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Activity B: examine and analyze a political cartoon

1. List the people, objects, and activities in Document #2: A Society of Pat iotic Ladies, at !denton in "o th #a olina.
People Objects Activities

2. !$plain the si%nificance of any symbols in the p int. &. 'o( a e the (omen po t ayed) *. !$plain the messa%e conveyed. +. ,hat is the pe spective bein% offe ed in this p int) Suppo t (ith evidence. -. ,hat % oups (ould a% ee.disa% ee (ith the messa%e. !$plain (hy.

Activity C: Create your own cartoon

/o this activity you (ill be c eatin% a political ca toon. A political ca toon is a d a(in% c eated to ma0e a specific point about a political issue o event. 1hese ca toons e$p ess the c eato 2s opinions and in some cases ideas fo chan%e. 1. Select one of the follo(in% 3uotes and c eate a ca toon that depicts the messa%e bein% e$p essed. 4f you choose, you may esea ch anothe 3uote f om the time pe iod that deals (ith the situation bet(een the colonist and !n%land. All 3uotes must be app oved by the teache . a. 5Do not suffe you self to sip the accu sed, dutied S16//. /o if you do, the devil (ill immediately ente into you, and you (ill instantly become a t aito to you count y.7 8 anonymous b. 51he flame 9of ebellion: is 0indled and li0e li%htenin% it catches f om soul to soul7 8 Abi%ail Adams c. 54s life so dea o peace so s(eet as to be pu chased at the p ice of chains and slave y) /o bid it, Almi%hty ;od. 4 0no( not (hat cou se othe s may ta0e, but as fo me, %ive me libe ty o %ive me death7 8 Pat ic0 'en y d. 5,e must maste them o totally leave them to themselves and t eat them as aliens <fo ei%ne s=.7 8 >in% ;eo %e 444 e. 54 0no( of no line that can be d a(n bet(een the sup eme autho ity of the Pa liament and the total independence of the colonies.7 ? 1homas 'utchinson @efo e you can c eate a political ca toon you need to %ive some thou%ht to the follo(in%:

Topic Layout


Perspecti e


,hat is the ca toon about) ,ho (ill be involved) 'o( do you (ant you ca toon to be desi%ned) ,he e do you (ant cha acte s and objects to be placed) ,hat (ill be happenin% in the ca toon) Cost political ca toons use symbols to %et thei messa%e ac oss. ,hat symbols (ill you use to ep esent the people, issues o ideas that a e impo tant to you topic) Political ca toons also often use e$a%%e ation to ma0e thei point. # eato s of political ca toons all have thei o(n points of vie( o bias. 1his bias is e$p essed in thei ca toons. Jou need to decide (hat biases (ill be p esent in you cha acte s and ima%es. Cessa%e may be the most impo tant aspect of you ca toon. ,hat a e you t yin% to say) Iften the c eato s of political ca toons use sati e and humo to convey thei messa%e. 4t is c ucial that the eade of you ca toon unde stands (hat you a e attemptin% to %et ac oss.

DIRECTIONS: 1his fo m is desi%ned to help you evaluate student8c eated political ca toons. Aead the statements belo(. 1hen indicate the numbe f om the follo(in% scale that eflects you assessment of the student2s (o 0.
1= ,ea0 2B Code ately ,ea0 &B Ave a%e *BCode ately St on% +BSt on%

1 2 & * + E F G

1he political ca toon contains all the needed items o info mation. 1he messa%e of the political ca toon is clea and app op iate to the topic. An app op iate caption accompanies and e$plains the political ca toon. 1he political ca toon is clean and neat, and the info mation on it (ell o %aniDed. 1he political ca toon is c eative. 1he spellin%, punctuation, and % amma of any te$t on the political ca toon a e accu ate. 1he a t(o 0 on the political ca toon is app op iate and ca efully e$ecuted. 1he political ca toon demonst ates an unde standin% of its topic and elated concepts. 1he political ca toon fulfills the e3ui ements ofthe assi%nment.

1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1

2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2

3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3

4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4

5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5

1H Ive all, he final esult ep esents the student2s full potential.

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