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Quotation-11KV 630A 25KA Outdoor VCB Panel-Megawin Make

Quotation-11KV 630A 25KA Outdoor VCB Panel-Megawin Make

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Published by Sharafat Ali
Quotation for 11KV VCB
Quotation for 11KV VCB

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Published by: Sharafat Ali on Feb 06, 2014
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: MS/ Q 13080/13-14
Dear Sir,
Kind attn: Mr. Moorthy
Su: !ffer for 11K" "#$ %ane&.
'e refer to the ao(e and ha(e )&ea*ure in +i(in+ e&o, our -o*t .o-)etiti(e offer:
Sl. No. Description Qty. Unit Ex-Works
Price (Rs.)
1. 11K" /300 21K0 !utdoor "#$, a* )er $i&& of Materia&
1 3o 3,50,000-
S!"PE : !ur *.o)e i* &i-ited to De*i+n, Manufa.turin+, Sho) 4e*tin+ and Su))&y
of the e5ui)-ent. 2re.tion 6 #o--i**ionin+, Su)er(i*ion, te*tin+ at *ite
et.., i* not in our *.o)e.
PR#!E : - De&i(ery Ex$orks Sa&e-.
- %ir& for .ontra.tua& de&i(ery )eriod.
- 27.&u*i(e of a&& t'xes ()ties at &e(ie*.
- 8rei+ht to p'y. Unins)re(.
E*!#SE DU+, : 27tra 9 12.3/ :, a* )er )re(ai&in+ nor-*.
S-.ES +-* : #S4 e7tra 9 2: a+ain*t for- # or14.1:, a* )er )re(ai&in+ nor-*.
DE.#/ER, : 'ithin 10-12 ,ee;* fro- the date of dra,in+ a))ro(a&, *u<e.t to for.e
-a<eure .ondition*.
P-,0EN+ : 30: ad(an.e a&on+ ,ith the order and a&an.e a+ain*t %rofor-a =n(oi.e
after =n*)e.tion efore de*)at.h.
%RE#12+ : 0t a.tua& to your a..ount. 4he -ateria& ,i&& e di*)at.hed y Road
4ran*)ort on 8rei+ht 4o-%ay a*i*.
#NSUR-N!E : 4o your a..ount.
/-.#D#+, : 30 day* fro- the date of thi* offer.
1U-R-N+EE : 4he e5ui)-ent i* +uaranteed a+ain*t -anufa.turin+ defe.t* for a )eriod
of 18 -onth* fro- the date of de*)at.h and ;e)t under )ro)er *tora+e or
12 -onth* fro- the date of .o--i**ionin+ under )ro)er u*e, ,hi.he(er i*
ear&ier. 4hi* +uarantee )eriod i* not a))&i.a&e for fu*e*.
'ith re*)e.t to our offer, ,e ,ou&d &i;e to hi+h&i+ht the fo&&o,in+:
4he e5ui)-ent *u))&ied ,i&& e in &ine ,ith the i&& of -ateria& en.&o*ed. 0ny .han+e*
re5uired *ha&& e a..o--odated ,ith due .o--er.ia& i-)&i.ation, if any.
>ou *ha&& arran+e 230" 0# / 110" / 24 " D# *u))&ie*.
?n&oadin+ at *ite i* not in.&uded in our *.o)e of *u))&y.
=n*ta&&ation, te*tin+ 6 .o--i**ionin+ at *ite are not in.&uded in our *.o)e of *u))&y.
#a&e ter-ination ;it*, &u+*, .a&e +&and* et.., are not .o(ered under our *.o)e of
'e tru*t that our offer i* in &ine ,ith your re5uire-ent and &oo; for,ard to re.ei(e your (a&ua&e
order at the ear&ie*t.
4han;in+ you,
>our* faithfu&&y,
%or 0E1-W#N SW#+!21E-R
3r'nc4 0'n'5er
$=@@ !8 M042R=0@:
667/,830-,957-, ")t(oor Sin5le P'nel /!3
S No. Description QtyP'nel
No. ": P'nels 6 No
Me+a,in -a;e 11K",/300,21K0 AoriBonta& Dra, !ut "#$ fitted ,ith
Manua&/Motor !)erated *)rin+ .har+in+ -e.hani*- ,ith 230" 0# Motor,
*hunt tri) .oi& of 110" D#, #&o*in+ .oi& of 110" D#, 0u7 .onta.t
43!/43#, Me.hani.a& !3/!88 indi.ator !)eration #ounter, 0nti
)u-)in+ #onta.tor, )u*h utton 'ith Me.hani.a& =nter&o.;*
1 3!
1.1 %o,er %a.; - 230"0#/ 110"D# 1 3o.
2 Potenti'l +r'ns:or&er
Sin+&e %ha*e #a*t re*in fi7ed ty)e %4 of Ratio : C11
K"/(3D/C110"/(3D,#ore-1: #&- 0.1, 10"0
1 3o.
3 !)rrent +r'ns:or&er
#a*t Re*in #4 off *uita&e ratio Ratio 10/1-1 0 ,#ore-1 : #&-0.1, 7.1"0
#ore-2 : #&-1%10, 7.1"0
3 3o*.
4 0eterin5
4.1 Di+ita& 0--eter 1 3o
4.2 Di+ita& "o&t-eter 1 3o
4.3 Di+ita& Mu&ti 8un.tion Meter 1 3o
1 Protection
Me+a,in -a;e 3u-eri.a& 3ondire.tiona& =DM4 3 !/#E1 2/8 re&ay ty)e
M140 0
1 3o
1.2 Me+a,in -a;e Ai+h *)eed tri))in+ Re&ay M"0FA13 1 3o
Me+a,in Ma;e 4ran*for-er 0u7 Re&ay* for $u.ho&B 0/4, '4=- 0/4 , !4=-
0/4 1 Set
8 #n(ic'tion .'&ps -nn)nci'tion
/.1 "#$ !88/!3/0uto tri)/4ri) .ir.uit hea&thy/S)rin+ .har+e indi.ation. 1*et
/.2 R,>,$ %ha*e =ndi.ation @a-)* 1 *et
/.3 8 'indo, 0nnun.iation %ane& ,ith a..e)t 6 Re*et $utton* 1 Set
7 !ontrol S$itc4es
7.1 C4-3-#D $rea;er #ontro& S,it.h 1 3o
7.2 #ontro& ,irin+ ,ith a))ro)riate .o&or* 1 @ot
8 3)s;'r R'tin5s
8.1 11 K",/300-)*, 0&u-iniu- $?S$0R 1 Set
G !o&&on %or S$itc45e'r
Aeater !3/!88 *,it.h ,ith *)a.e heater 6 ther-o*tat, *in+&e )ha*e
*,it.h ,ith *o.;et, .ui.&e @a-) for )ane& i&&u-ination ,ith door &i-it
*,it.h, M#$* for 0# / D# .ontro&.
MS Sheet *tee& en.&o*ure *uita&e for ")t(oor in*ta&&ation ,ith )ro(i*ion
for re.ei(in+ in.o-in+ 6 out+oin+ .a&e* throu+h $otto- entry, e7.&udin+
ter-ination ;it 6 +&and*.

