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PEW 105.02



WARNING : The training materials contained in this manual are the property of the Saudi Arabian Oil Company (Saudi Aramco) and are intended for the exclusive use of Saudi Aramco employees enrolled in advanced inspection training courses. Any material contained in this manual which is not already in the public domain may not be copied reproduced sold given or disclosed to third parties or otherwise used in whole or in part for the purposes other than the use in Saudi Aramco!s "rofessional #ngineering and Technical $evelopment courses without the prior written permission of the Chief #ngineer of Saudi Aramco




DATE 12/00







MODULE COMPONENT Objectiv e s Int !"# cti !n Use $n" St! $% e !& M$te i$'s Exercise #1 Hazardo s Ma!eria"s #or$ Aid #1 Hazardo s Ma!eria"s Exercise #2 %si&' !(e MS)S Exercise #3 Sa+e!, Re- ire.e&!s C! !si!n Envi !n ( e n t $ ' C!n"iti!ns

PAGE 1 2 3 10 12 1* 1/ 10 2*

Exercise #* %si&' !(e S"i&' Ps,c(ro.e!er 30 #or$ Aid #* %si&' !(e S"i&' Ps,c(ro.e!er 31 Exercise #/ %si&' !(e 2a& Ps,c(ro.e!er #or$ Aid #/ %si&' !(e 2a& Ps,c(ro.e!er Exercise #3 %si&' S r+ace T(er.o.e!er #or$ Aid #3 %si&' S r+ace T(er.o.e!er Exercise # 4 %si&' )e5 Poi&! C(ar!s #or$ Aid # 4 %si&' )e5 Poi&! C(ar!s Exercise # 0 %si&' Ps,c(ro.e!er C(ar!s #or$ Aid # 0 %si&' Ps,c(ro.e!er C(ar!s #or$ Aid #1 %si&' Ca"c "a!or S# &$c e C!n"iti!n Ins)ecti! n #or$ Aid #10 )e'ree o+ R s! #or$ Aid #11 %si&' 6TA A&a",sis 6i! #or$ Aid #12 %si&' I&s7ec!io& 2or.s G'!ss$ * 30 31 3* 33 *0 *1 *2 *3 *3 *4 /0 /1 /3 /*


i&a!io& A&a". a&d (ea"!( re.7"is( !(e Ter.e&!s +or !(e s!ora'e o+ coa!i&' .i&a!io&< )e!er. +or 8"as! c"ea&i&'< 2i"" o ! +or.ire.ECTIVES %7o& s!a&dards E NA+LING O +.a!eria"s< Ide&!i+.ECTIVES I& order !o acco.i7. s 8s!ra!e de+ec!s a&d r s! 'rades o+ s r+aces %se !(e 6TA S r+ace Co&!a.od "e !(e Par!ici7a&! 5i"" 8e a8"e !o sa+e".i&a" O8>ec!i=e !(e Par!ici7a&! 5i"" 8e a8"e !o? • • • • • Ex7"ai& !(e sa+e!.PEW-105.i&e a.s +or s r+ace co&di!io&/7re97re7ara!io& i&s7ec!io&< se a&d 1 .e&!: . 7er+or.8ie&! co&di!io&s a&d s i!a8i"i!.a!eria": a&d e&=iro&. !(e i&s7ec!io&s "is!ed 8e"o5 7rior !o s r+ace 7re7ara!io& as 7rescri8ed 8.: C: ): !(e S!ee" S!r c! res Pai&!i&' Co &ci" SSPC9VIS91: NACE RP0140: a&d Tes!i&'/Meas ri&' I&s!r . SAES9H9102: a&d SAES9H9100 si&' !(e S5edis( P(o!o'ra7(ic S!a&dards A: .co s!a&dards A 7re97re7ara!io& i&s7ec!io& !o de!er.02 PARTICIPANT O BJECTIVES TERMINAL O+.e&!s< • • A s 8s!ra!e co&di!io& i&s7ec!io& i& accorda&ce 5i!( SSPC a&d Sa di Ara.e&!a" co&di!io&s i& accorda&ce 5i!( SSPC a&d Sa di Ara.sis 6i! !o !es! +or s r+ace co&!a.i&e !(e 7ro7er e.7"e!io& o+ !(is .

5or$ 8e'i&s so !(a! (e (as a s!ar!i&' 7oi&! 8.7are !(e +i&a" res "!s o+ !(e s r+ace 7re7ara!io& 5or$< T-e sec!n" )# )!s e &! t-e ins)ecti! n is t! est$ b'is envi !n ( e n t $ ' c!n"iti!ns ) i! t! st$ tin % /! 0 ! )!siti!ni n% e1#i) ( e n t .PEW-105.a&7o5er are .site $n" t-$t t-e )e s! n n e ' $ssi% n e " t! t-e j!b $ e ce ti&ie" &! !)e $ti !n !& t-e e1#i) ( e n t . Ti. c( r s! a&d corrosio& is 7rese&! 8e+ore a&.02 PARTICIPANT INFORMATION INTRODUCTION T(ere are !(ree 7 r7oses +or !(e s r+ace co&di!io& a&d 7re9 7re7ara!io& i&s7ec!io&< T-e &i st is t! "ete (i n e t-e c!n"iti!n !& t-e s# &$c e be&! e $n* c!$tin% ($t e i $' is $))'ie".o=ed !o !(e >o8 si!e a&d !(e 5or$ is !(e& 7 ! o& (o"d 8eca se o+ &+a=ora8"e e&=iro&.e a&d . 5(ic( (e ca& co. T(e I&s7ec!or &eeds !o $&o5 (o5 .o&e. 2 . are 5as!ed i+ e.e&!a" co&di!io&s< T-e t-i " )# )!s e &! t-e ins)e cti! n is t! ve i&* t-$t ) !)e c'e$ ni n% $n" s$&et * e1#i) ( e n t $ e !n.i7.e&! a&d .

ade i& s(i77i&' a&d !(e a77"ica!ors co "d easi".a&ce o+ 5or$< T(ese 7rod c!s 7rese&! (ea"!( a&d sa+e!.PEW-105.a'ed 7rod c!s are sed: !(e coa!i&' .a!eria"s: es7ecia"". o& a "ar'e a77"ica!io& >o8< T(is is 8eca se errors ca& 8e .a!eria"s s7eci+ied +or s r+ace 7re7ara!io& . s! 8e s!ored a&d sed accordi&' !o sa+e!.a.8er !(a! are de!ai"ed i& !(e s7eci+ica!io&< I! is i.7or!a&! !o c(ec$ a"" co&!ai&ers: es7ecia"". i+ !(e . s! 8e 7ro7er".a$e !(e. s! 8e o& si!e a&d c(ec$ed 8.a!eria" a&d !(e "a8e" o& !(e co&!ai&er are !(e sa. (azard i&=o"=ed a&d !(e s(e"+ "i+e da!e< 3 .i&e !(e "e=e" o+ sa+e!.a'e !(e 7rod c!s a&d . sed a&d s!ored d ri&' 7er+or. +ai"< T(ere+ore: a"" 7rod c!s s7eci+ied +or se d ri&' a 'i=e& coa!i&' >o8 . s!a&dards a&d 7roced res< I. (azards< T(ere+ore: !(e. s! c(ec$ !(e "a8e"s o& !(e co&!ai&ers !o de!er.7ro7er s!ora'e ca& a"so da.e co"or< Read !(e "a8e" !o de!er.a!eria" 8ears !(e desi'&a!io& a&d & . . se !(ese 5ro&' .02 PARTICIPANT INFORMATION USE AND STORAGE OF MATERIALS T(e .i&e 5(e!(er or &o! !(e . & sa8"e< I+ o !da!ed or da. !(e I&s7ec!or 7rior !o !(e s!ar! o+ !(e >o8< T(e I&s7ec!or .

=o"a!i"e a&d 5i"" ex7"ode< I& Sa di Ara. o+ a&. These rules must be strongly enforced by the Inspector in any area where flammable coating materials are stored or used. coa!i&' a&d c"ea&i&' .os! cases< 4 . ex7"ode< Warning: The "No Smoking" rule must be strictly observed..02 PARTICIPANT INFORMATION USE AND STORAGE OF MATERIALS S$&et * F$ct! s (CONT2D) Coa!i&' .a!eria"s s(o "d a"5a. !i.a8"e so"=e&!s i& .s 8e s!ored i& a 5e""9=e&!i"a!ed area o ! o+ !(e +aci"i!ies: &o&9 +"a.a!eria"s are =er. Ma&. +" !(e s7eci+ica!io& +or s r+ace c"ea&"i&ess 5i"" ca"" +or so"=e&! c"ea&i&' i& accorda&ce 5i!( SSPC9SP91< S!'ven t is #se" &! c'e$ni n% !i'3 % e$s e $n" !t-e ! %$ nic c!()! # n " s 3 !n'*. =o"a!i"e a&d .PEW-105.e so"=e&!s are =er.a8"e de!er'e&! (as 8ee& s 8s!i! !ed +or +"a. So.s o+ !(e s &< Ma&.es: s7ar$s a&d !(e direc! ra.a.

e&! 7ro!ec!i=e c"o!(i&' s7ecia" 7er.PEW-105. +ac!ors . re7or!i&' &sa+e 7rac!ices +o""o5i&' !(e sa+e!. .i!s Bo s(o "d $&o5? • • • sa+e 7rac!ices "oca!io& o+ !(e +irs! aid s!a!io&s "oca!io& o+ !(e &eares! !e"e7(o&e 5 . re. )a!a S(ee! @MS)SA 2or .o are res7o&si8"e +or? • • • • .a.o r o5& sa+e!.ire? • • • • (ard (a!s 8rea!(i&' e.o .02 PARTICIPANT INFORMATION USE AND STORAGE OF MATERIALS S$&et * F$ct! s (C!nt2 ") (CONT2D) Sa+e!.o r sa+e!.i7. r "es &ders!a&di&' !(e Ma!eria" Sa+e!.

o e&!er a&.a!io& S7ecia" 7reca !io&s .+ " "i.sica" da!a 2ire a&d ex7"osio& (azard Hea"!( (azard da!a Reac!i=i!.a. 8e da&'ero s".e+ore .02 PARTICIPANT INFORMATION USE AND STORAGE OF MATERIALS S$&et * F$ct! s (C!nt2 ") (CONT2D) Un"e st $ n "i n % t-e MSDS T(e MS)S is di=ided i&!o se=era" 8"oc$s (Addendum page1) • • • • • • • • • • )is!ri8 !or (eadi&' Prod c! Ide&!i+ica!io& Hazardo s i&'redie&!s P(.e&! s(o "d 8e s! died !o de!ec! (azards s c( as? • • • • T(e co&ce&!ra!io&s o+ &oxio s + . "o5 6 .ids excessi=e (ea! co&di!io&s areas 5(ere ox. da!a S7i"" or "ea$ 7roced re S7ecia" 7ro!ec!io& i&+or.'e& co&!e&! o+ !(e air . 7"a&! area: !(e 5or$i&' e&=iro&.es T(e 7rese&ce o+ s7"as( or s7i""a'e o+ (ar.PEW-105.

e!er< T(is de=ice o7era!es 8.i&ed "e=e"C a co"or c(a&'e i&dica!es !(a! !(e 'as "e=e"s are a! @or a8o=eA !(e "e=e"< I! is i.7: a&d !(e &i! co. 8e re.o&i!or !(e a!. occ rs< 7 .7or!a&! !(a! !(e a!. Loss Pre=e&!io&: a&d !(e )ra'er ! 8es (a=e 8ee& se! 7 accordi&'".e!er !o $&o5 5(a! 'ases are $&o5& !o 8e a 7ro8"e.7ica"".i7.< T.7ressed a s7eci+ic & .8 s!i8"e 'ases a&d ox.ica" i&dica!or i&side< T(e ! 8e is sea"ed i&i!ia"".02 PARTICIPANT INFORMATION USE AND STORAGE OF MATERIALS S$&et * F$ct! s (C!nt2 ") (CONT2D) #(ere !(ese co&di!io&s exis!: !(e. +i=e< T(e cr.s!a"s i& !(e ! 8e are !(e& exa.'e& de+icie&c. i.7"i&' .7"e o+ a si&'"e sa. 8rea$i&' eac( e&d< I! is !(e& 7"aced i& !(e )ra'er 7 .7or!a&! 5i!( !(e )ra'er .e&!< T(ere are de=ices !(a! . .< I! is a"so =er. s! 8e correc!ed 8e+ore a&.os7(ere +or !(e 7rese&ce o+ !oxic 'ases: co.ired !o 5ear 7erso&a" 7ro!ec!i=e e.o&e is 7er.os7(ere 8e !es!ed i& !(e area 5(ere 5or$ ac! a"".es: s a"".8er o+ !i.i!!ed !o e&!er: or .PEW-105. 7 ""i&' air @a&d o!(er 'asesA !(ro '( a '"ass ! 8e 5(ic( (as a 7re9se! c(e.i&ed 8.a.i&ed +or a&. co"or c(a&'e< No co"or c(a&'e i&dica!es !(a! !(e 'as "e=e"s 5(ic( are 8ei&' !es!ed are 8e"o5 !(e 7re9de!er.o .: 8 ! 7re7ared +or se 8.< O&e exa.e!er is !(e )ra'er .: !(ese "e=e"s (a=e 8ee& de!er.

is Ta8"e / o+ !(e SSPC Pai&! Ma& a": Vo"< 1< T(is !a8"e s(o5s !(a! !(e .8ie&! !e.8ie&! !e. "o5 +"as( 7oi&!< T(is . ca&s (a=e +"a. "a!ed =a7or !o esca7e s"o5". !o 7re=e&! a& ex7"osio&< 8 .e arres!ors a! 8o!( o7e&i&'s a&d a 7ress re re"ease =e&!< T(e =e&! a""o5s a&. acc . "ess da&'ero s !(a& .i&era" s7iri!s 5i!( a .drocar8o&s s(a"" not 8e sed +or c"ea&i&' &der a&.a. &der care+ "".7era! re is "ess !(a& 00 2< Hi'( +"as( a"i7(a!ic . .i&era" s7iri!s< T(ere+ore .i&era" s7iri!s 5i!( a +"as( 7oi&! o+ o=er 1*0 2 s(o "d 8e sed 5(e& !(e a.s!a&ces< A"" so"=e&!s !(a! are &o! i& s(i77i&' co&!ai&ers .i&era" s7iri!s are 'e&era"".PEW-105.i'(! i&c" de ca&o7ies !o s(ade !(e area a&d +a&s a&d/or coo"i&' de=ices !o "o5er !(e s r+ace !e. +"as( 7oi&! o+ 100 2 s(o "d 8e sed +or 'e&era" 7 r7oses 5(e& a.8ie&! !e.a!eria" is !(e !e. 8e sed o&".co s!a&dard SAES9H9102: (Addendum Page 7) Para<*<1<3: s!a!es !(a! so"=e&!s a&d 7ai&!s s(a"" &o! 8e a77"ied !o s r+aces o=er 00C @14/ 2A i+ 7rac!ica" a"!er&a!i=es exis!< T(ese 7rac!ica" a"!er&a!i=es . co&!ro""ed co&di!io&s< SAES9H9102: Para'ra7( *<*<3<1: a"so s!a!es !(a! 8e&ze&e: 'aso"i&e: car8o& !e!rac("oride a&d c("ori&a!ed (.02 PARTICIPANT INFORMATION USE AND STORAGE OF MATERIALS S$&et * F$ct! s (C!nt2 ") (CONT2D) O& Addendum Page 5 .i&i. . s! 8e $e7! i& a& OSHA a77ro=ed co&!ai&er "i$e !(e o&e s(o5& i& 2i' re 1< T(ese sa+e!.7era! re is o=er 1/ 2< Sa di Ara. circ .7era! re ex7ressed i& 5(ic( +ire a&d ex7"osio& are 7ossi8"e i& !(e 7rese&ce o+ a so rce o+ i'&i!io&< T(e (azard o+ a +ire is 'rea!er +or !(e "o5er +"as( 7oi&!s< T(e VMDP &a7(!(a (as a "o5er +"as( 7oi&! !(a& .os! =o"a!i"e so"=e&!s are !(e o&es 5i!( !(e "o5es! +"as( 7oi&!< 2"as( 7oi&! +or a 'i=e& .a!eria" s(o "d 8e a=oided< Ace!o&e is =er.i&i.7era! re< Loo$ do5& !(e !a8"e !o ace!o&e !(a! (as a =er.7era! re is 8e!5ee& 00 2 !o 1/ 2< Hea=. da&'ero s !o 8rea!(e a&d . +"as( 7oi&! o+ 120 2 s(o "d 8e sed 5(e& !(e a. .os! &a7(!(aEs< Mi&era" 8ase s7iri!s ca""ed a"i7(a!ics: 5i!( a .


a!e =e&!i"a!io& is o&e 7reca !io& !(a! s(o "d 8e !a$e& 5(e& 5or$i&' 5i!( so"=e&!s< aA Tr e 8A 2a"se 4< Hea!9resis!a&! 7ai&!s ca& 8e +"a. !o s!a!e< aA Tr e 8A 2a"se 10 . o& (o! o8>ec!s< aA Tr e 8A 2a"se &"i$e".a8"e i& !(eir "i.i"iar 5i!( !(e 7o!e&!ia" (azards o+ a 7rod c! is 8. readi&' !(e "a8e" a&d 7ac$a'i&' . dis!i""a!es: &a7!(as: .i&era" s7iri!s a&d $e!o&es are i&or'a&ic so"=e&!s< aA Tr e 8A 2a"se *< Or'a&ic so"=e&!s ca& 8e sed sa+e".. si'&i+ica&! ad=erse (ea"!( e++ec!s< aA Tr e 8A 2a"se 3< Ade.ic$es! 5a.02 PARTICIPANT INFORMATION E4e cis e 5 6$7$ "! # s M$te i$'s A/$ e n e s s our Using Work Aid 1. Information Sheets and the MSDS in Addendum find the ans!ers to the fo""o!ing #uestions 1< T(e . ex7os re !o or'a&ic so"=e&!s is a&.PEW-105. !o ca se /< E=e& "o&'9!er.a!eria"< aA Tr e 8A 2a"se 2< A 7rod c!Fs MS)S 5i"" "is! !(e 7o!e&!ia" ac !e a&d c(ro&ic (ea"!( a++ec!s o+ o=erex7os re< aATr e 8A 2a"se 3< Pe!ro"e .e +a.

