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Here it is - issue # 8 of 50K MUSIC MAG is out..With one additional page - I like the concept of tlexibilty which can be found on SellaBand from now on.

If you'd like to support the MAG, please spread the word. Regarding to the text I again and again have to say I'm no native speaker. I guess some of you natives may say "What the hell is this man writing here?" Please have patience with me :). Some sentences I write here may sound horrible to a native speaker ... feel free to apply as a lector for 50K MUSIC MAG - you are welcome. Again I had a few supporters to help me writing the articles of this issue. I wish to thank them all for their really appreciated support. I hope you'll like this issue and have fun reading it.

This issue could be called Ellie Williams MAG without further ado - three pages with the interview, all informations about her time on SellaBand, her forthcoming album and her future plans. And we have a review of her gig at Mama Stone's by Utterly B Groovy.

What are the other topics of this issue?

Another album release we are looking forward to is Lucia Iman's album which will come out later this autumn - read interview on page 3. Also read about Inge M and Aly Cook - two amazing ladies on SellaBand. Slim Void are spotlighted again this month with their Album Log (written by SV's Ronny himself) as well as Katie Thompson with her Album Diary. Also I wish to thank Netvalar for his contribution: "Live Show Merchandise Made Easy". Promising September Newcomers in this issue are John Condron (UK), New Disorder (IT) and Crazy Wasted (IT). And this issue is rounded up with SellaBand "Changing News" and worldwide tourdates of SellaBand artists.

Special thanks to Johan Vosmeijer for his open letter to me (and the community).

So enjoy reading the MAG and please give me your feedback. Authors and topic suggestions are always welcome as well. Send your hints and suggestions to mario@50kmusic.com.

Besides I'm looking for correspondents who like to work for the MAG - get/keep in touch with local SellaBand artists, observing the music scene and write articles/reviews/reports for the MAG from time to time. You should live in UK, USA/Canada, France, Germany, Australia/NZ, South America, Japan. So get in touch with me and we can talk about a collaboration soon.

P.S. After the changes on SellaBand, I guess I have to rethink the name of the MAG. Because there will be 10k to rook artists in the future, maybe the name 50K MUSIC MAG doesn't fit well. Please let me know what you think.

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Epic Adrenaline Rushes of Joy


Slim Void Album Log


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From Exeter into the World


Promising September Newcomers SellaBand has Changed

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On Stage with ... Ellie Williams Katie Thompson Album Diary

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Live Show Merchandise Made Easy


The Kiwi Country Storm


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Epic Adrenaline Rushes of Joy

One of the next "album releasers" is this amazing lady from Spain - Lucia Iman. Her album will come out in autumn this year and I asked her a few questions about her time on SellaBand, the album production process and her future plans and about album promotion:

50K MM: What were your experiences during the time on SellaBand?

Lucia: Many experiences to list; from epic adrenaline rushes of joy to deep states of frustration and everything in between. What I'm taking with me is the friends I've made and the knowing that all is well when I am true to myself and the music.

50K MM: Can you tell us something about the album production process - your experiences, impressions, ... ? Did it meet your expectations?

Lucia: It was very simple; we recorded all the basic tracks (voice/piano) the first week I was in New York, so from the get go I knew I was in for a trek. Working with Malcolm was an invaluable tool, what I got was simple is always best, you can't buy good taste and you better kill it the first time. It was everything I didn't expect.

50K MM: When will your album be released? What kind of album can we expect?

Lucia: Each listener will put it in a different box: to me it's indie music, with some 20'S Jazz thrown in, some ambient stuff, some Soul, all me. I'm expecting the album release to be sometime in the Fall '09 ... more to come on that.

50K MM: Why should people buy your album?

Lucia: Because it's the best thing they'll listen to this year (and next).

50K MM: Do you have a special plan for a promotion campaign? How can we support you promoting the album? Lucia: I'm asking my believers to donate their unused CDs, so I can send them to newspapers, online magazines, radio stations and anywhere that will help create a buzz. Fans can help by creating demand in their towns or cities so I can come and play live shows, or doing any of the above. There will be a street-team section on my website too, where you can participate in getting the word out. Ideas and action are always welcome!

50K MM: What are your plans for the future? Will we have a listening session or a release party?

Lucia: Count on a listening session coming soon. I'm trying to find out where the release party will be; in LA or in European grounds. My long-term plans are keep creating music I love, and my priority in the next months will be to have this album get some serious action.

For all those who do not know Lucia yet, here are some facts about her (taken from her SellaBand profile):

On November 30th 2008 she hits sok as 29th Artist on Sellaband thanks to the support of 903 Fans.

Lucia is a chanteuse/pianist from Sevilla (Spain). She now lives in Los Angeles where she composes, performs and teaches. She has travelled around the world with her music and has a broad range of credits as a recording artist globally. She initiated her formal training as a pianist at the Real Musical Conservatory in Madrid and later attended Berklee College of Music in Boston as a vocalist for Jazz and Contemporary studies. Music Connection Magazine considers Lucia Iman one of the top 100 unsigned acts of 2007 and calls her "disarming performer and intriguing live act thanks to her natural talent. Iman shows obvious promise. She is someone to keep an eye on." Her style has been described as "Antipop". Lucia put forth her first European Tour in the spring of 2008, performing at 8 different cities, including London, Paris and Madrid and amassing public acclaim at live and radio shows.

