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To work with a professional organization where the intellectual stimulations, hard work and commitment is appreciated.

Summary Of Experience:
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3+ years of experience in IT industry, involved in Software Testing. Proficient in Manual Testing and Automation Testing Tools. Well Acquainted With Software Development Life Cycle. Profound Knowledge in Software Testing Life Cycle. Involved in Preparing Test Cases and Test Reports. Knowledge on Quality Standards like ISO, CMM Levels. Ability to work in a team and Independent.

Education Qualification:
Master of Computer Sciences ( M.Sc) . Bachelor of Computer Sciences ( B.Sc) .

Skill Summary:
Testing Tools Tracker. Languages Operating System :Manual Testing ,Q.T.P, Win Runner, Test Director and Issue : C, SQL Server 2005, MS-Access2000. : Windows 9x/2000, UNIX.

Work Experience:

Currently Working at Ilink-Systems, Chennai Worked as Software Test Engineer in Canter IT Solutions. Bangalore.

Project Summary:
Name Client Tools Methodologies Organization Duration : Title Resource Database (TRD) : First American Corp, USA. : Q.T.P, Manual Testing. : Vb.Net, SQL Server 2005. : Ilink-Systems : Apr 2007 to till date

First America Corporation is one of big Title Insurance Process Company in USA. Title Resource Database (TRD) is a web based application used for title processing by the Client. The TRD includes information for a number of searches. There are two modules in the application. First one is Administrator Module, Using this module Admin user can manage all information about the general User. By using this module user can search title related documents (Legal Description, Covenants and Restriction Documents, Plant Images and Hal System Starters).

• • • • • • •
Analyzed and identified the Test Cases based on requirement document of the application. Reviewing and modifying the Test Cases. Accomplish the Test Case on AUT for different Modules. Performing Smoke, Functional, Compatibility and User Interface testing. Regression testing was performed after each new build of the application.. Creating the Object repository. Adding the Repository.

Project #2:
Client Organization Methodologies Tools Period : United Health Group : Canter IT Solutions : Java : Manual Testing : Jul 06 to Feb 07


United Health Care is one of the largest health insurance groups in United States. The aim of this project is to give production support and enhancement the system for the business change requirements. In this project, Operations Management (OM) Project is one of the modules. Project Consist of 7 modules. The business flow of module is, if an employer wants insurance UHG provides the different coverage’s to agent, agent provide the same to the employer the employer will come up with one coverage that coverage details and employer information will be installed and maintained by Prime Admin application. The rating to the coverage will be decided by rating application, billing will be done in billing module and invoices will be sent to employer. The renewal process will be taken care by renewal application.

Roles & Responsibilities
•Checking the functionality of project. •Executing the Test cases, and analyzes the Test results.

. Involved in defect status reporting, Prepare bug summary reports and release Notes

Project #3

Client Organization Tools Duration

: S.J.K. Steels Ltd. : Canter IT Solutions. : Manual Testing. : Jan 05 to Jun 06

This system maintains flat five conversions, Attendance, Leave, Pay roll modules. Flat file specifies which time he attends to the office, Attendance specifies how many days he attended, and Leave specifies how many leaves he taken. Taking this information we will produce pay slips to the employees.

• • • • Study of the requirement specification, designs of modules for testing Checking the functionality of project. Involved extensively in doing System Testing, and Regression Testing. Involved in defect status reporting, Prepare bug summary reports and release Notes

Project #4
Client Organization Tool Duration

: Lupin HR Online for Lupin Group of Companies
: : : : La Multi Info Systems, .Ltd Canter IT Solutions. Manual Testing. Aug 04 to Dec 04


Lupine’s roots are firmly established in pharmaceutical and bulk activities. An intranet application was developed for one of the leading pharmaceutical companies “Lupin Laboratories Ltd.” The application put the Human Resource Department of Lupin Laboratories on the intranet. The system developed was in lieu of clearing the crowd in the HR department on one hand and to provide information of the company policies, the various details that a newly inducted employee has to know, the companies emailing and message system which was directly tied to the existing internet corporate web-site.

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• Analyzing and Identifying the Test Cases based on requirement documents of the application. Reviewing and Modifying the Test Cases Accomplishing the Test cases on AUT for different modules.


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