< aA Tr e 8A 2a"se 11 .PEW-105.ed i& a =e&!i"a!ed 7ai&! 8oo!(< aA Tr e 8A 2a"se 1< 10< T(e i&(a"a!io& o+ air8or&e as8es!os +i8ers ca& ca se ca&cer o+ !(e "i&i&' o+ !(e c(es! a&d a8do.a!eria" is a 5as!e o+ !i. (azardo s . 7ai&!i&' s(o "d 8e 7er+or.e a&d s(o "d 8e a=oided i+ 7ossi8"e< aA Tr e 8A 2a"se S7ra.i&a" ca=i!.02 PARTICIPANT INFORMATION E4e cise 5 6$7$ "!# s M$te i$'s A/$ e n e s s (C!nt2") 0< G es!io&i&' a& area s 7er=isor a8o ! !(e 7rese&ce o+ a 7o!e&!ia"".

hea"th ha(ards.02 PARTICIPANT INFORMATION W! 0 Ai" 5 6$7$ "!# s M$te i$'s A/$ e n e s s $his Work Aid !i"" assist the Parti%ipant re&ie! the topi% 'a(ardous Materia"s A!areness as seen in the )oss Pre&ention *ideo+ Re vi e w : • $here are three primar routes through !hi%h a ha(ardous su.e" and pa%kaging materia" ma .reathing $here are t!o t pes of hea"th effe%ts a ha(ardous su.efore the s mptoms are re%ogni(ed+ 0eading the "a.e" and pa%kaging materia" is one of the #ui%kest !a s to identif a potentia" ha(ardous materia"+ 'o!e&er. .PEW-105. "a. Inha"ation or .od .ase) in their "i#uid state.od and chronic effe c t s are those ad&erse rea%tions that genera"" o%%ur after repeated e/posure. !hi%h ma take months or e&en ears . safe hand"ing pro%edures as !e"" as other essentia" information+ $he most %ommon ph si%a" ha(ard that is present in paints and so"&ents is f"amma.e used on hot surfa%es or near open f"ames or an other sour%e of ignition+ • • • • • 12 . ha&e a "o! f"ash point and are therefore f"amma.stan%e ma %ause.acut e eff e ct s are those !hi%h ha&e an immediate effe%t on the .e re&ie!ed for %omprehensi&e information+ $he MSDS is a %omprehensi&e do%ument.onta%t !ith skin or e es.Ingestion or s!a""o!ing.e in%omp"ete+ $he produ%t1s MSDS shou"d a"!a s . first aid and emergen% response information. !hi%h in%"udes detai"ed information on a produ%ts ph si%a" %hara%teristi%s."e+ Paints and so"&ents shou"d not .stan%e %an enter the . e&en f"ame2 resistant paints (%ontaining antimon o/ide .i"it .

estos and fi.estos has the potentia" to %ause %an%er of the "ining of the %hest and a.domina" %a&it %ommon" kno!n as as.e re#uired to !ork in a !ide range of en&ironments and t!o materia"s ou ma en%ounter are as.02 PARTICIPANT INFORMATION W! 0 Ai" 5 6$7$ "!# s M$te i$'s A/$ e n e s s (C!nt2" ) • 3/posure to organi% so"&ent &apors ma %ause %hroni% or "ong2 term effe%ts su%h as damage to the "i&er or kidne s.PEW-105. skin %onta%t o&er a pro"onged period of time ma %ause dermatitis+ Sin%e most ad&erse hea"th effe%ts are %aused ."e oi" remo&es man paints effe%ti&e" + 3po/ resins are used in man %oating app"i%ations+ • • • PP3 (Personne" Prote%ti&e 3#uipment) as per Saudi Aram%o 3ngineering Standard+ 13 . &egeta. the !ork area shou"d a"!a s .estosis or mesothe"ioma+ 5i.e treated as su%h+ Do not use so"&ents to remo&e paint produ%ts from the skin."asting . o&ere/posure to &apors.erg"ass+ As.ooth+ A&oid inha"ing dust generated !hen sand .e performed in a &enti"ated .erg"ass has re%ent" %ome under %onsideration as a potentia"" ha(ardous materia" and must therefore . %orre%t respirator e#uipment+ using the • • • 4ou ma .e !e"" &enti"ated+ Spra painting shou"d a"!a s .

a!eria"s do .o do i+ .o 'e! !(is 7rod c! i& .PEW-105. s! 8e 5or&H 14 .02 PARTICIPANT INFORMATION E4e cise 8 Usin% t-e MSDS Use the samp"e MSDS "o%ated on Addendum page 1 to %omp"ete the fo""o!ing #uestions+ 1< #(a! is !(e +"as( 7oi&!H 2< #(a! .o r e.o &o! 5a&! !o .7e o+ '"o=es .ix 5i!( !(is 7rod c!H 3< #(a! .esH *< #(a! !. s! .

02 PARTICIPANT INFORMATION E4e cise 9 S$&et * Re1#i e ( e n t s Use Addendum page 5 to ans!er the fo""o!ing #uestions+ 1< #(ic( so"=e&! i& !(e !a8"e is . !o ca se a +ire or ex7"osio&H 2< #(ic( so"=e&! is !(e "eas! "i$e"." Ace!a!eH *< #(ic( 5o "d 8e sa+er !o seC E!(. !o ca se +ire or ex7"osio& 5i!( !(e exce7!io& o+ !(ose !(a! (a=e &o +"as( 7oi&!H 3< #(a! is !(e +"as( 7oi&! o+ E!(.eH 15 ." Ace!a!e or Mi&era" S7iri!sH /< #(a! is !(e TLV o+ Mi&era" S7iri!sH 3< #o "d a 5or$er 8e sa+er 8rea!(i&' Na7!(a or Ace!o&e +or a& ex!e&ded 7eriod o+ !i.os! "i$e".PEW-105.

i&' is i& 7ro'ress< 8A so"=e&! c"ea&i&' or 8r s( 7ai&!i&' is i& 7ro'ress i& a co&+i&ed s7ace (a=i&' a =o" .PEW-105.o$i&' a&d/or !(e se o+ o7e& +"a. i& desi'&a!ed sa+e areas< &e=er i&side =esse"s< 8o!( o+ !(e a8o=e< 10< A"" e"ec!rica" "i'(!i&' a&d e.e o+ "ess !(a& 13 c 8ic . a"" 7erso&&e" i&side co&+i&ed s7aces 5(e&e=er? aA 8"as!i&' or s7ra.02 PARTICIPANT INFORMATION E4e cise 9 S$&et * Re1#i e ( e n t s (C!nt2") Use SA3S2'2167 in order to ans!er the fo""o!ing #uestions+ 4< So"=e&!s a&d 7ai&!s s(a"" &o! 8e a77"ied !o s r+aces 5ar.i7. !o? aA ANSI 8A NEC cA ASME dA NACE 12< 2orced =e&!i"a!io& s(a"" 8e is i& 7ro'ress< aA sed i& co&+i&ed s7aces 5(e&e=er IIIII cA 7ai&!i&' dA a"" o+ !(e a8rasi=e 8"as!i&' 8A so"=e&! c"ea&i&' a8o=e 13< Na! ra" =e&!i"a!io& ca& 8e s 8s!i! !ed +or +orced =e&!i"a!io& i& co&+i&ed s7aces< aATr e 8A 2a"se 16 .es s(a"" 8e 7er.i!!ed? aA 8A cA o&".e&! s(a"" co&+or.e!ers< cA 8o!( o+ !(e a8o=e< 1< !(a&III i+ 7rac!ica" a"!er&a!i=es exis!< aA 002 8A 00C cA 1202 0< Air"i&e (oods s(a"" 8e 5or& 8.

e&! is re.drocar8o&s s(a"" &o! 8e sed +or so"=e&! c"ea&i&'< aA Tr e 8A 2a"se c("ori&a!ed 1/< #(a! 7erso&a" 7ro!ec!i=e e.i7.ired !o 8e 5or& or sed d ri&' so"=e&! c"ea&i&' 5(e& 5or$i&' o !doorsH aA 8A cA c(e.ica" car!rid'e res7ira!or +ace s(ie"d a&d r 88er '"o=es ear 7ro!ec!io& dA a"" o+ !(e a8o=e 13< #(a! 7erso&a" 7ro!ec!i=e e.PEW-105.ica" car!rid'e res7ira!or 8A +ace s(ie"d cA r 88er '"o=es dA a"" o+ !(e a8o=e 17 .02 PARTICIPANT INFORMATION E4e cise 9 S$&et * Re1#i e ( e n t s (C!nt2") 1*< .ired !o 8e 5or& or sed d ri&' so"=e&! c"ea&i&' 5(e& 5or$i&' i& a co&+i&ed s7aceH aA c(e.e&ze&e: 'aso"i&e: car8o& !e!rac("oride: a&d (.i7.e&! is re.

02 PARTICIPANT INFORMATION CORROSION A 8asic &ders!a&di&' o+ !(e corrosio& 7rocess 5i"" (e"7 . o=er i!s e&!ire s r+ace< I+ a&odes a&d ca!(odes re.PEW-105.o 5i"" 8e res7o&si8"e +or e&+orci&'< .id !(a! co&d c!s e"ec!rici!.ai& i& !(e sa.e!a": 8.. 7ro!ec!i=e coa!i&'s are sed a&d 5i"" (e"7 .a""er !(a& !(e 7oi&! o+ a 7i&< A s!ee" 7"a!e ca& (a=e .drox.e&!< Corrosio& o+ s!ee" is said !o (a=e occ rred 5(e& s!ee" r s!s: 7i!s or is o!(er5ise a!!ac$ed o+ iro& oxides @r s!A o& !(e s!ee" s r+ace< T(e a&ode disso"=es i& !(e e"ec!ro". T(e e"e%tro" te is a "i. a . 'i=e !(e a77eara&ce o+ r s!i&' &i+or.ois! re co&!ai& s." io&s res "!s i& a s r+ace "a.". s7eci+ica!io&s .o &ders!a&d 5(.!e< Par!ic"es o+ !(e a&ode: 5(ic( disso"=e: are 7osi!i=e".i""io&s o+ !(ese corrosio& ce""s a&d .s a! !(e a&odic s r+aces o+ !(e s!ee" re"ease e"ec!ro&s as 7ar! o+ !(e corrosio& circ i!< T(ese a!o.a&.a"" a.e: !(e corrosio& is "o%a"i(ed a&d 5e (a=e 7i!!i&' corrosio&< 18 .!e co&!ai&s io&s: 5(ic( are 7ar!ic"es 5i!( ei!(er a 7osi!i=e or &e'a!i=e c(ar'e< T(e e"ec!ro".e&!< F!# t-in%s (#st be ) es e n t &! c! !si!n t! !cc# .edia!e area 8ei&' &e'a!i=e".9 c(ar'ed< T(is de+i&es !(e area as a& anode < A .!e is 5a!er !(a! co&!ai&s so" 8"e sa"!s< E=e& rai&5a!er a&d a!.orrosion is !(e des!r c!io& o+ a s 8s!a&ce: s a"".e 7"ace +or a 7eriod o+ !i.< I& 7rac!ice: !(e e"ec!ro".drox.o i&!e""i'e&!". a77".ed< E"ec!ro&s +"o5 +ro.a" co&di!io&s: iro& a!o. ." io&s !(a! are 7rod ced a! !(e ca!(ode< T(e reac!io& i& !(e e"ec!ro".!e 8e!5ee& !(e +erro s io&s a&d !(e (.e 7osi!i=e +erro s io&s: 5(ic( reac! 5i!( &e'a!i=e (.s 8eco. reac!io& 5i!( i!s e&=iro&.e!a" corrodes a! !(e a&ode< T(e %athode is !(e "ess ac!i=e area o& !(e .9c(ar'ed io&s< T(e e"ec!ro&s: 5(ic( are "e+! 8e(i&d i& !(e s!ee": res "! i& !(e i. !(e a&odic area !(ro '( !(e s!ee" 7"a!e !o !(e ca!(odic area< T(is e&!ire reac!io& ca& occ r i& a& area s.e!a" s r+ace 5(ere !(e e"ec!ro&s are co&s .o &!s o+ so" 8"e sa"!s< %&der &or. T-e* $ e t-e $n!"e 3 c$t-!" e 3 e'ect !'* t e $n" (et$''ic )$t./ $ * s . !(e e&=iro&.os7(eric .

idi!.i"" sca"e +ro.02 PARTICIPANT INFORMATION CORROSION (CONT:D) Corrosio& ca& co&!i& e !o occ r o& a s!ee" s r+ace d e !o !(e 7rese&ce o+ .ois! re a&d c( 5(ic( is (arder !(a& !(e 7are&! .idi+ica!io& o+ !(e air< 19 .os7(ere: . &i+or.ois! re a&d/or s!a&di&' 5a!er ca se ra7id corrosio& !(ro '( !(e crea!io& o+ a& e"ec!ro". i! is i.o!es corrosio& a! !(e 8are s!ee" @a&odeA areas< T(is is 5(.ois! re: 5(ere8.e!a"< I+ a8raded or re.e&!: as 5e"" as i& !(e oi" a&d 'as 7rod c!io& a&d re+i&i&'< Effects of Environmental Factors on Corrosion Hi'( ( .8i&e !o +or. corrode =er.!e< S!ee" .: .e!a": a si&'"e 7"a!e ca& (a=e . (as !(ree o+ !(e +o r e"e.i"" sca"e 7ro. o+ a 8" e98"ac$ "a.e&!s &ecessar. a&odic a&d ca!(odic areas o& i!s s r+ace< S!ee" co&d c!s e"ec!rici!. s!ee" s r+aces 8e+ore a77".i""io&s o+ !i&. ac!i=e corrosio& ce""s &der !(e coa!i&' +i".: +ro.i&' a coa!i&'< #e do &o! 5a&! !o 8 r.!e< P re 5a!er is a =er. 5(e& s 8.ica"s disso"=ed i& i! i&creases< Sa"! is 7rese&! i& !(e .es 5e! +ro.!e: 5(ic( 8eco. areas o& !(e s r+ace o+ !(e 7"a!e 5(ic( di++er: e=e& i+ e=er so s"i'(!".: so a s!ee" 7"a!e 7ro=ides i!s o5& .i"" sca"e is . a& e"ec!ro". 7oor e"ec!ro".os7(ere 5i"" co.ari&e e&=iro&.ore e"ec!rica"".ed 8.o=e .!e o& !(e s r+ace o+ !(e 7"a!e< #(e& !(e 7"a!e 8eco. 8e!5ee& !(e a&odic a&d ca!(odic areas o& i!s s r+ace< T(e a&odic a&d ca!(odic areas are +or.e! s!ro&'er as !(e co&ce&!ra!io& o+ c(e.7or!a&! !o re.a.ica"s i& !(e a!.!e: 8 ! i+ c(e. .es: !(e ra!e o+ corrosio& ca& 8e s"o5ed e&=iro&. . de( .< Corrosion on Steel Structures Si&ce s!ee" is &o! a 7er+ec!". !(e ca!(odic .a&. de5 or rai&: !(e 5a!er ac!s as !(e e"ec!ro".e!a""ic 7a!(5a. disso"=e i& !(e 5a!er: crea!i&' a& e"ec!ro".o=ed: !(e . ra7id". o&es< So. eac( o!(er i& !(eir e"ec!rica" 7o!e&!ia"< T(ere+ore: s!ee" a"'ed i& 5a!er< More ( .i"" sca"e< Mi"" sca"e ca& 8e see& o& !(e s r+ace o+ &e5 iro& a&d s!ee" i& !(e +or. 7osi!i=e !(a& !(e iro& or s!ee": so i! is ca!(odic !o !(e 7are&! .PEW-105.ica" sa"!s are 7rese&!: !(e.e&!s (a=e (i'(er ra!es o+ corrosio& !(a! dr.e!a"< A corrosio& ce"" is se! 7 i& !(e 7rese&ce o+ . +or a corrosio& ce""< I+ a 8are s!ee" 7"a!e is ex7osed !o !(e a!.

PEW-105.ore ox.'e& de+icie&! e&=iro&. 8e !(a! !(e e"ec!ro".ersed co&di!io&s: i! ..!e i& co&!ac! 5i!( a&o!(er area< 20 .'e&: "i$e 5a!er: ser=es !o i&crease !(e ra!e o+ corrosio&< Corrosio& ca& !a$e 7"ace i& a& ox.02 PARTICIPANT INFORMATION Ox.!e i& co&!ac! 5i!( o&e area o+ !(e .'e& !(a& !(e e"ec!ro".e&!: 8 ! !(e ra!e o+ des!r c!io& 5i"" 8e .a. c( s"o5er< I& i.e!a" co&!ai&s .

a.ois! re !o ser=e as e"ec!ro". areas: are 'e&era"".!es< 21 .e&!: s c( as coas!a" oi" re+i&eries: is (i'(".PEW-105. "a!e corrosio&< L!/ 6#(i"it* R# $' I&"a&d r ra" 8rid'es or 7i7e"i&es: i& "o5 ( . ra7id r s!i&'< Air8or&e sa"!s: c(e.ica"s a&d 'ases ca& reac! 5i!( . a&d sea5a!er 7ro=ide e"ec!ro".02 PARTICIPANT INFORMATION CORROSION (CONT:D) Effects of Environmental Factors on Corrosion (Cont'd) T(is area 5(ere !(ere is (i'(er ox.ois! re i& !(e air !o +or.ica" sa"!s ca& ser=e !o i&crease !(e ra!e o+ corrosio&< I& "o5 !e.: a"" o+ 5(ic( ca& s!i.idi!.'e& co&ce&!ra!io& 5i"" .ica"s ca& s!i.ica"s a&d (i'( ( .idi!.7era! res: !(e corrosio& ra!e i&creases< C(e. a& e"ec!ro".e&! 7ro=ides 8o!( a& ac!i=e e"ec!ro". areas: ex7erie&ce !(e "eas! corrosi=e e&=iro&.e&!: 8eca se o+ !(e +ac! !(a! c"ea& air 7ro=ides &o co&!a.e!a" s r+ace a! !(a! 7oi&!: ca!(odic !o !(e re.idi!.!es: 5(ic( a"so s7eed 7 !(e 7rocess< C-e (i c $' in 6i%.os! se=ere e&=iro&.!e: 5(ic( 5i"" ca se !(e ra!e o+ corrosio& !o i&crease< Environment and Corrosion C-e (i c $' )'#s M$ ine T(is is !(e .idi!.idi!. "a!e corrosio&< H .'e& co&ce&!ra!io& ce"" is +or.a$e !(e .6#(i"it* M$ ine (S-i)s) T(is e&=iro&.ica" 7o"" !a&!s a&d cr de oi" associa!ed 5i!( o++s(ore dri""i&' .6#(i"it* T(is e&=iro&. ser=e !o s!i. "a!e corrosio&< 6i%. "ess corrosi=e !(a& (i'( ( .!e !(ro '( !(e 7rese&ce o+ . corrosi=e d e !o 'ases a&d c(e.7era! res: corrosio& ra!e dro7sC i& (i'(er !e.i&a&!s a&d . areas< Ho5e=er: 'ases a&d c(' s r+ace< A& ox.ed: 5(ic( ca& res "! i& ra7id corrosio&< Par!ic"es o+ c(e.e&!: res "!i&' i& =er.ois! re i& !(e air a&d a! s7"as( zo&es a&d sa"! 7ar!ic"es< In'$n" C-e (i c $' I&"a&d oi" re+i&eries: i& "o5 ( .

a. o+ 5a.os! ac!i=e .e!a"s: s c( as 'o"d or s!ai&"ess s!ee": corrode =er. 8e re+erred !o as %athodi% < 22 .o 5i"" +i&d a 'a"=a&ic series o+ . a&d o!(er e&=iro&. a&d zi&c: +or exa.e&!s o+ .e&!s< Design T(e 5a.a.itor is a s 8s!a&ce 5(ic(: 5(e& added !o a& e&=iro&..7era! re ca& a++ec! !(e order o+ !(e 'a"=a&ic series< T(e .es 8e re+erred !o as anodi% < T(e "ess ac!i=e . added i& s.i& .7"e: are said !o (a=e &e'a!i=e e"ec!rica" or corrosio& 7o!e&!ia"s< A! a.s: i&c" di&'? • • • • • • I&(i8i!ors )esi'& Ma!eria"s se"ec!io& Ca!(odic 7ro!ec!io& Pro!ec!i=e coa!i&'s A"!era!io& o+ !(e e&=iro&.e!a"s .e&! Inhibitors A %orrosion inhi.02 PARTICIPANT INFORMATION CORROSION CONTROL Corrosio& ca& 8e co&!ro""ed i& a =arie!.8ie&! co&di!io&s: !(e c(a&'e i& !e.a"" a. s"o5". or &o! a! a""< C(oosi&' a corrosio&9resis!a&! .os! easi".o&".a!eria"s i& order o+ !(eir corrosio& 7o!e&!ia"sC 5i!( .a!eria"s: a" .e!a"< Corrosio& i&(i8i!ors are co.e!i.e&! o& a . so.e .e!a"s (a=e &e'a!i=e corrosio& 7o!e&!ia"s a&d . !(a! e&=iro&.PEW-105.ica" sa"!s a&d dir! a&d a""o5s access +or coa!i&' o7era!io&s: 5i"" !e&d !o 8e "ess s sce7!i8"e !o corrosi=e a!!ac$< Materials Selection So.ois! re: c(e.e&!: decreases !(e ra!e o+ a!!ac$ 8. s7ea$i&': a desi'& 5(ic( a=oids e&!ra7. a s!r c! re is desi'&ed ca& i&+" e&ce i!s resis!a&ce !o corrosio&< Je&era"".o &!s !o acids: coo"i&' 5a!ers: s!ea. Pa'e 3: .a!eria" ca& (e"7 red ce !(e ra!e o+ corrosio&< O& Adde&d .os! ac!i=e . a&d !(e "eas! easi". corroded @ac!i=eA a! !(e 8o!!o. corroded @7assi=eA a! !(e !o7< T(e .