Her album was recorded with the support of Grammy winner producer Malcolm Burn (Bob Dylan, Emmylou Harris, Kaki King, Sonya Kitchell...) and will be released in autumn this year. For more details and latest news check Lucia's blog.

(RSV) September was a very interesting month for Slim Void. Having visited the famous Chapel Studios in Lincolnshire for a week to lay down drums and bass, it was now time to leave the quiet grasslands of rural England for the more continental feel of seeside Brighton. A quite nice city with loads of pubs, restaurants and innu-merable shops selling useless stuff. The seaside had a lovely promenade by the stoney beach. Quite nice to stroll along searching for inspi-ration, or just enjoying a walk in the fresh air.

The drummer and bassplayer left for Norway, while the rest of us (Anders & Ronny) restringed our guitars and tried to get ready for some playing and singing. After a week of just laying around in sofas eating pork pies, it was now actually time to start contributing to the album. I had of course loads of lyrics yet to be written, lazily postponed to the last minute as usual, waiting for some divine inspiration to gently pop them into my head. Anders though, lucky bastard, had no such worries and started recording right away. Effortlessly laying down guitar tracks on song after song. Well, not quite effortlessly. Dan Swift, the producer, was quite a bit more challenging than people we were used to be dealing with. Suggesting parts we had not thought about, sounds we were not aware of and playing techniques we had not rehearsed. Apart from that he oftened changed amps for certain bits within the same songs, and it really made a difference. Mr Swift was to have no slack parts on this record. In other words he was very much a pain in the ass comfort wise some of the time. We have been left to our own judgement for decades, thinking we were pretty good, and now everything was scrutonized and parts were thrown away with no sentimentality what so ever. Welcome to the world of music production!

was time for the most important contribution to the Slim Void album: the vocals. The singing is what most people pays attention to, and the voice carries the melodies. Without good melodies an album is useless in my opinion, so the voice has to be at it's best to make the whole thing work to it's potential. Of course Anders' voice turned out to be screwed for the first days. The producer tore hair out of his full red head, and got into a really bad mood. There was no tone to be found in the singer's raspy voice. There was only rasp!

It was clearly due for a time out, and the following day was spent at Dan Swift's garden, drinking bubbly wine and trying to chat with the producer's neighbours and avoid being atacked by their savage kids. Poor Anders was given a rusty old guitar with a string missing, and ordered to playa Norwegian song to entertain the guests. Feeling slightly torn between akwardness and laughing at his expence, I sucked down a couple of more glasses of that sparkling fluid. The singer though, professionally managed to please the small crowd with a S string version of one of his own Norwegian folk songs. Well done in deed.

Later in the evening he was lured into putting the producer's kids to sleep playing good night songs. Not stupid, that Swift guy ...

The following day it was time for another go at recording vocals. Having been ordered to warm up his vocal chords for about 2 hours, it was a transformed voice coming out of the studio monitors. Clean and beautifully sounding, it was just a pleasure from there really, and the singing went smoothly all the way through. The lesson learned:

Warming up helps a lot for a singer. Screaming doesn't. And bubbly wine? Well, it makes you drunk before you know it. At the moment of writing all recording is done, and we're back in Norway feeling really pleased about what we have done so far. The songs sound strong and living up to our hopes and expectations, Some of our best playing and singing ever were done. N ext step now is the mixing. Dan Swift will be working on the mixes for most ol October, and the final result can not really be rated until that's completed. But from what we heard in the studio the album is going to sound very,very good.

Will be back with more info on that in the next soK

Once getting used to this attitude of making an album we Magazine. started appreciate it more and more. After all there is

absolutely no use in clinging to parts not really working, Hasta la vista! just for affection. It's a healthy process, going through

your old stuff to evaluate what is essential, and what to

throwaway. Like clearing your messy, old garage. Then it www.myspace.com/slimvoid


Inge M has joined SellaBand in April 2008 and got a real boost in parts after winning SEAT Competition in August this year. Her songs show a great variety of ballads and pop songs. I've talked to hear lately and asked her a few questions about herself, her time on SellaBand and her plans for the future:

the "spam". But the biggest believers were actually people I have never invited to listen, they just did by themselves and believed in me big time!!!

50K MM: You have raised about 26.000 $ so far. Have you thought about the time after reaching 50k yet? What are your plans then?

Inger Yes, I thought a lot about the time after reaching 50K! I already started looking for the right producer and also know what I want my album to sound like. [ am working on new songs already, and want to choose only the best ones for the album. I want to be as prepared as I can, luckily I am in close contact with a few 50K artists (Lori, Gisel, Katie, Angie) so I can ask them for advise any time!!

50K MM: Who are you, where do you come from, ... ? Please tell us something about yourself.

Inge: Well, I am Inge, my second name is Maria, that is what the "M" stands for .. I was born and raised in "Zeeland", that is a province in Holland. Singing is something I have done all my life. My father sings too, he used to be in a Folk-band. My mother is a director and actress, so both the love for singing and for acting came from my parents. In my free time I sing in musicals and operas. I also have a job in the hospital, as a neurophysiology technician (that means I examine the brain and the nerve system). But singing is my passion!

