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School Counselor Lesson Plan Template


Unit/Topic (If unit-note how many lessons in unit): Title of Lesson: Online Career Assessments Grade Level: 10th (9-12) ASCA Standards Addressed: C:A1.1, C:A1.2, C:A1.3, C:A1.5, C:A2.3, C:B1.2, C:B1.5, C:B1.6

Learning Objective(s): Students will learn to use online resources and tools to assess career interests and connect their interests to different careers. Collaborative Partners (who can assist with this lesson?): Materials Needed: Individual computers,Internet Access, printer, paper Activity Summary: 40 minutes total 1. Sign-in, review names 2. Pretest 3. Icebreaker – decision making 4. Go to ONET and discuss the website and resources 5. Select “My Next Move” section and select “What do you like to do” 6. Review the career selections by code 7. Review the six codes (Holland Codes) and how they apply to careers 8. Select two-three of the highlighted careers to determine the characteristics and outlook 9. Compare results to current career selection/interests 10. Post-test

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Unit/Topic (If unit-note how many lessons in unit): Learning Activities (Include introduction to lesson, Activity(ies), resources required, and Conclusion): *Include time needed for lesson Pre-test – assess student understanding of their personal values and how that affects their decisions and actions (5 minutes) 1. Icebreaker: Discuss your favorite thing to do: hobby, way to spend time. Have students talk about clubs, groups, activities that they have done and enjoy doing. Have them connect their answers to a career – then job. Talk about the difference between making a well-thought out decision and a quick decision 2. Have students log-in and go to O*NET. Discuss the website briefly 3. Direct the students to the “My Next Move” section and take the “What you like to do” assessment. 4. Review the career sections by code 5. Discuss Holland codes, review the six codes and what they mean. Have students group together by code preference. Provide handout on codes. 6. Have students choose two to three careers and move through the descriptions and outlook. 7. Finish by having students go round in a circle and discuss what they found out versus what their current career interests/plans are 8. Provide a sign-up sheet for individual career/education counseling

Evaluation Plan: What data will you collect and how will you collect data to show: 1. impact on K-12 students (use pre/post-test) 2. Feedback on lesson *Must include the pre/post assessment References/Resources Used: ,