a.o &! o+ c rre&! re. 7ro!ec!i=e coa!i&'s ca& 8e 'rea!".e!a" is . a!!ac$ed< Cathodic Protection .a'&esi . as .i& .e&!s o+ !(e corrosio& c.e!a"s i&creases: !(e 7ossi8i"i!.os! ac!i=e or a&odic .e!a" a ca!(ode 8. c( as 11<0K +or a& ex!re.s: i&c" di&'? • • Sa%rifi%ia" %oatings : 5(ic( are ric( i& zi&c< T(e zi&c ac!s as a sacri+icia" a&ode: corrodi&' i&s!ead o+ !(e s!ee" s!r c! re< 8arrier %oatings : 5(ic( $ee7 . .02 PARTICIPANT INFORMATION CORROSION CONTROL (CONT:D) Materials Selection (Cont'd) T5o 'e&era" r "es o+ 'a"=a&ic corrosio& are? #(e& dissi. +or 'a"=a&ic corrosio& i&creases< Exa.athodi% prote%tion is !(e red c!io& o+ corrosio& 8.i"ar .ore ra7id". red ces !(e a. r & +ro. corroded: 5(i"e !(e .e .i"ar .o=es o&e o+ !(e e"e.e". assis! i& !(e co&!ro" o+ corrosio& 8. . !(e s!ee" s r+ace< T(is re.7"e? I+ zi&c @ac!i=eA is e"ec!rica"".PEW-105. a&. i&+" e&ced 8. +ro.a$i&' !(e .ea&s o+ 7assi=a!io&< • T(e 7ro!ec!io& a++orded s!ee" 8.!e: !( s 7re=e&!i&' corrosio&< Inhi.: a" .!e: !(e zi&c 5i"" 8e (ea=i".ore 7assi=e or ca!(odic . 'ood coa!i&' !o as "o5 as /0K +or a& o"d: da. . or zi&cA< A77"ica!io& o+ coa!i&' 'rea!".c"e: !(e e"ec!ro". so. disco&!i& i!ies @7ores: scra!c(es: 7i&(o"esA i& !(e coa!i&' +i". @7assi=eA i& !(e 7rese&ce o+ a s i!a8"e e"ec!ro".7ressed c rre&! or a!!ac(.ired !o o8!ai& 7ro!ec!io&< T(e red c!io& . co&&ec!ed !o 7"a!i& .e&! !o a sacri+icia" a&ode @ s a"".< 23 .iti&e %oatings < I& addi!io& !o ac!i&' as a 8arrier: i&(i8i!ors ac!i=e".e!a"s are co&&ec!ed: !(e .ois! re a5a.ea&s o+ a& i.a'ed coa!i&'< Protective Coatings Coa!i&'s 7ro=ide 7ro!ec!io& !o s!ee" i& se=era" 5a.e!a" !e&ds !o 8e 7ro!ec!ed< As !(e 7o!e&!ia" di++ere&ce 8e!5ee& !(ese !5o dissi.

ois! re +ro.e!(od: 7re=e&!i&' +"as( r s!i&' o+ !(e 8"as!ed s r+ace< 24 .a.i"" sca"e o& !(e s 8s!ra!e Alteration of the Environment A& a!.os7(eric e&=iro&.PEW-105.i&' o& !(e s!ee" s r+ace< T(e 8"as! ca& 8e L(e"dL +or . • Coa!i&' +i". a & . !(e air i& !a&$s !(a! are 8ei&' a8rasi=e 8"as!ed< .i7.s!e.7"e is !(e se o+ de( .A a! !(e disco&!i& i!.s si&' !(is .7e o+ coa!i&' or coa!i&' s.e&! . • Prese&ce o+ ad(ere&! . !(e air: !(e de5 7oi&! is "o5ered !o 5(ere !(e +or. !(ic$&ess • E"ec!ro".8er o+ +ac!ors: i&c" di&'? • T.e&! !o dr.idi+ica!io& e. 8e c(a&'ed !o .!e 7rese&! @i+ a&. (o rs or da.. 8e a++ec!ed 8. i& a coa!i&' +i".a!io& o+ "i.a&.a.a$e i! "ess corrosi=e< A 'ood exa. +or. 5a!er is i&(i8i!ed +ro. .o=i&' .02 PARTICIPANT INFORMATION PROTECTIVE COATINGS (CONT:D) T(e ra!e o+ corrosio& a! a disco&!i& i!.

8ie&! co&di!io&s air8or&e co&!a.A< Mois! re !ra77ed 8e!5ee& !(e coa!i&' a&d !(e s!ee" s 8s!ra!e i&creases !(e 7ro8a8i"i!.7era! re a&d !(e re"a!i=e ( .e!er< A.i&a&!s ca& 8e .8ie&! co&di!io&s i&c" de? • • • air !e.7era! re re"a!i=e ( . coa!i&' i+ !(e s!ee" s r+ace is . o+ !(e s rro &di&' air a++ec!s 8o!( !(e 8"as! c"ea&i&' a&d coa!i&' 7rocesses< I! is &5ise !o a77".ois! re co&de&sa!io& o& !(e 8"as!ed s r+ace 5i"" ca se !(e s r+ace !o +"as( r s! @r s! 8"oo. 25 .8ie&! co&di!io&s are +ac!ors !(a! co&!ri8 !e !o !(e coa!i&'s s ccess or +ai" re< T(e.os! i. de5 7oi&! T(e !e.7or!a&! e"e.s!e.o.idi!.e&!a" a&d a. c( co"der !(a& !(e s rro &di&' air< I& !(a! case: .7era! re !(er.idi!.7era! re a.02 PARTICIPANT INFORMATION ENVIRONMENTAL CONDITIONS SSPC PA 1 Adde&d .e&!a" co&!ro" are? • • • s 8s!ra!e !e. 5i"" +ai"< M!st j!b s)eci&ic$ ti !n s e1#i e t-e s# &$ c e te() e $ t # e !& t-e stee' t! be $t 'e$st 9 "e% e e s Ce'si#s $b!v e t-e "e/ )!int "# in% t-e s# &$ c e ) e) $ $ ti ! n 3 c!$tin% $))'ic$ti! n $n" c# in% ) !ces s .PEW-105. 5or$< T(e .7era! re !e. are as i.eas red 5i!( a s r+ace T(e s 8s!ra!e !e. s! e&s re !(a! !(e e&=iro&. Pa'e 21: is a ' ide"i&e +or a.e&!s o+ e&=iro&. !(a! !(e coa!i&' s.e&! is s i!a8"e +or s r+ace 7re7ara!io& a&d coa!i&' a77"ica!io& 7rior !o !(e s!ar! o+ a&.8ie&! co&di!io&s d ri&' s r+ace 7re7ara!io& a&d a77"ica!io&< E&=iro&.7or!a&! as s r+ace 7re7ara!io&< T(e I&s7ec!or .

ire ( .is!ed i+ !(e ( .i&a&!s s c( as sea s7ra. re.7era! re is a! "eas! 3 de'rees ce"si s (i'(er !(a& !(e de5 7oi&!< #i&d ca& a++ec! !(e coa!i&' >o8 i& se=era" 5a.edia!e".a. is es7ecia"". o+ . !o !(e coa!i&' >o8 !(e I&s7ec!or s(o "d ad=ise (is s 7er=isor i.e coa!i&'s ac! a"".02 PARTICIPANT INFORMATION ENVIRONMENTAL CONDITIONS (CONT:D) T(ere+ore: !(e I&s7ec!or .7or!a&! co&sidera!io& 5(e& 8"as! c"ea&i&': 8eca se .a" a77"ica!io& !(ic$&ess o+ coa!i&'s< #(e& co.< #i&d ca& a"so 8"o5 co&!a.a.: sa"!: d s!: sa&d: e!c< o&!o !(e 5or$ s r+ace< T(e I&s7ec!or s(o "d 8e a"er! !o a&. s! 8e .7era! re . +ac!or (as 8ee& de!er. ca se co&de&sa!io& o& !(e s r+ace< E=e& i&doors: a 8"as!ed s r+ace s(o "d &o! re.a.8ie&! air !e.i&e !(e "o&'9ra&'e +orecas! a&d e&s re !(a! !(e co&!rac!or ca& co.8i&ed 5i!( "o5 ( .idi!.: or & &coa!ed o=er&i'(!: i+ a! a"" 7ossi8"e< )e5 7oi&! is a"so a& i.7era! res . recei=e !(e +irs! 7ro!ec!i=e coa! "o&' 8e+ore &i'(!+a"": 5(e& "o5er !e.< De/ )!int is t-e te() e $ t # e /-e e /$te v$)! /i'' c!n"e n s e t! $ 'i1#i". e++ec! !(e 5i&d .ois! re co&de&sa!io& 5i"" ca se +res(".idi!. a&d . 8"as!ed s!ee" !o r s!< I! is +or !(is reaso& !(a! 8"as! c"ea&i&' is &e=er do&e i& !(e rai&< #(e& coa!i&' is !o 8e do&e o !doors: &e5". "o5< To (e"7 7re=e&! s c( occ rre&ces: a de5 7oi&!/s r+ace !e.i&ed< 2i&a" 8"as! c"ea&i&' a&d coa!i&' a77"ica!io& s(o "d &o! !a$e 7"ace &"ess !(e s r+ace !"=es< A"!er&a!e ex!re.: 5i&d ca& acce"era!e so"=e&! e=a7ora!io& a&d co&!ri8 !e !o dr. c"ea&ed s r+aces s(o "d s a"". A (i'( de5 7oi&! is a& i&dica!io& o+ (i'( ( .: a&d s(o "d a"so ad=ise !(e Co&!rac!or i+ (e (as !(e a !(ori!.PEW-105.7or!a&! co&sidera!io& i& !(e coa!i&' 7rocess< A !(i& +i".7"e!e !(e >o8 &der s i!a8"e e&=iro&.a! re coa!i&' +ai" re< So. s7ra.e&!a" co&di!io&s< A.idi!.ois! re 8e!5ee& coa!s ca& ca se 7re.7era! re sa+e!. (a=e o& !(e coa!i&' >o8< I+ !(e 5i&d is ca si&' (ar. !o dr..idi!.es o+ (o! a&d co"d ca& 5ea$e& !(e coa!i&' +i". s! de!er.s< I! ca& 8"o5 a8rasi=es 7as! !(e 8o &daries o+ !(e a8rasi=e 8"as! 5or$ si!e !o !(e coa!i&' 5or$ si!e< I! ca& ca se dri+!: o=ers7ra. a"so a++ec! !(e coa!i&'s !(e. !o do so< 26 .< )e5 7oi&! is a& i. 7ro7er".

: a !o ex(a s!: c(e. d: sa&d: "ea=es: 8"o5i&' 7a7ers: e!c< T(ese co&!a. 8e i&=isi8"e: a&d s(o "d 8e c(ec$ed +or 8.idi!.ica" + .o ! ca& 7re=e&! !(e 7re7ara!io& o+ s r+ace areas !(a! are !oo "ar'e !o 8e coa!ed i& !(e 5or$ !i.e a=ai"a8"e: a&d reso"=e a&.8ie&! co&di!io&s< T(e&: (e 7"a&s 5(ic( >o8 ac!i=i!ies ca& 8e 7er+or.: a&d se=era" da.i&e !(e a.e&!s !o !(e 5ea!(er +orecas!< T(e I&s7ec!or .a& +ac! rersF da!a s(ee! !o co. or a"$a"i&i!.ed si&' 7H 7a7er or so" !io&< 7H i&dica!ors 5i"" ! r& di++ere&! co"ors de7e&di&' o& !(e de'ree o+ acidi!.i&a&!s ca& 8e 8"o5& o&!o !(e 5or$ s r+ace a&d ca se "ac$ o+ ad(esio& a&d o!(er coa!i&' +ai" res< C(e.i&a&!s ca& i&c" de sa"! s7ra.ed< T(e areas !o 8e a8rasi=e 8"as!ed s(o "d &o! 8e 'rea!er !(a& ca& 8e coa!ed !(e sa.7era! re a&d ( .e Win"! / T(e I&s7ec!or .s 27 .i7.02 PARTICIPANT INFORMATION ENVIRONMENTAL CONDITIONS (CONT:D) Air8or&e co&!a.a!eria" a&d e. s! a"so !a$e i&s!r .7are !(e !e.a!ed !o co.e es!i.e&! !o !(e >o8 si!e a&d se!s 7 !o 7er+or. !i. @i& a& ei'(!9(o r 7eriodA< . !(a! !(e co&!rac!or is 8"as!i&' a& area !(a! ca& 8e co=ered i& !(e !i. s! de+i&e !(e 5ea!(er 5i&do5 8e+ore !(e co&!rac!or . co&!ac!i&' !(e 5ea!(er 8 rea < A+!er !(e I&s7ec!or (as c(ec$ed !(e 5ea!(er +orecas!< He !(e& reads !(e .7ared !o a s!a&dard c(ar! !( s i&dica!i&' !(e 7H o+ !(e s r+ace< A&o!(er !es! ses "i!.7"e!e !(e >o8 a&d i&c" des s r+ace 7re7ara!io&: coa!i&' a77"ica!io& a&d c ri&' ! e!c< T(e. s 7a7er ! r&s 8" e i+ !(e s r+ace is a"$a"i&eC 8" e "i!. re.e a=ai"a8"e< T(e I&s7ec!or s(o "d =eri+.ire. +or.e&! readi&'s !o de!er. c(ec$i&' !(e 7H o+ !(e s r+ace< 7H !es!s are 7er+or.a. s 7a7er ! r&s red i+ !(e s r+ace is acidicC i+ &o co"or c(a&'e is o8ser=ed i& ei!(er: !(e s r+ace is &e !ra"< We$t .PEW-105.i&a&!s ca& i&c" de d s!: dir!: oi": .< T(is co"or is co.o=es !(e . reac!i&' 5i!( !(e s!ee" s r+ace: or 8.e< I&s7ec!ors ca& o8!ai& 5ea!(er co&di!io&s +or !(e c rre&! da.e da.s i& ad=a&ce 8.: &ex! da."as!ed areas "e+! &coa!ed !oo "o&' 5i"" r s! a&d 5i"" re.ire !(e s r+ace !o 8e 8"as!ed a'ai& 7rior !o coa!i&'< Jood 7"a&&i&' a&d "a.i&' de7osi!s o& !(e s r+ace !(a! a!!ac$ coa!i&'s a77"ied "a!er: a&d ca si&' "ac$ o+ i&!ercoa! ad(esio&< T(ese de7osi!s . !(e 5or$< T(e 5ea!(er 5i&do5 is !(e !o!a" !i.ica"". s 7a7er a&d so" !io&? red "i!. ac!i=e air8or&e co&!a.e 7ro8"e. ca& e++ec! !(e coa!i&' 8.

PEW-105.02 PARTICIPANT INFORMATION 5i!( !(e co&!rac!or o&9si!e< T(e e&'i&eers s(o "d 8e i&+or.ed o+ a&.s !(a! ca&&o! 8e reso"=ed< 28 . 7ro8"e.

!o c re 7ro7er".e de5 7oi&! a&d s r+ace !e.idi!.i&' a".ois! re e=a7ora!io& a&d 7rod ce a "o5er 5e! 8 "8 !e.os! a"" coa!i&'s i&c" de a& a.7era! re< 29 . idea" +or 8"as! c"ea&i&' o7era!io&s 7ro=ided !(e 5i&d =e"oci!. !(e c ri&' re.7era! re co&di!io&s as a8rasi=e 8"as!i&'< I& addi!io&: !(e . ca& 8e co&s "!ed +or addi!io&a" i&+or.idi!. air co&di!io&s are s a"".ea&s !(a! !(e a.ire.8ie&! !e.ois! re or +ros! o& !(e s!ee" s 8s!ra!e< T(e a77"ica!io& o+ coa!i&'s re.7era! re a&d o!(er co&di!io&s are a"" 5i!(i& !(e Sa di Ara. 5(e& !(e s r+ace !e. s! =eri+.a!io&< )r.i!s< T(e idea" s r+ace co&di!io&s +or a77". coa!i&'s a&d 7ai&!s are 8es! a77"ied i& dr.ire (i'(er ( .8ie&! !e. 5i!(i& /0 K !o 30 K< A"" coa!i&'s 5i"" res7o&d 5e"" !o !(ese co&di!io&s< Lo5 re"a!i=e ( . co&di!io& 5i"" ca se a +as!er ra!e o+ .PEW-105.02 PARTICIPANT INFORMATION ENVIRONMENTAL CONDITIONS (CONT:D) Envi !n ( e n t $ ' C ite i$ &! Ins)ec ti !n T(ere are so.7era! re o+ 21C: "i!!"e or &o 5i&d: a&d a ( . air: (o5e=er: a +e5 (a=e s"o5 c ri&' re.e&!s o+ !(e coa!i&' or 7ai&! s7eci+ied +or !(e >o8< He a""o5s 5or$ !o 8e'i& i+ !(e re"a!i=e ( .7era! re a&d re"a!i=e ( .ires !(e sa.ed 5(e& !(ere is .: de5 7oi&!: a.< T(e I&s7ec!or .e&!s a&d re.idi!.idi!. is "o5 a&d air8or&e d s! is &o! a +ac!or< Ma&.< T(is dr.7era! re: s r+ace ! s7eci+ied "i.ire.ed o&".e&!a" cri!eria !(a! are 8asic !o a"" coa!i&'s i&s7ec!io&< 2i' re 2 s(o5s !(ese cri!eria< A8rasi=e 8"as!i&' is 7er+or. .e e&=iro&.a& +ac! rerFs s7eci+ica!io&s +or air !e.7era! re is 3 de'rees ce"si s a8o=e !(e de5 7oi&!< A8rasi=e 8"as!i&' or coa!i&' 5i"" &e=er 8e 7er+or.idi!.8ie&! co&di!io& o+ !(e air is dr.


