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Supreme Wisdom Curriculum Comprehensive Framework

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He is at the center of this curriculum and He gives the diameter of students’ knowledge (Supreme Wisdom) which prescribes the circumference of students’ activities

1 Beliefs Rationale Goals


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Supreme Wisdom Curriculum Comprehensive Framework
I. Belief, Rationale, Goals a. In truth the Supreme Wisdom Lessons and the Teachings of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad are not a philosophical (theoretical) study as much as they are actual facts and truth from the Lord of the Worlds Himself – God in Person, Master Fard Muhammad. The Supreme Wisdom Lessons lay the base and are the matrix (womb) from which this comprehensive educational curriculum evolves (present tense). This work is organic and evolving as Allah unveils His Mysteries to the framers, educators, and students. As the student evolves pass the Framers, the document must evolve to meet the needs of its predecessors. The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan is our guide and example today. He is the one from whom we take our guidance. We follow no other scholars, educators or philosophers. He and he alone through Divine Guidance from the Two that back him: Master Fard Muhammad and The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad is the source from which we draw inspiration. He set us on this course of study. It is through his direction that we draw the inspiration to base this curriculum on the Supreme Wisdom Lessons. b. Why use the Supreme Wisdom Lesson as a base for this curriculum one might ask? The answer is simple. The Western world is dying from internal rot. Its people have exceeded the limits and the world has to be brought back in Divine Order, back in balance. The Original Man must be restored to his proper position of leadership so that he can lead the world back to God (Allah). The educational system and methodologies of this world have failed Black people in particular but all people in general. The Western educational paradigms have killed the god in man except for the white elite. The god powers in the white elite are that of the god of evil cultivated to make war with The God of Righteousness – Allah and His People. That which was given to us, of The Supreme Wisdom, IS from the Lord of All the Worlds. This Teaching is designed to re-awaken the Original man to his divine nature and restore him back to life. The most effective way to implement this teaching is through the institutionalization of the Teachings of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad and the Supreme Wisdom Lessons as a base for the new curriculum paradigm. The only way to accomplish this is through an education that is Supreme in quality and Divine in nature. c. The Greatest of Goals: “It is truly wonderful in our life when each of us can choose a road on which to travel, and yet, as we travel apparently different roads, we recognize that all roads lead to Almighty god, the Creator of the heavens and the earth. As children, we all want everyone to be what we are. But the Holy Qur’an teachers us that Allah (God) has created man for diverse ends. So each of us, as human beings, have different goals. As the Holy Qur’an teaches us, every man or woman has a goal to which he or she turns him or herself. Maybe your goal is not mine and maybe mine is not yours, but the test or our human development is whether we can be tolerant of each other as we pursue our goals; for surely, the ends for which men strive will be seen. Those who love the frail life of this world, Allah (God) will give them of it; and those who desire the life of the Hereafter —and that is the best of desires – Allah (God) will give them of that. Although Allah (God) never leaves His creatures without permitting them to attain what they seek, He inspires us to attain lofty things. There are those among the human family who do not desire to attain lofty goals —and I do not mean being a doctor, lawyer, teacher, physicist, chemist or a musician. In the language of religion, the loftiest goals for which men and women should strive is the development of their character, that their character should reflect the Divine Supreme Being. This is the greatest of goals, not to have a Ph.D. degree. Even though you are so blessed if you have one, to have a degree of knowledge and not the high degree of character means that your degree serves vain purposes. To be knowledgeable and wicked makes us devils in human form. To be knowledgeable and righteous makes us men and women of distinction (Farrakhan, 2006).” The Supreme Wisdom Curriculum: A New Educational Curriculum Paradigm into The Kingdom of God is an evolutionary thrust in the re-education and education of Black people and Original People in America first, then for the whole human family. The over arching goal of the Framers of this curriculum in to provide guidance and work in

concert with laborers, educators, students, parents and other stakeholders to aid in the growth and development of gods, children of The Most High God: Master Fard Muhammad. As-Salaam Alaikum Dear Laborers: It is my great joy to be able to offer to you all of the Lessons of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad in a little book. My desire is that we read these lessons over and over and over again until they are committed to memory. Then, our assignment will be to study each one deeply and carefully because these Lessons represent a key to unlock the hidden meaning of the Bible and the Holy Qur’an, and also to unlock the hidden powers of the Original people. This key also will allow us to lock up the history of 66 trillion years of rebellion and dissatisfaction and open the door for us and our people and the total human family to the Kingdom of God. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad desired for all of us to master this assignment. In this first printing, there is a mistake in the order which will be corrected in the second printing. English Lesson C-1 is to come behind Lesson Number 2 and before the Problem Book. May Allah Bless you in the reading of His Word.i As-Salaam Alaikum Your Brother and Servant, Minister Louis Farrakhan Servant to the Lost Found Nation of Islam in the West II. Student and School Outcome a. Supreme Wisdom Curriculum Student Outcome i. As He (Master Fard Muhammad) said, “first He Makes a New Mind for us and a New Way of thinking.” H e teaches us a different education, on that we have never had before. He Gives us Education on the Wisdom, Knowledge, and Understanding of God…not of prophets…but of the Gods of the Prophets of the past. He builds our minds according to the way Gods Thin k…ii ii. Our Saviour (Allah) will change us into a New and Perfect People making we, the Poor Lost-Founds, the Perfect RULERS.iii iii. The outcome of the Supreme Wisdom Curriculum will be to produce Students that think like gods. Students will be able to plan, think and bring into existence that which they will. “The Restrictive Law of Islam is what ensures our Success. If The Saviour said “luxury, money, good homes, friendship in all walks of life”; and then He came to raise us to eminence, where people would litera lly bow their heads to a Muslim who is really practicing and studying and sharing their knowledge, then your fame increases by degree, and you grow in rank. And if you stay within the limits of The Law, you will have a favorable and satisfactory outcome. What is the Final Outcome? To become a GOD.iv b. Supreme Wisdom Curriculum School Outcome i. The school will prepare the Student for their FINAL EXAMINATION before ALLAH (OUR SAVIOUR), which will include all of the Forms of Lessons, #1’s Answers, and all the Problems, and General Review of the three and one-half years of Labor.v This will be done by implementing a new educational paradigm based on the Supreme Wisdom Lessons given by Our Saviour, Master Fard Muhammad, to His Servant, The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad. All unit and lesson plans will be derived from these Teachings. III. Student Performance Standards and Foundational Skills a. Supreme Wisdom Curriculum Performance Standard: The performance standard for the Student in the University of Islam is the Life and Works of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad. Master Fard Muhammad has instructed all Students who enroll in His class to copy, study, memorize, and follow “Minister Elijah Muhammad’s” Answers to, of said. Lesson #1. He is also a Guide and Example through whom the Mystery of Almighty Allah is revealed and through whom the Student would see the Light of Allah. The road map to seeing the Light and Walking therein is contained in the Instructions Given to the Laborer. a. The Student must study his Assignment – Lesson #1.

Each Student should copy the Answers of Lessons of Minister, Elijah Muhammad, and study until the Student is able to memorize, By Heart, all Answers to, of said, Lesson #1. Why is Stress made to the Muslim to Copy, the Minister, Elijah M uhammad’s Answers? The past History shows that the ALMIGHTY ALLAH sends Prophets and Apostles for the people’s Guide and Example (Standard), and through them HIS Mystery was Revealed. And those who follow the Apostle would see the b. The student will lead an Islamic life as taught and exemplified by The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, our Lord, our Saviour, and our Redeemer – The Messiah.vii b. Supreme Wisdom Curriculum Content Foundational Skills (The Supreme Wisdom Curriculum Framers have developed the following foundation skills that should apply to all students in all disciplines.) This means that the following skills must be demonstrated in every discipline or subject learned in the University of Islam. 1. God-Consciousness. Taqwa is an Arabic word that is explained as a shield against wrongdoing and further expounded as to be “conscious of Allah” or to have “fear of Allah” or to be “cautiously aware of Allah”. The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan refers Taqwa as the “self -accusing spirit.” (See Holy Qur’an: 91: 8 footnote) In introductory letter to Study Guide No. 1: Mixed Feeling and Controversy , The Honorable Minster Farrakhan states, “This speech, in my judgment, formally ushers in that which is the launching pad of a worldwide movement. Each study session is designed on the guidance of Allah to produce: selfexamination; self-analysis; self-correction; and, to quicken in each of us, the self-accusing spirit. For, it is only when we are awakened morally that we have to face the self-accusing spirit which leads to our resurrection. Resurrection is that process that beings with the self-accusing spirit and does not end until we become one in perfect harmony or peace with Allah and His Creation… And the first stage in our spiritual resurrection occurs through the stimulation of our self-accusing spirit; that is, when the inner voice speaks, guides, warns, reproves, exhorts and accuses us of going contrary to what is right. If you will notice, this inner voice does the work of a Messenger of Allah (God). Would you knowingly kill one of Allah’s (God’s) prophets or messengers? What would be the punishment if you did? Every time we act to still the voice of correction, coming from within ourselves, we are in fact murdering the messenger of Allah (God). The result is spiritual blindness, leading to spiritual death, leading ultimately to an untimely physical death. If we desire to stay alive spiritually, we must never still the voice of Allah (God) within. We must protect it, for in our moral awakening, it is the best friend that we have; for it is Allah (God) working on the inside of us. The more we feed on the truth and right guidance form Allah (God) the stronger the voice becomes. That inner voice is like a seed which can ultimately grow into its perfected state, to be the Mind of God Himself in you… This quickening to life and the process of heeding the truth and right guidance is the process which brings about a transformation in the Believer. As you know, mere belief counts for nothing except that it is carried into practice. This phase of our development is designed, by the help of Allah, to bring about a transformation or complete change in our lives. This is done by stimulating self-analysis and self-correction in us. Our selfimprovement actually brings into fruition the awesome power of Allah (God) to make complete his (our) whole make. 75:4 No Believer is exempt from this study. Those who desire is to be qualified as laborers, must be foremost in study and self-analysis in this transformation of our lives. Each student, after studying the principle under analysis, must then analyze self and critique self. The study sessions, while leading the student to self-examination, first; self-analysis, second; self-correction, third; must simultaneously be therapeutic. Therefore, these sessions must be twofold, consisting of bother theory and practice. The practice will refine the theory.” The origin of the word Taqwa is from the Arabic root letters wa’ ka’ ya (meaning shield) and its verb is from the word “Ittaki”. Ittaki means to be careful or to be protected or to be cautious. Taqwa is an internal compass on the path that leads towards Allah. The broader meaning and character of Taqwa is to develop one’s behavior, so as to be cautiously aware in the worship of Allah and attain nearness to Him and in so doing, perfect oneself.

