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DATE: November 8th 2012 TIME: 9:00 10:15 DURATION: 75 min. CLASS (Grade or Cycle): Grade 3 SCHOOL: Akiva School

- Students will be able to identify the main characteristics of key characters using information from the text Students will be able to use information from the text to make predictions about the story


English Language Arts Competencies: - To read and listen to literary, popular and information-based texts - To use language to communicate and learn Cross- Curricular Competencies : - Exercises critical judgement - Adopts effective work methods - Too cooperate with others - Communicates appropriately - Multiple copies of Grandpa Chatterji by Jamila Gavin - SMART Board - Guided Questions packages - Whole class - Individual work - One small group (approx. 6 students)



10 min

LESSON Introduction - Display a picture of the cover of Grandpa Chatterji on the SMART Board. - Ask students who they think the main character might be. - Ask students where they think he might come from. - Ask students to predict who some of the other characters might be. - Ask students to predict what they think the story might be about. Development - Read the first chapter aloud to the class - Discuss the first chapter with the class and ask questions such as: - What type of character is Grandpa Leicester? What words are used to describe him? - How does the family react when they hear he is coming to stay? - How does the family react when they hear Grandpa Chatterji is coming to stay? - How do the children feel about Grandpa Chatterji at the end of the chapter? How do you know this? - What do you think will happen next?

20 min


5 min

35 min 5 min

LESSON Closure/Transition - Explain to students that they will read chapters 2 and 3 on their own and answer questions. The majority of the class will do this work independently. I will sit on the floor with a small group that needs more guidance. This small group had the opportunity to preview the book at home with their parents We will read the questions first and then read through the next chapters together. We will share and discuss our answers to the questions. I will simultaneously be keeping an eye on the rest of the students to ensure they are staying on task - Remind students to look up any words they dont know in the dictionary - Have student volunteers assist in handing out books and packages - Allow time for students to work independently or in their small group and answer the questions. - Have students place their package into their writing folder. - Have student volunteers collect the books. - Allow students to get their snacks and prepare for recess

Reflection: My supervisor was skeptical about how this lesson would go because the students were going to have to work very independently. However, they did a fantastic job! I was able to work quietly with my small group that needed more guidance, while the rest of the class stayed on task at their desks. If a student raised their hand I would leave the small group to answer their questions, but there seemed to be a strong understanding amongst the students that those at their desks were being trusted to work independently and those at the front with me were truly in need of my assistance. I could see a lot of mutual respect among the students as friends and classmates and upon reading the students responses to the guided reading questions and observing the way the small group worked together, it is clear to me that the lesson objectives were met.



Grandpa Chatterji Guided Questions Chapters 2 3

Chapter Two 1. What sound does Neetu hear in the morning? ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ 2. What is Grandpa doing in the garden? ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ 3. What ingredients does Grandpa need to make the pooris? ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________

Chapter Three 4. What is the difference between Indian and English fairs? ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ 5. How do we know Grandpa Chatterji is looking forward to the fair? ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ 6. How does he behave at the fair? ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ 7. Do you think that Grandpa and Sanjay really enjoyed the rocket ride? Why do you think that? ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________

8. Why does Grandpa stand on his head? ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ 9. Draw a picture of Grandpa Chatterji. Label it using words from the story.


What do you think will happen next?

______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________