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WEEKLY WEATHER CONDITION M 2/10 T 2/11 W 2/12 TH 2/13 F 2/14

Partly Cloudy
C= 8/20 F= 46/68

Partly Cloudy
C= 12/21 F= 53/70

C= 11/26 F= 51/79

Some Rain
C= 6/18 F= 43/65

Mostly Sunny
C= 5/18 F= 41/66

SPRING SEMESTER 2014 February 7, 2014


After Class ELP Activities
Monday 2/10 Trivia: Valentines Day Soccer 4:00-6:00pm Tuesday 2/11 Valentines Day decorations Wednesday 2/12 Tutoring Thursday 2/13 Speaking Club Friday 2/14 Valentines Singing Telegrams! WEEKLY PHOTOS Trivia: Famous Places

STUDENT OF THE WEEK Carmen Diaz Honduras

If you signed a Promissory note, the payment is due on February 14.

Winter Olympics

Studious, helpful, Sweet And Punctual. Taylor Manor Trip

Hang Out Activity:

Who wants to be a millionaire

Professional Soccer Game!!!

Watch the Winter Olympics! Opening ceremonies starts today! Here is a schedule of all the different events and dates.

Speaking Club
When: Feb 12 Where: Ever bank Field