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Rules and Regulations Regarding E

Rules and Regulations Regarding E

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Published by: balak88 on Oct 02, 2009
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Rules and Regulations regarding E-Mail Communication - Prof.B.

Ganesh Dear Future Leaders,
This is to inform you that all my e-mail will be send to the following students only : 1. Sri Manikandan - Class Manager of I Year MA - HRM ( His Personal EMail ID ). 2. Anthony Chen - Subject Manager ( His Personal E-Mail ID ) 3. Srividhya Srinivasan - Subject Manager ( Her Personal E-Mail ID ) 4. Balakrishnan Jayakumar - Communication Manager ( His Personal EMail ID ). Besides the above mentioned E-MAIL ID of the students, all students should access to dghrmanagers@gmail.com on daily basis in order to update with latest information from me. Failure to access to dghrmanagers@gmail.com by any student is his or her risk and responsibility. Student cannot claim their ignorance as a matter of right about non-access to dghrmanagers@gmail.com. Students are advised to access to ' dghrmanagers@gmail.com ' - so do not send any personal questions regarding academics to my e-mail id because all the information are clearly mentioned or briefed and are available at ' dghrmanagers@gmail,com '. Students should Comply to the Rules and Regulations. Let us Practice Management Principles and Philosophies Best Wishes Prof.B.Ganesh

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