known as an “ Abd-Allah” which is an ideal state of Taqwa. The path that inculcates and embraces a character of Taqwa is one that must be carefully and cautiously treaded. Abu Darda said: “From the completion of Taqwa is that the servant fears from His Lord even with regards to things. The Qur’an descriptions of Taqwa are so precise and distinct that it is an indication of the importance of the involvement of this concept in the life of Muslims. To establish Taqwa is for the rich and the poor.” Abu Darda’s advice for servants who wish to accomplish a character of Taqwa should fear to commit the smallest of sins. It is an avenue by which Muslims relate to one another in society and a means to channel actions for the pleasure of Allah. conferring its highest respect on those considered to be high in Taqwa. which will achieve one’s closeness to Allah. Allah knows best who has Taqwa. The four verses in Surah 2 Al Bakarah Verse 2-5 summarizes the guiding principle in the Noble Qur’an for . that the development and attaining of Taqwa is an essential part for all who aspire for tranquility and a contented heart. the knowledgeable and the uneducated. On this path one must be completely aware of oneself and one’s surroundings. All must develop and enhance Taqwa. These numerous verses elaborate the different dynamics and dimensions of inner meanings of Taqwa that enables Muslims to be an ideal and a living example as a vicegerent of Allah. Allah has taken us through the various aspects of His Guidance and Blessings in the Glorious Qur’an. The following verse of the Qur’an Surah 2 Al Bakara h. ultimately develops one’s love of Him. Firstly. Though Taqwa is a state of the heart. In Surah 53 An Najm (The Clans). Verse 32 reminds us that: “Hold not yourself purified. the weight of an atom. The Glorious Qur’an illustrates this in Surah 49 Al Hujurat (the Inner Apartments). Umar replied that he moved very cautiously. so as not to tear his clothing. the man and the women. the meaning of Taqwa as he was renowned for his deep understanding of the Qur’an Al Kareem then inquired from Umar whether he had walked through a thorny bush path with his cloak. and made you into nations and tribes. Possessors of Taqwa are called AlMuttaqun or Muttaqeen. The word Taqwa has been mentioned 151 times in the Noble Qur’an. prohibits anyone from claims of selfpurity. The Qur’an though.” In Islam there is only one Shari'ah (Divine Law) and one scale of righteousness for everyone and that is measured through a character of Taqwa. Umar replied that he had done so on numerous occasions. and he pointed to his chest. the old and the young. the most conscious and aware of Him.” The ideal Islamic society is a Taqwa conscious society. to be disciplined with the correct action and behavior. Taqwa is profoundly explained in a discussion. Verily the most honored of you in the sight of Allah is (he who is) the most righteous of you ( Muttaqi). the ruler and the ruled. Taqwa is one of the most profound concepts in Islam. Umar asked Kaab. so that you may guard against evil (attain Taqwa.)” This verse confirms two points. i. The most honored in the sight of Allah is the believer with the most Taqwa. Verse 13: “O mankind! We created you from a single (pair) of a male and a female. Verse 183 confirms that Taqwa is for everyone and not for a select group: “O you who believe! Fasting is prescribed to you as it was prescribed to those before you. reported in the Sahih Muslim that. between Umar and Kaab who were companions of the Prophet of Islam. we cannot judge the Taqwa of others. that ye may know each other (not that ye may despise (each other).This consciousness and fear of Allah is understood as a protection and a shield against wrongdoing.e. the leader and the follower. Kaab asked Umar to describe his movements through this thorny path. The messenger of Allah said in a Hadith. The universal principle of submission to the Divine Will is beautifully expressed in the character of one who is a servant of Allah. consciousness and establishing a cautious awareness of Allah. “ Taqwa is here”. And Allah has full knowledge and is well acquainted (with all things). Kaab said that was the description and the meaning of Taqwa. that fasting is for everyone and secondly. but many aspects of Taqwa will have a reflection in their character and behavior. The abstention of evil through this fear.

The Muttaqun are those that believe. And a literate citizen is a socialist. and it is these who will prosper. constitutional and statutory rights. character. political and revolutionary documents. A socialist advocates a society of men or groups of men for one common cause. having good morals. The application of the understanding of ideals. being accountable for one’s choices and actions and understanding t heir impact on oneself and others. While it does not appear as a subject in school without it. 3. but never claims to be a possessor of it. Citizenship requires that the citizen be literate and informed. whilst at the same time praying. As years though its provisions existed long before the document itself. All these descriptions can be attributed to a person who has Taqwa and will be assured and successful in the Hereafter.viii 1 Taqwa-A State of Submission by Abu Bakr Karolia. order and efficiency. rights and responsibilities of active participation in a benevolent theocracy that includes working respectfully and productively together for the benefit of the individual and the community. he or she who deliberately rejects knowledge is a mortal enemy of the Nation of Islam… The Muhammad Mosque Provisional Constitution must be studied by all of its citizens. and (in their hearts) have the assurance of the Hereafter. the whole educational structure can be undermined. Discipline is the key to good conduct and consideration for one’s fellow man. and spend out of what We have provided for them. for the moral development and correct behavior of a good Muslim it necessary that he strictly analyze and establish his Taqwa.htm . spending in Allah’s cause. though it must inevitably affect the daily life of each member of The Lost-Found Nation of Islam in the West. are forgiving and just. justice and equality for us all. It precepts must be put into action in the daily lives of its citizens. Yet. to those who fear (or are conscious) of Allah (Taqwa). in it is guidance sure. They are on (true) guidance.nuradeen. concerned with the affairs of humanity. a. without doubt. Self-Discipline. Who believe in the Unseen. too few of us are familiar with its provisions. fear Allah and look to what He has ordained in carrying out His actions to avoid His displeasure and sadness. It is the duty of the Muslim (Citizen of the Nation of Islam) to acquire knowledge and natural law mandate that a man or woman who refuses to study becomes a detriment to freedom. A literate citizenry who are aware of their rights and responsibilities will work together to build a strong nation. These people are involved and active in his/her life with the Ummah (the Muslim community). and sent before your time. from their Lord. Hence. A literate citizen cannot be mastered by the Devil. Minister Farrakhan has taught us. South Africa. July 2003. It is the learning of self-discipline by means of guidelines that develops self-control. and also. Social equality is a socialist who is equal in everything. that the root of man’s in is polytheism.the people of Taqwa This is the Book. ever so carefully. knowing one’s civil. are steadfast in prayer. student s will have the proper attitude for academic excellence and will be empowered to succeed in life. Citizenship. The Preamble to The Muhammad Mosque Provisional Constitution states: These verses (Holy Qur’an 42:36 -39) form an impassioned Preamble to our Provisional Constitution from the Lord of The Worlds Himself…It is in effect now in the hearts and conduct of the true followers of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad. With an understanding of the purpose of education and discipline. fasting. A literate citizen is not ignorant. The student’s personal development as a civilized and moral person supports and strengthens their academic development.1 2. The Holy Qur’an does not contradict a Muslim to Swear his Allegianc e to his Brother so long as he does not break his Allegiance—nor does the Bible in this case. it will come to be recognized as one of history’s most significant spiritual. One of the most important lessons education could teach is self-discipline. a slave. And who believe in the Revelation sent to you. Ignorance is a powerful and consistent ally of polytheism and for that reason. http://www. and mentoring others to be productive citizens and lifelong learners. A literate citizen cannot be used for a tool.

If The Saviour said “luxury. critically. Students. D. A citizen of the Nation of Islam has a responsibility which if not carried out will result in punishment because his/her inactivity in this regard has an adverse impact on the uncivilized. 13 of the Problem Book states "Now you must speak the Language so you can use your Mathematical Theology in the proper Term-otherwise you will not be successful unless you do speak well. To be a citizen means to be a native or naturalized person who owes allegiance to a government and is entitled to protection from it.b.. viewing. The evolution of communication is moving towards a more perfect and spiritually evolved form of communication. fluently. – That the civilized person is held responsible for the uncivilized and he must be punished by the Nation of Islam. for she knows all about you. and creatively in society and in a variety of settings. In regards to mentoring others to be productive citizens and lifelong learners. and I will give my life before my word shall fail. e. and you grow in rank. listening." The it goes on to state. That is the responsibility of a citizen of the Nation of Islam – to keep one’s word.x Have you not learned that your word shall be Bond regardless of whom or what? ANS. Allah in Person and the Teachings of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad. the science of everything in life —love. reciting. money. Communication Skills: A process by which information is exchanged and a concept of "meaning" is created and shared between individuals through a common system of symbols.xv" This sets the base for the spiritual language and communicative skills the student must acquire in order to be successful in the New Paradigmatic Structure of Education based on the Lessons of Master Fard Muhammad. As a member of the Nation of Islam. happiness). Critical-Thinking Skills. good homes. one’s word must unwavering to the point that before one’s brother or sister can stand on another’s word with out doubt. you will have a favorable and satisfactory outcome. then your fame increases by degree. What is the Final Outcome? To become a GOD. This Book teaches the Lost-Found Nation of Islam a thorough knowledge of our miserable state of condition in a mathematical way when we were found by OUR SAVIOURS. – To Teach the uncivilized people. My word is Bond and Bond is life. – Yes. and inquiry in order to reach a solution using multiple pathways. to help solve this Problem since you have learned the time. The identification of an obstacle or challenge and the application of knowledge and thinking processes which include reasoning. “What is the Duty of a civilized person? AN S. The Saviour asks. One’s personal word is Bond and that Bond is equal to one’s life on the line and their fellow citizen must know that their brother or sister will give their lives before their word fails. c. who are savage – civilization (righteousness.xiv 5. or behavior.xii 4. a. And if you stay within the limits of The Law. where people would literally bow their heads to a Muslim who is really practicing and studying and sharing their knowledge. and visually representing. the knowledge of himself. he desires for every one of you. peace. friendship in all walks of life”. even when no routine path is apparent. The RESTRICTIVE LAW OF ISLAM is our Success. Problem No. accomplishment and old Prophet’s Number—(one hundred forty-four thousand). technologically. and then He came to raise us to eminence. The average man speaks four hundred words-considered well. writing. signs. …At the same time. This process can best be accomplished through use of the following skills reading. speaking. person of that Ability? ANS. "There are twenty-six letters in the Language and if a student learns one letter per day. At any time any one who fails to be ONE HUNDRED PERCENT to the LAW shall be dismissed from his or her Post. which is . ix “The Restrictive Law of Islam is what ensures our Success. but more importantly it is a brotherhood and sisterhood of which has no equal. FARD. d. W. then how long will it take him to learn the twenty-six letters?. Students should be able to communicate clearly.. The Nation of Islam is a government. decision making. xiii b. What is the prescribed Law of Islam of said. This is indicative to the serious nature of citizenship in a Nation of Islam – The Kingdom of Allah (God). strategically. xi Giving one’s word is a binding contract.

