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Growing Vitality in a Volunteering Community
Kohitātea / Huitanguru January / February 2014 Issue 47
Tena Koutou Welcome to the first issue of Volunteer News for 2014! This year we welcome Kay Clarke to our team. Kay will be helping with office support. We farewell and thank Patrick Kaiwai, who has gone into the Army. We wish Patrick all the best with his officer training. Congratulations to the 21 volunteers who were nominated for recognition on International Volunteer Day. It is an honour to recognise the contribution of these volunteers , three of whom have contributed over 100 years between them. Thank you to the wonderful volunteers and supporters who helped us with our Christmas wrapping project at The Warehouse in December, we had lots of fun, meeting people, some new volunteers and building public awareness of our service. Research suggests that people who volunteer are happier, experience better health and are more satisfied with life. This is evident in the people we meet, they are focused on helping others and have an aura of well-being around them, they inspire those around them. Make a commitment in 2014 to encourage those around you to join the volunteering community and to gain some of the benefits that goes with sharing your time and skills. From VNZ e-news update January 2014 Volunteering increases life satisfaction Research has found the volunteering is related to increased happiness, particularly in the older New Zealanders. Authored by Dr Christine Stephens, research titled "Volunteering predicts happiness among older Maori and non-Maori in the New Zealand health, work and retirement longitudinal study" draws links between volunteering and happiness irrespective on ethnicity. Dr Stephens found volunteering decreases mortality while improving moods, life satisfaction and self esteem. The longitudinal study examines the effects of volunteering on the older generation’s physical and psychological health while considering their position on the economic spectrum. Her findings show it is those from the lower end of the spectrum who benefit most from volunteering. Based on research from the USA and Europe, the study examines in depth who and what benefits from what volunteering can bring, focusing specifically on Maori which had previously not been the focus. One third of Maori who were surveyed volunteer at their local Marae and engage overall more than non-Maori, but the relationship between happiness and volunteering were identical for both ethnic groups. Read 'Volunteering predicts happiness among older Maori and non-Maori in the New Zealand health, work and retirement longitudinal study' online :


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Jane Says,
New Year always brings new goals, if you’re like me you will have enjoyed opening a new diary, each page fresh and clean, no dog eared corners or doodles and space to plan and write tasks and “to do” lists . We all start with great expectations of the year ahead. Sometimes it’s good to take some time to reflect and look at your core functions and work on from there. Codes of practise and principles of your organisation are great at getting you to think about what has been going right and what need some more work ,this can be done on an individual basis or with the team or a bit of both. We are always here to if you find you have lost your way along the line or if you think the team could do with a refresher of its core functions, practice and principles. Below is a reminder of Best Practise codes for both volunteers and Organisations.
Code of Practice for Volunteers To promote excellence in service and maximise the quality of my experience as a volunteer, I will: Recognise my own motives for being a volunteer and ensure the organisation is aware of these. Seek work opportunities appropriate to my skills, interests and aspirations. Be committed to give high quality service. Consider opportunities for job training and personal development. Carry out all work I agree to do responsibly and ethically. Speak out about any concerns that might affect my work relationships or quality of service. See myself as a valued team member with the right to contribute to decisions which affect my work. Value and support other team members. Code of Practice for Volunteer Involving Organisations To promote excellence in service and maximise the quality of volunteers' experience, this organisation will: Empower our volunteers to meet their own and the organisation's needs. Offer volunteers work opportunities appropriate to their skills, experience and aspirations. Provide volunteers with clear duty statements and orientation to their work and the organisation. offer training and support for volunteers to achieve personal and work goals. Implement procedures to safeguard volunteer safety and well-being. Offer re-imbursement to cover out-ofpocket expenses. Recognise volunteers as valued team members with opportunities to participate in relevant organisation decisions Provide mechanisms to acknowledge contributions made by volunteers.

For more information on any of the above contact

Enjoy the rest of the summer Regards Jane

Don’t forget , we have volunteer management resources for your use, give us a call, we would be happy to help. VNZ Best Practise Guidelines: for Volunteer Involving Organisations available online : 2

2nd level, 74 Grey St., Gisborne, Ph 8684522 ; email: website:


2nd level, 74 Grey St., Gisborne, Ph 8684522 ; email: website:


Community Notices
Appeal Day 14th February Finding your Skills with Careers New Zealand
Volunteering is a great way to develop work experience, learn what a job is really like, and learn something about yourself too. If you want to apply for a paid job, remember to think about including all the relevant skills you have on your CV. Through volunteering you’ll pick up many transferable skills such as team work or organisational skills. Use the Careers NZ website to help you discover your skills: They also have a wide range of tools, resources, and information for job seekers including how to write a great CV, and job interviews tips. Get your career on track with help from New Zealand’s career experts. Visit or telephone their Advice line 0800 222 733.

The Red Cross Annual Appeal week is from 10-16 March 2014 with our street appeal being Friday 14 March 2014 and we are calling on volunteers to collect, please let us know if you can help.