+o &d c"ose !o !(e ear!(Fs s r+ace< 2or.e!ers are !(e 5e! 8 "8 !e.e!a" s r+ace ca& exceed !(e de5 7oi&!: !( s i&i!ia!i&' !(e corrosio& 7rocess< )e5 7oi&! is cri!ica" 8eca se .7era! re =a" es 5i!( a& i&s!r . dr.c(ro.e!ers 5i"" 8e disc ssed "a!er< Mois! re i& !(e a!. =a" es< Hi'( ( . o& !(e s r+ace< A!.7era! re c(a&'es ra7id". !(e 'ro &d a"so .7es o+ 7s.ois! re !o co&de&se a&d +or.e!ric c(ar!s a&d !a8"es !o +i&d !(e re"a!i=e ( . =a" es are s a"". a&d !(e de5 7oi&!< T(e I&s7ec!or o8!ai&s !(ese !e.e !e.idi!.idi!..PEW-105.idi!.c(ro.eas red as re"a!i=e ( .7ro7er de5 7oi&! is &acce7!a8"e +or ei!(er 8"as! c"ea&i&' or coa!i&' a77"ica!io& a&d !(e I&s7ec!or ca&&o! a""o5 !(e 5or$ !o 8e'i& or co&!i& e as !(e case .7era! res a8o=e 2/ C< T(e dis!a&ce +ro.e: (i'( a!.7era! re is "ess !(a& 3C a8o=e !(e de5 7oi&! !e.7era! re (as !(e o77osi!e e++ec!< Mois! re !(e& e=a7ora!es a&d "ea=es !(e s r+ace s ++icie&!". Te.a$es a co&sidera8"e di++ere&ce i& ( .s o+ 5a!er !(a! co&!ri8 !e !o corrosio& i&c" de ( .o&".: a ra7id 8 ! s.7era! res are o+ .ois! re 5i"" +or. does &o! 7roceed ra7id".7era! res do &o! a""o5 !(e .a"" !e.os7(eric !e.idi!. o& !(e s r+aces !(a! are !o 8e 7re7ared or coa!ed 5(e& !(e s r+ace !e.i&i.os7(ere is .< Re"a!i=e ( .7era! re dro7 i& !(e .c(ro. a&d !(ere+ore does &o! ac! as a 'ood e"ec!ro".idi!.os! co. a&d de5 7oi&!< T(ese 7ara.< T-e e'$tiv e -#(i"it* is t-e $ti! !& t-e $bs!'#t e -#(i"it* t! t-e s$t# $ ti ! n v$'#e $n" is e4) es s e " $s $ )e c e n t $ % e 3 s#c.$s . a +i". a! !e. .7era! re 7ara. a corrosio& s!a&d7oi&!< A! !e.idi!.7era! re a&d !(e dr.idi!.7era! re< T(ese !5o !e.os7(eric corrosio& 'e&era"". a++ec!s !(e de5 7oi&!< A! (i'( ( .e!ers i&=o"=ed i& !(e de!er.<=.idi!.o!e corrosio&< I.!e !o 7ro.7era! res are sed 5i!( 7s.!e< A! !(e o!(er ex!re.02 PARTICIPANT INFORMATION ENVIRONMENTAL CONDITIONS (CONT:D) Envi !n ( e n t $ ' C ite i$ F! Ins)ecti! n (C!nt:") T(ere are !5o !e.7era! re< A ra7id i&crease i& s r+ace !e.: de5: rai&: a&d +o'< 31 .a. 8 "8 !e. so !(a! !(ere is &o e"ec!ro".idi!. 8e< Ex!re.e!er< T(e =ario s !. c(a&'e !(e re"a!i=e ( .e&! ca""ed a 7s.a" si'&i+ica&ce +ro.i&a!io& o+ re"a!i=e ( .7era! res 8e"o5 +reezi&': 5a!er is i& i!s so"id +or.


a!io& i& !(e >o8 s7eci+ica!io&s is &c"ear or &s7eci+ied< T(e Sa di Ara.a& +ac! rersF da!a is .a& +ac! rerFs da!a s(ee! a"5a. re. sa. i+ a.o&i!ored !(ro '(o ! !(e e&!ire >o8 s!ar!i&' 8e+ore 5or$ 8e'i&s a&d co&!i& i&' 5i!(i& s7eci+ied "! !(e >o8 s7eci+ica!io&s: !(e co&di!io&s c(a&'e or !(e co&!rac!or re. 8e !a$e& .8ie&! e&=iro&.co )a!a S(ee! 5i"" 8e sed 5(ere .o&i!or !(e!ai& !(e e&=iro&.7"e!ed< Cri!ica" coa!i&' a"so re. Mos! >o8 s7eci+ica!io&s are 5ri!!e& !o s!a!e La! "eas!L or La . e&c"os res: cer!ai& !.e >o8 7(ases .ire. s! 8e .idi!.7es o+ (ea!ers: coo"ers a&d =e&!i"a!io& de=ices !o .ea&s readi&'s .8ie&! co&di!io&s .7orar.L o+ e=er. +o r (o rs: 5(ic( . . decide !o .s s7eci+ies !e. a&.i!s 5(i"e !(e 5or$ is 'oi&' o& a&d &!i" !(e coa!i&' is c red< T(e co&!rac!or .ire co&s!a&! .8ie&! co&di!io&s are 8order"i&e or c(a&'i&'< So.a.a.PEW-105.e&!: 5or$ 5i"" 8e s!o77ed &!i" !(e co&!rac!or ca& .ai&!ai& a s7eci+ied!s a&d recei=es 7er.a.8ie&! co&di!io&s< A77"ica8"e a.ore res!ric!i=e !(a& !(e >o8 s7eci+ica!io&s< T(e I&s7ec!or .o&i!ori&' o+ a.e&!s< T(ese da!a s(ee!s 5i"" 8e +o""o5ed i& !(ose cases 5(ere i&+or.a.ired 5(i"e !(e s!ee" is ex7osed a+!er a8rasi=e 8"as!i&' a&d 8e+ore !(e coa!i&' a77"ica!io& is s!ar!ed< I! is a"so re.02 PARTICIPANT INFORMATION ENVIRONMENTAL CONDITIONS (CONT:D) Envi !n ( e n t $ ' C ite i$ F! Ins)ecti! n (C!nt:") F e1 # e n c * $n" P !ce " # e &! Rec! "i n % Inst # ( e n t Re$"in % s A(bie nt c!n"iti!ns s-!#'" be c-ec 0 e " ) i! t! t-e st$ t !& /! 0 $n" s-!#'" be c-ec0 e " eve * &!# -!# s t-e e $ & t e .< T(is co&s!a&! . &o!(i&' a8o ! !e.o&i!ori&' o+ a.ired d ri&' !(e c ri&' 7rocess a+!er !(e coa!i&' a77"ica!io& is co. !(e 7ro>ec! e&'i&eer !o de=ia!e +ro.o&i!ori&' is re.e&!< I+ !(e co&!rac!or ca&&o! .7era! re a&d ( .8ie&! co&di!io&s co&!i& o s".issio& +ro.7era! re re.8ie&! co&di!io&s s c( as air !e.7era! res: (o5e=er !(e . se !e.ore +re.e&!".< 33 . !i. !(e >o8 s7eci+ica!io&s< T(e >o8 s7eci+ica!io&s .i&i.a.e (e +ee"s i! is &ecessar.ires co&s!a&! .

a8sor8 !(e 5a!er .ois! re o ! o+ !(e a!. ex7e&si=e: corrosi=e: a&d di++ic "! !o rec(ar'e o&ce !(e. are sa! ra!ed< Li!(i .ois! re< T(is air is +orced o ! o+ !(e area: carr.ois! re a8sor8i&' +orci&' !(e . air is i&!rod ced i&!o a (i'( re"a!i=e ( .o"ec "e is a!!ac(ed !o !(e s r+ace o+ !(ese desicca&!s ra!(er !(a& 8ei&' a8sor8ed 8.s !o co&!ro" corrosio& is !o c(a&'e !(e e&=iro&.e&!< O&e o+ !(e . +or 5a!er< T(e desicca&! a!!rac!s a&d ex!rac!s !(e .os7(ere< #(e& coo": dr.i7. are > Re& i% e $ ti ! n @coo"i&'A a&d Desicc$ ti !n @sor7!io&A< Re& i% e $ ti ! n c(i""s !(e air 8e"o5 i!s de5 7oi&!: .ois! re 5i"" co&de&se o& a s 8s!ra!e ca si&' corrosio& 7ro8"e. !(e desicca&!< T(is !.i&' excessi=e . e&=iro&. .idi+ica!io& e.e&!: i! 5ar.e&!a" co&cer&s is !(ro '( !(e se o+ de( . re. !(e air< Ab sor8e&! desicca&!s ac! a"".02 PARTICIPANT INFORMATION ENVIRONMENTAL CONDITIONS (CONT:D) De-# (i "i&ic$ti! n O&e o+ !(e 7ossi8"e 5a.7e o+ desicca&! ca& 8e easi".os7(ere i& order !o a++ec! i!s de5 7oi&!< T(e drier !(e air: !(e "ess "i$e".e!(ods o+ co7i&' 5i!( !(ese e&=iro&. c(a&'ed< T(e 5a!er .ois! re +ro.i&' !(e a.idi!. circ "a!i&' .o"ec "e i& !(is 7rocess< A8sor8e&! desicca&!s are s a"".ois! re 5i!( i!< T(is 7rocess is "i. air 8.o=a" o+ .a$i&' i! "ess . (o5 coo" a&d dr. i! is !(a! .PEW-105.ois! re !(ro '( +orci&' (o! air o=er !(e desicca&! .edia: s c( as si"ica 'e": 5(ic( (as a& a++i&i!.ar.idi+.ica"".s 7 a&d is 8e!!er a8"e !o a8sor8 .s< T(ere are !5o 7ri. rec(ar'ed 8.idi+ica!io& (as 8ee& de+i&ed as !(e red c!io& o+ .e&!< )e( .os7(ere< T(e.edia< T(is is do&e 5i!( a reac!i=a!io& (ea!er< Si"ica 'e" Is a& adsor8e&! desicca&!< 34 .i!ed 8.ois! re9"ade& air o=er a .e!(ods o+ de( .8ie&! a!.ois! re +ro. !(e air ca& 8e de=e"o7ed i& !(e re+ri'era!io& 7rocess< Desicc $ti! n is !(e re.o=i&' !(e .ois! re =a7or co&!e&! i& !(e a!. c("oride so" !io&s are a8sor8e&! desicca&!s< Ad sor8e&! desicca&!s are &o! c(e.

PEW-105.e&! +ees a&d 7o5er co&s . air assis!s i& !(e dr.i7.a!eria"s a&d "a8or< I! a"so ass res !(a! !(e coa!i&' 5i"" 8e 'oi&' o& o=er a 'ood s r+ace a&d red ces !(e e++ec!s o+ corrosio& &der !(e coa!i&' +i".es ca& crea!e sa+e!. ex!e&ds !(e coa!i&' seaso&< T(e i&i!ia" cos! is ex7e&si=e i& 8o!( e.< )r.o&i!ori&'< I+ !(e air circ "a!io& "oo7 8eco. i& re 8"as!i&' .e&!a" a&d o!(er 5ea!(er co&cer&s< I! e++ec!i=e".o&e.i&'/c ri&' 7rocess a&d . T(is ca& sa=e .idi+ica!io& e.izes or e"i.a&ds c"ose .e&! de. (azards< 35 .02 PARTICIPANT INFORMATION E NVIRONMENTAL C ONDITIONS (C ONT : D ) De-# (i "i&ic$ti! n (C!nt:") T-e ) i($ * e$s ! n in #sin% "e-# (i "i&ic $ti! n &! $ c!$tin% $))'ic$ti! n is t! -!'" t-e b'$st.i7.i&i.i&a!es e&=iro&.7!io&< )e( .es c"o''ed or s!o77ed 7: +ires a&d/or &oxio s + .

< ASTM E 334 (Addendum page 99) desi'&a!es !5o !.Ps*c.c(ro.7era! re s!a8i"izes< St$bi'i7$ti!n !cc# s /-e n t-e /et b#'b e$"in % e( $i n s c!nst $ n t t. +or a8o ! 20 seco&ds< A readi&' o+ !(e 5e! 8 "8 !e.e!ers: o&e co=ered 5i!( a soc$ sa! ra!ed i& dis!i""ed 5a!er< T(e co=ered !(er.7e o+ 7s.7es o+ 7s.eas re !(e dr.02 PARTICIPANT INFORMATION E NVIRONMENTAL C ONDITIONS (C ONT : D ) Inst # ( e n t s T(ere are .o&". 8 "8 !e""s !(e air !e.od "e are !(e o&es !(a! are &eeded d ri&' !(e S r+ace Co&di!io& a&d Pre7ara!io& I&s7ec!io&< T(e i&s!r .e!er is sed !o .e&!s &eeded d ri&' !(e S r+ace Co&di!io& a&d Pre7ara!io& I&s7ec!io& are? • • • • s"i&' 7s.7era! re a&d !(e 5e! 8 "8 !e.c(ro..c(ro.o.e!er is ca""ed !(e L5e! 8 "8:L !(e o!(er !(e Ldr.e!er +a&9o7era!ed 7s.c(ro.e!ers T(e 7s.7era! re !(er.8ie&! co&di!io&s< T(e i&s!r . 36 .c(ro.7era! re< T(e 5e! 8 "8 readi&' res "!s +ro.e&!s co=ered i& !(is .e e ti(es in $ !/.os! co.c(ro.e&!s sed d ri&' !(e coa!i&' >o8 !o .c(ro.e!er is sed 8.e!er (.e!er .! ( e t e Ps*c. sed i& coa!i&'s i&s7ec!io&< I! co&sis!s o+ !5o ide&!ica" ! 8e !(er. 8 "8 !e.7era! re is !(e& !a$e&< T(e 7rocess is re7ea!ed @s7i&&i&' a&d readi&' 5i!(o ! addi!io&a" 5e!!i&'A &!i" !(e !e. !(e "a!e&! (ea! "oss o+ 5a!er +ro. i&s!r .e!er s r+ace !e.idi!.PEW-105.o.e!ers< Met-! " + .a&.! ( e t e ) Venti'$te " b* W-i 'in% (S'in% T(e s"i&' 7s.idi!.e&! ra7id". !(e 5e!!ed soc$< T(e +as!er !(e ra!e o+ 5a!er e=a7ora!io&: !(e "o5er !(e ( .e!er is !(e !.eas re a. 8 "8<L T(e dr. sa! ra!i&' !(e soc$ 5i!( dis!i""ed 5a!er a&d 5(ir"i&' !(e i&s!r .o. a&d !(e de5 7oi&!< T(e s"i&' 7s.7era! re: 5(ic( are !(e& sed !o ca"c "a!e !(e de5 7oi&! a&d !(e re"a!i=e ( .'ro.

does 5(e& sed &ear 8"as!i&' or coa!i&' 5or$ si!es: i! s(o "d 8e re7"aced: o!(er5ise i&acc ra!e readi&'s .es dir!.: as i! +re.PEW-105.e&!".02 PARTICIPANT INFORMATION I+ !(e soc$ 8eco.a. occ r< 37 .

e!ers 5or$ o& !(e sa.c(ro.c(ro.e&!< T(e 5ic$ +or !(e 5e! 8 "8 !(er.O)e $t e " A +a&9o7era!ed 7s.o!( !(e s"i&' a&d !(e +a&9 o7era!ed 7s.o.o!io& e=a7ora!es !(e 5a!er i& !(e s"i&' 7s.! ( e t e ) Vent e " b* As)i $ti ! n (F$n.7era! re s!a8i"izes< 6*% ! ( e t e T(e (.eas re re"a!i=e ( . Pa'e 20: is sed !o de!er.i& !es: !(e !e.02 PARTICIPANT INFORMATION E NVIRONMENTAL C ONDITIONS (C ONT : D ) Inst # ( e n t s (C!nt:") Met-! " A .e as !(a! +or !(e 7s.c(ro.o=e !(e air !(ro '( !(e i&s!r .idi!.e!er ses a +a& !o .Ps*c.c(ro.e!er a"!(o '( i! is 7o5ered 8.e!er a&d a de5 7oi&! c(ar!: s c( as !(e o&e i& SAES9H9100: Ta8"e I: Adde&d .c(ro. is read +ro.e!er is !(e sa.'ro. !(e sca"e o+ !(e (.e!er is sed !o .'ro.PEW-105.! ( e t e Ps*c.e!er is sa! ra!ed 5i!( 5a!er a&d !(e +a& 8"o5s air o=er !(e 5ic$ !o ca se !(e 5a!er !o e=a7ora!e .e!er< A+!er a8o ! !5o . 8a!!eries< .c(ro. c( "i$e !(e s"i&'i&' .idi!.i&e !(e de5 7oi&!< 38 .e!er is a"so ca""ed a& e"ec!ric 7s.e 7ri&ci7a" exce7! !(a! !(e +a&9o7era!ed 7s.e!er: 8 ! !(e 7roced re is di++ere&!< T(e re"a!i=e ( .'ro.< T(e 7 r7ose o+ !(e (.

ers a&d .i&i.axi.02 PARTICIPANT INFORMATION E NVIRONMENTAL C ONDITIONS (C ONT : D ) Inst # ( e n t s (C!nt:") 6*% ! ( e t e (c!nt2 ") T(e recordi&' (.s!e.e!ers are sed o& a"" cri!ica" coa!i&' 7ro>ec!s< A recordi&' (.ois! re c ri&' 7o".e!er is a co&s!a&! recordi&' de=ice !(a! records air sa.idi!. s"o5s do5& !(e ra!e o+ e=a7ora!io& o+ so"=e&! +ro. . 0/K as !(e . +or !(ese !. a . i.a&e&! 7ar! o+ !(e 7ro>ec! record< Recordi&' (. s7eci+.'ro. coa!i&'s ca& 8e a77"ied< T(ere are so.7era! re< Re"a!i=e ( .e!er records 8o!( ( .ois! re !o c re s c( as i&or'a&ic zi&c 7ri. re"a!i=e ( .< T(e >o8 s7eci+ica!io&s a&d !(e Ma& +ac! rerFs )a!a S(ee! s a"". co&di!io&s< Hi'( re"a!i=e ( . @r<(<A is ex!re. !(e coa!i&' +i".7es o+ coa!i&' s.e". .idi!.PEW-105.s!e. a! 5(ic( .7or!a&! i& a8rasi=e 8"as!i&' a&d coa!i&' a77"ica!io&< T(e c ri&' ra!e +or so"=e&! e=a7ora!io& coa!i&'s de7e&ds o& ( .'ro.idi!. re"a!i=e ( .idi!.es a 7er.s: 5(ic( . re!(a&eEs< T(e .e !. a&d !e.a&.idi!. s7eci+. s! (a=e .7"i&' res "!s o& a s!ri7 c(ar!< T(e s!ri7 c(ar! is a co&!i& o s ro"" o+ 7a7er< T(e recorded da!a 8eco.7es o+ coa!i&' s.a& +ac! rer 5i"" s a"".idi!.'ro.s< 39 .

oco 7"e/!(er.e&! ca& =er.e&!s (a=e a se&si&' 7ro8e: 5(ic( 7ro=ides a direc! !e. a'ai&s! a $&o5& s!a&dard< A&o!(er i&s!r .7es o+ coa!i&' +ai" res< A! !(e (o!!es! 7oi&!: coa!i&' +ai" re .02 PARTICIPANT INFORMATION E NVIRONMENTAL C ONDITIONS (C ONT : D ) Inst # ( e n t s (C!nt:") S# & $c e Te() e $ t # e T-e ( ! ( e t e To se !(e de5 7oi&! i&+or.'ro.o. res "! d e !o !(e coa!i&' 8ei&' a77"ied !o a s 8s!ra!e 5(ose !e.o.a. de7e&di&' 7o& !(e !. sed a&d "eas! ex7e&si=e is !(e dia" s r+ace !e.a. i+ dro77ed< I! s(o "d 8e c(ec$ed a! "eas! dai".a& +ac! rer< 40 .e&!". a +e5 seco&ds +or a reado ! !o s!a8i"ize< #i!( a&.e&! easi". !(e (.os! +re.e&! sed !o de!er. Sa di Ara.7era! re !(er.7era! re !(er.e&!s: !(e I&s7ec!or .e&! i&c" des !5o . co&de&se i+ !(e s r+ace !e.e!er is !(e s!a&dard !.7era! re 8e+ore !(e coa!i&' a77"ica!io& ca& 8e'i&< T(ere are se=era" s r+ace !e.7era! re .co< T(e i&s!r .7era! re s(o "d 8e !a$e& a! !(e (o!!es! a&d co"des! 7oi&!s o& !(e s!r c! re< A! !(e co"des! 7oi&!: .i&i&' s r+ace !e.7e sed 8. s! $&o5 !(e !e. dra+!s< T(e i&s!r .is!ors< T(ese i&s!r .e!a""ic se&si&' e"e.7e o+ i&s!r .7era! re is (i'(er !(a& !(e reco.e&! co&sis!s o+ a 8i. !a$e o&".7era! re reado !< T(e. s! 8e 3C a8o=e !(e de5 7oi&! !e.ois! re .a!io& o8!ai&ed +ro.PEW-105.e ca& =ar.. 'i=e a +a"se readi&' i+ i! sed i& direc! s &"i'(!< T(is i&s!r .a'&e!s o& !(e se&si&' side: 5(ic( are a!!ac(ed !o !(e s!ee" s r+ace< T(e i&s!r .e&! sed +or de!er.e&!: 7ro!ec!ed +ro. ca se +"as( r s!i&' o+ 8"as!ed s!ee": a&d/or =ario s !.e!er< T(e dia" 'a 'e !(er.e!ers 8 ! !(e . easi".e&ded 8.7era! re is a! or 8e"o5 !(e de5 7oi&!< T(is . i&s!r .7era! re o+ !(e s r+ace o+ !(e s 8s!ra!e !o 8e coa!ed< T(e s r+ace !e.e&! s(o "d 8e a""o5ed !o s!a8i"izeC s!a8i"iza!io& !i.e!er a&d !(e o!(er i&s!r .i&e air a&d s r+ace co&di!io&s: readi&'s s(o "d 8e !a$e& a! !(e ac! a" "oca!io&s o+ 5or$< S!ee" s r+ace !e. "oses i!s acc rac. !(e .a.e&! sed< T(is i&s!r .o.7era! res are direc! readi&' !(er.