Future. adjusting.. first have a thorough Knowledge of their own…One of the Prophets in the early days said: The Lost-Found Nation of Islam. (He covers the Prophecies of the Bible and. and technologies are essential in all learning processes. for allowing extra time to oil the rusty locks is insufficient…Hurry and submit your answer to your Teacher. and using resource tools to help in analyzing. Universal Expression of Fundamental Truths. The ability to analyze information and extract the underlying universal principles of truth. D.reading body language and reading minds. And the Balance. It has been said by the Laborers of Islam. Osman Sharrieff said to the Eleven Members of the Conference: “The Lost-Found Nation of Islam will not return to their original Land unless they. The Public Library of Cairo contains three million. The process of identifying. word processors. Present and Perfect Tense. and cultural background.” he said. How long will it take him to cover this territory of said. Note: The Dumb must speak Plainly. How many round trips will he make in ten seconds to the far Planet Platoon?xvi b. will be Stars. computers. and will not take the Knowledge on their own. The student will eventually be able to receive and send messages telepathically as he/she becomes more spiritually. Astronomy. audio/video material. the H oly Qur’an in a word). The effective use of cognitive processes to generate and link knowledge across the disciplines and in a variety of contexts. In order to engage in the principles of continued improvement. W. The identification and employment of appropriate tools. a. and other emerging technologies. Twelve Leaders of Islam from all over the Planet have conferred in the Root of Civilization concerning the Lost-Found Nation of Islam—must return to their original Land. he is walking three thousand feet per minutes and has three thousand miles by two thousand miles to go yet. "Elaboration" refers to monitoring. Students must be able to transfer and elaborate on these processes. How long will it take him to turn the whole seventeen million?. Others will not be considered. techniques. religion. synthesizing. and communicating information. 6. mentally. a. selecting. The Laborer’s answers to All Lessons must be in the above Language.” 7.” But the Messenger and his Laborers do not agree with the old Prophet in this modern time. at the above walking rate? xix 8. These resource tools include pen. numbering one hundred forty-four thousand. seeking a way out of the cage. Now. and expanding strategies into other contexts. . locating. The uncle of Mr. “are poison and rusty. He thinks that he will remove all poison and rust from every one of the seventeen million. also. Linking and Generating Knowledge.The above figures do not include rusty locks. with modern equipment. telecommunication.. which he turns at the rate of sixteen and seventeen onehundreds per minutes. "Transfer" refers to the ability to apply a strategy or content knowledge effectively in a setting or context other than that in which it was originally learned. Being able to communicate these truths in a universal language that reach across race. three thousand by two thousand miles. It took nearly four centuries to find the door. The Stammering Tongue is Speaking Clear. and tell her how much you do not understand so she can teach you quickly…Ask questions and learn all about yourself…xvii c. A Lion in a cage walks back and forth. interactive devices. sixty feet per minute. Language and other Science of Life… xviii b. He also has seventeen million keys. and physically purified. but his mind travels twenty-four billion miles per second. Resource Access and Utilization. Fard lives in the wilderness of North America —surrounded and robbed completely by the Cave man. seven hundred thousand books. he has no knowledge of his own nor anyone else’s. a. of which sixty thousand treat exclusively of Mathematics. The Laborers must Speak and Use grammatic pronunciation of words and syllables in Past. One of the Conference Members by the name of Mr. and will return to their original Land. pencil. Therefore. and paper. which is considered the average speed of thought per second.

(Assessments will be done by teacher and outside evaluator) In the Instructions to the Laborers. Essays which indicate the Student’s level of comprehension of the topic. and the Ending of the Civilization. c. Any one who fails to be ONE HUNDRED PERCENT to the LAW shall be dismissed from his or her Post. By Heart. Allah says. and study until the Student is able to memorize. Assignment Office will be made immediately after Examination. Standardized test on Actual Facts. Capable of being measured or expressed in numerical terms. at all times. Each Student should copy the Answers of Lesson of Minister. Elijah Muhammad. Answers to the Problems in the Problem Book. b. Elijah Muhammad. which will include all of the Forms of Lessons. Quantitative Assessment: Quantitative is: 1. Present and Future being PERFECT is that we must know and be Able To Prove.No man can be Successful in Teaching a People that cannot speak. often as opposed to its size or quantity. Everyone’s FINAL EXAMINATION will be before ALLAH (OUR SAVIOUR). who the Laborers are to work with”…xxi a. Fard. Future and Present Perfect Tense –otherwise will not be considered. and Present Time of our Delivery from the Devils by OUR SAVIOUR (ALLAH)…xx Note: These foundation skills are listed numerically in parentheses at the end of each benchmark. 2: This LESSON is ANSWERED Very Near Correct and ALL STUDENTS should READ AND STUDY it until he or she can RECITE it By Heart. h. . mechanical skill. and Analysis. Qualitative Assessment: Qualitative means relating to or based on the quality or character of something. in the near future. or based on the amount or number of something 2. and a General Review of the three and one-half years of Labor. b. Examples from the Supreme Wisdom Lessons of quantitative assessments are: a. Prophet. physical skills etc. Student Enrollment (Rules of Islam): The following question must be answered one hundred percent before submittance of Student to said. Skills demonstration: laboratory experiments. culinary skill. W.D. Lesson No. d. Clearly. all Answers to. “Each Student must quality his or herself for Positions awaiting them. f. to the New Converts that the LESSONS that OUR SAVIOUR (ALLAH) gave us to Study and Learn is the Fulfillment of the Prophecies of All the Former Prophets concerning the Beginning of the Devils. But there is more to be understood in the words. Behavioral observation gives the evaluator an understanding of the quality of the character of the Student under various circumstances. the People’s Language. by ALLAH! Note: THIS PARAGRAPH Puts a stop to all Quarreling and Arguments among the Laborers over their Offices in ISLAM UNTIL HE OR SHE HAVE BEEN QUALIFIED AND THEIR QUALIFICATION Examined to see if they are Fit (qualitative – what quality) to be used in the Respective Position. That the Laborers’ Pronunciation of words and syllables must be in the Past. Relating to. The past History shows that the First Examination of Laborers is made by the Apostle. #1’s Answers. The following questions must be answered by: g. 1. and all Problems. concerning. of said Lesson #1 . Lost-Found Muslim Lesson No. on Completion of his or her Labor Course. b. IV. e. Assessments and Student Performance Standards a. First Term Examination Assignment of Mr. and of our Enslavement by the Devils. What is meant by the Laborers’ answers to all LESSONS in the Past. Consideration for the Laborers of Islam will be taken.

Skills Demonstration 5. rules and regulation that come along with said membership. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said that you can tell a good child by it willingness to do something that you have instructed him or her to do. There is no such thing as religion. Oral Assessment 4. Character and Work ethic assessment d. a. V. Abraham called us Muslims. b. We who believe and submit. They must know the true God. f. copies of report cards. pre. awards. g. Portfolios 3." The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan "We. Abraham is the father or giver of . The author of Islam is God. Oration. mid-term and post test in all subjects. This portfolio will consist of test scores. Each student must maintain an up-to-date portfolio of all their work starting in Level 1. Does the Student understand how to act in different settings – abroad as opposed to a home setting? Is the Student among the General Civilization Class of persons? c. progress reports. Assessments will consist of : 1. Assessments will be over week-long periods. discussion or activity that is in front of the Student. are to bring them up into the knowledge of their own and not wait for the minister to do it. Social Interaction means that the Student demonstrates General Civilization. We as teachers should know this so that we can teach our children at the University. as teachers. Supreme Wisdom Curriculum Schools School of Theological Studies PARADIGM FOR THEOLOGICAL STUDIES EDUCATION Support for the School of Theological Studies Based on Supreme Wisdom Lessons and the Teachings of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad "Knowledge feeds the development of the human being so that the person can grow and evolve into Divine and become one with the Creator. The focus of the research is to create new technologies. reading or dialog which demonstrates the Student’s ability to articulate what they have learned. and ideas that will serve to help in building a new nation of peace. They have an awareness of their rights. This means that the Student is able to look deeper into the Lesson than on its face and is able to transpose the Lesson in its proper term and different tenses. pictures. Other Assessments: Students will be assigned research-based projects on a bi-yearly basis that focus on Nation-Building skills. projects and research papers. Prior to 6.000 years ago. Level of activity engagement or participation. e. Level of understanding of higher cognitive concepts. Written assessments 2.c. Social Awareness means that the Student is cognitive of his or her membership in a greater Nation – called the Nation of Islam. d. Islam was not called a religion. This is demonstrated by the level of engagement or participation in the class." "SOME PEOPLE in this age call Islam a religion. video and audio tapings of any public performances. responsibilities. a sample of the progress of their penmanship each 10-weeks sessions.

it is imperative that the student be well acquainted with these Lessons and Teachings otherwise the student will not do well in a NEW PARADIGM FOR A NEW WORLD! The term Theological Studies was chosen as the name of the school of religion studies because it is lifted from the Problem No. The Department of Islamic Studies. justice and equality." The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad. We knew nothing but the devil and the devil’s work. The School of Theological Studies is also a Liberation Theology which is comprised of an Islamic movement (The Nation of Islam in the West first and over the world) that combines political thought relating to civil administration or government as taught by The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad and The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. This is why I have been saying that we are teaching the Theology. language. It is also the desired outcome of these courses of study within this school is that the student is able to delve deeply into the theology of mathematics. see the hand of God over His Creation and integrate this understanding into all disciplines across the curriculum.our name. high school and college. Therefore. Department of Islamic Studies Supreme Wisdom Lessons The Books and Teachings of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad  The Message to the Blackman in America  Our Saviour Has Arrived  Muslim Daily Prayer Book . the Teachings of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad and the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. with a theology of salvation as liberation from injustice and towards the demand of freedom. These things we should teach in our school. “Satan has live over his time. science and histories contained within the Lessons. All these years. We never were smart enough to study the theology side of things. We didn’t have the knowledge of the devils. Problem No. OUTCOMES It is the intended and desired outcome of the courses of study in the School of Theological Studies is that the student is able to memorize by heart and recite "all forms of said Lessons. Lastly. Natural Theology is the study of God and of God's relation to the present. past and future perfect worlds. This school is organized to immerse and engage the student in the Lessons of Allah (Master Fard Muhammad) and the divine Teachings of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad. The Department of Religious Studies (world religions) and The Department of Metaphysics and Cosmogony (The Origins of the Universe). the knowledge of secret things said in a theological way. 1968 INTRODUCTION: Theological Studies is the FIRST OF ALL STUDIES and serves as the lens through which this curriculum is presented and is derived. 13 is a primer for unlocking the language of The Lessons as is the study of Allah (God) the Key to unlock all of the following disciplines of study under consideration. which is the science of Tricknollegy. “ The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad Theology of Time p. the poor lost and found black people of America not knowing Allah or the Will of Allah." The study of the true knowledge of Allah (God) sets the base for all other learning. So many of us never went to school for such. 13 in the Supreme Wisdom. To these ends students will view all learning through the Lens of the Supreme Wisdom Lessons. The departments are. This is the way we should go about everything in our school: kindergarten. which is a study of the institutional activities and Nation Building practices of The Nation of Islam in the West and all over the world. July 5. and lastly it is the desired outcome of the courses of study within in the School of Theological Studies that the courses becomes a coloring or lens through which the student views the world.Muslim. Theological Studies encompasses Islamic Studies and other Religious Studies as well as the root of all disciplines – Allah the Creator. Theological Studies as a school of study is based in Natural Theology. The School of Theological Studies contains departments of concentrated studies. By we. Do not send children home without this knowledge. We are here in the midst. which we had not been studying. this school of study is a Practical Theology. he had played it on us. Islamic Studies is a department of study within the school of Theological Studies. born and nurse d by the devil himself. Furthermore. Allah had to give us time to be justified in bringing about an end to Satan’s rule.