50K MM: How did you discovered SellaBand?

Inge: A friend of mine had told me about it several times, she had seen it on TV and she kept saying: "you should do this!!" so after a while I decided to give it a try. The first believer to "discover" me was Phil (Sommersby), and thanks to him a lot of great things started to happen since then ....

50K MM: It seems like you have a very true, secret believer from New Zealand. And some of your colleagues believe in you as well. How did you convinced people to believe in you?

Inge: Honestly? I have no idea! In the beginning, I was posting a lot of comments to all believers asking them to listen to my music. Sometimes that worked, and sometimes believers were annoyed because they didn't like

50K MM: And last question: How can we support you to speed up raising your budget?

Inger Well my wish is to bring in as much new believers as I can! I am already trying to get a story about Sellaband in the local newspaper, but spreading the word everywhere you can is the best thing to do! Let new believers come in!

While I'm writing this lines, Inge has raised over 27.000 $ so far. Let's give her a boost and make her the next 50k Artist on SellaBand, allthough we don't know if Inge still has set her goal for 50k. But I think she will let us know as soon as possible.



From Exeter into the World

One day after EES' official album release date and really impatiently awaited by all her believers and, I guess, the whole SellaBand community, Ellie WIliams is going to release her debut album on October 13th. Although she is very busy preparing the release, she found the time to answer sox MUSIC MAG's questions:

50K MM: WlIere are you from?

Ellie: I was 'born and bred' here in Exeter, Devon in the

impression would be bands like The Carpenters, Mamas and Papas, Robert Flack, Kate Bush and even a little bit of Mike Oldfield. At the moment I'm listening to people like Imogen Heap, Lamb, This Album Leaf, Shawn Colvin, Sara McLachlan, Bic Runga and Annie Lennox. Thats a bit one sided actually, I'm also listening to male artists such as Surfjan Stevens and Joshua Radin. I don't really have a particular genre of music that I listen to or won't listen to. Anything can move me. Sometimes it might be a piece of

Southwest of England. I have travelled a little bit, but Exeter has always been my home.

50K MM: How would you describe yourself in three words?

Ellie: Happy, Sad, Dreamer

50K MM: WlIere are you coming from artistically, what are your influences?

Ellie: Growing up I was really lucky as I listened to a lot of different music. My parents had mostly(!) good taste, and this was peppered with two older sisters who would record the top 40 chart show on a Sunday and we would learn all the words. For me though, people that left a lasting

incidental music on something like Neighbours (Aussie soap) that moves me. Yes-I am quite, quite sad!

50K MM: How would you describe your music?

Ellie: Do you know what, I really struggle with this question. I would actually like a bit of help here from anyone reading this. I generally just bluff my way through with something like singer-songwriter type acoustic stuff. As you can see it is not the most eloquent description.

50K MM: How did you find the way to Sellaband? How has SellaBand changed your life? WlIat were your experiences on your (short) way to sok?

Ellie: I actually found Sellaband as my husband Steve



pointed out an article to me on a tech news site called VNUnet.com (now Vg.co.uk). I was at a bit of a low ebb when it came to my music, and was considering just settling down to my day job and putting this particular dream to bed. I was really skeptical at first, but Steve encouraged me to do a little research and then I found there were lots of articles praising SAB, in particular the larger UK papers such as The Telegraph and The Guardian. I thought that it must be reputable by being mentioned in those papers, so I decided to give it a try! I uploaded the three songs, which at the time were Fin's Song, Firefly and Unseen. All three of which made it on to the album.

The 50 day period now to be honest seems like a blur and a distant memory. It is amazing though when I come to look back on it. I remember the excitement of initially checking my computer every few hours to see if anyone had sent me a message and to see if any parts had been sold. As the days went on, whilst I was at work, I would get texts from various members of my family saying- 'Oh my god, you just sold 5 parts' or 'someone has just bought 20 parts in you!'. It was a time for being glued to the computer as soon as I got home from work, until about lam and then not being able to sleep as I was so excited. This only increased and in those last few days, I think I slept for about 3 hours. It was so amazing. In between this I was trying to get as much 'outside' support as I could and tried to bring new people onto SAB. I met so many people on SAB, artists and believers, and so many that I am in regular contact with, or that I have been lucky enough to meet. It is hard sometimes, keeping up with everything that needs to be done, and sometimes the relationships can suffer because of that. For the main part though, I think my believers know that I am doing my best. I haven't come from a stage school, I wasn't spotted at a young age, I have no previous experience in this industry or running my own business and in this current age you cannot just be a musician anymore. You have to be your own business manager, promoter and accountant.

SAB really has changed my life, and I feel that that is in no wayan overstatement. I was working in an office, singing in my bedroom and writing songs for my family to hear. In 18 months, I have gone from that person to giving up my regular day-job, replacing it with a part-time job, moved in with my dad to cut bills, radio and TV interviews, gigs and running my own small business. Nothing could have prepared me for what has happened, and I am still waiting for the moment for it to sink in, or for me to wake up. Or for the slap in the face that says 'stop dreaming, and get back to a real job'!

