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Gunstock Engraving Brochure

Gunstock Engraving Brochure

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Published by: and227 on Oct 02, 2009
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Laser EngravIng

En-GraVs ELaser ngravIng


P.O. BOX 341 WENTZVILLE, MO 63385 (636) 327-3933


Rabbit 3 Rabbit 4

Gunstock engravings

Turkey 1 Turkey 2 Rabbit 5 ____________________


What Side To engrave on
Side A Side B

To order your Gunstock Engraving Please fill out form on reverse side and return to your sales rep or call (636) 327-3933

See Our Web Site for our 100’s of other products


(636) 327-3933

Engraving is done on your gunstock. En-Gravs Does not provide or sell any gunstocks.

PRICE $100 Per Engraving Deer 1 Deer 2 Deer 3 Eagle 4 Eagle 5 Eagle 6
Handling Fees
If Your Guns Is Worth: $800 - $3000 – $25 Fee $3001 And Up – $50 Fee
First Name__________________________________ Last Name__________________________________ Address____________________________________ __________________________________________ City_______________________________________ State________________ Zip___________________

Deer 4

Deer 5

Deer 6

Eagle 7

Elk 1

Elk 2

Deer 7

Deer 8

Deer 9

Elk 3

Geese 1 Geese 2

Phone #____________________________________

Name of graphic to be engraved
___________________________________________ My gun is worth $________________

deer 10

duck 1 duck 2

Geese 3

Side to be engraved ( see reverse side of brochure )_____ En-Gravs will only take the gunstock - no other part of the gun will be accepted. Customer is responsible for the disassembly of the gun prior to En-Gravs receiving the stock.

duck 3

duck 4

duck 5

Geese 4 Geese 5

Geese 6

The Above must be filled out in complete and bottom must be signed.
I hereby declare that my gun is worth the amount stated above and that En-Gravs Laser Engraving L.L.C. can not be held liable for any dollar amount above that as stated above. I acknowledge that En-Gravs Laser Engraving L.L.C. is not liable for any damage to the gunstock or dissatisfaction with engraving. Results may vary from different species of wood and En-Gravs Laser Engraving L.L.C. is not liable for variations in results .

Eagle 1 Eagle 2 Eagle 3

Geese 7 Rabbit 1 Rabbit 2


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