Signs and symbols speak to a part of the mind that is not accessed by mathematical proofs alone. Geometry. The School of Mathematical Theology is a school of study which includes natural theology wherein the student derives knowledge of God from the study of nature in which the student achieves personal union with the Allah. This is a very important course. Islam (the entire submission to the Will of Allah) is synonymous with Mathematics and Mathematics with Islam because the root of Mathematics is Truth and the Ultimate Truth in the Universe is Allah. number operations then the application of mathematics in the physical . The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. Algebra. symbols and proofs. We cannot build a nation without mathematics. Present and Future  The Islamic Life as lead and exemplified by The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad  The Life and Times of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan  The Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad  The Life and Times of the Companions of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad. 1968 INTRODUCTION The School of Mathematical Theology includes the study of Arithmetic. The courses of study within this school are also a transcendent study of the relationships between the physical and spiritual worlds using signs.The Books and Body of Works of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan  Muslim Daily Prayer Book  Islamic History: Past. and Prophet Muhammad ibn Abdullah  The Hadith of Prophet Muhammad Qur’anic Studies  History  Recitation  Tafsir (Explanation)  Comparative Studies with Translations Department of Religious Studies  Monotheistic Religions  World Religions: Past. Present and Future Department of Metaphysics and Cosmogony  The Self-Creation of the First God  The Origin of the Universe  The Study of What is Real (Allah the Only Reality)  Causality (The Science of Cause and Affect)  The Science of Re-Creation School of Mathematical Theology MATHEMATICAL THEOLOGY COURSE DESCRIPTION Foundational Mathematics for Nation Building Support for the School of Theological Studies Based on Supreme Wisdom Lessons and the Teachings of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad "We must learn the root of mathematics. This body of study begins as a concrete construct learning numbers as symbols and number relations. Trigonometry and Calculus." The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad July 5.

world starting in the first levels of learning and then as the student progress their understanding should evolve into a transcendent understanding of mathematics as the root of the universe. The implementation of knowledge obtained from study under this school called Mathematical Theology is primarily for Nation Building purposes. The departments within the School of Mathematics are the Department of Theoretical Mathematics and The Department of Applied Mathematics. and introduce a new skill for the up-coming level… (add info) Department of Theoretical Mathematics Concrete Mathematics  Arithmetic  Numbers and Number Relations  Measurements  Discrete Mathematics Abstract Mathematics  Geometry  Discrete Mathematics  Data Analysis  Probability  Algebra  Trigonometry  Calculus  Advanced Mathematics  Number Theory  Numerology Department of Applied Mathematics Engineering  Civil  Computer  Construction  Electrical  Environmental  Mechanical Technology     The Science of the Hereafter: Unlimited Progress Computer Engineering Computer Programming Electronic Engineering . Each level is constructed to review prior knowledge and skills.999 books of mathematics that exist within themselves. teach for mastery the skill introduced at the previous level. THEACHING APPROACH This mathematical teaching approach is based on "time on task" TOT. OUTCOMES It is the desired outcome of the course of study within the School of Mathematical Theology is that students unlock the hidden god-potential coded within their DNA and to master the one book given to the Devil to rule this world and uncover the other 59.

CA 1981 . We must learn their language.2” The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan “The Mahdi is a world traveler. Alaska. 1968 “English is all that we know right now. we can be deceived by means of language. We must learn and teach the essentials of having the knowledge of the signs of a nation's language. the signs of communication with various peoples of the earth.” The Honorable Minister Farrakhan.Spiritual Mathematics  Egyptian Ancient Mystery Systems of Numbers  The I-Ching  Ancient Numerical Studies  Abjad numerals School of Mathematic Language (Arts and Science) PARADIGM FOR MATHEMATIC LANGUAGE (Arts and Science) MATHEMATICAL LANGUAGE Language Arts Support for the School of Mathematic Language Arts and Science Based on Supreme Wisdom Lessons and the Teachings of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad "We have rules from Allah. He told me that he had traveled the world over and that he had visited the Isles of the Pacific. It is a language that we must maste r because ideas are conveyed by through words. India. Los Angeles. the North Pole. Pakistan. Canada. Japan and China. and we have millions of people to teach the knowledge of self and to education to compete with others. He had 2 ‘The True Mission of the Black Educator in the 21st Century. all of the Near East and Africa. This is very important." The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad July 5. If we don’t understand the words and the shades of meanings of those words.

He could recite by heart the histories of the world as far back as 150. The English language by us will be stopped. So we see way it is necessary for us to have a new language. It is a dependent language. No language of the infidel should be spoken by the Righteous. it is a desired outcome of this curriculum for the student to Master the one book of Language given to Prophet Moses and as he/she uncovers the 59. writing and research skills taught at Muhammad University of Islam that are designed to give student mastery of the English language and their second and third languages (Arabic.000 years and knew the beginning and end of all things. 1974 .3” Furthermore. This is the truth. “In the New World you will not be able to speak the English Language. He visited every inhabited place on the earth and had pictured and extracted the language of the people on Mars and had a knowledge of all life in the universe. for it s a language made up of other languages. It is a future goal for the student to begin to develop new languages based on mathematical concepts and truths such as in Arabic with it bi and tri-letter root words. and they refuse to speak English. This process may take up to 20 years after implementation. The Department of Linguistics and The Department of Code-Breaking. Spanish or French) including all forms of written and verbal expression OUTCOMES It is the initial objectives of this curriculum called Mathematic Language Arts and Science is to have each student master his/her first language as they master a second and third language of their choosing. as there are some in Orthodox Muslim world. 1957 INTRODUCTION The School of Mathematic Language Arts and Science is a school of language and communication. The Department of Chinese. The Department of Spanish. The Department of Arabic.999 other books of Language that exist but have been hidden from the Devil for over 6 thousand years. English as a first language will be replaced by a language all together new as the student becomes immersed in Arabic as a first language.” The History of Jesus' Birth and Death and What It Means to You and Me by the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad July 20. The School of Mathematic Language Arts and Science includes the Department of English. English is a bastard language.studied the wild life in the jungles of Africa and learned the language of the birds. As over a period of years. He could speak 16 languages and could write 10 of them. whom I have met myself. Mathematical Language Arts and Science is a scientific system of communication with its own set of conventions or special words (the base of The Language is taken from The Supreme Wisdom Lessons by Master Fard Muhammad See Problem No 13 – Average man speaks four hundred words considered well). It is a range of reading. Department of English Language Reading  Letter Recognition  Phonics  Sight Words  Vocabulary  Word Origins  Spelling  Recitation and Diction Grammar  Sentence and Sentence Structure  Parts of Speech  Sentence Diagramming Composition  Types of Compositions 3 Our Saviour Has Arrived by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

Eastern Holy Writings)  Poetry (Interpreting and Composing) Department of Arabic Language Reading  Letter Recognition  Phonics  Sight Words  Vocabulary  Root Word Meaning  Spelling  Recitation and Diction Grammar  Sentence and Sentence Structure  Parts of Speech Department Spanish Language Reading  Phonics  Sight Words  Vocabulary  Diction Grammar  Sentence and Sentence Structure  Parts of Speech Department of Code Breaking English and Roman Letter-Number Systems Arabic Shamsid-Deen Theory of Arabic Etymology The Kabalah (Hebrew Numerology) Other Numerology Systems . Proof Reading and Editing  Creating and Portfolio Building Literature  World Literature  Biblical Literature  Scriptural Literature (Sufi.

the Justice. If you did. 4” Nation of Islam: The Next 50 Years. TX Sunday. Science is the process of discovery that reveals the underlying principles by which the universe is run. OUTCOME The desired outcome of this course is to have the students think. Alim Abdul Muhammad Muhammad Mosque #45. astronomy. PARADIGM FOR SUPREME SCIENCE EDUCATION “When you read the Lessons. It is also a theology study deriving its knowledge of God from the study of nature independent of special revelation Supreme Science is also the knowledge gained by the study of the physical world. This Flag given to we. Technology is the means of exercising power over the forces of nature. it is referred to in the words “ The FLAG OF ISLAM.School of Sacred Science: Integrated Supreme Science (Under the Flag of Islam) Support for the School of Sacred Science: Integrated Supreme Science (Under the Flag of Islam) Based on Supreme Wisdom Lessons and the Teachings of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad “Since our Flag has been given to us to represent us as an independent Nation. You can’t build a world without science and technology. The acquisition of knowledge is building on prior knowledge. which is revealed for the sole purpose of teaching the great unlimited source of mercy and love that the Designer has for His creatures. and agriculture. Students will spend 1/2 of the school term on the new course (with the exception of Pre-K 1) and ½ of the course reviewing prior science content knowledge. MOON and STARS (the Islamic Flag) which are essential for our existence regardless of religious belief. What god does n’t know science. you are the Maker or that is an engineer. the Problem Book. Houston. especially by using systematic observations and experimentation. Science reveals the principles by which Allah created the heavens and the Earth.” All this makes up the Flag of Islam which is the sphere of life in the whole Universe of space and man. We need to understand that science and technology is your means of rulership. the great source of goodness for all that is under and in the Flag of Islam. The mastery of science and the principles of science leads to the development of technology. June 10 2007 INTRODUCTION: Supreme Science is the highest degree of the study of the physical world and its manifestations. engineering. They all enjoy equally the natural benefits of the SUN. the Lost and Found. plan and create in the same manner that the 24 Scientist also known as the Circle of Gods think and plan and create. the back issues and centerfold of the Muhammad Speaks it talks about the need for science and technology. The course. If you claim to be the Original Man. means that Allah is now making a new Nation to become Master of the Universe under His Guidance. mathematics. You can’t concur a territory without knowing science. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad described the twelve rulers of the Nation of Islam as the twelve scientist. but more importantly spiritual underpinnings of this discipline. The object of the course of study is to engage the student in intense studies that are carried out according to developed or experimental methods as well as intuitive cognition. America’s Fall & Our Rise Dr. Supreme Science is a designed for a year round institution. Department of Theoretical Sciences . The nature of its science is the greatness of the unlimited wisdom of the Designer. you could not hold it. the Freedom. the Equality that is freely exercised by both believer and non believer under the Flag of Islam.

Alchemy  Transmutation of the Soul: Removing the Dross From Gold (The Heart)  Creation of the “Philosopher’s Stone”: The God in Man xxii Biology  The First Atom of Life: Allah’s Self Creation – A Biological Perspective  How to Give Birth to A God: The Biological Aspect Chemistry  The Elements  The Chemistry of How to Eat to Live  The Chemistry of Self Earth Science  The Flag of Islam: A Survey Course Ecology (Green Science)  The Theology of Time: A Survey Course  Our Saviour Has Arrived: A Survey Course Physics  Physics of Self o Spiritual o Mental o Physical  Mechanics  Electromagnetism  Material Science  Optics  Quantum Mechanics  Music Astrotheology Astronomy (The Scope of the Teachings of Master Fard Muhammad) Astrophysics  The Flag of Islam: A Survey Course  Cosmogony Symbolism  Department of Applied Science Environmental Science  Restoring Balance to the Earth Medicine  Naturopathy  Allopathic Department of Mind Science Metaphysics  Quantifying Spiritual Realities .

139)  Oiling and Turning Rusty Lock  Receiving Messages  Sending Messages Study of the Circle of Scientists  The Circle of the 35 Scientists  The Circle of the 24 Scientists  The Breaking to the Circle of the Scientists . Reason  Dianetics The Science of Tuning In (Theology of Time p. Applied Symbolism Study of the Mind of God  Cognitive Development (based on Truth)  Mind Mapping  Emotion vs.