.i7.os! coa!i&'s (a=e a .a&e&!".ar'i&a" co&di!io&s exis!< Air !e.02 PARTICIPANT INFORMATION E NVIRONMENTAL C ONDITIONS (C ONT : D ) Inst # ( e n t s (C!nt:") Ai Te() e $ t # e T-e ( ! ( e t e A& air !e.ade i& !(e 7rod c! or !(e e.7or!a&! i& !(e a77"ica!io& o+ coa!i&'< I! (as a direc! e++ec! o& !(e =iscosi!.e"!ai& so .o.7era! re co&di!io&s< T(e I&s7ec!or s(o "d 8e =er.7era! re is !oo "o5: !(e so"=e&! 5i"" &o! e=a7ora!e a&d 5i"" 8e 7er.7era! re 5i"" ca se coa!i&'s !o 8eco.7e o+ !(i&&er !o se i& !(e coa!i&'< T(e.e . o8ser=a&! 5(e& !(ese ex!re.7es o+ de+ec!s ca se coa!i&' +ai" re< C!n"iti! n s An" C!nc e n s I+ !(e co&!rac!or ca&&o! . &a !(orized de=ia!io&s !o !(e a!!e&!io& o+ !(e e&'i&eers< T(e I&s7ec!or is &o! res7o&si8"e +or !(e coa!i&' >o8 i& a&.e!er !(a! is s s7e&ded i& !(e air< I! ca& 8e 7"aced i& !(e i.7era! re is !a$e& +ro.7e o+ !(i&&er +or (i'( a&d "o5 !e.e&da!io& o+ 10 9 34 C< A! !(e o !er "i. .e!er s(o "d 8e a=ai"a8"e o& !(e >o8 a"" !(e !i. i.edia!e 5or$ area a&d s s7e&ded +ro. a&d ca se 8 88"es a&d 7i&(o"es< T(ese !.e!er dr. a s!ri&'< Te.os! acc ra!e !e. s! ca"" a&.i!s o+ !(e ra&'e: ad> s!.e&! !o e&s re 7ro7er coa!i&' a77"ica!io&< T(e .a&&er exce7! 41 .i'(! e=e& reco. !ra77ed i& !(e +i". a !(! !(e co&di!io&s i& !(e >o8 s7eci+ica!io&s: !(e e&'i&eers . o+ coa!i&' s. 8e sed !o o8!ai& !(e air !e.7era! re is ex!re.a& +ac! rer 5i"" 7ro8a8".o.7era! re !(er.PEW-105.o.e!er .os! coa!i&'s is 8e!5ee& 21923 C< T(is ra&'e is (ard !o ...s< A "o5 air !e. 8 "8 !(er.e&d a di++ere&! !.c(ro.e&!s . reco.e .7era! re (as !(e o77osi!e e++ec!< T(e idea" !e.s!e.7era! re +or . .< I+ !(e !e.7era! re is !oo (i'( !(e so"=e&! 5i"" =a7orize 5i!(i& !(e +i".a& +ac! rerFs reco.e&d !(e !. s! 8e ..7era! re is i.7or!a&! +or coa!i&'s !(a! c re !(ro '( !(e so"=e&! re"ease 7rocess< I+ !(e !e. s! reso"=e !(e si! a!io&< I! is &o! !(e I&s7ec!orsF >o8 !o c(a&'e or disre'ard !(e >o8 s7eci+ica!io&s< T(e I&s7ec!or .7era! re< T(e .ore =isco s a&d a (i'( !e.e< T(e 7s.

02 PARTICIPANT INFORMATION +or .PEW-105.7"ia&ce 5i!( !(e >o8 s7eci+ica!io&s a&d s!a&dards< 42 . co&!ro"< T(e I&s7ec!or is res7o&si8"e !o i&s7ec! !(e >o8 +or co.a"i!.




E4e cise ?

Use S'in% Ps*c- ! ( e t e t! T$0e Wet $n" D * +#'b Te() e $ t # e Re$"in% s

Use Work Aid : and the app"i%a,"e Information Sheet to take !et ,u", and dr ,u", temperature readings+ 4ou ma %onfer !ith others in our group+ $ake readings inside and "og the !et and dr ,u", temperature readings in the spa%e ,e"o!+ $ake !et and dr ,u", temperature readings outside and re%ord them ,e"o!+ 5ind the differen%es ,et!een the readings+
Note: The Instructor will take you outside in a group to take the outside reading.


!e e"tremely careful with the sling psychrometer or any other test instrument. They are very delicate and may be easily broken.

1< #e! )r,

I&side readi&'?

)i++ere&ce 2< #e! )r, )i++ere&ce
Note: #eep this $"ercise Sheet with the readings. %ou will use them later to solve problems for finding relative humidity and dew point.

O !side readi&'?





W! 0 Ai" ?

Use t-e S'in% Ps*c- ! ( e t e $n" D * +#'b Re$"in % s

t! T$0e Wet

$his Work Aid is designed to assist the Parti%ipant in using the s"ing ps %hrometer to find the re"ati&e humidit and de! point+

F!''!/ t-e ste)s be'!/ > 1< 2< 3< Sa! ra!e !(e 5e! 8 "8 soc$ 5i!( 5a!er< P"ace !(e 5e! soc$ o=er !(e 5e! 8 "8< Jras7 !(e s"i&' 7s,c(ro.e!er +ir.", 8, !(e 'ri7 a&d 5(ir" !(e i&s!r .e&! ra7id", +or 20 seco&ds


&old the instrument tightly. 'ropping it or throwing it can cause irreparable damage. These instruments are very e"pensive.

*< /<

G ic$", !a$e a readi&' o+ !(e 5e! 8 "8< Re7ea! s!e7s 3 a&d * 8, 5(ir"i&' a&d !a$i&' readi&'s 5i!(o ! addi!io&a" 5e!!i&'< )o !(is &!i" 5e! 8 "8 !e.7era! re s!a8i"izes<
Note: The wet bulb temperature has stabili(ed when three consecutive readings of the wet bulb are the same.

3< 4< 0<

Record !(is 5e! 8 "8 !e.7era! re< Ta$e a dr, 8 "8 !e.7era! re readi&'< Record !(e dr, 8 "8 !e.7era! re<





E4e cise @

Use F$n- O)e $t e " Ps*c- ! ( e t e t! T$0e Wet $n" D * +#'b Te() e $ t # e e$"in% s

Use Work Aid 5 and the app"i%a,"e Information Sheet to o,tain the information spe%ified ,e"o!+ 4ou ma %onfer !ith others in our group+ Write the ans!ers in the spa%es pro&ided+ • • • $ake readings inside and "og the !et and dr readings in the spa%e ,e"o!+ $ake readings outside and re%ord them ,e"o!+ 5ind the differen%es ,et!een the readings+ ,u", temperature

1< #e! )r,

I&side readi&'?

)i++ere&ce 2< #e! )r, )i++ere&ce O !side readi&'?


46 .7era! re s(o "d Record !(e s!a8i"ized 5e! 8 "8 !e. These instruments are very e"pensive. 8 "8 !e.02 PARTICIPANT INFORMATION W! 0 Ai" @ Use F$n.PEW-105.7era! re< aution: &old the instrument tightly.e< T(e !e. 'ropping it or throwing it can cause irreparable damage.O)e $t e " Ps*c.i& !es< &c(a&'ed a+!er !(is !i.7era! re< Record !(e dr.! ( e t e Wet $n" D * +#'b Re$"in% s t! T$0e $his Work Aid is designed to assist the Parti%ipant in using the fan2 operated ps %hrometer to find the re"ati&e humidit and de! point+ F!''!/ t-e ste)s be'!/ > 1< 2< 3< *< /< Sa! ra!e !(e soc$ 5i!( 5a!er< P"ace 5e! 8 "8 soc$ o=er !(e 5e! 8 "8< S!ar! !(e +a& +or !5o .

"e Information Sheet to take the surfa%e temperature of t!o different su.02 PARTICIPANT INFORMATION E4e cise A Use S# &$c e Te() e $ t # e G$#% e t! Obt$in Re$"in % s !& t-e S#bst $ t e S# &$c e Te()e $ t # e .e"o!1< 2< I&side readi&'< O !side readi&'< Note: Save this $"ercise Sheet. the Instru%tor+ 0e%ord the resu"ts o.PEW-105.strates pro&ided .tained . 47 . %ou will need the figures for another e"ercise later. Using Work Aid 7 and the app"i%a.

7era! re readi&' !o s!a8i"ize Ta$e !(e !e.o.e!er &ex! !o !(e s!ee" s r+ace< E&s re !(a! !(e .i& !es< #ai! +or !(e !e.strate surfa%e to . higher than the dew 48 .02 PARTICIPANT INFORMATION W! 0 Ai" A Use S# &$c e Te() e $ t # e G$#% e t! T$0e S# &$c e Te()e $ t # e !& S#bst $ t e $his Work Aid is designed to assist the Parti%ipant in using the surfa%e temperature thermometer to o.e!er i& 7"ace +or 2 !o 3 .".7era! re i& !(e )ai". Take the temperature at the actual work location 1< 2< 3< *< /< 3< P"ace !(e se&si&' side !(e !(er.a'&e!s are +ir.tain the temperature of a su. Lo'< aution: The surface temperature should always be * point before work starts.PEW-105.e %oated+ F!''!/ t-e ste)s be'!/ > Note: This reading is re)uired to determine if work on surface preparation can start.7era! re readi&'< Lo' !(e !e. i& 7"ace 5i!( !(e s 8s!ra!e< Lea=e !(e !(er.o.

8o!( i&side a&d o !side< ) s! is de!ri. !o ca se !(e coa!i&' a77"ica!io& !o 8e re>ec!ed< C$'c#'$tin % Envi !n ( e n t $ ' C!n"iti!n s T(e I&s7ec!or ses a & . +or !(e c ri&' 7rocess< Ve&!i"a!io& is ex!re.8 s!i8"e 'as de!ec!or 5i!( a& a"ar.i&e i+ e&o '( d s! is 7rese&! i& !(e +i".e i& !(e sa. s! 8e sed i& co&+i&ed s7aces as o !"i&ed i& SAES9H9102: Ta8"e *<1: Adde&d . a77"ied coa!i&'< A8rasi=e 8"as!i&' a&d coa!i&' a77"ica!io& s(o "d &e=er 8e do&e a! !(e sa. o+ !(e 5or$ s r+ace a&d area aro &d !(e.< Air8or&e d s! is a 7ro8"e.< Ve&!i"a!io& is a"so i. Pa'e 1*< #(e& so"=e&!s are e=a7ora!i&': !(e 'as "e=e" s(o "d 8e .e&!a" co&di!io&s as +o""o5s? • • • )e5 Poi&! C(ar! Ps.e&!a" !o !(e &e5".PEW-105.02 PARTICIPANT INFORMATION E NVIRONMENTAL C ONDITIONS (C ONT : D ) Ot-e Envi !n ( e n t $ ' C!nc e n s T(ere are o!(er e&=iro&. e&'i&eers !o de!er.e area< O !side a77"ica!io& s(o "d &e=er 8e do&e i& a se=ere 5i&d !(a! ca ses air8or&e d s!< T(e I&s7ec!or c(ec$s +or ro '(&ess or "ac$ o+ '"oss i& a coa!i&': 5(ic( i&dica!es !(e 7rese&ce o+ d s! !ra77ed 5i!(i& !(e +i".i&i.idi!.7era! re a&d ( . . s! c(ec$ =e&!i"a!io& a&d air8or&e d s!< Ve&!i"a!io& is as i.< T(e I&s7ec!or co&s "!s 5i!( Sa di Ara.e !i.e&!a" Ca"c "a!ors 49 .e".e!ric C(ar! E&=iro&.e&!a" +ac!ors !(a! a++ec! coa!i&' >o8s< T(e I&s7ec!or .o&i!ored 5i!( a co.8er o+ aids !o ca"c "a!e !(e e&=iro&.7or!a&! d ri&' a8rasi=e 8"as!i&' !o e&s re !(a! air8or&e d s! is $e7! !o a . so !(e o7era!ors (a=e 7ro7er =isi8i"i!.c(ro.7or!a&! as !e.7or!a&! o& i&!er&a" coa!i&' >o8s s c( as i&side !a&$s: =esse"s a&d 7i7e< Mec(a&ica" +orced =e&!i"a!io& .

In the e"ample above/ if the 0mbient Temperature centigrade is *3/ the real dew point will be half way between -4 and ** .e&!s< I! "is!s !(e re"a!i=e ( .eas res !(e re"a!i=e ( .e&!s< So.a" !o a& i&cre. which is -4 5 * 26. It could mean the difference in success or failure of the coating system.7era! re !o !(e (i'(es! i& =ario s i&cre..idi!. 50 . s! 8e o8!ai&ed !(a! is 8e!5ee& !5o i&cre.eas red i& ce&!i'rade i& Ta8"e I o+ SAES9 H9100: Adde&d . The halfway point is -4 5 26. Pa'e 20< T(e I&s7ec!or .ea&s !(a! a =a" e . as 7re=io s". !(e "o5es! !e. e.8ie&! !e.e i&!er7o"a!io& is &ecessar.idi!.idi!.-.e&!s< I&!er7o"a!io& . It is possible that interpolation of both scales will be necessary. This may be a small difference/ but in coating application/ it is significant. If the relative humidity reading is .7 -8 26-.of .02 PARTICIPANT INFORMATION E NVIRONMENTAL C ONDITIONS (C ONT : D ) C$'c#'$tin % Envi !n ( e n t $ ' C!n"iti!n s (C!nt2 ") De/ P!int C-$ t T(ere is a de5 7oi&! c(ar! . descri8ed i& order !o se !(is c(ar!< T(e c(ar! "is!s =ario s ce&!i'rade a. (i'(es! re"a!i=e ( . a"o&' !(e "e+! side o+ !(e c(ar! +ro. !o "o5es! i& =ario s i&cre./ and the 0mbient Temperature centigrade is *1/ the dew point will be between *2 and ** which is *-. o& a&.7era! res a"o&' !(e !o7 ro5 +ro.e&!s i+ !(e readi&' is &o! exac!".PEW-105.e&! =a" e< $"ample +ook at Table I. The difference between -4 and ** is . c(ar!: 5(ic( (as i&cre.

idi!. )e5 7oi&! Ca& 5or$ 8e'i&H *1C 3/C 00K 51 .7era! re S r+ace !e.hart "o%ated on Addendum Page 7.02 PARTICIPANT INFORMATION E4e cise B Dete (in e De/ P!int Usin% De/ P!int C-$ ts Use Work Aid 11.7era! re S r+ace !e.7era! re Re"a!i=e ( .7era! re Re"a!i=e ( . determine if !ork %an . )e5 7oi&! Ca& 5or$ 8e'i&H 21C 13C 40K 3< Air !e."e Information Sheet to %ompute the de! point temperature+ 4ou ma %onfer !ith others in our group+ A"so. )e5 7oi&! Ca& 5or$ 8e'i&H 32C 21C 40K 2< Air !e.7era! re Re"a!i=e ( .idi!.7era! re S r+ace !e. and the app"i%a. the De! Point .idi!.PEW-105.egin at these readings+ Write Yes or No in the spa%e pro&ided+ 1< Air !e.

< Re+er !o !(e de5 7oi&! c(ar! i& !(e Sa di Ara.&s i&!ersec! is !(e de5 7oi&! !e.idi!.< Loo$ across !(e !o7 !o +i&d !(e a.7era! re< Lo' !(e readi&' i& !(e I&97ro'ress I&s7ec!io& S(ee! as re.ired< 52 .7era! re< )e! E&'i&eeri&' S!a&dard SAES9H9100: Ta8"e I: (Addendum Page 7.8ie&! air !e.7era! re i& ce&!i'rade< T(e 7oi&! i& !(e !a8"e 5(ere !(e !5o co" .i&e !(e correc! !e. )+ Loo$ do5& !(e "e+! side !o +i&d !(e re"a!i=e ( .PEW-105.i&e !(e correc! re"a!i=e ( .idi!.02 PARTICIPANT INFORMATION W! 0 Ai" B Use De/ P!int C-$ t $his Work Aid !i"" assist the Parti%ipant in finding the de! point !hen the temperature and re"ati&e humidit is kno!n+ F!''!/ t-e ste)s be'!/ > 1< 2< 3< *< /< 3< 4< )e!er.