: 4he e5ui)-ent i* +uaranteed a+ain*t -anufa. te*tin+ 6 . %or 0E1-W#N SW#+!21E-R 0.o--er. .t to our offer.  >ou *ha&& arran+e 230" 0# / 110" / 24 " D# *u))&ie*. . are not .h and . .&uded in our *.&o*ed.o--i**ionin+ at *ite are not in.in+ you.ith due .turin+ defe.the date of thi* offer.o)e of *u))&y. 'ith re*)e. for./-.e .ei(e your (a&ua &e order at the ear&ie*t. &u+*.o)e of *u))&y.o--i**ionin+ under )ro)er u*e.  #a &e ter-ination .the date of de*)at. 4han. >our* faithfu&&y. 4hi* +uarantee )eriod i* not a))&i.ation.ou&d &i.ith the i&& of -ateria& en. 0ny . if any.o(ered under our *.  ?n&oadin+ at *ite i* not in.han+e* re5uired *ha&& e a.t* for a )eriod of 18 -onth* fro.a &e for fu*e*.e)t under )ro)er *tora+e or 12 -onth* fro..&uded in our *.a &e +&and* et. 1U-R-N+EE : 30 day* fro.ia& i-)&i.#D#+..hi.. 'e tru*t that our offer i* in &ine .the date of .  =n*ta&&ation.he(er i* ear&ier.S'ty'n'r'y'n' 3r'nc4 0'n'5er .o--odated .ard to re.e to hi+h&i+ht the fo&&o.it*.in+:  4he e5ui)-ent *u))&ied .o)e of *u))&y.i&& e in &ine .ith your re5uire-ent and &oo.

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