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Sybil Piano Scene

Sybil Piano Scene

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Published by: Jinkh on Oct 02, 2009
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s: isn't that nice?

d: <putting tape on the recorder> uhhumm s: sometimes he plays songs when im happy and gay. one time he plays the sound in my heart, you know that? d: yaeh s: singing...the song.. one time we went on the park, we played catch.. richard thought it was me, he went right on my face and kissed me (mmmmmwwaahhhh) and i was lyk, waaahhhh d: u mean some of them are boys? s:i wasnt supposed to tell u dat, im sure his gonna be mad at me d: vaneza i dont understand s; it hurts, when richard kisses me it hurts why is dat y does love hurts d; it doesnt hurt sweetie, only fear hurts s;it smells lyk disinfected d; what smells liky disinfcted s; the hair, the green kitchen like dat stuff u made sybil smell one time, u remembr d; uhmhmm s;i just love you today, that hug, that hand around my neck.. tickle tickle tickle.. then there was a big pinch, but i wasnt hurt by love because i came later, besides i was as quick as lightning and i cud get away i had a dream i cud play and i could really play s: aaaaaahhh.. ahhh dreamer.... d; plays easter parade, sybil dances s; cries d;wats the matter vanessa s; im not vanessa d; oh im sori wats the matter peggy s; i dont want u to watch me.. sybil sings..cries.. i dont find hapines anywer d; ul find it peggy, maybe u just lost it s;i want to come in a big chair with u

d; u can sit in a big chair with me s;dr wilbur will u help me, i cant see anything d;y cnt u c anything s; somthngs around my eyes.. dishtells.. im afraid d; dishtells are jus inanimate objects peggy.. s; wil u help me.. there are many hands.. there are many faces.. im afraid.. oh it hurts me.. d; sybil makes inappropriate behaviors, run towards the glass wiindow.. u dnt hav to do dat, u promised u wont break glasses in my office.. s;u ran from people, u cud see them, they talk, and u cud hear them and ohh and ohh and ohhhh...ooohh it hurts me..,. ohhh d; peggy! s; breaks window d; oh my god are you hurt, where are you? whrere are u peggy? tell me! s; the kitchen its all green, and the table, and the sink, and the kitchen.. i can see it.. i can see it..and the piano in d living rum, and the music, and u cant get away from them.. oh no! no! runs down the piano, dont help me, ul gonna tie me, ul not gonna let me out u wont let me break glasses and u wont let me draw.. u wont let me draw.. d; takes paper and pen s; u wont let me draw, u wont let me out, i want to draw, i want to find my way out.. the people, the people,, its all purple, and i cant get out,, and theres another, and another, and another..and the music, it just goes around and around and around and then like taht.. and u cud see that and the people d; hu are dos people s; i dont know,, and theyr like that and like that and like that.. continues to cry..

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