Cancer Society - Be Sun Smart
New Zealand has the highest rate of melanoma skin cancer in the world. Given the clear skies and hot days Gisborne has had recently it is timely for a reminder about being Sun Smart. The good news is you can reduce your chances of developing skin cancer by doing the following four things    

Slip on some sun-protective clothing Slop on SPF30+ sunscreen Slap on a hat and Wrap on sunglasses!

The Gisborne Herald

16-17 March 2014

Upcoming Event : Chinese/Asian Inspired Cuisine Cooking Evening, Tuesday 29th April @ 7pm Mayor Meng Foon and Taan Suwanduang will be cooking. Food tasting and refreshments included Tickets $15, Proceeds to Gisborne East Coast Cancer Society Ph 867 1795 to reserve your ticket, Limited tickets available

An opportunity to engage thousands of future employees and young people seeking career or training information and advice.

Come and see our display showing how

Opening hours for Information and Equipment for sale or hire: Have you got a creative project you are wanting funding for? Creative Communities Scheme applications close 28 February, 2014 for projects that begin after 1 April, 2014. Forms available from GVC office or Gisborne District Council. Monday to Friday 9.00am—5pm NASC available by phone from 8.30am

3 3
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GVC Notices

Volunteer Positions
Driver required to collect and drop of parents and young children to Kaiti YMCA, morning and afternoon options available Adult literacy programme support person, based in Kaiti area, programme assists in literacy and life skills, co coordinator would appreciate help with running programme, flexible day and times available. Customer service officers to meet and greet steam train travellers ensure passengers are safe on train and generally talk to passengers. Youth activities volunteer, assisting with local and possible out of town trips and camps for youth group Would you like to assist on Tuesdays serving morning tea ,joining in with interesting and fun activities with older people, group meets between 10-2pm, Be the eyes and ears of our community, camera surveillance operators needed. Clothing and goods sorters for charity shops are required Retail staff wanted for charity shops. Tutors needed to help Pacific Island students of all ages with their studies.

Do you like filling in surveys? You could be helping us to fundraise by signing up to the Buzzthe people research panel. Supporters receive email invitations to surveys and only take part when it suits them. No pesky phone calls. Register now and support Gisborne Volunteer Centre Dates for 2014 Network Meetings:

Volunteer coordinators support group
Last Tuesday of the month at 1.30pm, at Café 1874, Poverty Bay Club - Please Note change to afternoons at request of group) Feb 25th April 29th June 24th March 25th May 27th July 29th

August 26th September 30th October/November 5th International Volunteer Managers day

Field Officers meetings
First Tuesday of Month, at 2pm at Arohaina Resource Centre March 4th April 1st May 6th July 1st September 2nd November 4th June 3rd August 5th October 7th December 2nd

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Have you signed up for GigatownGis yet?
Not only would we have the fastest internet in the Southern Hemisphere, it will lead to creating awesome business opportunities, world class education choices and amazing advances in technology.

Tairawhiti Community Voice (GISCOSS)
2nd Monday of each month, 12.30pm at the BNZ Partners Building, Waipaoa Boardroom, First Floor, Customhouse St

Help Gisborne win, sign up today!

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Photos from 2013

Thanks for your help during 2013

Opening and blessing of our new office

International Volunteer Day

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Our Mission is to: Strengthen our community by providing a climate that encourages volunteering Board Members Fleur Paenga– Chairman Tim Marshall – Deputy Chair Brian Cochrane— Treasurer Dawn Gretton – Secretary Stephanie Law—Youth Representative Hans Eijdenberg Office Staff Jenny Greaves -Manager Jane Kibble – Recruitment coordinator Kay Clarke—Office Support Office hours: Street Address: Postal Address: Phone 9:00– 2.00 pm Week days Level 2, River Oaks Mews, 74 Grey St P O Box 105, Gisborne 06 8684522

Gisborne Volunteer Centre thanks our Funders and Supporters:

Email: Website: Member of Volunteering NZ

J N Williams Memorial Trust Abercorn Charitable Trust (local Masonic Lodge)
Thank you for your donation towards upgrading our computers.

Welcome to Ngati Porou Basketball and the Tairawhiti Multicultural Council who have recently registered with us. If you belong to a community group and would like to join the Gisborne Volunteer Centre, please let us know. Registration forms for organisations and people wanting to volunteer are available on our website:

Please let us know ….

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Happy Volunteering!

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Core Functions of a Volunteer Centre

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Raise the profile and promote volunteering Facilitate community connections Provide information, advice and support on volunteering Work with volunteering organisations to develop volunteering opportunities Promote and advocate for the interests of volunteers Work with organisations to develop volunteer opportunities Work with organisations to develop and maintain standards Promote management of volunteers as a profession Honour the Treaty of Waitangi

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Growing Vitality in a Volunteering Community

2nd level, 74 Grey St., Gisborne, Ph 8684522 ; email: website:


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