" The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad July 5. He could speak 16 languages and could write 10 of them. in the wilderness of North America. He had studied the wild life in the jungles of Africa and learned the language of the birds. 1936. Pakistan. the Honorable Elijah Muhammad wrote: "History.School of True and Proper History (The Nation of Islam has No Beginning or Ending) PARADIGM FOR TRUE AND PROPER HISTORY EDUCATION TRUE & PROPER HISTORY On April 2. "It stands true that we. the North Pole." "When we learn their history (devils'). "There are some men who are born with the gift of prophecy. Therefore. in a letter to some of his ministers. have not applied ourselves to the study of history. We study the men of yesterday. If we do not know the history of other people. OUTCOMES The intended outcome of this curriculum is to have to student well-knowledgeable in the Histories of the Original Man as far back as 78 trillion years ago all the way into the future events that are yet to unfold. He continued: "The wise man is he who has made a careful study of the past events. of all our studies. while others are trained into it through an intense study of history. It is constructed in such a manner that the student is able to utilize the records of knowledge and information related to natural phenomena based on observation and investigation analyzes of past events and present occurrences and arrive at the precise position in time in the future. True & Proper History is based on and in God-knowledge. history is very important. but rather to folly. as it develops the springs and motives of human actions and displays the consequences of circumstances which operates most powerfully on the destines of human beings. the Lost Found Nation of Islam. The premise of this pupil progression plan (PPP) is to introduce the student to his or her own history first. He told me that he had traveled the world over and that he had visited the Isles of the Pacific. Japan and China.000 years and knew the beginning and end of all things. The knowledge of the future is judged by the knowledge of the past. He visited every inhabited place on the earth and had pictured and extracted the language of the people on Mars and had a knowledge of all life in the universe. To know yesterday is to know today. then other histories and cultures secondarily. their leaders and teachers. all of the Near East and Africa. Department of Nation of Islam Studies . we know the devil. present and future that transcends time as it is understood in this world (2007). Alaska. Canada. and we will have some knowledge of what we are expected to know. India. The purpose is to give the student a root in themselves before an indoctrination of foreign socialization can take place. 1957 INTRODUCTION: True & Proper History is a method of study of history both past. True and Proper History is an accurate account of past events both during the 6000 year vacuum of time ruled by Yacub and his made devils and back 66 trillion years ago to the making of the Sun. we cannot communicate with them. We must study yesterday in order to be able to move on. is most attractive and best qualified to reward our research." We did so because we did not know that history was most valuable to aid us in the knowledge of our own. He could recite by heart the histories of the world as far back as 150. of ancient and modern history. 1968 “The Mahdi is a world traveler. ” The History of Jesus' Birth and Death and What It Means to You and Me by the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad July 20.

 It took six (6) trillion years between the creation of life out of darkness to the creation of the present day SUN which took 6 trillion years. intrinsic visible light is formed within the Atom and the UNIVERSE BEGINS). Life. . Carbon 12 (Point No. The Self-Accusing Spirit (of Truth) which Allah gives to Man: His Vicegerent. Life and Power as does the Truth.  Second Law of the Universe: Order o Allah’s Self-Study  The Discovery of the Black Germ (Righteous and Strong Nature or Force also known as the nuclear force) and the Brown Germ (Evil and Weak Nature or Force also known as the Weak force or gravitational force)  Re-arranging the Matter (Shifting DNA and Chromosomes to Isolate Gametes or Sex-Cells) o The Creation of the Wo(man)  The Woman Created after the Substantive Darkness and the Womb of Space to Reproduce (produce again – Life after the Order of the Self-Creation of Allah the Creator)  The Female Comes Forth: The Co-Creator and LABORATORY of the Creator God (Allah)  The Two Allah and the Woman Build up MASS (Matter) rotating and vibrating in SpaceTime and the Creator projects Thought Force – Rahmat – Rahim) onto Matter and Produces Visible Light outside of Himself to make manifest that which was hidden.  The Universe is set on The Course of Eventual Perfection through the Womb of the Wo(man) – Rahmat – Rabbi-al-Amin. Shedding the Light of Truth in Darkness makes manifest falsehood which is Judged in Truth. 78trillion to 76 trillion years ago o The coming forth of Allah (The Creator-God) from the Darkness of Space-Time “building up on” the Placenta-Earth (Asia): Elements and Chemicals or Organic-Black Material: Carbon-Based. NO Reckoning (Phase Change –see chemistry): The ability to move back and forward through time. Plan and Bring into Existence the He/She Wills. The brain is made on the order of truth and made to think rightly. but the Sun also burns and purifies from impurities (the Brown Germ). The collapse of time onto itself:  The Creator Allah’s Conscious VISIONS the perfection of Himself and His Creation) in time 78+ trillion years ahead.  Beginning to 78 trillion years o Consciousness (Spirit / Soul) o The Atom (Dark Matter). heat energy is produced. Truth is made manifest from falsehood. o Mind (Reason and Order) Understanding and Organizing Thought to Project on Matter  Allah Plans  Thought (electro-chemical process) projects on to matter through The Will (which is Power or Work done in Time) Creates a Force also known as the Electro-magnetic Force (LOVE: Ramat Rahman) that causes a Vibration which produces sound: BE (and IT IS (EXSIST): the Atom rotates. Dark Matter Condenses. Power)  The Sun burst force from darkness and dispels the darkness (ignorance). The Sun represent (re-presents) Freedom: The Freedom of the Creator God (Allah) to Think. 12 of What the Muslims Believes) and water  The coming forth of the Asiatic Blackman.Master of the Day of Judgment. o The Creation of the Sun (Light. Malik Yawm al-Din . The Sun gives Light.  First Law of the Universe: Movement o Body – Earth (Dense Matter)  It took 6 Periods of Time (6 trillion years) to build up in the Dark Womb of Space-Time. The Elements begin to form. Electricity (Dark Energy) and Substantive Darkness (Black Hole): Time Frozen in Darkness o Brain [Light (Electromagnetic Radiation and Dense Matter)]: Motion and Time Begins to thaw out.

therefore she has no gravitational attraction of her own. To avoid flooding the planet. The place where the knowledge and wisdom of the original man first started when the planet was “found”.  The Moon is a symbol of the black man to come in Wilderness or Poor Part or unproductive (unable to re-produce God) of the Earth in what will be known as North America. . including himself. o The rich Nile Valley of Egypt and the present seat of the Holy City.  66 trillion . tried to rule with His own understanding of the future of The Creator God’s Plan for His Creation. The Knowledge of God was known to EVERYONE. Moon rocks and space smell like gunpowder.  The Water (Knowledge of God) was falling back to the Earth from the part of the Earth called Moon. o Allah (God) or the Most Powerful of the Gods to Rule in Righteousness shared His Knowledge among a Circle of 34 other Men-Gods also known as the Circle of the Scientists.  . the Scientists controlled the flow of water back to the Earth and distributed the water as to balance the Earth. The Movement of Time towards Perfection of the Universe through Man. Arabia. Mecca. Arabic (the language of the air or rarified air called “Ether” is the Original Language that Allah used to communicate with.  The Moon is made from the Explosion.  The Moon does not revolve about her axis therefore the “da rk-side” of the Moon is hidden to the Earth. The Reckoning of Time Begins! 76 trillion years of 35 thousand year cycles of time. that would have caused a Great Flood. She was Upright (Ruled in Righteousness). The Circle of the 35 Scientists lasted for 10 Trillion Years. The Earth “turned over” or made a polar shift. The Moon has no molten core. 76 trillion to 66 trillion o Allah – God(s) walked the Earth (Asia) with His Offspring (The Children of God). The Moon is a satellite of the Earth without water (knowledge of God) and is devoid of life – DEAD.  The God of the Moon kills Himself  The Tribe of Shabazz is left alive with this part of Asia (we know call Earth).000 miles away from the Earth.  The Moon has no Atmosphere to protect Herself from outside force like the black man. kills most of the Children of God except the Tribe of Shabazz through High Explosives or Dynamite.  The Moon is shot out into a pocket of space 12.000 miles in circumference – MTTBM pg. o This act of saving the water from the destruction of the Moon was of Allah to show that regardless of what happens to the matter (Moon) the original water (knowledge) of life (spiritual life) will be saved.  The Holy City Mecca (The Best Part of the Planet Earth. 109) and her Poles were oriented at a 90◦ (degree) angle to the plane of her orbit.  The God of the Moon tries to destroy the whole planet.  The Moon is trying to get back her Water (or Knowledge of Allah (God). o The Great Separation of the Asia (Earth and Moon)  The God of the Moon (The Great… Grand-daddy of Shabazz of 50 years in the future). They go in search for the Best Part of the planet to live on.50 thousand years ago o The Tribe of Shabazz was the first to discover the best part of our planet to live on. o The Water is Splashed off of the Earth into space. The Scientists controlled the flow of Water (Knowledge) with Their Minds. Language was created. o Asia (The Earth and Asia the supercontinent (35. (He blows up brain cells with the wrong type of thinking). These Scientists worked to bring about the Plan of the Creator God (Allah). but the time frame will be outside the Plan of The Creator God (Allah). Allah communed (communicated) with His Children. a man with evil intentions.

Also called the yellow man. This was the year 8. This was almost 1. This was in the year 9.000 years ago today (2012 A. o Moses teaches the Forgotten Tricknollegy in the year 11.000 year of the last cycle.    The Holy City Mecca was also known as heaven. This was between the years of 9.  The Indian’s exile marks the end of the last 25 thousand year cycle or the 24.800 the red man was made.406. o Soldiers patrolled the border between East and West Asia not to let the devils back in to paradise (Biblically known as the Garden of Eden or The Holy City Mecca in Arabia).  He leave literature on how to continue you experiment in making his man with his laborers.000 – 4.098 years ago almost 17.  The Original Man’s “complete fall.404. The year was 8. o Year 8.  At 6 years old Yakub discovers his purpose in life when playing with two pieces of steel and discovers the law of the magnetic power of attraction.  In the year 8.  The King of Mecca made furnished Yakub and his followers with money and other necessities of life for 20 years after they left Mecca. which was over 15098 years ago almost 16.000. 6 thousand years ago.600. They were only allowed to keep their language. The year was 8.  They were exiled from India for breaking the Law of Islam and migration into the Wilderness (The Worst Part of the planet Earth).” (the rule of the Brown Germ also known as the weaker side of himself – Eve.000 two (2) cycles ago.000 years ago. 50 thousand (major cycle)– 6 thousand years ago o 50 thousand years ago Shabazz (one of our dissatisfied scientists) and his family or tribe of jungles of East Asia (Africa) in the year 16. o The Red Indians of Asia (India) ruled the Earth during this period. This was in the year 13. o The Prophets to the Jews  The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews Vol.  Mr.000 years ago.418. Pelan was his laboratory. o Year One (1) of the current 25 thousand year cycle. on the Christian calendar) o Yakub (the Father of the Devil) was born in the year 8. o Prophet Muhammad is born 600 years later in the year 13. o Prophet Jesus of 2. It took 6 months before the original man knew who the cause of the trouble was.  Yakub dies at 150 years old never seeing his first man made – the brown man. Mecca. o The grafted devil – white man goes back to the Holy City.  In the year 8. The exile was 16. I and Vol. The 24 Scientists predict the birth of Yakub and write it in the Nation’s Book. Approximately 50 years later the brown man is made.000 years ago.698 years ago.400 Yakub was born 20 miles outside of the Holy City of Mecca (heaven).  At the age of 18 finished all the colleges and universities of his nation and was preaching on the streets of Mecca (heaven) for converts.999 of them) were put on ships to go to the Isle Patmos (Pelan) where they would start a new civilization. This took years. II.  At 4 years old Yakub started school.550.000. o Yakub’s devils were stripped of our costume and given an apron to hide their nakedness and driven out of paradise across the Arabian Desert in to the hills of West Asia (Europe).1877 o Yakub’s grafted devil goes to Mecca and started the process of ruling over the original black man by making trouble and causing the original man to fight and kill one another by telling lies.000 the grafted white man or devil was made. The year was 8.600 the brown man was made.000 and 4.000 and 11.100 years ago is the last prophets to the Jews or white race of devils. Yakub sets up his government with laborers to start making his man – the grafted devil or white man.400 of the current cycle or 6.500 years ago. Arabia. 1877-1914 .D.  Yakub and his follower (59.  In the year 9.000 or between 6.

