Cardiff Sufi Group: The Spiritual Journey, Week 10

Weekly Readings

The Passion of the Way/Supplication

Welcome to the Cardiff Sufi group, part of the Threshold Society. This week’s readings e plore the passion of the way and supplication. We suggest this four step approach to working with this selection! • • • • Read this selection, out loud if possi"le, se#en times. $well upon the phrase or sentence that touches you. %sk yourself what rele#ance or application this has to yourself. &inally, sit in the afterglow of these reflections and open yourself to whate#er new insight or message the $i#ine might ha#e for you.

Te t 'ne
The real work "elongs to someone who desires (od and has se#ered himself from e#ery other work. The rest are like children who play together till it gets dark for these few short days. 'r like someone who awakes and springs up, still drowsy, and then is lulled "ack to sleep "y the suggestion of an e#il nurse! )(o to sleep, my darling, * won’t let anyone distur" your slum"er’. *f you are wise, you, yourself, will tear up your slum"er "y the roots, like the thirsty man who heard the noise of the water. (od says to you, )* am the noise of the water in the ears of the thirsty+ * am rain falling from hea#en. Spring up, lo#er, show some e citement, -ow can you hear the sound of water and then fall "ack asleep,’ ./.01/20345

Te t Two
' 6ou who make demands within me like an em"ryo, since 6ou are the one who makes the demand, make its fulfillment easy+ Show the way, help me, 'r else relin7uish 6our claim and take this "urden from me, Since from a de"tor 6ou’re demanding gold, gi#e him gold in secret, ' rich 8ing, .9.:;3<2:;345

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