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When the news of Mrs Twinkle Khanna with stone disease came out it is a bad news for yoga because celebrities do yoga better than others for their health awareness. When we take Palak + tomato it may cause stone and morning take green coco nut wit limbu(lemon) in empty stomach for some time ,you may be lucky. Gandhi Gyan Mandir is good because  Sprout eating is a good habit for all  Milk after vastra dhouti  Total of 500 gms of Cow ghee after sankha prakshalan for 3 day consecutively.  Daily free consumption of Arogyamrutam for all sadhaks. Other precautions Use of Rock salt in place of common salt for BP patients.

Cow Ghee has importance from past 1000 of years.
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Chanakya told Vastra hina alankar Putra hina cha ja nari, Vidya hina cha jeevan And Grita hin cha vojan are not actual ways of living. I have observed Green coconut is good for Fever cure.and Aloevera juice,lakir juice and green veg juice for diabetic cure and energy problems.

Do also cow urine took regularly may reduce the fatness and diabetics. All these food habits are taught in Gandhi Gyan Mandir teacher course as naturopathy and hence definitely a good knowledge ground. For gas Take –sprout+Salt +Lemon For underweight Problem solving---Take Velum(Gud)+ chana Finally the culture of taking Milk at the end of the day Taking water at the end of the night And taking buttermilk on end of the eating Are good habits cultured by this organization I observed. An article by kailash

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