Muhammad. 1942 in Washington D.000 year rule of Yakub’s made man. o The Mother Plane is launched for the destruction of America from the Island of Napon (Japan) o The War of Armageddon begins upon the Coming of Allah (God) in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad. o In 1934 Elijah went to jail in Detroit for refusing to put his children in the public school. o World War II ended in 1945 when America dropped an atomic bomb on Japan. o In April 1923 Elijah Poole moved from Macon. 1975 Elijah Muhammad departs from among the Nation of Islam to the Mother Plane with Master Fard Muhammad on the heels of death plot against him.1930 W. o On February 25. 1930 – 1975 o In September of 1931 Allah under the guise of Prophet W. son of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad takes the leadership of The Nation of Islam on February 26. Fard makes himself known July 4. o 1897 Elijah Poole was born in Sandersville. MI. Arabia.o W.C. 1933 Louis Walcott was born in Roxbury. o May 11. Elijah was given 6 months probation to put children back in public schools. IL. MI with his wife Clara Evans Poole and their two oldest children. In September of 1934. The fulfillment of the sign of Joseph and Mary (mother of Jesus).D. o Alphonso begins to educate W.  1914 – 1930 o The 7th Day or end of the 7.D. 1975 – 1978 o Minister Farrakhan leaves the Nation of Islam under the leadership of W. o Elijah Muhammad was released from prison in August 1946. o Elijah Muhammad began rebuilding the Nation of Islam. Fard becomes Madhi (the world traveler who comes on his own to find the Lost Tribe of Israel – The Self-Guided One. Fard is born to Alphonso Allah and Baby G (Babiji) in Mecca. then Louis Farrakhan joined the Nation of Islam. o The Recreation of the Universe from the Atom.000 of the present cycle. o Elijah moved to Chicago. NY.D. GA to Detroit. o Elijah ran from hypocrites to save the baby nation from 1935 until 1942.D. the First of a Type. o World War I starts o The United Nations is formed o The World Bank breaks up.) o 1914 is the end of the 6.000 year of Yacob’s Rule turns over in 1914. Elijah becomes pregnant with a baby Nation. o World War II started in 1939 o Elijah arrested on May 8. Fard met his Student – Elijah Poole. MI for allegedly not registering for the draft but in truth to keep him from teaching Islam on the streets during war-time for fear that black people wouldn’t fight for America if they knew the truth. o In 1910 . Muhammad. It is in the year 15. o The Federal Reserve Bank is formed o Mr. o In 1955 Louis Walcott later known as Louis X. o Prophet W. GA to Charlie and Maria Poole.D. His education takes 3 ½ years from 1932 – February 1934. D. 1975. 1930 in the Black Bottoms of Detroit. Fard. Fard’s search continues for his people (The Lost Tribe of Israel) for 20 years while coming in and out of North America. W. the Original Man: Elijah Poole (The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad) o Elijah (Karriem) Muhammad’s education begins. The first child to their union was a female child. later to be   . o In 1953 Malcolm Little later known as Malcolm X joined the Nation of Islam. Wallace D. o In the year 1929 the American stock market crashed and America went into the Great Depression. D. He is the second child to the two. and put in federal prison in Milan.

1995 – present o On Monday October 16. Free Market. Democracy.C.940. Monarchy. Future -The Hearafter (The Destruction of the Mind of Yacob and the Brown Germ).   Department of The Science of World Histories (Patterns of Rise and Falls of Nations)  Root of Civilization (Arabia and Egypt)  African Civilizations  Japanese Civilizations  Chinese Civilizations  Ancient Far Eastern Indian Civilizations  Exiled Indian Civilizations  European Civilizations Department of Geography (The total area of land and water is 196. Oligarchy. o October 2000 . o 2005 the 10th Anniversary of the Million Man March. o Minster Farrakhan launches a Stop the Killing tour in America. o Minister Farrakhan works underground organizing Study Groups based on the Teachings of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad  1979 .known as Imam Warrith Deen Mohammed. Representative Republic  Capitalism.1995 o The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan announces the rebirth of the Nation of Islam and the rebuilding of the work of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad. Socialism  Future New World Economies and Social Structures Department of Sociology Study of Minds of the Past  The mind of The Creator God (Allah)  The mind of The Scientist Shabazz 66 trillion years ago is the root of the mind of Yacob. 2 in Chicago and is named Mosque Maryam. o In 1981 the Nation of Islam repurchases Mosque No. . 1995 the Honorable Minister Farrakhan convenes the Million Man March where 2 million black men attended in Washington. o In September of 1985 Minister Farrakhan receives communication from the Honorable Elijah Muhammad on the Mother Plane. D. o In September of 1977? Minister Farrakhan meets with Bernard Cushmeer (later known as Jabril Muhammad) so that he can tell Minister Farrakhan of this work of rebuilding the Nation of Islam and the work of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad. Communism. The world after the power and rule of the white race and the mind of white supremacy is broken forever.the Million Family March.000 square miles)  Topography  Geology  The Flag of Islam: A Survey Course Department of Social and Economic Systems Studies  Fall of America: A Survey Course  Torchlight for America: A Survey Course  Millions More Movement National Agenda: A Survey Course  Muhammad Mosque Provisional Constitution : A Survey Course  Theocracy. Fascism. o Minister Farrakhan goes on a world tour.

Nutrition and Beauty Appearance Department of Nutrition  Comprehensive study of Diet How to Eat to Live Books I and II  The Science of Nutrition  Kitchen Chemistry o Elements and the Periodic Chart  Earth and Atmospheric Chemical Composition Department of Naturopathy  Self-Healing .       The mind of The Scientist Shabazz 50 thousand years ago The mind of The Scientist Yacob 6 thousand years ago The mind of Alphonso Allah Master Fard Muhammad’s father The mind of Babiji (“Baby G”) Master Fard Muhammad’s mother The mind of Master Fard Muhammad The mind of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad The mind of The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan Survey of Minds of the Present Social Engineering: Minds of the People in the future School of How to Eat and Think to Live for Health.

in you – thought you. the Holy Qur’an. His own unique Personality. they are degenerating. The Book. as the Qur’an teaches (and biologist will bear witness). then we come forward – complete. then His Attributes. so that you die. mixed with ovum. and because instead of human beings improving. When they see you.     Light and Color Therapy Reflexology Music Therapy Herbal Medicine Acupuncture Department Allied Health  Anatomy o The Nine Systems and the Universe Within o The Tenth System: The Brain  Thinking Rightly  Midwifery o How to Give Birth to A God: Obstetrics o How to Deliver a Baby o Postpartum: The Science a Breastfeeding  Nursing  Pre-Medicine: Medicine in the Hereafter Department of Physical Education  Kinesiology and Exercise  Drill as Exercise School of Self-Improvement: The Basis for Community Development. teaches that man is created complete yet incomplete. yet incomplete. for they are all on a path of self-destruction. He lives. then into an embryo. Then we evolve into a clot. yet incomplete. will impress Itself upon you and His own being will come across your being. Then there is no hope for the nations. from a cloudy drop of water called sperm. they see Him. . for you are in Him and He is in you. join with Him in a perfect union. which is a great struggles. How is man complete. yet incomplete? There are stages of evolutionary development. “Self-Improvement: The Basis for Community Development: …the improvement of each of us as human beings that is lacking in the world. You are today complete. then into a fetus. If you can become one with the Creator. We start.

That’s the goal.” The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan Self-Improvement: The Basis for Community Development Phoenix. no longer struggling. there is ease to build you up for the next stage of struggle. but you have reached the goal and soul is at rest. Arizona September 21. After overcoming one stage. you are wellpleased with God and God is well-pleased with you. By matriculation into the Mastery Program. the Messenger of Allah. there is struggle at every stage.When you reach that point in your development where you have improved and developed to the point where you are a soul that is no longer fighting. the Divine Reminder and the Law that they represent which is the Nation’s suc cess at all times. Selfimprovement is the basis of community (nation) development. the student will have developed to the degree that they have chose a path of study that they would like to specialize in which will aid in building a Nation of Islam. Who appeared in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad. Department Self-Improvement Theory  Self-Improvement  The Will of God Part I  The Will of God Part II  The Will of God Part III  Study Guide 1: Mixed Feelings and Controversy: How Do Your Handle It?  Study Guide 2: Building Human Potential  Study Guide 3: Overcoming Difficulty  Study Guide 4: The Struggle for Balance  Study Guide 5: Building the Will Part I  Study Guide 6: Building the Will Part II  Study Guide 7: Building the Will Part III  Study Guide 8: Building the Will Part IV  Study Guide 9: Our Intimate Relationship with the Rabbi-L-‘Alamin . 1986 INTRODUCTION: OUTCOME The desired outcome of this course is to have the students develop their character to the point that the love of the Allah. Minister Louis Farrakhan. The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad. But to reach this great goal. It is also the desired outcome of this course that the student becomes self-disciplined to the point where they become self-directed in their actions and self-regulated. This is the path to God and this is the path to self-improvement.

            Study Guide 10: The God Within Study Guide 11: Allah (God) Is the True Center of Everything Study Guide 12: The Four Great Impediments to Self-Development Study Guide 13: The Price of Redemption Study Guide 14: Respect For Authority Study Guide 15: The Characteristic of Humility Study Guide 16: The Law of God Study Guide 17: Hypocrisy and Conspiracy Study Guide 19: The Knowledge of God Study Guide 18: Rising Above Emotion Into the Thinking of God Study Guide 20: Closing the Gap Study Guide 21: The Educational Challenge: A New Educational Paradigm For the 21 st Century Dianetics Therapy Course Work Theory  Dianetics o Educational o Political o Medical o Social Department of Self-Improvement Practicum and Research  Study Guide 1: Mixed Feelings and Controversy: How Do Your Handle It?  Study Guide 2: Building Human Potential  Study Guide 3: Overcoming Difficulty  Study Guide 4: The Struggle for Balance  Study Guide 5: Building the Will Part I  Study Guide 6: Building the Will Part II  Study Guide 7: Building the Will Part III  Study Guide 8: Building the Will Part IV  Study Guide 9: Our Intimate Relationship with the Rabbi-L-‘Alamin  Study Guide 10: The God Within  Study Guide 11: Allah (God) Is the True Center of Everything  Study Guide 12: The Four Great Impediments to Self-Development  Study Guide 13: The Price of Redemption  Study Guide 14: Respect For Authority  Study Guide 15: The Characteristic of Humility  Study Guide 16: The Law of God  Study Guide 17: Hypocrisy and Conspiracy  Study Guide 19: The Knowledge of God  Study Guide 18: Rising Above Emotion Into the Thinking of God  Study Guide 20: Closing the Gap  Study Guide 21: The Educational Challenge: A New Educational Paradigm For the 21 st Century Dianetics Therapy Course Work Practicum  Dianetics Auditing .


