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ARCHAIC TORSO OF APOLLO We cannot fathom his mysterious head, Through the vei ed eyes no f ic!

ering ray is sent" #ut from his torso g eaming ight is shed As from a cande a$rum% in&ard $ent His g ance there g o&s and ingers' Other&ise The round $reast &ou d not $ ind you &ith its grace, (or cou d the soft)curved circ e of the thighs Stea to the arc &hence issues a ne& race' (or cou d this star! and stunted stone dis* ay +i$rance $eneath the shou ders heavy $ar, (or shine i!e fur u*on a $east of *rey, (or $rea! forth from its ines i!e a great star)) There is no s*ot that does not $ind you fast And trans*ort you $ac!, $ac! to a far *ast'


/The #oo! of A 0on!1s Life/

I ive my ife in circ es that gro& &ide And end ess y unro , I may not reach the ast, $ut on I g ide Strong *inioned to&ard my goa ' A$out the o d to&er, dar! against the s!y, The $eat of my &ings hums, I circ e a$out 2od, s&ee* far and high On through mi eniums' Am I a $ird that s!ims the c ouds a ong, Or am I a &i d storm, or a great song3

0any have *ainted her' #ut there &as one Who dre& his radiant co ours from the sun' 0ysterious y g o&ing through a $ac!ground dim When he &as suffering she came to him, And a the heavy *ain &ithin his heart Rose in his hands and sto e into his art' His canvas is the $eautifu $right vei Through &hich her sorro& shines' There &here the Te4ture o1er her sad i*s is c ose y dra&n A trem$ ing smi e soft y $egins to da&n ''' Though ange s &ith seven cand es ight the * ace 5ou cannot read the secret of her face'