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10 Commandments Youth Bible Study "Honor the Sabath"

10 Commandments Youth Bible Study "Honor the Sabath"

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Published by John Marks Sanders

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Published by: John Marks Sanders on Oct 02, 2009
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Youth Bible Study: The Ten Commandments 4th Commandment: Sabbath

Questions Why do we have church on Sunday since the Jewish Sabbath is on Saturday? Is it a sin to work on Sundays? Many have the day off on Sunday but hasn’t it really just become like the rest of 6 days? How is God honored with a day devoted to extended vacations, professional sports, and shopping? Views of the Sabbath Not a Creation Ordinance Ordinance-A law set forth, a decree given, a prescribed practice or ceremony The Sabbath in OT (Full 24 Hours Devoted to God in Service and Rest) was not a rule to carry to NT Said to be the Lord’s Days because it is appropriate to worship Him on that day We Have Eternal Rest, No Need for Day of Rest God required Jews to rest 1 day in 7 to anticipate the GREAT REST that was coming (Salvation) Those saved now have rest in Christ...With reality; we no longer need a symbol of rest. Not required to be on a specific day or even weekly…But seen as good wisdom. Has A Purpose and Must Be Sunday Both a ceremonial and moral element to 4th Commandment Ceremonial Element is rest of the 7th day after creation Moral Element-Certain day set aside for worship and Godly reflection Not a Day of Worship, But Rest Shabbat-To cease, desist, rest In Scripture rest is far more prominent element of Sabbath celebration When we rest from weekly labor, it is appropriate to worship God but call to rest comes first Num 15:32-36; Matt 12:1-8 Not over Sabbath worship but work On the Sabbath day, human beings are to rest from their own works, words and thoughts about their worldly employments and recreations Work and Rest Rest is mainly to set aside other responsibilities in order to have time for worship. The Sabbath rest is physical not merely a ceasing of one activity in order to perform another… Sabbath for “refreshing” Ex 23:12 Sabbath is not for Daily Labors Plowing and Harvesting Ex 34:21 Treading of Winepress Neh 13:15-18 Transportation of Goods for Sale Neh 10:31 Buying and Selling are Inappropriate Amos 8:4-6 Summary of Work Forbidden on Sabbath (1) Daily Buisness, whether agricultural or commercial, and (2) hard labor at home, such as heavy lifting or starting a new fire. It is also logical to presume that God FROWNS on labor that limits attendance at worship, or activities that encourage or require others to break the Sabbath.

BUT… All of these must be considered with the Bible’s teaching on “Works of Necessity” Works of Necessity An example of a work of necessity is given in Matthew 12:1, where Jesus’ disciples, on a Sabbath, pick heads of grain to eat. Nothing in Scripture forbids eating on Sabbath (thank goodness for Southern Baptist Sake) or preparing food to eat. Priests Making Arrangements for Worship…Matt 12:5-6 War could take place on Sabbath…Joshua 6:12-20 Rescue of Person or Animal…Luke 14:5 Matter of life and Death…Hence physicians, nurses, police and firefighters Works of Necessity are not just works that are necessary to keep us alive. They are works that keep human life on an even keel. We Use Power on Sundays, What about Power Plants? Lots of families go out to eat on Sunday’s which is not work for them but work for those serving and cooking? Are we forcing them to sin against the Sabbath? Question For All Of You Is it ever legitimate for a Christian to take a job that requires working on Sunday? General Rule…It is forbidden But…What if no other job can be found and no other way to support his family?

Seen as Bondage in Egypt Should seek to be free (1 Cor 7:21) but while in bondage he should serve his master faithfully

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