50K MM: You had an overwhelming support from local radio stations and local press on your way to 50k ... and still have, now that you're going to release your album. Please tell us, how you brought them on board.

Ellie: I get asked by a lot of new artists or believers regularly-what was my secret, how did I do it? My honest answer? I just got out there and did it. I am quite a naive person really which I think worked in my favour. I didn't have the knowledge of the business to know whether I was going to get laughed out of somebody's office or not. So-I just sent emails to everyone that I could think of. Firstly, I sent an email to everyone I knew. EVERYONE. I just asked for help, and asked those people to forward my email on to anyone they knew. I sent emails to the local paper Express and Echo (who are now of such amazing support) and I sent emails to all of the local radio and TV stations. I simply explained the concept of SAB, and that I was a local girl trying to make it. For some reason, the support came through. People were interested in not only me but in the whole SAB story.

I was asked to perform live on radio and do interviews. Again, I didn't know how to prepare for this so I just tried to be myself. I answered questions honestly, and I didn't spin anything. I just told them exactly who I was, and what I was trying to do.

Now I am so lucky to have Express and Echo behind me



and also to have support from John Govier of the BBC Radio Devon team. They have been recording me all the way through the journey. From just before making it to sok, to the eventual album launch, and they will be broadcasting a special live show near Christmas. The album is being made 'Album of the Week' on the Judi Spiers BBC Radio Devon Show and I have just heard that I am 'Artist of the Week' on Exeter FM. Westcountry TV and BBC Spotlight TV have also recorded interviews. I also have been asked to be a guest speaker at several local business events, as people are interested in the SAB model, and how I did it.

50K MM: In latest issue of soK MUSIC MAG you've announced the album release for October 13th and that there will be a listening session and a series of "launch gigs". Please let us in on your further plans.

Ellie: We are still trying to organize this, but I suspect you will know more when this comes to print. There will be a listening session prior to the album launch, and I can't wait to get back into the chat room and speak with as many of the believers as possible who made it happen. I'm also excited to meet believers who are new or have come around to my music for the first time. It's a really anxious time for me at the moment. It's like an exam. You've done everything you could possibly do to make it a success, but you are just waiting for your results to be given to you.

It would be great to do a launch locally, also perhaps in London and who knows maybe in Europe. One thing that I have learned is it is so difficult to do all of this. My heart is willing to go anywhere that people want to listen to the music, but of course money and time have to be found. I am confident I will be coming to a town near most of you soon!

50K MM: Are there special plans for album distribution and promo? How can we help promoting your album? Ellie: At the moment, we are working on a few plans and trying to think of the best way to get the music out there. As I said now it is really hard as it is back to me to find an avenue to do that. I am lucky that so many people want to help me, it's really very humbling. We're looking at all sorts of different distribution and tour ideas, as I think ultimately, it's about getting out there and letting people see me live. We're also trying to get the right manager/agent on board to help us to do this. I'm reading and researching a lot!

As for your help, really anything that you can do will help

the album. It might be something small like recommending it to someone you know, mentioning it on Twitter or Facebook. Perhaps you could write review on Amazon. Perhaps you could write to BBC Radio 2, and tell them about an artist you have discovered ;) Ha! Anything really. Keep in touch. Let me know what you want from me. Perhaps you know of a great venue near you. Perhaps you could have a chat with the owner?

We made this album together. I know it might sound corny, but there it is. We should take it to the next level together!

50K MM: Why should people buy your album?

Ellie: I put my heart and soul into it. I hope that will come across in it. I'd really like to think there is a song that everyone might stumble across and think 'hmm, that's how I'm feeling', or have a damn good cry to, or even smile at. I made it sound really depressing then didn't I? It really isn't. It's quite hopeful really!

Also it is much cheaper than paying for my therapy.

50K MM: And at last one important thing about you and your music everyone should know?

Ellie: I will always remember that it was Sellaband and it's amazing believers that got me to believe in myself and my own dreams again. Priceless.

50K MM: And very last question: Do you think Crowd(Fan- )funding is a viable and sustainable way to finance an album? Would you go this way again?

Ellie: Most definitely. I think the model has worked excellently, and it looks as though there are some really exciting times ahead for SAB. There will always be moans and groans, some deserved but some not. I think in SAB's case, you need to remember what a young company it is, and how much it has grown and developed during its time. Sure, there were some downright amazing blunders, but isn't that far outweighed by all the amazing artists that are coming through now.

You could now walk into any radio station and say 'heythis album got made because people liked it-I've already sold 5000 copies'. How often does that happen in the current recording industry.

It has its challenges. $50,000 seems an awful lot of money, but every single penny needs to be budgeted for, and previously it meant there was a little gap between making and promoting the album. Now with the recent announcement though, it looks as though that's going to be more flexible.

Ultimately, I would not hesitate to go 'back on to Sellaband' and I would not and have not hesitated on recommending it to every artist and potential believer I meet.

I think, we can expect an incredible album and who knows, maybe some day Ellie has made it from Exeter to the whole world with her music. I'm a strong believer in that.



Promising September Newcomers

John Condron:

Hailing from Glasgow now living in Oxford John introduces .... himself with to wonderful accoustic ballades. His music and voice reminds me a little bit of Francis Rodino. But after all John founds his own style.