&eed !o $&o5 (o5 !o co&=er! +ro.PEW-105.02 PARTICIPANT INFORMATION E NVIRONMENTAL C ONDITIONS (C ONT : D ) C$'c#'$tin % Envi !n ( e n t $ ' C!n"iti!n s (C!nt2 ") T(e I&s7ec!or .7era! re co&=ersio& c(ar!< 53 . 2a(re&(ei! !o ce&!i'rade a&d ce&!i'rade !o 2a(re&(ei!< Co&=ersio& is as +o""o5s? To co&=er! 2a(re&(ei! !o ce&!i'rade? C M @2932A 1<0 To co&=er! ce&!i'rade !o 2a(re&(ei!? 2 M @C x 1<0A N 32 #(ere? C M ce&!i'rade F M 2a(re&(ei!: 5. M Co&=ersio& 2ac!or< Adde&d .a. 7a'e *1 (as a !e..

o+ !(e sca"e a&d (i'(es! !e. This line should intersect the wet bulb temperature scale at point 3. The value at point 3 is the dew point temperature.7era! re sca"e ori'i&a!es a! .e&!s< A "i&e ex!e&ds 75ard +ro. 54 . a&d !(e (i'(es! =a" e a! !(e 77er e&d o+ !(e arc o& !(e "e+! side< T(e 5e! 8 "8 sca"e is s 8di=ided i&!o o&e de'ree i&cre.7era! re is +o &d o& !(e sca"e a! A a"o&' !(e ri'(!9(a&d side o+ !(e c(ar!< T(e "o5es! !e.e&! !o5ard !(e ri'(! o+ !(e c(ar! 7er7e&dic "ar !o !(e arc o+ !(e 5e! 8 "8 sca"e< T(e de5 7oi&! is read +ro.PEW-105.: .! ( e t i c C-$ ts A 7s.e!ric c(ar! is i&c" ded i& !(e Addendum.7era! re =a" e "oca!ed o& !(e ri'(! 8o!!o. a&d ex!e&ds 75ard i& a& arc across !(e c(ar! 5i!( !(e "o5es! !e.7era! re is a! !(e !o7 o+ !(e sca"e< T(e 5e! 8 "8 !e. 9iven:dry bulb temperature 7 .7era! re is a! !(e 8o!!o. across the chart at 4: . !(e sa.c(ro. These lines intersect at point *. eac( i&cre. wet bulb temperature 7 4: . of wet bulb temperature = point 2>.: .7era! re< $"ample To obtain a dew point temperature the Inspector must determine the intersection of the dry bulb and wet bulb temperature lines on the chart. 'raw a line 3< deg. 'raw a line vertically from the dry bulb temperature line at .02 PARTICIPANT INFORMATION E NVIRONMENTAL C ONDITIONS (C ONT : D ) C$'c#'$tin % Envi !n ( e n t $ ' C!n"iti!n s (C!nt:") Ps*c. 8 "8 !e. page :6+ T(e dr. 'raw a line parallel from point * to wet bulb temperature line. = point ->.e sca"e as !(e 5e! 8 "8 !e.

Work Aid <. the Instru%tor. )e5 7oi&! S r+ace !e.PEW-105.7era! re IIIIIIIIIIIIII Ca& 5or$ s!ar! 5i!( !(is readi&'H 2< Re"a!i=e ( . materia"s pro&ided .idi!. )e5 7oi&! S r+ace !e.7era! re IIIIIIIIIIIIII Ca& 5or$ s!ar! 5i!( !(is readi&'H 55 . and the app"i%a.02 PARTICIPANT INFORMATION E4e cise ."e Information Sheet to %ompute the re"ati&e humidit and the de! point for . Use Ps*c.e"o!.oth sets of readings+ A"so. determine if !ork %an or %annot start at these readings+ Write Yes or No in the spa%e pro&ided+ 1< Re"a!i=e ( . gi&en the surfa%e temperature readings .! ( e t i c C-$ t s t! Dete (i n e Re'$tive 6#(i"it* $n" De/ P!int Use the resu"ts that ou o.tained in 3/er%ise 5.idi!.

c(ro.e!ric 7ress reA< Loo$ a"o&' !(e arc a&d +i&d !(e 5e! 8 "8 !e. 8 "8 !e.7era! re< Lo' !(e i&+or.! ( e t i c C-$ t s $his Work aid is designed to assist the Parti%ipant in using the ps %hrometri% %harts pro&ided .02 PARTICIPANT INFORMATION W! 0 Ai" . !(is 7oi&! o& !(e c(ar! Loo$ across !(e 8o!!o. Use Ps*c. 8 "8 readi&' as ex7"ai&ed i& #or$ Aid * or /< Record !(e readi&'s< 2i&d !(e c(ar! +or . the Instru%tor+ F!''!/ t-e ste)s be'!/ > 1< 2< 3< *< /< %si&' !(e 7s.PEW-105.id7oi&! readi&'< 3< 4< 0< 56 .8er o& !(e sca"e 5(ere !(is "i&e i&!ersec!s !(e arc< T(is readi&' is !(e de5 7oi&! !e.o r area @sea "e=e" M 30 8aro.7era! re< )ra5 a "i&e a! */ de'< 2ro.7era! re< )ra5 a "i&e a! !(is 7oi&! 7 !(e c(ar! &!i" i! i&!ersec!s !(e "i&e dra5& i& s!e7 *< )ra5 a !(ird "i&e 7er7e&dic "ar !o !(e 7oi&! i& s!e7 / 5(ere !(e +irs! !5o "i&es i&!ersec! a&d ex!e&d i! !o !(e 5e! 8 "8 arc o+ !(e c(ar!< Read !(e & . o+ !(e c(ar!< 2i&d !(e dr.e!er: !a$e a 5e! a&d dr.a!io& o8!ai&ed o& !(e i&s7ec!io& "o' as !(e .

i'(! 8e di++ic "! !o se or 'e! da.7era! re a&d re"a!i=e ( . se+ " i& !(e +ie"d< T(ese !.e!er .ade o+ a d ra8"e (ard 7"as!ic !(a! ca& (a&d"e ro '( co&di!io&s i& !(e +ie"d< T(e.a'ed< T(ese ca"c "a!ors are .8er o+ s"ide r "e 5(ee" 'a 'es !(a! ca& 8e sed i& !(e +ie"d !o ca"c "a!e de5 7oi&! !e. co=ered< 57 .7es o+ ca"c "a!ors are i&ex7e&si=e a&d are exce""e&! +or +ie"d se 5(ere c(ar!s .02 PARTICIPANT INFORMATION E NVIRONMENTAL C ONDITIONS (C ONT : D ) C$'c#'$tin % Envi !n ( e n t $ ' C!n"iti!n s (C!nt:") C$'c#'$t ! s T(ere are a & .idi!.< E"co.7era! re co&=ersio& sca"e: 5(ic( is =er. de5 7oi&! a&d o&e ca"c "a!es 8o!( de5 7oi&! a&d re"a!i=e ( .a$es !5o .< T(e "a!!er a"so (as a !e.PEW-105.idi!. are a& a"!er&a!i=e !o !(e se o+ !(e c(ar!s a&d 'ra7(s 7re=io s".ode"s< O&e ca"c "a!es o&".

8 "8 !e.7era! re sca"e !o a"i'& 5i!( !(e de5 7oi&! !e.7era! re readi&' o& !(e 5e! 8 "8 !e.7era! re i& !(e a77ro7ria!e +or.02 PARTICIPANT INFORMATION W! 0 Ai" C Usin% t-e E'c!(e t e De/ P!int $n" Re'$tive 6#(i"it* C$'c#'$t ! $his Work Aid !i"" assist the Parti%ipant in %a"%u"ating the de! point and re"ati&e humidit using the 3"%ometer de! point and re"ati&e humidit %a"%u"ator+ T! c$'c#'$t e "e/ )!int te() e $ t # e 3 &!''!/ t-es e ste)s . )e!er.idi!. 8 "8 !e. o& !(e co"ored sca"e i& !(e 5i&do5 i&dica!ed 8. !(e arro5 Record !(is re"a!i=e ( .i&e i+ 5or$ ca& 8e'i& or co&!i& e as 7er !(e a. 8 "8 !e.idi!.7era! re readi&' o& !(e de5 7oi&! !e.idi!.e!er de5 7oi&! a&d re"a!i=e ( .7era! re sca"e o& !(e !o7 o+ !(e E"co. Co&!ro" +or.7era! re sca"e "oca!ed o& !(e 8o!!o.e!er de5 7oi&! a&d re"a!i=e ( . ca"c "a!or< Se! !(e dr.idi!.s< 2< 3< *< 58 .8ie&! cri!eria +or 8"as!i&' or coa!i&' 5or$< e'$tiv e -#(i"it*3 &!''!/ t-es e ste)s .: o !er ri&'< Read !(e K re"a!i=e ( . ca"c "a!or< Se! !(e dr. 8 "8 !e.7era! re readi&' o& !(e dr. 1< 2< Loca!e !(e 5i&do5 +or !(e de5 7oi&! !e.PEW-105.7era! re sca"e< Record !(e de5 7oi&! !e.7era! re sca"e !o a"i'& 5i!( !(e 5e! 8 "8 !e. o+ !(e E"co.idi!. 3< *< /< T! c$'c#'$t e 1< Loca!e !(e 5i&do5 +or !(e K re"a!i=e ( .7era! re sca"e "oca!ed o& !(e o !er ri&'< Read !(e de5 7oi&! !e.7era! re readi&' "oca!ed o& !(e dr. sca"e o& !(e 8o!!o. i& !(e a77ro7ria!e G a"i!.7era! re o& !(e ri&' i&side !(e 5i&do5 o& !(e co"ored sca"e "oca!ed o77osi!e !(e 5e! 8 "8 !e.

i"d". o+ !(e coa!i&'< He =eri+ies !(ose i!e.e&!a!io& o+ c"ea&i&' de+ec!s a&d desi'& de+ec!s: T(e exis!i&' co&di!io& o+ !(e s r+ace .7e o+ coa!i&'< S r+ace 7re7ara!io& is .e+ore a&.i&ed 7rior !o s r+ace 7re7ara!io&: s a"".7e o+ 7re7ara!io& re. or 7ar!ia"".s !(a! are i& !(e +irs! 7ar! o+ (is I&s7ec!io& P"a&: e=er. c( di++ere&! o& . s! 8e de!er. de+ec!s s c( as ro""i&' "a7s: crac$s: 7i!s a&d 'rease or oi" s(o "d 8e recorded a&d !(eir 7osi!io& i&dica!ed< 59 .e+ore !(e coa!i&' >o8 8e'i&s: !(e I&s7ec!or . di++ere&! o& &7ai&!ed s!ee" !(a& o& 7re=io s".!(i&' 7 !o !(e s r+ace 7re7ara!io& i&s7ec!io&< I! (as 8ee& es!i.a$e a +ie"d s r=e.a! re coa!i&' +ai" res are ca sed ei!(er co.i&a!io& is e&!ire".i&ed: !(e I&s7ec!or .7"e!e". corroded s!ee" !(a& o& ex!re.e&! +a8rica!io& correc!ed a&d &correc!ed Pre9c"ea&i&' C"ea&i&' I&s7ec!io& a&d doc .e&!a!io& o+ s!ee" s r+ace co&di!io&s I&s7ec! a&d doc . re.ire !(e s r+ace !o 8e c"ea&ed or 8r s(98"as!ed 8e+ore i&s7ec!io& a&d record !(e o=era"" co&di!io& o+ !(e s!ee" s r+ace< A&. c"ea&i&' or 7re7ara!io&: !(e I&s7ec!or s(o "d exa. 8. r s!ed a&d 7i!!ed s!ee"< T(e 7rocess o+ s r+ace co&di!io& exa. o+ !(e >o8< T(e I&s7ec!or s(o "d !a$e &o!es o+ !(e co&di!io& a&d dra5 s$e!c(es !o i&dica!e s7eci+ic areas o+ co&cer&< I+ !(e co&di!io& o+ !(e s r+ace ca&&o! 8e de!er.ired +or a 7ar!ic "ar !.e".i&e !(e s r+ace o+ !(e area !o 8e coa!ed< I! is 'ood !o . s r+ace 7re7ara!io&< S r+ace 7re7ara!io& ca& i&c" de? • • • • • I&s7ec!io& a&d doc . +a "!.a"i!. 8e+ore !(e >o8 s7eci+ica!io&s are 5ri!!e&< T(e exis!i&' co&di!io& o+ !(e s r+ace is a +ac!or i& !(e c(oice o+ !(e !. coa!ed s!ee"< S# &$ c e E4$(i n $ ti! n .02 PARTICIPANT INFORMATION S# &$c e C!n"iti!n Ins)ecti!n P !ce"# e s .a.a!ed !(a! 4/900 K o+ a"" 7re.PEW-105. s! s!ar! co&!ro""i&' !(e .

i&accessi8"e or (ard !o reac( 7"aces !(a! . !o I&s7ec!ors a&d o7era!ors c"i.o=ed: !(e. s! "oca!e a&d doc . s! c(ec$ +or i&c" de !(e +o""o5i&'? • Oi" a&d 'rease .a. "a!e o& !(e s!ee" s r+ace< T(e I&s7ec!or .ire 8r s( 7ai&!i&' 5i!( a coa!i&' 7rior !o s7ra.ica" sa"!s ca& a"so i&d ce corrosio&< 60 . !(e !rea!. !(e co&!rac!or< I+ !(e s r+ace is co. a77"ica!io&< T(e co&di!io& o+ . !r e o+ a co&di!io& ca""ed 7i!!i&' 5(ere corrosio& (as ea!e& s.7"e!e". (a=e !o re. r s!ed: i! . s r+ace de+ec!s a&d (a=e !(e.PEW-105. 8e (ard !o see de+ec!s< T(e I&s7ec!or .8i&' aro &d o& !(e s!r c! re< S# &$ c e De&ec ts .ed< T(ese ca& ca se se=ere i&> r.e&! o+ s!ee" s r+aces< A&.a.a!eria"s is di++ere&!$s 7rior !o coa!i&'< Resid es o+ c(e. acc .e!a" 8 ! &o! a"" !(e$ !(e areas 5i!( a 'rease"ess cra.a. is a ' ide !o se +or s r+ace de+ec!s< T(e !. s! 8e c"ea&ed 7rior !o s r+ace 7re7ara!io&< I+ oi" a&d 'rease are &o! re.e&! a&.e&! +or !(ese . 8e di++ic "! !o coa! s(o "d 8e recorded< T(ese .o& or c(a"$< He . s! 8e recorded< T(e !rea!. 5i"" co&!a.i&a!e recirc "a!ed a8rasi=e .a. s! "oca!e !(ese s7o!s a&d .a"" (o"es i&!o !(e s r+ace o+ !(e .a!eria" o!(er !(a& s!ee" s c( as 5ood: 7"as!er a&d co&cre!e: .e s re !o re. re.a.o& .oo!( s r+ace 8e+ore !(e s r+ace 7re7ara!io& is 7er+or.a. se a "!ra=io"e! "i'(! !o assis! i& de!ec!io&< Oi" or 'rease i& !(e 7rese&ce o+ "!ra=io"e! "i'(! 5i"" (a=e a 8" is( a77eara&ce< T(ese areas .a!eria" a&d i&!er+ere 5i!( !(e ad(esio& o+ !(e coa!i&'< .7es o+ s r+ace de+ec!s !(e I&s7ec!or .o=e a"" cra.ire !(e co&!rac!or !o a8rasi=e 8"as! !(e s!ee" s r+ace 8e+ore a 7ro7er i&s7ec!io& ca& 8e . s(ar7 o8>ec!s s(o "d 8e recorded a&d 'ro &d !o a s.02 PARTICIPANT INFORMATION S URFACE C ONDITION INSPECTION P ROCEDURES (C ONT : D ) S# &$ c e E4$(i n $ ti! n (C!nt2 ") A&.ade< T(is is 7ar!ic "ar". !(ro '( !(e s!ee"< NACE RP014091/: Addendum page :7. re7aired 8.e+ore !(e s r+ace is 7re7ared: !(e I&s7ec!or .

s7read o=er a "ar'e area< Ma& a" 5e"ds . s! 8e !a$e& a! !(ese 7oi&!s 5(e& !(e a8rasi=e 8"as!i&' is 8ei&' do&e !o e&s re a 'ood 7ro+i"e< . a&d "i'(!". i.s!e.i&d !(a! . c( !(i&&er a! !(a! 7oi&!< Mo=e s"o5". so &o! !o i&> re !(e (a&d< I+ s(ar7 ed'es s!i"" re.02 PARTICIPANT INFORMATION S URFACE C ONDITION INSPECTION P ROCEDURES (C ONT 2 D ) S# &$ c e De&ec ts (C!nt:") • S!ee" cor&ers a&d s(ar7 ed'es s(o "d 8e ide&!i+ied< A&. s! 8e "oca!ed a&d s.ic$". c(ise" or 'ri&di&' 5(ee"< 6ee7 i& . s! 8e ide&!i+ied< T(ese de+ec!s .s< • • • 61 . s! 8e s.oo!(".oo!(ed do5& i+ !(e. s! 8e re7aired: re5e"ded a&d 'ro &d do5& s.rea$do5& o+ !(e coa!i&' a! a de7osi! o+ 5e"d s7a!!er ca& . ro &ded !o 1/13 o+ a& i&c(< Li'(!".< I&s7ec! +or s$i7 5e"ds< S$i7 5e"ds are cor&ers a&d sides o+ s!ee" s r+aces !(a! (a=e 8ee& 5e"ded !o'e!(er 8 ! &o! +or !(e + "" "e&'!( o+ !(e >oi&!< So.e!a"< T(ese de+ec!s 5i"" ca se corrosio& a&d coa!i&' +ai" re< #e"d 7orosi!.i&a!e !(e s$i795e"d areas< T(ese areas a"so . !(e ed'e o+ !(e rid'e a&d is . c(ec$ 5i!( !(e 8are (a&d !o see i+ s(ar7&ess s!i"" re.$ed 5i!( a 7ai&! o+ !(e s7eci+ied s.o=ed< T(ese .: &derc ! a&d ca=i!ies .e 7ar!s o+ !(e >oi&ed s r+ace (a=e 8ee& Ls$i77edL< T(ese areas .ai&s< S(ar7 ed'es a&d s7i$es are di++ic "! !o coa!<: !(e coa!i&' 7 ""s 8ac$ +ro.os! (a&d a&d 7o5er !oo" c"ea&i&' does &o! "ea=e a 7ro+i"e or a&c(or 7a!!er& +or !(e ad(esio& o+ !(e coa!i&'< Ex!ra care .o=ed ei!(er 8.PEW-105. s! 8e re5e"ded !o e"i. (a=e a ro '( s r+ace< I&s7ec! !o e&s re !(a! ro '( s r+ace 'ri&di&' 5(ee"s do &o! 'o 'e (o"es or !ro '(s i& !(e .oo!(ed a+!er re5e"di&' so !(a! 5a!er 5i"" &o! 7e&e!ra!e a&d ca se corrosio& 7ro8"e.7er+ec!io&s ca& 8e . s! 8e re. !o !(e &s s7ec!i&' 5or$er< #e"d s7a!!er a&d s"a' are 7rod c!s o+ !(e 5e"di&' 7rocess 5(ic( (a=e &o! 8ee& 7ro7er".ai&: re7ea! !(e 7rocess &!i" a"" ed'es are ro &ded a&d sa+e !o (a&d"e< T(ese s(ar7 ed'es a&d cor&ers ca& ca se se=ere i&> r. 8 ! o+ a di++ere&! co"or< S(ar7 ed'es s(o "d 8e s"i'(!".

i"" sca"e ca& ca se "a!er +ai" re< R s! sca"e ca&&o! 8e 7ro!ec!ed 8. r s! are SIS9 0//100 @Addendum Page 5= ) and SSPC9VIS913 @Addendum Page 5:)+ T(e.a.a'e . s! 8e ide&!i+ied a&d !(e .os! "i$e".e!a"s >oi&ed !o'e!(er s(o "d a"5a. !(a! ca&&o! a"5a.i"ar . a&.e&!ed +or + ! re re+ere&ce< Pi!!i&' s(o "d a"5a.02 PARTICIPANT INFORMATION S URFACE C ONDITION INSPECTION P ROCEDURES (C ONT 2 D ) S# &$ c e De&ec ts (C!nt:") • I+ !(ere are "a.e!a" s r+aces ca& 8e ide&!i+ied si&' a se! o+ =is a" s!a&dards< T(ese =is a" s!a&dards (a=e 8ee& >oi&!". coa!i&' +ai" re: a&d !i'(! . SSPC a&d ASTM< T(e =is a" s!a&dards sed !o ide&!i+.e!a" da.os! r s!ed< 62 .s o+ !(is !.e!a" !o o!(er side i! . re7"aced< T(is co&di!io& is . s! 8e s7o! 5e"ded< )issi.e!a"s< Pro8"!ai& ad(esio& !o !(e s!ee"< Pi!!i&' is a 7ro8"e.e!a"s ca& ca se co. coa!i&' a&d ca&&o! .: C: a&d )< Jrade A is !(e "eas! r s!ed a&d Jrade ) is !(e .e< T(e !5o . .e!a"s i& co&!ac! 5i!( eac( o!(er ca se a c(e.i"ar .i"" sca"e ca& ca se ear".s 8e ide&!i+ied< I+ r s! co=ers !(e s!ee": i! .s 8e &o!ed a&d +ixed 7rior !o s r+ace 7re7ara!io&< )issi.7e . s! 8e correc!ed 7rior !o a8rasi=e 8"as!i&'< R s! o& !(e s r+ace< Loose or 8ro$e& . !o exis! a! ri=e!s: 8o"!s a&d 7"a!es a!!ac(ed !o !(e s r+ace< • • • I"enti&*i n% De% e e !& R#st R s! o& &7ai&!ed .PEW-105. s! 8e c ! o ! a&d re7"aced 7rior !o coa!i&'< #(e& !(ese sca8s +"a$e o++: !(e 7or!io& o+ !(e s!ee" &der&ea!( 5i"" 8e "e+! ex7osed a&d 5i"" corrode< A"" .s 8e +ixed 8 ! !(e 7i!!i&' s(o "d 8e doc . a77ro=ed 8.e!a" de!eriora!io& a&d corrosio& a! !(e >oi&! i& a s(or! 7eriod o+ !i. (a=e !o 8e 8"as!ed 7rior !o s r+ace co&di!io& i&s7ec!io&< I+ 7i!!i&' 7e&e!ra!es !(ro '( !(e .ica" reac!io& !(a! corrodes o&e o+ !(e .e!a" ca si&' !(e 7ro8"e.7"e!e .i&a!io& +"a5s a&d sca8s @7"aces !(a! are 7ee"i&'A: !(e. are a series o+ 7ic! res: 5(ic( s(o5 +o r 'rades @de'reesA o+ r s! o& &7ai&!ed s!ee"< T(e +o r 'rades o+ r s! are A: .

