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Body Paragraphs

How to incorporate sources

Writing a Cohesive Paragraph

A cohesive paragraph clearly presents related ideas and evidence Makes sense to the reader flows nicely

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Topic Sentence (reason 1 from thesis)
Limit each body paragraph to one idea (don’t talk about more than one idea per paragraph)

A claim (topic sentence/argument) must be supported by evidence (quotes/information from the sources)

Explain your topic sentence!
Does your topic sentence need to be explained more? Take 1-2 sentences to explain your topic sentence

Introduce Your Evidence
Prove your points continually by using specific examples and quotations from your sources to back you up. Make sure it is integrated smoothly, don’t just plop quotes in your paragraph! Don’t just summarize your sources. Use them as a way to support your topic sentence!

Many terms may be used to introduce quoted material: asserts, believes, claims, comments, confirms, declares, defines, describes, explains, indicates, makes clear, proposes, etc.
These terms are not interchangeable (mean the same thing) Make your choices based on your meaning

Edward P. J. Corbett, one of America's most distinguished rhetoricians, defines grammar clearly "as the study of how a language 'works' a study of how the structural system of a language combines with a vocabulary to convey meaning" (111).

In his essay, “Dickens And The Construction Of Christmas”, Rowell argues that Dickens in concerned with the “spirit and life of Christianity” (3) and that the merriment of Christmas helps people remember the importance of Christianity and the tenants associated with Christian virtues.

Transition words
Use transition words to ensure a smooth flow of ideas from paragraph to paragraph Some Examples:
Besides, Furthermore, In addition, Indeed, In fact, Moreover, For example, For instance, In particular

Explain your evidence!
No matter how good your evidence is, it won’t help your argument if your reader doesn’t know why it’s important

Ask yourself: how does this evidence prove the point you’re trying to make in this paragraph?

Insert a Concluding Sentence
End the paragraph with a concluding sentence that summarizes or restates
the main idea as expressed in the topic sentence. Example: (topic sentence) -A grandfather is a very special person who has all of the good characteristics of a father but none of the faults. Example: (concluding sentence) -He will go to any length to plan special family gatherings, which makes my grandfather an unfaulty, special person. (This sentence provides a good conclusion by restating the topic sentence.)

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Topic sentence Explain your topic sentence Introduce your evidence Explain your evidence Insert a concluding sentence