Listen to: sab:

"You've got me" ... jjohncon

New Disorder:

!hese guys from Italy really rock. Here is how the y mtroduce themselves: "New Disorder are an AlternativeRock band formed in 2009 and based in Rome (Italy). Their multi-influenced style merges Rock, Punk and Alternative-Pop elements. Just released the EP "Hollywood burns", they're now finishing their debut album, that will be launched by the end of 2009." And they seem to have close contact to established Anne-Marie Sunshine (photo). New Disorder are Fran - vocals, Giosantita - guitars, Steve - bass

Listen to: sab:

"Free Me From The Dark" ... jnewdisorder

Crazy Wasted:

Another band from Italy with a song against Tokio Hotel, "Crazy Wasted cheated


Hostel", which makes them double adorable. Nice mix of Punk, Rock and Ska. Crazy Wasted are Enrico Varrecchione (bass), Mattia Bruno (guitar), Maurizio Sacco (drum) and Marco Corradi (vocals) Listen to: sab:

"Crazy Wasted cheated Nippon Hostel" ... j crazywasted

SellaBand has changed

(SAB) When SellaBand was launched in 2006, we set out to make a difference. A lot has happened, a lot has been achieved. Over the years, the world SellaBand is operating in has changed, our environment has changed and our ideas of what the role of SellaBand as a company is has changed. Almost on a daily basis we are being approached by bands, managements and labels, asking if they can somehow use the SellaBand concept and change it to their own liking.

ANew Deal

We believe it is time to change our concept to give more freedom and flexibility. Artists will now be in control and may choose from two deals: Standard and Custom.

With the 'Standard' program Artists have the freedom to choose:

* Target budget: Starting at $10,000 up to $100,000

* Incentives for the Believers: The minimum incentive is a download

* Percentage of revenues shared between the Artist and the Believers

Artists will always own the master recordings and keep 100% of publishing rights. If Artists go 'Custom', they can adapt it all: Budgets, part prices, incentives, currencies, even use the funds for touring or promotion ... You name it! Initially, Custom is by invitation only. However, Artists can always send their plans to info@sellaband.com where we will review the request. Artists now have full flexibility and own all their rights. In return we ask a 10% success fee when the target budget is reached. Our service will remain, as before: Free of charge. An important addition for our existing community: All Artists currently signed on www.sellaband.com will be entitled to make their own c?oice. To continue their current rise towards $50,000 or SIgn up for our new Standard-model. Their Believers will be notified, and get at least two weeks time to respond to changed target budgets and incentives. The new Terms and Conditions can be found on SellaBand's website ..


Believers will benefit in their own right. The website will be simplified and will have more focus on the available music. As we open up our platform for other types of Artists, including more established bands, SellaBand will be a more exciting place for music discovery. There will be much more choice on offer, including different incentives, revenue share models and even totally different type of music projects, such as upcoming tours and live-events.

Also •••

It goes without saying that we will respect the Agreements that currently apply to all 34 SellaBand Recording Artists. As before, SellaBand will continue to administer and distribute all recorded music, and will guide the process for those who are currently still recording. All future monies earned, related to these projects, will be allocated to the parties involved in the exact way as before.

Back in 2006, when we launched SellaBand we had a special motto: Your Music, Your Choice. Now more than ever this motto will be in full effect on www.sellaband.com.


On Stage with Ellie WIlliams


(UBG) Well I was able to catch the gig at Mama Stone's in Exeter last night - and great to bump into Adam Sieff as well! Well, great for me but I expect it ruined his evening:)

What a great gig it was too!

First up was a guy called Cole Stacey doing his own brand of folky type stuff - and what a good voice he had too!

Ellie up next (and last), and did you know she suffers from nerves before a performance? I've heard that a lot of well established artists do too, so she's in good company, but

I'd have to say there was no evidence of nervousness when she opened with Unseen, which you may know is my favourite! This she played alone on the keyboards, but she had her band with her, in part or in whole, for other tracks and they sounded excellent. One of my problems with the whole "girl and a keyboard" genre is how samey the tracks can start to sound after you've heard a couple but Ellie's (clever?) use of the band members simply stops this happening. There's still the raw presence in the unaccompanied keyboards, but throw in Ellie singing to just an acoustic guitar on Firefly, Ellie on keys + acoustic, Ellie + full band, etc and you eliminate the problem entirely.

Enthusiastic cries of "MORE" from the crowd managed to entice an encore of another song from the album that I'd not heard and it's another winner!

If that is a reflection of the forthcoming album then I'm even more eager to get my copy! I'm really looking forward to the next Troubador gig in London now!


Katie Thompson Album Diary

What has happened in September?

Monteiths Brewing Company flew Katie up to Auckland to play at the Drake Bar.

What's up in October?

Katie's performing at the West Coast Tourism Awards in October and she also have a couple of other gigs coming up. Also a local jam night has started up so she'll be trying out some of her new original songs to see how they go down with the audience.


Live Show Merchandise MadeEasy

(NV) So many people talk about music going completely digital, yet how do your fans who attend your live shows get your music? Many of these may not even listen to music online. Of course what better time to get people to buy your merchandise then at your live shows. Yet so many bands don't have any merchandise for sale when they play live, why is this?