8e sed: (o5e=er: !(e +i&a" 5as( .i&a&!s .e &e !ra"izi&' a'e&!s .i&a!ed< Se=era" .02 PARTICIPANT INFORMATION S URFACE C ONDITION INSPECTION P ROCEDURES (C ONT 2 D ) Ev$'#$ ti n % De% e e O& S# &$ c e C!nt$ (i n $ ti ! n S r+ace co&!a.i&a&!s 8eca se !(e. 8e i&=isi8"e !o !(e &a$ed e.i&a!io& is 7er+or.ica" sa"!s (a=e 8ee& de=e"o7ed< O&e !.a.a. s! 8e de!ec!ed a&d re.o=ed +ro.i&a!io& ca& ca se a !o!a" +ai" re o+ !(e coa!i&'< T(e o&".e&!a" !o coa!i&'s are c("orides: s "+ides: a&d +erro s io&s< T(e 7H 8a"a&ce is a"so i. i&=o"=es de!er. s(o "d 8e re.7or!a&!< T(e 7H 8a"a&ce is a . 5(a!e=er s r+ace 7re7ara!io& o7era!io&s are 7er+or. 8e 7rese&! e=e& !(o '( !(e s r+ace "oo$s c"ea&< T(is co&!a. co&!i& e !o 8e ac!i=e e=e& a+!er !(e s!ee" (as 8ee& coa!ed< T(e !.o& !a8"e sa"!A .a!eria" sed i& 8"as! c"ea&i&'< I! is a"so i.o=ed 8.a.ed !o 7re=e&! co&!a.ari&e e&=iro&.i&a!io& !(a! are de!ri. 5i"" &derc ! !(e coa!i&' a&d ca se !(e coa!i&' !o +ai"< I+ co&!a. so" 8"e sa"!s are o& !(e 63 . i&dica!es 5(e!(er or &o! a&. a reac!io& o+ s!ee" 5i!( s "+ ric acid: a 8.e&! or o!(er +ac!ors< I! is desira8"e !(a! !(ese sa"!s: 5(ic( .i&e i+ i! is acid or 8ase .i&i&' i+ +erro s s "+a!e or sodi . 5a. 8e de7osi!ed o& !(e s!ee" s r+ace as a res "! o+ i!s "oca!io& i& a .a.a. !(e s r+ace 7rior !o 8"as! c"ea&i&'< T(is deco&!a.e: 8e re. res "!s +ro. s! 8e 5i!( c"ea& s5ee! 5a!er !o e&s re !(a! !(e s r+ace is &o! reco&!a.7es o+ co&!a.i&a&!s are de!ec!ed: !(e.o=ed 5i!( soa7 a&d s5ee! 5a!er &der 7ress re< So.e!(ods +or de!ec!io& o+ c(e.ica" sa"!s 7ri&ci7a"".os7(eric corrosio& si! a!io&s: 'e&era"".os7(ere< Sodi .i&a!io& 8e 7er+or.ed 7rior !o coa!i&' o+ !(e s!ee"< O!(er5ise: corrosi=e co&di!io&s .eas re o+ a s 8s!a&ce !o de!er.i&a!ed is !o !es! !(e s r+ace< Tes!i&' +or !(e 7rese&ce o+ so" 8"e c(e.7e is qualitativ e C !(a! is: i! o&".ed 8e+ore coa!i&'< T(e coa!i&' s(o "d &o! 8e a77"ied o=er !(ese co&!a. c("oride @or co.PEW-105. !o 8e s re !(a! !(e s 8s!ra!e is &o! co&!a.i&a!io& .a.7or!a&! !(a! deco&!a.. s!i"" exis! o& !(e s!ee" s r+ace a&d . c("oride exis!s< 2erro s s "+a!e: i& a!.a!eria"< T(ese co&!a.i&a!io& o+ !(e a8rasi=e .7rod c! o+ +ree s "+ r dioxide i& !(e a!.

02 PARTICIPANT INFORMATION s r+ace< T(e o!(er !.PEW-105.i&e 7H< 64 .7e is se mi.quantitativ e C i! i&dica!es !(e .a&!i!.a&!i!a!i=e !es!s ca& a"so 8e sed !o de!er. @i+ a&.A o+ so" 8"e sa"!s o& !(e s r+ace< G a"i!a!i=e a&d se.i9 .

id +ro.8er o+ dro7s +ro.i&a&!s ca& a"" 8e de!ec!ed 5i!( Co&!a.7e o+ co&! +ro.o& !. !(e 7a!c(: 5i!( a s.o &! o+ c("orides !(a! are o& !(e s r+ace< 65 . .i&a!io& $i! is !(e C("oride Tes! 8.o=ed 3 !i.7e o+ $i! i& Sa di Ara.ixed &!i" i! ! r&s . !(e 8o!!"e "a8e"ed L#1L is 7 ! i&!o !(e co&!ai&er a&d .e co&!ai&er< Bo co &! !(e & . !(e . 8o!!"e L)L a&d !(e 5i!( !(e !es! $i! 5i"" s(o5 !(e re"a!io& 8e!5ee& !(e & .i&a!io& A&a".e co&!ai&er a&d .e""o5< T(e& !(e 8o!!"e "a8e"ed L)L is added !o !(e sa.ed si&' a 7a!c( or 8"adder !(a! is 7"aced o& !(e s r+ace< 3cc o+ dis!i""ed 5a!er is i&>ec!ed a&d re..sis 6i!< T(is $i! 5i"" de!ec! !(e 7rese&ce o+ c("orides: +erro s io&s a&d !(e 7H 8a"a&ce< T(e .ixed &!i" !(e 5a!er ! r&s a 8" is(/7 r7"e co"or< T(e& 2 dro7s o+ "i.e""o5 !o =io"e! or 7 r7"e< A c(ar! !(a! co. !(e 8o!!"e "a8e"ed L#2L is 7 ! i&!o !(e sa.ore co."adder or Pa!c( Me!(od< T(is !es! is is !(e 6TA S r+ace Co&!a.8er o+ dro7s !(a! is added &!i" !(e " ! r&s +ro.02 PARTICIPANT WORK A ID S URFACE C ONDITION INSPECTION P ROCEDURES (C ONT 2 D ) Ev$'#$ ti n % De% e e O& S# &$ c e C!nt$ (i n $ ti ! n (C!nt2 ") T(ese co&!a.ri&'e< T(e 5a!er is !(e& 7 ! i&!o a c"ear 7"as!ic or '"ass co&!ai&er a&d 2 dro7s o+ "i.i&a!io& Tes!i&' 6i!s< O&e !.

PEW-105.5612 1) pro&ided . The grade should be selected that most closely represents the surface. !(e correc! c"ea&i&' . the Instru%tor and SSP.02 PARTICIPANT WORK A ID W! 0 Ai" 5< I"enti&*in% t-e De% e e !& R#st $his Work Aid !i"" assist the Parti%ipant in determining the rust %ondition and degree of rust on the surfa%e of stee" su.a!c( 8e!5ee& !(e =is a" a&d !(e s r+ace is +o &d< T(is is !(e r s! 'rade< Note: The actual condition may be somewhere between two different visuals.2*IS21+ F!''!/ t-e ste)s be'!/ > +e&! e P e)$ $ ti ! n 1< 2< 3< *< Proc re 8o!( se!s o+ =is a"s +ro.7are !(e =is a"s !o !(e s r+ace: o&e a! a !i.e: &!i" !(e ri'(! .e!(od i& !(e s7eci+ica!io&< P"ace !(e +o r r s! 'rade =is a"s: o&e a! a !i. 'ifferent sections of a large surface may have different degrees of rust.e: &ear !(e s 8s!ra!e s r+ace< Co. /< 3< 4< Ma$e a s$e!c( or dra5i&' o+ !(e s r+ace a&d i&dica!e !(e "oca!io& o+ !(ese di++ere&! s r+ace co&di!io&s< No!e a&d "o' s r+ace co&di!io&s i& !(e i&s7ec!io& "o'< Re=ie5 !(e s7eci+ica!io&s !o o8!ai& de'ree o+ s r+ace 7re7ara!io& !o 8e sed< 66 .strate prior to surfa%e preparation+ $he &isua"s used are the S!edish Photographi% Standards (IS>2. !(e I&s7ec!io& Sec!io&< Veri+.

area is sed 8eca se i! does &o! re.eeze o ! !(e desired a.a"" 7"as!ic 8ea$ers 7ro=ided i& !(e $i!< %se !(e 'rad a!ed c.PEW-105.< Note: ?se only distilled or deioni(ed water to perform test. Steps .i&era"ized 5a!er i&!o o&e o+ !(e s. &o!i+.i&e 5(ic( 7(o!o'ra7( re7rese&!s 5(a! !(e +i&is(ed s r+ace s(o "d "oo$ "i$e< Co. o!(er area size . 'iscard at this time.. 2< 3< *< Po r !a7 5a!er i&!o !(e 7"as!ic 8o!!"e s 77"ied i& !(e $i!< A!!ac( !(e 7or!a8"e de.through 3 pertain to obtaining this type of water.8"a&ce s(o "d 8e c"ose< I+ !(ere is a . !(a! discre7a&cies are correc!ed 7rior !o !(e s!ar! o+ coa!i&' >o8s< W! 0 Ai" 55 Use DTA S# &$c e C!nt$ (i n $ ti ! n An$'*sis Dit $his Work Aid !i"" assist the Parti%ipant in determining if surfa%e %ontamination is present+ P e) $ $ ti ! n 1< %se a r "er a&d c(a"$ or 7e&ci" !o . 8e sed 8 ! co&=ersio&s 5i"" 8e &ecessar.a. 1/ c.i&era"ize car!rid'e i& !(e direc!io& i&dica!ed< I&=er! !(e car!rid'e a&d s. /< Meas re o ! 22</ .o &! o+ 5a!er< Note: The deminerali(e cartridge may be used until the blue color turns brown as indicated on the side of the cartridge.o r s 7er=isor a&d/or e&'i&eer< 10< Veri+.edia!e".7are !(e 7ic!oria" a&d !(e +i&is(ed s r+ace< )o &o! ex7ec! a& exac! corre"a!io&< T(e rese. 8e!5ee& !(e s7eci+ica!io&s a&d .a>or discre7a&c.02 PARTICIPANT WORK A ID A&te P e) $ $ ti ! n 0< 1< %se =is a"s @SSPC9VIS91A !o de!er.o r +i&di&'s: i. ."i&der !o 67 ." o+ de.eas re !(e area !o 8e !es!ed< A 1/ 8.ire co&=ersio&s< A&.




.eas re co&!e&!s< 22</ ."s is re- ired +or !(e a.o &! o+ area .ar$ed i& s!e7 1< A))'ic$ti!n 3< Re.o=e co!!o& 8a""s +ro. $i!< )a.7e& co!!o& 8a"" a&d s5a8 a .eas red area si&' !5eezers !o (o"d co!!o& 8a""<
!e careful. 'o not contaminate the area from e"ternal sources such as the hands.



A+!er s5a88i&' !(e area: s5ir" !(e co!!o& 8a"" i& !(e 5a!er a&d s- eeze i! a'ai&s! !(e side o+ !(e 8ea$er eac( !i.e< Re7ea! !(is ac!io& a! "eas! +o r !< P"ace !(e co!!o& 8a"" i& !(e 8ea$er<





W! 0 Ai" 55 (C!nt2")
0< 1< %se a +res( co!!o& 8a"" !o dr, o++ !(e !es! area a&d 7"ace i! i& !(e 8ea$er< S!ir co&!e&!s o+ !(e 8ea$er i& a s5ir"i&' .o!io& +or a! "eas! 2 .i& !es< Re.o=e o&e G a&!a8 !es! s!ic$ +ro. !(e $i!< P"ace !(e "o5er e&d @!(e e&d o77osi!e !(e i&dica!or co" .&A i& !(e 8ea$er 5i!( 5a!er a&d co!!o& 8a""s< A""o5 !(e 5a!er !o sa! ra!e !(e !es! s!ri7 +or a77roxi.a!e", 20 .i& !es< T(e ,e""o5 s!ri7 across !(e i&dica!or co" .& 5i"" s!ar! ! r&i&' 8" e< A""o5 !5o .i& !es a+!er !(e s!ri7 s!ar!s !o ! r& 8" e< Loo$ a! !(e !a& sca"e< I+ !(e !a& sca"e ! r&s 5(i!e: !(e& c("orides are 7rese&!< No!ice !(e sca"e & .8er a! !(e !o7 ed'e o+ !(e area !(a! ! r&ed 5(i!e< Record !(is sca"e & .8er< Co.7are !(is & .8er 5i!( !(e ca"i8ra!io& c(ar!: 5(ic( 5i!( !(e G a&!a8 8o!!"e !o de!er.i&e !(e c("oride "e=e"<
Note: The test stick will test chlorides in e"cess of 3:ppm. If no reaction to the stick is noted/ the chloride level is too low to be measured and surface is considered uncontaminated. The results obtained for both chlorides and ferrous ions using the figures given will be in milligrams per meter -. If different measurements and a different volume of li)uid are used/ then the conversion factors must be used.

Dete (i n e C-'! i"e Leve' 1<


3< *<



Dete (i n e Fe 1< 2< 3< *<

!# s I!n Leve'

2erro s io&s are de!er.i&ed !(e sa.e 5a,< Re.o=e o&e 2erro s io& Tes! S!ri7 Mois!e& !(e s!ri7 i& !(e so" !io&< Co.7are !(e co"or c(a&'e !o !(e co"or coded c(ar! o& !(e co&!ai&er "a8e"< NOTE? T(e !es! s!ri7 5i"" !es! +erro s io&s i&





excess o+ 377.< I+ &o reac!io& !o !(e s!ri7 is &o!ed: !(e io& "e=e" is !oo "o5 !o 8e .eas red a&d s r+ace is co&sidered &co&!a.i&a!ed<


co&!ac! 5i!( !(e s!ee"< #e! !(e 7a7er 5i!( 1 !o 2 dro7s o+ deio&ized 5a!er< C(ec$ !(e 5a!er sed !o e&s re !(a! !(e 7H is &e !ra": L4L< Co.> A'te n $ t e Met-!"> 1< P"ace a s.a"" s!ri7 o+ !(e 7H 7a7er: a8o ! 1 1/2L s.o=e o&e 7H 7a7er s!ri7 +ro.7are !(e res "!i&' co"or 5i!( !(e co"or c(ar!< Acti!n Re1#i e " > I+ !(e "i.i&a!e !(e s r+ace 8. s! 8e deco&!a. is neutral.i&a!ed< )eco&!a.PEW-105.02 PARTICIPANT WORK A ID W! 0 Ai" 55 (C!nt2") Dete (i n e )6 Leve' 1< 2< 3< Re. Sa di Ara.7are !(e res "!i&' co"or 5i!( !(e co"or sca"e i&c" ded i& !(e 7H 7a7er 7ac$a'e< Note: The p& paper will test the p& level between 3 and 8 =. (.i&a!ed areas 5i!( s5ee!5a!er< 2< 3< 1< 2< 71 .dro5as(i&' !(e co&!a.i!s: a""o5ed 8.are: o& !(e s!ee" s r+ace< Ma$e s re !(e 7a7er is i& direc! a&d are exceeded: !(e s r+ace . !(e $i!< )i7 !(e s!ri7 i&!o !(e 5a!er sed a8o=e< Co.

ired< I+ c(e.ired: circ"e LBesL a&d i&dica!e !(e !.ired: circ"e LNoL< Jri&di&' re.< I+ !(e 5or$ da. 5i"" 8e "o&'er !(a& ei'(! (o rs: !(e& a&o!(er readi&' .ired a&d 5(e!(er !(e >o8 5as do&e sa!is+ac!ori".e as s!e7 2< %&der a8rasi=e 8"as! c"ea&i&': 5ri!e !(e de5 7oi&! o8!ai&ed 7rior !o !(e s!ar! o+ 5or$< Mid97oi&! is +o r (o rs "a!er i& a& ei'(! (o r da.P !cess Ins)ecti!n F! ( &! S# &$c e C!n"iti!n Ins)ecti!n $his Work Aid !i"" assist the Parti%ipant in fi""ing out the re#uired information on the In2Pro%ess Inspe%tion 5orm for the Surfa%e .ica" c"ea&i&' is re.ica" c"ea&i&' is re.7e re.eginning of %oating app"i%ation+ $he Instru%tor !i"" pro&ide .ondition and Preparation Inspe%tion prior to the .e 8"oc$ 5i!( !(e c rre&! da!e a&d !i.PEW-105. s! 8e !a$e& a&d e&!ered a! +o r9(o r i&!er=a"s< 3< *< 72 .02 PARTICIPANT WORK A ID W! 0 Ai" 58 Fi'' O#t in.e&!s are i&dica!ed !(e sa.e< I& !(e L!oL 8"oc$ 7 ! !(e (o r !(e 5or$ 5i"" co&!i& e !o< 2i"" o ! S r+ace Pre7ara!io& 8"oc$ as re."ank forms+ Do not use the one in the Addendum+ F!''!/ t-e ste)s be'!/ > 1< 2< 2i"" o ! !(e )a!e/!i.< I+ &o C(e.ire.

a& +ac! rersF da!a s(ee!s< %&der !(e Headi&' LCOATINJ SPECI2ICATIONL: e&s re !(a! a"" !(e .ired: 5or$i&' 7ress re a&d !e.a!io& i& !(e Lo' ide&!i+ies !(e 7"a&! & .o &! or co"or o+ 7ai&!< 3< *< /< 3< 4< 0< 73 . !(a! !(e i&+or.a!eria"s a&d e.7e o+ +" id ser=ice re.8er a&d &a. recorded< T(is i&+or. !(a! !(e e. s c( as excessi=e s(e"+ "i+e: a8rasi=e 8"as!i&' .a& +ac! rerFs da!a (as 8ee& "o''ed< E&s re !(a! !(e s(e"+ "i+e (as &o! 8ee& exceeded as o !"i&ed i& !(e I&s7ec!io& P"a&< E&s re !(a! !(e 7ro7er .e&! discre7a&cies: or errors i& !(e a. o+ discre7a&c.a!io& re.e&!s a&d i& !(e i&s7ec!io& sc(ed "i&' o++ice< I& !(e &ex! !5o "i&es: =eri+.oating and 3#uipment )og are %orre%t on%e a Pre2Preparation Inspe%tion has .a!io& is +o &d i& !(e s7eci+ica!io&s: co&!rac!or 7roced res a&d .e< T(is i&+or.i7.7era! re (a=e 8ee& 7ro7er".a!io& is +o &d i& !(e coa!i&' (is!or. e&!ered< T(ese are cri!ica"< I+ a77"ica8"e: e&s re !(a! !(e 7re=io s coa!i&' sed o& !(e s 8s!ra!e is recorded a&d 5(e!(er i! 5as a77"ied i& !(e s(o7 or i& !(e +ie"d< T(is i&+or.e!(od o+ a77"ica!io& (as 8ee& "o''ed< #ri!e i& !(e re.i7.e&! a&d 7er!i&e&! I&+or. !(e Cre5 S 7er=isor< E&s re !(a! !(e !.8er o+ doc . i!e.a!io& is +o &d i& a & .i7.02 PARTICIPANT WORK A ID W! 0 Ai" 58 Fi'' O#t t-e P$intsEC!$tin % s $n" E1#i)( e n t L!% &! S# &$c e C!n"iti!n Ins)ecti!n $his Work Aid !i"" assist the Parti%ipant to &erif that entries in the Paints?.ired a8o ! i! (as 8ee& "o''ed 8.a!io& a8o ! a8rasi=e 8"as!i&' is 7ro7er".PEW-105.a!eria" or e.een performed+ Do not use the one in the Addendum+ F!''!/ t-e ste)s be'!/ > 1< 2< I&s7ec! a"" .e&! as o !"i&ed i& !(e I&s7ec!io& P"a&< Veri+. +i"e +or !(a! 7"a&!< E&s re !(a! a"" i&$s: a&.

