Ranchi, the capital city of Jharkhand District is spread over 7,574 sq. km. Created form Lohardaga District the history of Ranchi District dates back to antiquity. Spanning from 23°23' North latitude to 85°23' East longitude, Ranchi is located an altitude of 2,140 m above sea level. The 2001 Census has marked a population of 27,85,064. Although urban, Ranchi spellbinds tourists with its stunning scenery. Administrative Setup in Ranchi is divided into Ranchi, Khunti and Bundu subdivisions and each subdivision is further divided into blocks, panchayats and villages. Kanke tops the list of blocks having highest literacy rate and Arki is the block with least literacy rate.

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TAMAR with Total population of 20110.& literacy rate at 50.20% ANGARA with total population of 102990 & literacy rate at 69.24% NAMKUM with total population of 114068 & literacy rate at 62.03% SONAHATU with total population of 94991 & literacy rate at 56.52%

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