Part of it is the cost to get a professional album done up. After all we want only the best of our work to go public. I'll bet though that your fans who attend live shows really want something to remember the experience with. That is what selling merchandise at your live shows is all about. Reminding them of that great night when every woman was slapping them around, yet the music was FANTASTIC.

add in conversational explanations of how those practices went. These of course do have a value to themselves and if you put enough work into them they will sell. However I would see these as your freebie of the night at your live shows.

In fact as there is a cost associated with the CDRs themselves you may want to have a donation jar for these. The pay what you want, donation, or tip jar works. I tested it with my E-Courses and out of 8 people 5 of them payed something with 3 paying more then I suggested.

Now lets move on to getting something for sale. After all the main reason for the live show is to earn you something to hopefully someday be able to earn only from your music right. As long as you are doing live shows, you will always have merchandise to sell. Record each of your shows then depending on how often you play live. Edit your music into a monthly, quarterly, or annually live cd. Here you want to get as professional as possible with album art,

Even when there is merchandise for sale at a live show. Many bands don't even mention it. This comes from the desire not to be salesmen but showmen. I have found lately though that if they have something for free that their fans can take home some few more bands are willing to take that extra step. Of course they have to realize timing is important. During your live show when you go on stage, take a 10 minute break, and when you finish for the night you need to mention your merchandise table. If this means insuring you have something that the attendees can take home for free then supply it. Lets talk about merchandise then, I will focus on your music but there are tons of things you can do from calendars to t-shirts, or even dish ware.

If you practice you music at all (This should be mandatory) then be sure to record them. There are many reasons to do this, but for today we want to have them available to edit into a CDR (Burn recording). It maybe even a nice touch to

jewel cases, etc. Now lets make these truly valuable, and at the same time get more fans to your live shows. Have these live cds only for sale at your live shows, and as prizes for contests where your fans get more involved.

One more thing I want to say about your live shows besides NEVER PAY TO PLAY. Is depending on how the venue wants to pay you, you may want to talk to them about other ways they can sponsor you. With parts of the music industry trying out different ways of sponsorship from donations, to fan funded albums, I am sure there is something the venue can do. Granted if they are paying you top dollar then maybe you don't want to say anything. But if they want to pay you as little as possible. Then here is a way they may be willing to help you out in exchange for you playing live at their business.



The Kiwi Country Storm

Another white hope from New Zealand is this artist here - Aly Cook, an established Kiwi indie artist with, I guess, an appreciable network in New Zealand. I talked to her about her previous experiences on SellaBand and her plans after the changes there:

50K MM: Who are you, where do you come from, ... ? Please tell us something about yourself.

Aly: My name is Aly Cook I am from New Zealand ... I'm an established NZ independent recording artist .. with my band DNE in 2000 and 2001 I was nominated for NZ Dance video of the year and single "BE THERE"'s video playlisted onto M1V Europe. I was the manager for the band. In 2005 I released my first solo single "I Wonder" which gained significant airplay on commercial radio. "I Wonder" was nominated for APRA NZ Country Song of the Year 2005. In 2006 I recorded "Country Storm" which has enjoyed a good level of airplay in australia and on a few stations globally as well as significant plays of the music videos .. "I Wonder" has been used in Sitcom "Love Bits" and Soap "Shortland Street".

50K MM: You mentioned Katie Thompson who called your attention to SellaBand. Do you think SellaBand is a good way to finance your album?

Aly: I think its a great idea .. and I'm pleased with how its working for me and whats come so far of being here ..

50K MM: How do you convince people to believe in you? Do you think you have a special "Kiwi advantage", with the media attention in New Zealand generated by Maitreya and Katie Thompson?

Aly: I think it's important to show that you have the skill and the knowledge to work with a budget and move your product forward and sell it once its released. What I've learned over the years .. is Youth and beauty, nievity talent

is great if you want a major record deal .. if you are indie and going to stay that way then your marketing skills, contacts, know how, industry knowledge are more important.

Above all the music and the song .. which have to be great.. and well produced to get airplayed. I think the media attention with Katie is great but I think it's global exposure .. I've toured away as well and so I've a reasonable fanbase in Europe and US also .. it's important to get out of NZ to play once a year if possible ..

50K MM: It's still a long way, but have you thought about the time after reaching 50k yet? What are your plans then? Aly: Absolutely .... In NZ that's a bigger budget than a major signed artist would get .. This is why I am opting under the new system to use the freedom to offer a different product. Sellaband is currently changing its format. I am currently working on a budget break down and plans for a Album length CD + DVD product. Under my new agreement ALL my believers will not only get a free copy of the CD and Bonus DVD but will be getting a share of 40% my publishing royalties administered under a pro-rata basis. The more parts the greater the share of my publishing. This will be admined directly by me to my believers via sellaband, twice a year, when my royalty cheques arrive and will include the benefit of gaining from my current releases as well which will be on the Album CD :) .. Additionally the believers will enjoy on a prorata share of 50% of the sales income via Sellaband's arrangement with Amazon and other digital providers. I'm still working through the logistics with Sellaband at the time of writing this but they are all good to distribute percentage of APRA Cheque 6 monthly to the believers on an investment pro rata share .. and I have found them excellent to communicate with. Im also turning to some of my existing believers for their opinions too, after all they are my business partners in this project.