PEW-105. so doi&': !(e I&s7ec!or =eri+ies !(a! !(e i&+or. s! 7ri&! a&d si'& !(e Lo'< .02 PARTICIPANT WORK A ID 1< A+!er a"" discre7a&cies (a=e 8ee& &o!ed: !(e I&s7ec!or ..a!io& is correc!< 74 .

co Ma!eria"< A77ro=ed Pro!ec!i=e Coa!i&' S.e&!a" co&di!io& s c( as !e.i&era"< Co&!ai&i&' . ex7os re !o air 5i!(o ! (ea! or ca!a". !(e co&!e&!s a&d re. oxidiza!io& or e=a7ora!io& o+ =o"a!i"e s 8s!a&ces 5i!(i& !(e coa!i&' 8.a!eria"s sed i& Sa di Ara.02 PARTICIPANT GLOSSARY G'!ss $ * $"s! ) ti !n $i " * T(e 7rocess o+ a!!rac!io& !o a s r+ace ca si&' a co&ce&!ra!io& o+ s 8s!a&ce< To dr.7osed .PEW-105.s!e.drox.idA .7era! re< SAMS APCS Sa di Ara.a8i"i!.7o &ds< Ca s!ic i&or'a&ic co.7o &ds !(a! co&!ai& (.idi!.eo s @"i.. i&s7ec!ed: +ree air !e.7era! re a&d ser=ice co&di!io&s< 75 .ai&".co Coa!i&'s !o i&c" de !(ic$&ess: !e.7era! re aro &d !(e i!e.7era! re: re"a!i=e ( . c"ea&i&' so"=e&!s co.drocar8o& co.i&era" sa"!s !(a! corrode: a 8ase co.e!ric 7ress re< !o 8e $'i)-$ti c $'0$'i $'0$'ine $(bi e n t $(bi e n t te() e $ t # e Te.edia< A L8aseL .ire.: a&d 8aro.e&!s +or Sa di Ara.7assi&' a!. o+ (.s!e." i& a.s!< A 'ro 7 o+ "o5 +"a. a coa!i&' 8.os7(ere or s rro &di&' e&=iro&.s: s7eci+.7o &d< A& e&co.< S7eci+ica!io&s +or a"" .

a!eria"s a&d s!a&dards +or .8i&e 5i!( o!(er s 8s!a&ces or !o ad(ere !o 7ar!s o+ !(e s. a s r+ace< #or$ !(a! is &o! i& accorda&ce 5i!( !(e s7eci+ica!io&s< c!$tin% c!$tin% s*ste ( c!() $ ti b'e c!nt$ (i n $ n t c!nt$ (i n $ t e c! ! si!n "ec! n t $ ( i n $ t e "evi$ti!n 76 .e&!s i&!o !(e coa!i&' 5or$< T(e de!eriora!io& o+ .02 PARTICIPANT GLOSSARY G'!ss $ * (C!nt2 ") ASTM A.a!eria" s!re&'!(< To se! !(e i&dica!ors o& a& accordi&' !o a77ro=ed s!a&dards< i&s!r .e&!< To re. co&sis!i&' o+ !(ree coa!sC 7ri.7o&e&! 7o".a!eria" !(a!: 5(e& a77"ied a! i& a +" id 7(ase: c res !o a co&!i& o s +i".s!e. s a"". si'&a! re or sea" as 8ei&' !r e or as . ..a!eria" @ s a"".< A +orei'& s 8s!a&ce: &i&!e&!io&a"".eric 7ro!ec!i=e +i".e&! c$'ib $ t e ce ti&ic$ ti! n Co&+ir.ica" reac!io& 5i!( i!s e&=iro&..o=e co&!a.PEW-105. added !o coa!i&' or +o &d o& !(e s 8s!ra!e: !(a! ca se 7ar!ia" or !o!a" +ai" re< T(e ac! o+ de7osi!i&' (ar.ed 8. doc .i&a!io& +ro.erica& S!a&dards +or Tes!s a&d Ma!eria"< Es!a8"is(es !es!s !o se +or =ario s .e&!: i&!er.+ " e"e.< A .e!a"A d e !o c(e. "!ico.edia!e a&d +i&is(< S i!a8"e !o co.eric .ee!i&' 7rescri8ed s!a&dards: or as 8ei&' as re7rese&!ed< Pai&! or 7o".

a.e or s7ar$ is 7rese&!< Ma&.PEW-105. s c( as ex(a s! + .es +ro. s! 8e s!o77ed &!i" i&s7ec!io& or !es!i&' is are s a"".ired as so.a8"e .es ca& 8e dead".< Va7ors: 'ases or 7ar!ic"es !(a! are s s7e&ded i& a =a7or or 'as< 2 .e o+ !(e 'as or =a7or< 77 . "a de!eriora!io& or s(e"+ "i+e< T(e !(ic$&ess o+ a +i". =o" . a.e + .e &ecessar.ed a&d s7eci+ica!io&s are .e!< e4)i $ti! n "$te &i'( t-ic0n e s s &in$' c# e &'$s.7era! re ex7ressed i& 7erce&! 8.8ie&! !e.)!int &#(e s -!'" )!int L!/e E4)'!sive Li(it T(e 7oi&! a! 5(ic( . coa!i&' .7era! re a! 5(ic( a 'i=e& +"a.ois! re 5i"" T(e s .a!eria" exis!s or !o 5(ic( a s r+ace is ex7osed< T(e da!e a+!er 5(ic( a coa!i&' .7era! re co&de&se< a! 5(ic( . @coa!i&'A a8o=e !(e s 8s!ra!e< T(e "e&'!( o+ !i. irri!a!i&' or o++e&si=e< Ca !io& is re.a8"e so ca !io& .02 PARTICIPANT GLOSSARY G'!ss $ * (C!nt2 ") "e/ )!int envi !n ( e n t T(e !e. o+ a"" ex!er&a" co&di!io&s i& 5(ic( a .. s! 8e sed 5(e& s!ori&' or (a&d"i&' !(e.a!eria" 5i"" i'&i!e i+ a +"a.. a& i&!er&a" co.8 s!io& e&'i&e< T(e 7oi&! a! 5(ic( 5or$ . +or a coa!i&' !o ac(ie=e !(e s7eci+ied de'ree o+ (ard&ess 8e+ore 7"aci&' i& ser=ice< Lo5es! !e.a!eria"s are +"a.a!eria" 5i"" ex7"ode a! ordi&ar.a!eria" . &o! 8e sed 8eca se o+ +or.

eas re o+ !(e de'ree o+ acidi!.co E&'i&eeri&' S!a&dards< S7eci+ica!io&s +or a"" Sa di Ara.e&! +or .e&! coo"i&'< )e+icie&c.eas re.7er+ec!io&s o& !(e s r+ace o+ .ed o& (o! s!ee" d ri&' (o! ro""i&' a&d s 8se. ex7ressed as a 7erce&!< So.eric +i".e&!a" a!!ac$ or +or i.7era! re s a"". 1 !o 1* 5i!( &e !ra" 8ei&' 4< Hi'(". o+ a 7ar!ic "ar i!e. i& !(e +or.a"": s(a""o5: "o5 de7ressio&s or ca=i!ies< S.02 PARTICIPANT GLOSSARY G'!ss $ * (C!nt2 ") (i' A& i&cre.. &acce7!a8"e or i&de!er.e&! o+ i!s a77eara&ce< A& i&s!r . or a"$a"i&i!. !(ic$&ess< @No!e? 1.e!i.e&! o+ .: a&d de5 7oi&! a! !(e >o8 si!e T(e ra!io o+ !(e ac! a" 5a!er =a7or 7ress re o+ air !o !(e sa! ra!ed 5a!er =a7or 7ress re a! a 'i=e& !e. o+ s.i&e +i".7". a77"ied !o s 8s!ra!e +or 7ro!ec!io& +ro.7era! re: ( . e&=iro&.7ro=e.i&' 5i!( s!a&dards< A .es 5ri!!e& as r<(< Sa di Ara. "oca"ized corrosio&: s a"".i&a!e< No! co.idi!. oxide "a. o+ a +" id< T(e sca"e is #or$< (i'' !''e s &'$/s (i''sc$'e n!nc! n& ! ( $ n c e )6 )ittin% )! !sit* ) !tec ti v e c!$tin% )s*c .a"" =oids 5(ic( a""o5 +" ids !o 7e&e!ra!e a& o!(er5ise so"id coa!< A& ad(ere&! !(i& 7o".! ( e t e e'$tive -#(i"it* SAES 78 .eas ri&' !e.PEW-105.i""9ro""ed s!ee"< Hea=.e&! sed !o de!er. i& !(e c(arac!eris!ics: doc .icro&s<A I.e&!a!io& or 7roced re !(a! re&ders .a"i!.er +or.i" M 001 i&c(es M 2/<* .

ai& i& sa8"e co&di!io& A "i. 8e s!ored a&d s!i"" re. 5e"di&' .a!eria" .id i& 5(ic( disso"=ed< A c"ea&i&' "i.e!a" d ri&' a& e"ec!ric (a&d 5e"di&' o7era!io&< I! is &acce7!a8"e +or coa!i&' 8eca se o+ !(e s(ar7 7ro!r sio&s a&d .a.e 7eriod !(a! a . s! 8e re.e!a" de7osi!s< a&o!(er s 8s!a&ce is s#bs t $ t e /e'" s'$% /e'" s)$tt e T(e 8ase s r+ace !o 5(ic( a coa!i&' is !o 8e a77"ied< No&.PEW-105.o=ed 7rior !o coa!i&' a77"ica!io&< 79 .02 PARTICIPANT GLOSSARY G'!ss $ * (C!nt2 ") SSPC s-e'& 'i&e s!'ven t S!ee" S!r c! res Pai&!i&' Co &ci" T(e !i. 7rod ced 8.ed d ri&' 5e"di&' )e7osi!s o& or &ear a 5e"d sea.

!o ca se +ire or ex7"osio& exce7! !(ose !(a! (a=e &o +"as( 7oi&!H *< #(a! is !(e TLV o+ E!(." Ace!a!eH 80 . !o ca se a +ire or ex7"osio&H 3< #(ic( so"=e&! is !(e "eas! "i$e".ired< 1< #(a! are !(e thre e 7 r7oses o+ !(e s r+ace co&di!io& i&s7ec!io&H Note: ?se Table < of the SS@ @aint Aanual/ Bol. 2/ to answer )uestions -C3. Write the answers in the blank!io&s< Ex!ra s7ace is &o! re.02 PARTICIPANT EVALUATION S HEET Ev$'#$ti!n N$(e F +$"% e G #ri!e s(or! a&s5ers !o !(e +o""o5i&' .os! "i$e". 2< #(ic( so"=e&! i& !(e !a8"e is .

os! se=ere e&=iro&.02 PARTICIPANT EVALUATION S HEET /< #(a! is !(e .PEW-105.e&! +or corrosio& a! Sa di Ara. o& (o! o8>ec!s? aA Tr e 8A 2a"se 81 .co H 3< Or'a&ic so"=e&!s ca& 8e sed sa+e".

02 PARTICIPANT EVALUATION S HEET Evaluation (Cont’d) 4< So"=e&! is sed +or c"ea&i&'? aA oi" cA co&!a.i7.idi!. .e&! is re.e!er s(o "d 8e sa! ra!ed 5i!(? a) tap water c) distilled water b) swe e t w a t e r d) raw water 82 .o. o+ /000 . is !(e ra!io o+ !(e a8so" !e ( .ired air . +or a co&+i&ed s7ace 5i!( a ca7aci!.o=er ca7aci!.i&i.7era! re 8e+ore a8rasi=e 8"as!i&' or coa!i&' ca& 8e'i& H 1< T(e re"a!i=e ( .8"Es< 11 #(a! 7erso&a" 7ro!ec!i=e e.i&a&!s 0< 8A dA 'rease a"" o+ !(e a8o=e #(a! is !(e .idi!. !o !(e sa! ra!io& a&d is ex7ressed as a 7erce&!a'e? aA !r e 8A +a"se 10< #(a! is !(e re.ired i& co&+i&ed s7aces d ri&' so"=e&! c"ea&i&'H 12< T(e soc$ o& !(e 5e! 8 "8 !(er. di++ere&ce 8e!5ee& !(e de5 7oi&! a&d !(e s 8s!ra!e !e.PEW-105.

s! 8e 7rese&! +or corrosio& !o occ r H 83 .5B se +or !(is . co=ered 5i!( r s!C 7i!!i&' =isi8"e aA !r e 8A +a"se 11< ."as! c"ea&i&' ca& 8e'i& 5(e& !(e s r+ace !e.edia 5o "d .o r s$i& 14< #(a! is !(e +"as( 7oi&! o+ !(is .7era! re? aA 1*< !r e 8A +a"se #(a! SAES co&!ai&s !(e I&9Process I&s7ec!io& S(ee!s H aA cA SAES9H9102 SAES9H9001 8A dA SAES9H9101 SAES9H9100 Use t-e MSDS t! $ns / e 1/< H 1#es ti! ns 5@.02 PARTICIPANT EVALUATION S HEET Ev$'#$ti!n (c!nt) 13< A.o 'o! !(is .a!eria" o& .PEW-105.a!eria" H 10< R s! 'rade C isC S!ee" s r+ace co.7"e!e".7era! re: de5 7oi&! a&d s!ee" !e.o 13< H #(a! +irs! aid 5o "d .8ie&! co&di!io&s i&c" de: air !e.7e o+ ex!i&' is(er .o se i+ .7era! re is "ess !(a& 3 de'rees ce&!i'rade a8o=e !(e de5 7oi&! aA !r e 8A +a"se 20< #(a! are !(e +o r !(i&'s !(a! .a!eria" #(a! !.


7era! re i& .7era! re i& . a&d !(e a.7era! re: se !(e )e5 Poi&! C(ar! i& !(e Adde&d .es!io& #21 is 3/ de'rees Ce&!i'rade: ca& 5or$ s!ar! H 2*< I+ !(e s 8s!ra!e !!io&s< 23< I+ !(e s 8s!ra!e !e. Relative humidity = 60 % Ambient air temperature = 23 °C 'e w @oin t % A&s5er ye s or no !o !(e &ex! !5o .i&e !(e de w point .a!io&: de!er.8ie&! air !e.i&e !(e de w point < Relative Humidity = 75 % Ambient Air Temperature = 32 °C 'e w @oin t % 22< Ji=e& !(e +o""o5i&' i&+or. !o +i&d !(e de5 7oi&! i& !(e +o""o5i&' .a!io&: de!er.02 PARTICIPANT EVALUATION S HEET Ev$'#$ti!n (C!nt2") Ji=e& !(e re"a!i=e ( .es!io&s< 21< Ji=e& !(e +o""o5i&' i&!io& #22 is 1/ de'rees Ce&!i'rade: ca& 5or$ s!ar! H 85 .idi!.

eas res !(e de5 7oi&! a&d !(e re"a!i=e ( .7era! re 5as 24 de'rees C: co "d . 5(a! eac( c(arac!er re7rese&!s i& !(e +o""o5i&' .02 PARTICIPANT EVALUATION S HEET Ev$'#$ti!n (C!nt2") Fin" t-e 2/< e'$tiv e -#(i"it* $n" t-e "e/ )!int #e! 8 "8 O 24 de'rees C )r.o 8e'i& 8"as!i&' H 20< I& .e!er .c(ro.idi!. .es!io& #23: i+ !(e s 8s!ra!e !e. 8 "8 O 34 de'rees C R<H< )<P< #e! 8 "8 O 23 de'rees C 24< I& .PEW-105.o 8e'i& 8"as!i&' H Ide&!i+.i&i. c"ea&"i&ess s7eci+ica!io&< 21< C SP9/ 30< A 7s. 8 "8 O 32 de'rees C R<H< )<P< 23< )!io& #2/: i+ !(e s 8s!ra!e !e.7era! re 5as 2/ de'rees C: co "d . a) True b) &alse 86 .


32< dA a&ode Sacri+ica" coa!i&'s are ric( i&? aA e7ox. a&d 7"a!i& . is !(e .02 PARTICIPANT EVALUATION S HEET Ev$'#$ti!n (C!nt2") 31< Me!a" corrodes a! !(e ? aA ca!(ode 8A re!(ode cA 7a!(5a.os! 7assi=e a""o.PEW-105. cA zi&c 8A coa" !ar dA i&(i8i!ors 33< Pi&c is !(e .os! ac!i=e aA !r e 8A +a"se 88 .

ired< 21< I+ a co=eri&' @"idA is +o &d !o 8e "oose o& a ca& o+ 7ai&!: 5(a! s(o "d !(e I&s7ec!or doH 30< #(a! so"=e&! is 7ri. s 8s!ra!e s r+aceH sed +or i& 7re97re7ara!io& o+ a 89 .02 PARTICIPANT EVALUATION S HEET Ev$'#$ti!n (C!nt2") #ri!e s(or! a&s5ers !o !(e +o""o5i&' .ari".es!io&s< Ex!ra s7ace is &o! re.PEW-105.