New Global Governance Structure

I was recently asked the following question by a prominent Blogger: "What is your 2 cents on who is really in control?" Below is my response. As far as who is at the top, well, as you have indicated in various talks and writings, there are a myriad of secret societies, associations, black networks, corporate players, former political leaders, and black nobility figures. But what is most important for the public to understand is that the top is supranational, usurping traditional domestic controls.

New Global Governance Structure

Global Financial Oligarchs

Country 1 Oligarchs

Country 2 Oligarchs

Country 3 Oligarchs

Country 4 Oligarchs

Country N Oligarchs

At the top we now have the Global Financial Oligarchs, who serve as the traditional top of the domestic pyramid for each country, where individual countries now only possess the lower level of elite rule, such as the political class, traditional technocracy, media class, etc., providing the buffer between Global Financial Oligarchs and domestic populations. Jean Baudrillard would refer to this as a Simulacrum, for it doesn't have any basis in reality, it is entirely contrived, a hyperreality, and therefore conceals the fact that the system that we think we have isn't the system actually employed. The real economic and political power is outside all nations now. Congress and the Presidency are merely facades of what they were designed to be. As long as the public collectively believes this simulacrum, then we will all continue along our current trajectory of further global consolidation of control. So, for me, the most important issue to address is exposing the simulacrum to the public, so that they we can start to reintroduce real domestic government instruments, answerable to the domestic population. The actual names of the various people who currently fill the roles in the current Global Oligarchical Structure is secondary.

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