'a!nis+.? The underlined +ord has the same meaning as! $. decoration B. com letion %. onion '. sauce The text is for number 32-35 0unung Tujuh Fake is one o" the man# lakes in Ca&u aten Cerinci in =am&i ro(ince. It is an ama@ing tourist lace to (isit. The location o" 0unung Tujuh Fakes is in Cecamatan Ca#u $ro. It is a&out 65 km "rom *ungai Penuh to Pelom ek 9illage &# u&lic trans ort. Then eo le clim& and +alk "or another 1 km or "or 2.6 hours. The lake is surrounded &# stee "orest slo es and se(en mountains. The highest eak o" 0unung Tujuh Fake is 12<65 m a&o(e sea le(el. The length o" the lake is 126 km and the +idth is km. It is a (olcanic lake and the highest in *outheast $sia. The tem erature around the lake is (er# cold. Besides +ater"alls #ou can also "ind animals such as siamang2 ele hants and &irds. 0unung Tujuh Fake is reall# &eauti"ul +ith a s ectacular scener#. -2. What does the te/t mainl# talk a&out) $. $ma@ing tourist resorts in =am&i B. 0unung Tujuh Fake in =am&i %. 9olcanic lakes in =am&i '. *tee "orest slo es in =am&i --. Which statement is TRH; according to the te/t) $. 0unung Tujuh Fake is not a (olcanic lake. B. 0unung Tujuh Fake is 1.6 km a+a# "rom *ungai Penuh. %. There are stee "orest slo es and se(en mountains around the lake. '. *iamang are the onl# animals that can &e "ound in 0unung Tujuh Fake. -1. >0unung Tujuh Fake is reall# &eauti"ul +ith s ectacular scener#?. The underlined +ord means !. $. amusing B. rett#

%. remarka&le '. touching The text is for number 3& ( 3!. E,EL-EISS Fong time ago2 there +as a handsome #oung man +ho +anted to clim& the $l Mountain. The mountain +as so cold and co(ered +ith thick sno+. Peo le said that a &eauti"ul "air# li(ed in that mountain. The man +anted to meet the "air#. He +anted to see the &eauti"ul alace made o" ice. Man# eo le tried to clim& the mountain &ut all o" them did not succeed. *ome o" them ga(e u &e"ore the# met the "air# and some others could not stand the cold. This #oung man +as di""erent. He could clim& the mountain and did not gi(e u . He had to clim& and clim& "or the +hole +eek. The +eather +as so cold &ut he ke t clim&ing to the "air#3s alace. He "inall# met the &eauti"ul "air# and the# "ell in lo(e each other. But the "air# +as not ha #. >We can3t li(e together. M# "ather +ould not allo+ me to marr# a man2? said the "air#. >Wh# not)? asked the #oung man. >Because +e li(e in t+o di""erent +orlds. I can3t sta# in #our +orld &ecause it is too hot and #ou can3t sta# in m# alace &ecause it is too cold. I3m a"raid #ou +ill die2? e/ lained the "air#. $nd the# had to se arate. *ince that da#2 the #oung man romised to himsel" that he +ould not marr# an#one. The &eauti"ul "air# +as so sad that she cried e(er#da#. ;(er# time her tears "lo+ed do+n on the mountain2 it &ecame a &eauti"ul +hite "lo+er called edel+eiss. I$da ted "rom .HB maga@ine. 4ear 9III Bo. 12J -6. Wh# did man# clim&ers "ail to meet the "air#) Because !. $. The# could not stand the cold. B. The# +ere "alling into the crater. %. The "air# cursed them. '. The# could not stand the heat. -7. Wh# +as the "air# not ha #) Because ! . $. she +as not in lo(e +ith the #oung man B. the #oung man le"t her "or another girl %. she kne+ that the# could not li(e together '. her "ather asked her to marr# another man -8. >And they had to se)arate.? IFast aragra hJ.The s#non#m o" the underlined +ord is ! . $. take a art B. li(e together %. lo(e each other '. get married -:. $ccording to the stor#2 the edel+eiss +as made o" ! $. the "air#3s &od# B. the "air#3s tears %. the +hite go+n o" the "air# '. the "air#3s &eauti"ul alace

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The text is for number 4"-43

