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Sohel Mahmud 66/1-C, Chair king, East Hajipara, Rampura, Dhaka-121 ! "hone# $1%2&6'()' , E-mail# sohelmkt$61*gmail!

+om $2 De+em,er, 2$12

-o, Human Resour+es Di.ision, /angladesh 0rishi /ank , Di.isional Head 122i+e, S3lhet! Su,je+t# 4oining letter

Sir, 5 ha.e honor to in2orm 3ou that 5 am joining the ,ank 2rom $2 De+em,er as a Senior Officer in respe+t to 3our appointment letter dated 67""158-ME8- 9E--ER 5SS:E D7-E;, Re2 no! 67""158-ME8- 9E--ER RE<ERE8CE 81;! 5 understand and a++ept the +onditions o2 emplo3ment that 3ou e=plained in 3our appointment letter! -he position is ideall3 suited to m3 edu+ational ,a+kground and interests! 5 +on2identl3 2eel that 5 +an make a signi2i+ant +ontri,ution to 3our +ompan3, and 5 am grate2ul 2or the opportunit3 3ou ha.e gi.en me! 5 hum,l3 re>uest 3ou to a++ept m3 joining/a++eptan+e letter! 5 kindl3 re>uest 3ou to a++ept m3 joining letter!

Regards, 6?1:R S5@87-:RE; Sohel Mahmud