As I am including 4 tracks already produced, 2 music videos 1 documentary and 1 live perfomance. This means I can do the project inside the 20k budget. We can get good deals here on manufacture here in NZ .. Although believers will get a CD per believer .. there will be promotion free CDs for Believers who can place the CD with a radio station or with a booking agent, for review in a magazine etc etc .. If believers want to buy CDs additionally these will be available at wholesale price ..

50K MM: And last question: How can we support you to speed up raising your budget?

Aly: Think of initiavies and ways to move sellaband forward as a whole .. this week I was the first artist on Kiwi FM http://twt.fm/288866 this happens every Tuesday night at 9pm on kiwifm .. www.kiwifm.co.nz I would like to see this sort of thing happening allover the world. Im working on syndicated segments similar to this with the Dream Team here on Sellaband .. which is a group of like minded Sellabanders working together ..

Think about it this way if you go here http://country musicchannel.com.au/cmc/Requests.aspx and request my song country storm .. which is in the playlist thats great for me and I appreciate it .. if you are a believer and you request it .. you just earned money for doing it ..



Headquarters' Column

Open Letter to Kompis

Dear Kompis,

This is an open letter to you and all other members of the SellaBand community. I am writing you to thank you for the support you have shown in the past years. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think we've ever met. What we share is a love for music (especially Slim Void, it seems) and a passion for SellaBand. I was quite amazed when you wrote to us to tell us about your soK Mag. That's a lot of work you are putting in, and I've told you before that it is much appreciated. Thanks to people like yourself, I can safely speak at seminars and conferences and tell audiences that SellaBand has an active and very involved community. You know it's not just you, but also the people behind Talentcast, or other initiatives such as Stat-a-Band, the Selloween gigs and Lucretia and her monthly blogging assault.

Thanks to SellaBand I have met many, many inspiring and colourful people. The beauty was and is that it is not just the people making music, who stand out. I find Believers such as Arnis, Utterly B. Groovy, Walter M, John B. Baloumba and Ed the Cheesehead equally unforgettable as the artists who have stood out on the site.

My dear Kompis, it must not always have been easy to remain patient and loyal. My God, have we been struggling with our website updates and conceptual changes. I can assure you though, that whatever decision (both wrong and right) we made, we did it because at the time we thought they were right.

And here we are again, at the beginning of yet another chapter for SellaBand. No matter how you look at it, the current changes are by far the most drastic to date. SellaBand will no longer take any of the artist's rights, we will let artists come up with their own incentives, a full CD will no longer be mandatory, and we're even making it possible to fund other projects, such as festivals, tours and marketing budgets. Oh and Kompis, did I already mention that we're allowing budget flexibility as well? Which is one of the reasons for writing you this letter. No more soK. My dear Kompis, what does this mean for your 'soK Mag'? I mean, 'Flexible Budget Mag' does not really sound right, does it? Will you exclude an artist from your Mag if they decide to drop their budget to 30K? And what will happen to a new artist, pre-selling tickets for a European tour?

I guess what I'm getting at, is that I am once again asking for your loyalty and understanding. But I'm also hoping for people's open mindedness. What we all must realize is that SellaBand is once again going where no one has ever gone before. As far as I'm concerned, our new, flexible and rights free model is even more innovative than the original concept. More than ever this thing we started has the potential to shake the foundations of the global music industry. But what hasn't changed, is that we can't do it without you. All the people who created those chapters in the first three years of SellaBand. Maybe I'm asking too much, but Kompis, I'm hoping that you will come back to me and say: soK Mag will be SellaBand Mag from now on. Or start a little thread on the Forum to ask for a better, more fitting title.

Only time will tell how SellaBand will evolve, and what will be the spirit of our platform three years down the line. I am optimistic and looking forward to the things that are going to come our way. I hope you are too ...

Best regards,

J ohan Vosmeijer CEO SellaBand

J ohan Vosmeijer CEO SellaBand

johan@sellaband.com www.sellaband.com


Australia/ NZ

Australia Oct 17- Mad Polly

@ Surry Hills Library, Sydney

New Zealand

Oct 10- Katie Thompson

@ Shanty Town Tourism

WestcoastAwards, Greymouth



Oct 24 - Kontrust @Wurmfestival,Neumarkt


Oct 2 - Stephan Ckoehler (+ CA$HBAGS)

@ Zille, Dresden

Oct 3 - Stephan Ckoehler (+ CA$HBAGS)

@ Stadtfest Zittau, Zittau Oct 9 - Tarball

@ JUZ, Leer - www.juz-leer.de Oct 22 - Julia Marcell

@ Designers' Open '09, Leipzig

Nov 12 - Electric Eel Shock (Sugoi Indeed Europe Tour)

@ Sage Club, Berlin

Nov 13 - Electric Eel Shock (Sugoi Indeed Europe Tour)

@ Headcrash, Hamburg

Nov 15 - Electric Eel Shock (Sugoi Indeed Europe Tour)

@ Zeche Carl, Essen

Nov 16 - Electric Eel Shock (Sugoi Indeed Europe Tour)