I.School of Nation Building Skills and Vocations Department of Nation Building Theory Agriculture  Wholistic and Organic Farming  Natural Animal Husbandry Accounting / Finance  Bookkeeping  Just Business Management and Practices  N. Secretarial Training Carpentry  Logging and Raw material processing (Green Technology)  Cabinet Building  Furniture Building General Construction  Green Construction Practices and Material Science  Feng Shu: Designing and Constructing with Nature Home Economics  Eco-Friendly Housekeeping  Economical Home Management Practices  Textile and Fashion Design  Sewing and Tailoring  Culinary Arts and How to Eat to Live  Adult Responsibility  Childcare: Birth to 2 years old Electronics  Designing Circuit Boards  Repair of Electronic Devices Electrician  Building Wiring Engineering  Civil  Chemical  Computer  Construction  Electrical  Mechanical Masonry  The material science of brick-making (green technology)  Brick laying Mechanics  Auto Repair  Body Work .O.

T.I.G. Military Training  M. Small motors building and repair Military Science  F.O. Culture and General Civilization . Vanguard Military Training  Officer Training  Art of War  Martial Arts  Mental Combat  Defensive Tactics  Natural Disaster Preparedness Ministry Training  Message to the Blackman in America Comprehensive Curriculum  Holy Qur’an Comprehensive Course  New and Old Testaments of the King James Version of The Bible  The Bible: A Comparative Study of Versions  A Comprehensive Survey of Books of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad and The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan  World Religions  Doxology (Speech Writing)  The Proper Way of Handling People  Techniques of Speech: Presentation and Delivery  Organization Management  Community Relations Multi-media design /Mass Communications  Journalism o Print o Broadcast  Publishing o Magazine o Journals o Books  Broadcasting o Television o Radio o Podcast  Public Relations o Advertising o Campaigns o Promotions Teachership / Education/ Childcare Other Department of Nation Building Skills and Apprenticeship School of Arts.

. however the framers offer a criteria to meet the needs of the student as well as can accommodate educators at different levels of their qualification/certification path. Strategies for Professional Development and Instruction Teaching Standards Standards assist educators in evaluating accomplished teaching. Student-Teacher Professional Development (STPD) Who Can Be A Student-Teacher? The requirements for teaching in a Muhammad University of Islam has not been established to date (2008). The Nation’s Board for Highly Qualified Teaching Standards (NBHQTS) developed a process to determine whether a teacher possesses the attributes of accomplished teaching based on their standards in each of the certificate areas.Department of Arts and Culture Theory Performing Arts  Music Theory o Tone Color Alchemy: Perfect Pitch Development Program o Voice o Instruments  Dance Theory  History Theater Arts Filmmaking  Screenplays Writing  Film Production  Cinematography Fine Arts Survey  Sculpting  Drawing  Painting  Alternative Medium Department of Arts and Culture Practicum Music Performance Dance Performance Theater Performance Fine Arts  Sculpting  Drawing  Painting Department of Arts and Culture Internship  Music Production  Dance Production  Theater Production  Art Exhibition VI.

40 Hours of Muhammad University of Islam Methods Classes. Levels Of Teacher Certification Are As Follows: 1: Levels 1-4 (Grade Equivalents KG-4th) Ages 3-6 2. 2. Levels 5 – 7 (Grades 2-4): College Degree from 4-year College or University. Levels 5-7 (Grades Equivalents 5th-8th) Ages 7-9 3. 40 Hours of Muhammad University of Islam Methods Classes. Passage of National Board NOI General Content Knowledge (GCK) and MUI Principles of Teaching (PT) Tests for Certification. Levels 8 – 11 (Grades 5 – 8): College Degree in Content Area or (27 hours in content). 40 Hours of Muhammad University of Islam Methods Classes.The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan said in a table talk with participants in a National Curriculum Conference that in the future. Passage of National Board Certification for will be administered through certified MUI Teacher College Programs. Passage of National Board NOI General Content Knowledge (GCK) and MUI Principles of Teaching (PT) Tests for Certification. the Nation of Islam will establish its own certification program for teachers. Application Level (Grade Equivalent is Graduate Degree (17-18+) What Are The Academic Requirements To Teach This Curriculum Certification Requirements: 1. or a minimum of 5 years of work in the Technical Area. These tests will be administered through certified MUI Teacher College Programs. Mastery Level (Grades 9th-12th) (Grade Equivalent Undergraduate Degree) Ages 14-16 5. These tests will be administered through certified MUI Teacher College Programs. as well as offer methods classes and grant diplomas to its own student-teachers. Certification in Technical Area. Passage of National Board NOI General Content Knowledge (GCK) and MUI Principles of Teaching (PT) Tests for Certification. . Mastery Level (Grades 9 – 12): Graduate Degree in Content Area or Degree in Content Area plus 24 hours in content area (Graduate School or Continuing Education Courses). Levels 1-4 (Grades Pre K1 – 1st): High School Diploma. 4. 3. These tests will be administered through certified MUI Teacher College Programs. Levels 8-11 (Grades Equivalents 9th -12th) Ages 10-13 4.

Who is the Supreme Being. 9. In so doing. 16. The proper education leaves us in a superior position with a future. Proper education will elevate our people. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said that education is the torchlight of civilization. the school system can be more selective and use only those teachers who have a genuine love for people and a desire to bring the best out of our children.Honor the profession of teaching “Teachers are the stewards of the proper cultivation of the people. Teachers must be compensated commensurate with their role in society. the attribute of God. Gaining knowledge of self makes you take on the great virtue of learning. there must be an abundance of qualified people who can provide our children with better education. with all of the recent layoffs in corporate America. which we are witnessing in the present-day reversal of America as a world power. Gaining the knowledge of self makes us unite into a great unity. The All-Wise God. The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan . Our children should be educated in single-sex classes. A proper education must instill within our people the desire to learn and then uses the learning for self. Surely. A proper education for our people will let them exercise the right of freedom. the knowledge of civilization of man and the universe and all the sciences. First. A proper education is one where our people will become better students than their teacher.xxiii 1. Instructional Technology Strategies Technology And Modern Equipment 5 The Purpose of Education. Our children should seek higher education without the danger of losing respect for self. The education my people need is that knowledge. 2. 11. my people must be taught the knowledge of self. A proper education should include history of the black nation. 4. barriers and resistance. which creates power to accomplish and make progress in the good things or the righteous things. 6. 3. A proper education will eliminates division among black people. 12. 7. A proper education is one which will instill the idea and desire to get something of your won. The proper education which removes us from the shackles of slavery and servitude. 8. we set the stage for a backward society. a country of your own and jobs of your own. b. What are we going to do about a country that can give a man millions of dollars to throw a ball into a hoop and will not pay an educator an adequate salary? What does this say about our understanding of education and its importance? We have a serious misplacement of values and priorities that needs to be corrected. 15. Knowledge is the result of learning and is a force or energy that makes its bearer accomplish or overcome obstacles. 10. Our children should be educated in schools without whites up to 15 or 16 years old. we have an underdeveloped people.”5 The Pedagogy of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad One of the attributes of Allah. Then and only then will they be able to understand others and that which surrounds them. We have to restore honor among those who choose and are employed in this noble profession. 5. 14. With an underdeveloped people. The proper education should leave us in the position to employ ourselves. Better compensation of education professionals at the public school level can help us attract and retain those whose talent is otherwise channeled into corporate America and other endeavors that pay more and provide lifestyles that are treated with respect and honor. Our children should seek higher education without the danger of losing their identity. If the educational system is declining. VII. this is a sign that the whole of the civilization will follow into a state of decline. Without teachers. is knowledge. 13. a. Acquiring a proper education creates unity and makes black people desire to be with our own.

Now. While the emphasis in theology is on gaining knowledge of the natural and spiritual world. Modern Equipment is more involving recent techniques. story or fact and base ALL of the Core Course and Electives around that theme. (Reports) Materials And Equipment Instructional materials and equipment can increase students' interest and improve achievement: they deserve a prominent place in education. or characteristic of the present or the immediate past : CONTEMPORARY : of.moving through the entire Book of Lessons. methods. interpret data (by graphing). Each school term. he is walking thousand feet per minute… Modern Equipment is defined as: Modern: 1a : of. the themes will change.. etc. technology is the using of scientific knowledge and other resources to develop new products and processes. seeking a way out of the cage. and as a research tool (library and Internet). question. It is essential that classroom teachers have the necessary non-consumable and consumable materials and equipment provided and that they be maintained and / or replenished. bulletin boards. VIII. in order to become better informed citizens and consumer and become computer literate and proficient. reading assignments. so is technology. the emphasis in technology is on finding practical ways to apply that knowledge to solve problems. (Research of historical facts. Each unit will take one question and answer. relating to." (See Appendix) .A Lion in a cage walks back and forth. sixty feet per minute. at all times. Just as all is both a process and content. relating to. or characteristic of a period extending from a relevant remote past to the present time 2 : involving recent techniques. Present and Future being PERFECT is that we must know and be Able To Prove. research assignments. (The Problem Book) The emphasis of technology in the classroom should be on knowledge construction to solve problems. What is meant by the Laborers’ answers to all LESSONS in the Past. As a process. with modern equipment. as it applies to the computer's capability to acquire data (with sensors).g. evidence and proofs to support or buttress the assertion that Allah came in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad and “... or ideas : UP-TO-DATE 3 capitalized : of. or ideas (in the proper term) mental or emotional traits or recourses. The posing and solving of problems that are increasingly complex will enable student to develop skills that are vital to living in a technical world. This will be across the grade levels in each school. instruction. It took nearly four centuries to find the door.. to the New Converts that the LESSONS that OUR SAVIOUR (ALLAH) gave us to Study and Learn is the Fulfillment of the Prophecies of All the Former Prophets… ) Student should develop an awareness and appreciation for the continuing progress in technology as it affects the quality of individual lives as well as society. All of the supporting materials will be based on same theme e. relating to. or having the characteristics of the present or most recent period of development of a language 4: of or relating to modernism : MODERNIST Equipment: 1a : the set of articles or physical resources serving to EQUIP a person or thing: as (1) : the implements used in an operation or activity : APPARATUS <sports equipment> (2) : all the fixed ASSETS other than land and buildings of a business enterprise (3) : the ROLLING STOCK of a railway b : a piece of such equipment 2 a : the EQUIPPING of a person or thing b : the state of being EQUIPPED 3 : mental or emotional traits or resources : ENDOWMENT Thusly. Sample Programs and Curriculum Units Building The Curriculum: From Unit To Lesson Plans Thematic Units Thematic Units The overarching concept of this curriculum is integrated learning through Thematic Units that centered around the Lessons of Master Fard Muhammad contained in the Supreme Wisdom. There are four (4) ten-week (10) units per level based on a 200-day school term.. methods. (See pix of bulletin board: "We are Building a Nation of Islam. Students should have access to materials and equipment and be offered opportunities to learn to use them effectively.

