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Google SEO

Google SEO

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Published by Boris Loukanov
Hobo guide to Google SEO
Hobo guide to Google SEO

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Published by: Boris Loukanov on Oct 02, 2009
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• Google Pagerank is for pages, not sites
• Pages have a certain amount of PR they can give to other pages
• It's been theorised a page donates PR, it doesn't leak PR
• Some think sites may 'bleed' PR through the natural process of linking out to other


• Instead of internal pages getting PR, these external pages share in it too meaning less
PR for your pages
Don't worry about linking to trusted sites - the benefits of linking out to a
neighbourhood of trusted sites outweighs the pros of hoarding your Google PR
• Do ensure your site structure is adequately spreading most of your PR to your pages
• Keep in mind Google Google deals with Nofollow links has changed.

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