Fast +eek m# "riend and I +ere &ored a"ter three +eeks o" holida#s2 so +e rode our &ikes to *mith Beach2 +hich is onl# "i(e kilometres "rom +here I li(e . When +e arri(ed at the &each2 +e +ere sur rised to see there +as hardl# an#one there. $"ter ha(ing a Kuick di in the ocean2 +hich +as reall# cold2 +e reali@ed one reason there +ere not man# eo le there. It +as also Kuite +ind#. $"ter +e &ought some hot chi s at the takea+a# store near&#2 +e rode our &ikes do+n the &each "or a +hile2 on the hard2 dam art o" the sand. We had the +ind &ehind us and2 &e"ore +e kne+ it2 +e +ere man# miles do+n the &each. Be"ore +e made the long tri &ack2 +e decided to addle our "eet in the +ater "or a +hile2 and then sit do+n "or a rest. While +e +ere sitting on the &each2 just chatting2 it suddenl# da+ned on us that all the +a# &ack2 +e +ould &e riding into the strong +ind. When +e "inall# made it &ack home2 +e +ere &oth totall# e/haustedL But +e learned some good lessons that da#. -<. What is the te/t tell us a&out) $. To tell a&out the +riter3s ast e/ erience. B. To in"orm a&out +riter3s acti(ities. %. To descri&e a&out *mith Beach. '. To tell a&out acti(ities at the &each. 15. What does the third aragra h tell a&out) $. *mith &each B. $cti(ities at &each %. $cti(ities at holida#s '. %ondition o" *mith &each 11. There +ere almost no one there &ecause . . . $. it +as a&out "i(e kilometer "rom their li(e. B. there +ere dam art o" the sand. %. it +as totall# e/hausted . '. it +as cold and Kuite +ind# 12. Based on the te/t a&o(e 2 +e kno+ that the +riter +as . . .a"ter (isiting at the &each. $. tired &ut satis"ied B. sad and e/hausted %. "resh and ha # '. sad &ut "resh
The text is for number 44-4&. 'o #ou like chocolate) Most eo le do. %hocolate is one o" the most lo(ed "oods in the +orld. It3s used in cake2 "udge2 cookies2 ice cream2 hot cocoa2 and cand# &ars. It3s eaten +ith nuts or raisins or an# num&er o" other things. 4ou can e(en &u# chocolateEco(ered grassho ersL But chocolate isn3t just cand#. %hocolate is used in cooking2 too. In Me/ico2 chocolate is an ingredient in mole sauce2 +hich is o"ten ser(ed +ith chicken. %hocolateE "la(ored chickenL %an #ou imagine that)

$nd chocolate isn3t naturall# s+eet. It3s &itter. *ugar has to &e added to make s+eet treats out o" ure chocolate.

Mi"!oso.t / En"a!ta / 2000. 1 100322003

1-. What is the te/t mostl# talk a&out) $. Cinds o" chocolate. B. %hocolate &ecomes "a(orite "ood. %. %hocolate in general. '. The taste o" chocolate. 11. What does $. B. %. '. aragra h 2 talk a&out) %hocolate isn3t just a cand# %hocolate in Me/ico %hocolate "la(our The other "unction o" cand#

16. Is chocolate originall# s+eet) $. 4es it is. B. 4es o" course. %. Bo2 it isn3t. '. *urel#. Text for no. 4& ( 4

%and# is one o" the +orld3s most I17J!. s+eetEtasting "oods. *ugar is the main ingredient in most cand#. ,ther ingredients2 such as hone#2 are sometimes used as I18J!... Man# other I1:J!. are used in di""erent candies. The# include milk2 eggs2 "lour2 nuts2 "ruit2 and "la(orings such as (anilla and e ermint. The kinds o" cand# made are nearl# endlessL Mi"!oso.t / En"a!ta / 2000. 1 100322003
17. . . . . $. unkno+n B. o ular %. admired '. amused 18. . . . . $. su lement B. reser(ati(e %. hardeners '. s+eeteners 1:. . . . $. B. %. '. kinds candies su lements ingredients

1<. A!!an'e t+ese 4o!%s into 'oo% senten"e5 I A I A can A dou&t A su&mit A the A 1 2 1 6 7 on A assignment A time 8 : <

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$. 2E1E6E-E1E<E:E8E7 B. 2E1E1E-E6E7E:E8E< %. 1E1E2E-E8E7E:E6E< '. 1E1E2E-E6E<E:E8E7 65. $rrange the "ollo+ing jum&led sentences into a good aragra h. 1. Take the cooked noodle "rom &oiling +ater and drain it. 2. Instant noodle is read# to &e ser(ed. -. Boil t+o glasses o" +ater2 add noodles2 stir slo+l# "or three minutes. 1. * rinkle "ried cris # onion. 6. While the noodle is &eing cooked2 ut all seasoning in a late. 7. Put the cooked noodle into the late +ith seasoning2 mi/ +ell.

$. - A 6 A 1 A 7 A 1 A 2 B. 6 A - A 7 A 1 A 1 A 2 %. - A 7 A 6A 1 A 1 A 2 '. -A 1A 2A 1A 6 A 7

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