Outcome-Based Approach (Mathematical Theology) The overarching approach of teaching and learning under The Supreme Wisdom Curriculum is based on what is known as Outcome-Based Education (OBE). This is the primary method of teaching all subjects: cause and effect. Every Cause. or stormy and undesirable Effects.” And because you approach everything without the mind of a master. England equals forty-five thousand square mile and the rest of the Caves. rain forests. word and deed is a Cause that sets off a wave of energy throughout the universe. somebody is trying to master the Laws of Creation. “The Education Challenge: A New Education al Paradigm For The 21st Century. the enemy to self and their heavenly home. 28 in the Problem Book reads: The Nile River is the longest on the Planet… Tell us how many States of the United States of North America could be state right inside in the area of the Nile River. Black people are afraid of mathematics. There is no effect without a cause and no cause that does not produce an effect. etc… IX. White people know they can master this. I am going to tell you something about White people: They are not approaching discipline like they are not the master. 6 The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. her God. Therefore students are taught to seek out a cause for every effect and vice versa. and science with the exploration of a broad subject. math. three hundred sixty-nine and one-half miles. demonstrations both mentally.Thematic Instruction Definition Thematic instruction is the organization of a curriculum around macro "themes. because you are approaching it wrongly. and so on. creating calm and desirable. results in an Effect. The best and most effective practices will be adapted to students’ needs and learning styles to accomplish the above said. and every day of their life. It is a student-centered learning philosophy that focuses on empirically measured student performance. whether individual or collectively by government. The ultimate goal is to truly educate the student into a knowledge of himself. physically and morally. It requires that student demonstrate that they have learned the required skills and content through verbal expression. from the microcosm to the macrocosm. math problems and measurements. Hillside and Mountains equal twenty-one thousand square miles… The broad theme is the Nile River. earth science. The rest can be put in the Congo River. This curriculum is a synthesis of different methods. Each subject must be taught in this manner! My dear brother and sister. “Ooh. 6 An Integrated And Wholistic Approach There exist many philosophies about educational approaches or pedagogy. which is called outcomes. river basins. As the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad state in Our Saviour Has Arrived. the next life will grow out of this old life. This problem can be integrated into readings about Egypt. Not White people. everything is difficult. August 3. You don’t know the Law of Cause and Effect. so you are spooky-minded. the use of energy. How much would you have left after putting all the States in? Germany equals fifty-five thousand square miles. Instructional Materials Criteria The Teaching and Learning Approach Teaching and Learning Methodologies The Law Of Cause And Effect Every human thought." Thematic instruction integrates basic disciplines like reading. it’s so difficult. such as communities. For example Problem No. 2008 . whose area equals two million.

students collaborate. Additionally. Project-Based Approach (True And Proper History And Arts & Culture Classes) Central to The Supreme Wisdom Curriculum is Project-Based Learning or PBL. in a project-based class. This process aims to enhance learning based on (1) increased student involvement. Elijah Muhammad…  Word Meaning or Vocabulary : .Student-centered learning is incorporated in the curriculum . responsible participants in their own learning. Whole-Language Approach (Mathematical Language Arts And All Courses) Another component of the curriculum is Whole Language. project-based instruction differs from traditional inquiry by its emphasis on students’ own artifact construction to represent what is being learned. In addition. For example. design and construct a town in the Nation of Islam.But there is more to be understood in the words…  Reading fluency: The TEMPLE READING CLASS: The Reading Class shall include all of the History…  Grammar:: …and Use of grammtic pronunciation of word and syllables in Past. This investment in the curriculum and learning process leads to active construction of meaningful knowledge. real and relevant to their lives. this process leads to more complete cognition by building on previously learned knowledge. a class of LEVEL 3 students is given the year long project to plan. Within the project-based learning framework. This type of learning is focused on the student’s needs. Project-based instruction differs from inquiry-based activity by its emphasis on collaborative learning. and Perfect Tense. Student teams conduct experiments or gather data. Student–centered learning requires Student’s to be active. interests and learning style with the teacher as a facilitator of learning. while the teacher to student collaboration builds trust for future discovery. Present. This classroom teaching method acknowledges student’s voice as central to the learning experience for every learner. working together to make sense of what is going on. abilities. This type of learning is done more in social science classes – True and Proper History and Arts and Culture Classes. Gather responses and subsequent questions from students with little comment or direction. the student to student collaboration reinforces assimilation of knowledge. by engaging students' multiple intelligences more types of students are successful contributors and students are engaged on more than one level.  Speech and Recitation: That the Laborers’ Pronunciation of words and syllables must be in…  Mastery of the English Language: English Lesson C-1  The Use of Mathematical Language (Arts): There are ten numbers in the Mathematic Language. If time allows. Inquiry-Based Learning (Theological Studies And Supreme Science Classes) Inquiry based curriculum and teaching techniques is a learning process or strategy rather than any specific set of lessons. PBL is an approach for classroom activity that emphasizes learning activities that are long-term. interdisciplinary and student-centered. Students work together cooperatively to complete the project and present their plans and model at the end of the school term during Saviours’ Day Month. Students present findings as an oral presentation. Whole Language describes a Supreme Wisdom literacy instructional methodology. which emphasizes that students should focus on learning  Phonics: The Laborers must Speak and Use grammatic pronunciation of all words and syllables…  Spelling: Spelling must be used by all Muslims girls and mothers to their children…  Penmanship: Each Student should copy the Answers of Lesson Minister. it typically adheres to the following guidelines:       Start with an open-ended question or demonstration (as opposed to beginning a lesson with definitions and explanations).. re-evaluate question based on new data and re-experiment or collect new data based on revised question. This approach is generally less structured than traditional. Future. students often must organize their own work and manage their own time. Next. rather than passive acquisition of facts transmitted from a lecturer. Lastly. . It is a constructivist pedagogy that intends to bring about deep learning by allowing learners to use an inquiry based approach to engage with issues and questions that are rich. (2) multiple ways of knowing and (3) sequential phases of cognition. Also known as project based curriculum. By using student derived investigations knowledge is more relevant and meaningful. Require students to collaborate on designing experiments or methods of inquiry. a poster presentation or an evaluative write-up. teacher-led classroom activities.

Thematic instruction can be a powerful tool for reintegrating the curriculum and eliminating the isolated. mathematics. bringing in outside experts. plus a substantial restructuring of teacher relationships and class schedules. Instruction to the Laborers no. Chicago. Thematic instruction usually occurs within an entire grade level of students. instruction methods. Restrictive Law of Islam is Our Success. 3. 6. sometimes students help design the curriculum. 2. social studies could look at the nature of river communities. Chicago. Elijah The Honorable. The Nation of Islam’s Nation Center for The Re -Education & Re-Training of The Black Man and Woman of America and the World. Constructivist approaches to knowledge creation.1. IL. 2. and broad enough to allow creative exploration. Louis Minister. math might involve calculating water flow and volume. students participate in choosing the theme or themes. students commonly create extensive visual displays. 1995. 123 Muhammad. Phonics-based literacy. and literature could study books and novels that focus on rivers. p. Steadfast focus on making meaning in reading and expressing meaning in writing. The Final Call Inc. and so on) or a broad concept (such as democracy. science. and writing in the context of a real-world subject that is both specific enough to be practical. (b) to students with "read aloud". 3 iv Farrakhan. especially Theological Studies Mathematical. Chicago. Again. (a) with students in small "guided reading/ study groups. Interdisciplinary Strategies Thematic instruction is based on the idea that people acquire knowledge best when learning in the context of a coherent "whole. 3. Our Saviour Has Arrived. Emphasis on high-quality and culturally diverse literature. Designing the instruction--This usually involves making changes to the class schedule. 1974. weather.. Typical steps include: 1. Fard Master. In some cases. a. p. Supreme Wisdom Lessons. Instructors often strive to connect the theme to the students' everyday life. and so on. for instance. and (c) by students independently. by Roger Lancelyn Green. and so on). 2. Muhammad’s Temple of Islam No. it frequently involves students giving collective presentations to the rest of the school or the community. Choosing a theme--Themes often involve a large. Focus on motivational aspects of literacy. combining hours normally devoted to specific topics. 21 ii iii . and assessment around a preselected theme. The initial design requires considerable work on the part of teachers. In the study of a river basin. Plus. 4. Supreme Science. Integrating literacy skills into other areas of the curriculum. 2012. X. emphasizing students' interpretations of text and free expression of ideas in writing (often through daily journal entries). an ecosystem. reductionist nature of teaching around disciplines rather than experience. It requires a lot of hard. integrated system (such as a city. IL. Muhammad. 4. Thematic instruction seeks to put the teaching of cognitive skills such as reading. IL. 5." and when they can connect what they're learning to the real world. organizing field trips. Encouraging presentation and celebration--Because thematic instruction is often project-oriented. Theology. Teachers of all the different subjects taught in that particular grade work together as a team to design curriculum. teaching in teams. and True and Proper History. emphasizing the love of books and level-appropriate student materials. Designing the integrated curriculum--The teachers involved must organize the learning objectives of their core curriculum (both process skills and content knowledge) around the theme. science might study phenomena like weather and floods. Tales of Ancient Egypt. initial design work. Frequent reading.

No. 6 et al no. symbolizing perfection. Chicago. Problem Book. 18 xiii et al. Problem Book. for example) into gold (chrysopoeia) or silver. Problem Book. 2 xxii The philosopher's stone (Latin: lapis philosophorum) is a legendary alchemical substance said to be capable of turning base metals (lead. The Final Call Inc. It was also sometimes believed to be an elixir of life. 2012. The Nation of Islam’s Nation Center for The Re -Education & Re-Training of The Black Man and Woman of America and the World. 1986. 2. no. 1. No. p. and heavenly bliss. 30 xvii et al. p. The Final Call Inc. Problem Book. Instructions to the Laborers. 31 xx et al Instructions to the Laborers. No. 21 xi et al. Elijah The Honorable. IL. 11 xii et al. Problem Book. 1965. 2 ix et al. v vi xxiii Muhammad. Lost-Found Muslim Lesson No. 25 xix et al.. it was the most sought-after goal in Western alchemy. useful for rejuvenation and possibly for achieving immortality. No. Problem Book Introduction. p. Instructions to the Laborers. 39-41 . 31 xviii et al. IL. no. 13 xvi et al. al no.. no. For many centuries. Louis Minister. 32 xv et al. IL. The philosopher's stone was the central symbol of the mystical terminology of alchemy. no. 1 vii Muhammad Mosque. Message to the Blackman in America. 4 viii et al. Lost-Found Muslim Lesson No. Chicago. No. The Muhammad Mosque Provisional Constitution. no. enlightenment. Chicago. 10 x Farrakhan. Problem Book. No. 3 xxi et al Instructions to the Laborers. pgs. Efforts to discover the philosopher's stone were known as the Magnum Opus. 26 xiv et al. Restrictive Law of Islam is Our Success.