Every morning is the same routine, Wake up, wash an get resse Wa!k out on the "a#k patio $n wait %or the rest

When a!! ha arrive , She raises her hea to the sky with thanks, Go ha given her another ay, To spen in her %ami!y’s ranks

This is our #hi! o% Go , Given to us with a supreme message &e sure to !ove an a ore her, Ti!! she %o!!ows the heaven!y passage

In her hea a ep!ete "rain, One that has !ess "!oo vesse!s than suppose to "e How !ong she ha on this earth, The o#tors a!! say we’!! have to see

$n the "rave part o% a!! o% this, Is that Gra#ie knows that &ut she #ontinua!!y gives thanks to the Lor , 'or not taking her an giving "a#k

She te!!s the Lor she is he!ping him, (ass on his #ourage, !ove an a miration That her %ami!y is !earning, what %ami!ies are a!! a"out, $n that to Gra#ie is g!ori%i#ation

She knows one ay she wi!! not appear in the "a#kyar , That someone wou! investigate They wou! see Gra#ie ha to %!y away with the ange!s, To the heaven a"ove where they #ongregate

&ut unti! that %ate%u! ay, Gra#ie assures every"o y she knows To give thanks to Go a"ove, in whom they shou! appre#iate, $n every morning, in her %ami!y, inspiration grows

"y Tim Thayer

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