@ Underground, Koln

Nov 17 - Electric Eel Shock (Sugoi Indeed Europe Tour)

@ Backstage, Munich

Netherlands Oct 15 - Tarball

@ Het Pakhuis, Groningen Oct 18 - Cecile Morel

@ PopDox filmfestival, The Hague


Oct 2 - Electric Eel Shock (Sugoi Indeed Europe Tour)

@ Festivalen Sin, Moss

Oct 3 - Electric Eel Shock (Sugoi Indeed Europe Tour)

@ Felix, Lillehammer

Oct 4 - Electric Eel Shock (Sugoi Indeed Europe Tour)

@ Samfundet, Trondheim

Oct 7 - Electric Eel Shock (Sugoi Indeed Europe Tour)

@ Hulen, Bergen

Oct 9 - Electric Eel Shock (Sugoi Indeed Europe Tour)

@ Garage, Oslo


Oct 4 - Banshee

@ Czecz6w Manor, Krak6w,


Oct 14 - Julia Marcell

@ 4 R6:i:e dla Lucienne, Zielona G6ra


@ Impreza Zamknieta, Gdzies w Polsce


@ Sing Sing, Szczecin


Oct 13 - Electric Eel Shock (Sugoi Indeed Europe Tour)

@ Debasser, Stockholm

Oct 14 - Electric Eel Shock (Sugoi Indeed Europe Tour)

@ Sticky Fingers, Gothenburg

Oct 15 - Electric Eel Shock (Sugoi Indeed Europe Tour)

@ Sigurdsgatan 25, Vasteras


Oct 27 - Alexia Gardner

@ The Birds Eye Jazz Club, Basel Oct 28 - Alexia Gardner

@ The Birds Eye Jazz Club, Basel Nov 6 - Chapter II feat. Natalie Chandra

@ Rock City Uster, Uster


Oct 11 - Daniel Ward-Murphy

@ The Alexandra, Clapham, London

Oct 15 - Daniel Ward-Murphy @ The Den & Centro, London Oct 16 - Lip Service

@ The Standard, London

Oct 20 - Electric Eel Shock (Sugoi Indeed UK Tour) with Peelander-Z

@ 02 Academy 2, Oxford

Oct 21 - Daniel Ward-Murphy @ The Globe Theatre, The Bedford, Balham London

Oct 21 - Electric Eel Shock (Sugoi Indeed UK Tour) with Peelander-Z

@ 02 Academy 2, Liverpool Oct 23 - Francis Rodino @ The Distillers, London

Oct 23 - Electric Eel Shock (Sugoi Indeed UK Tour) with Peelander-Z

@ 02 Academy 2, Sheffield

Oct 24 - Electric Eel Shock (Sugoi Indeed UK Tour) with Peelander-Z

@ 02 Academy 2, Newcastle

Oct 25 - Electric Eel Shock (Sugoi Indeed UK Tour) with Peelander-Z

@ Moshulu, Aberdeen Oct 26 - Electric Eel Shock

(Sugoi Indeed UK Tour) with Weekly radio Peelander-Z

@ Bannermans, Edi~burgh program with

Oct 28 - Electric Eel Shock

(Sugoi Indeed UK Tour) with Sellaband's Peelander-Z

@02AcademY2,G~asgow dependent

Oct 29 - Electric Eel Shock

(Sugoi Indeed UK Tour) with usic Peelander-Z

@ Rock City, Nottingham

Oct 30 - Electric Eel Shock (Sugoi Indeed UK Tour) with Peelander-Z

@ Guildhall, Gloucester

Oct 31 - Electric Eel Shock (Sugoi Indeed UK Tour) with Peelander-Z

@ The Cooler, Bristol

Nov 1 - Electric Eel Shock

(Sugoi Indeed UK Tour) with Peelander-Z

@ Wedgewood Rooms, Portsmouth Nov 3 - Francis Rodino

@ The Bedford, London

Nov 5 - Electric Eel Shock (Sugoi Indeed UK Tour) with Peelander-Z

@Joseph Well, Leeds

Nov 6 - Electric Eel Shock (Sugoi Indeed UK Tour)

@ Hellfire Festival, NEC Arena,


Nov 17 - Daniel Ward-Murphy

@ The Globe Theatre, The Bedford, Balham London

Nov 28 - Francis Rodino @ The Den & Centro, London

News and Gossip about Sellaband

Gigs and Events

North America USA

Oct 2 - Alen: Calise

@ Sierra Cup, Monrovia (CA)

Oct 3 - BulletProof Messenger + Lunic + Karma's Army

@ Red Square, Albany (NY)

Oct 6 - Aryn Michelle

@ National Night Out, Coppell (TX) Oct 10 - Lunic @TheLocal269,NewYork

Oct 17 - Aryn Michelle

@ St. George's Carnival, Fort Worth(TX)

Oct 23 - Aryn Michelle

@ Roots Coffeehouse, North Richland Hills (TX)

Nov 6 - Alen: Calise

@ Sierra Cup, Monrovia (CA) Nov 25 - Mysti Mayhem

@ The Pour House; Raleigh (NC) Dec 4 - Alen: Calise

@ Sierra Cup, Monrovia

Jan 3 - The Believers

@ The Bluebird Cafe, Nashville

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