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Saumya Mehra +91 9818680997 Saumya Mehra +91 9818680997 Americas None 0 - None EC - Flex Order Item: Business Name: Enterprise apps - BI Project Name: Setting-up a BI DR Sync ROM Needed: No SR Number: Server Name(s): Requirement Description: 1. Kindly setup a snap mirror sync in between above mentioned servers where being the source destination and being the target destination for the absolute mounted path on source destination as mentioned below: a. /opt/agilent/informatica/workflows b. /var/opt/informatica/data01/pc910 c. /var/opt/informatica/data02/pc910/intprd01 d. /var/opt/informatica/cache01/pc910 e. /var/opt/informatica/data02/pc910/intprd02 f. /var/opt/informatica/cache02/pc910 g. /var/opt/informatica/data02/pc910/intprd03 h. /var/opt/informatica/cache03/pc910 i. /var/opt/informatica/data02/pc910/intprd04 j. /var/opt/informatica/cache04/pc910 k. /var/opt/informatica/data02/pc910/intprd05 l. /var/opt/informatica/cache05/pc910 m. /var/opt/informatica/data02/pc910/intprd06 n. /var/opt/informatica/data03/pc861/intprd06/Cache o. /var/opt/informatica/data02/pc910/intprdmm 2. Please ensure the mount points count and disk space on the DR Server should be similar to the Production Server Attaching the excel sheet for your further reference, kindly refer to the worksheet PROD_vs_DR

Order Details

Infa DR - Mount point details.xlsx

Start Date: 1st November, 2013 Requested Completion: 25th November, 2013