10.x (who knows?) 10.0.

0 (29/03/2011)

Less bugs (there are much less already). Bugfixes: Fixed problem with sidechain selectors in Vocodex. Fixed tiny bug in envelope filter tool. Fixed rendering start time problem. Fixed small bug on playlist loop marker deletion. Fixed bug when deleting playlist clips through their menu. Fixed bug when undoing recording of audio+piano roll when there were no notes yet. Fixed crash when sending presets directly to plugin window in some rare cases. Fixed bug in Fruity Love hilter!s waveshaper. Fixed sample browser!s hot hint minor bug. Fixed bug in Fruity "onvolver!s own smart disabling. #licex $ Fruity "onvolver now store local filenames (avoiding searching). %udio clip positions now snapped to samples (better for linear interpolator). FL V#&i' fixed crash on close in other hosts. (irect)ave' improved sf* import. Fixed bug in playlist song loop marker when piano roll pops up. +ugfix in ,iff -achine!s randomi*ation. Additions: .ew pro/ect browser. atcher plugin. 01ame2ditor Visuali*er plugin.

9.9.0 (28/02/2011) (public beta)

Bugfixes: Fixed problem when relocating effect plugin slots. Fixed time signature in exported midi files. 2dison' fixed /avascript using pascal unit. (irect)ave' fixed free*e when opening pro/ect and switch to other application. FL V#&i' fixed editor si*e reported to host. .ewtone' fixed crash on file 3 new. )rapper' fixed bridge timeout. )rapper' endless knob support for bridged plugins. )rapper' fixed crash with #lim #low #lider!s #idechain "omp. )rapper' fixed saving of settings. Bugfixes: Fixed piano roll *oom bug. +ugfix in Vocodex!s sidechain selector. (irect)ave' fixed 4random4 rename of () channel on reload .ewtone' reset playback position when stopping playback in FL .ewtone' fixed crash copying notes .ewtone' fixed clicks5pops on audio export .ewtone' made sample loading safer .ewtone' changed note center behaviour .ewtone' fixed display of bars when time signature changes .ewtone' fixed midi timing issue #oundfont layer' disabled threaded processing )rapper' fixed buffer crash in bridged effects )rapper' fixed initial i5o assignment for bridged plugins )rapper' avoid division by *ero errors in bridge )rapper' fixed crash on exit for bridged plugins in some circumstances )rapper' fixed detection of 67bit dlls )rapper' other changes and fixes for bridge Additions: %lt key flips snapping instead of forcing it off. .ew 4Fro*en LF84 option in envelopes. 4-ultilink to controllers4 !s popup now features single last tweaked parameter as well.

9.8.0 (11/01/2011) (public beta)

#core export to (F file. 9.7.0 (22/11/2010) (public beta) Bugfixes: Fixed crash when 4#plit by channel4 while , is open. Fixed vel mapping not updating when 4resetting4 it. Fixed broken View93+rowser menu items. Fixed stuff related to song loop marker. Fixed bug in playlist!s merge pattern clips. Fixed right9clicking on pattern selector in step se:. "hanged behavior of right9clicking on playlist!s scroller. %utoscrolling disabled when adding markers. Fixed held click on clips using pencil. Fixed wrong cursor when shift+add note in ,. -aximus' fixed bug when envelope is set to flat centered. Fixed ; little browser autohide bugs. Fixed reset values in channel settings knobs for automation clips. <mproved keyboard focus in FL plugins. Fixed sorting of channels in piano roll!s list. Fixed case sensivity in plugin picker key search. 8pening a plugin doesn!t keep the previous sample loaded into the channel in some cases. %dded workaround for graphic driver bug on titlebars in some cases. Little bugfix in envelope editor. Fixed bug in ,!s vertical *oom. Fixed % (" bug when disabling plugins. Additions: .ew playback5preview tool in playlist (alt+right click). .ew 4.ew pattern4 button in step se:. "trl+middle click on playlist tracks to resi*e them. .ew 4#mall scrollbars in editors4 option. laylist' left shift flips pencil5brush. %dded beats to time segment options in ,5 L. iano roll' (shift+)= or > cycles through filled channels. 4-ake uni:ue4 now warns if the clip is already uni:ue in the playlist. %lt+click on ghost notes becomes double9right click (and still ?@ button). Filenames stored in pro/ect files now packed using known local data paths and system onesA for better shareability. 9.6.0 (30/09/2010) (public beta) Bugfixes: Fixed bug when pressing F;5FB in name edits without color selection. Fixed bug relocating in a piano roll in song mode. Fixed new bug in =armless!es self9osc. Fixed long pause when relocating mixer tracks on dual cores. )rapper' Fixed info flags bug that caused shell plugins to fail to load )rapper' ,emoved some log entries that caused slowdowns )rapper' Fixed loading5saving settings when switching to and from bridged mode )rapper' Various fixes loading plugin settings )rapper' Fixed crash with bridged "rystal V#& )rapper' Fixed loading )aves plugins from settings )rapper' #upport interfaceless V#&B plugins )rapper' roperly set plugin name when loading a V#&B subplugin )rapper' Fixed free*e in +itter#weet << )rapper' Various changes in bridge to prevent free*es )rapper' =ide editor windows when showing options window instead of closing them )rapper' Fixed some memory leaks )rapper' Fixed note velocity for V#& B plugins )rapper' Fixed locating a 67bit plugin from settings (ownloader' Fixed crash when using prev preset function (ownloader' Fixed installation 4error CDE4 (ownloader' Fixed update of list from within plugin

(ownloader' Fixed listing user items (ownloader' Fixed showing unrelated paths for lists that had 4FL4 download location FL #tudio V#&i' Fixed 4no audio4 bug when loading FL V#&i from file in #tudio 8ne (irect)ave' Fixed loading of compressed wave files F "' .otify FL of changed semitone names when loading a mapping Additions: ,eworked piano roll (vertical *oom). -ute tool now flips mute state on a whole row when used on side keyboard in piano roll. ause key now pauses playback (like ctrl+space). %dded basic support (transport controls) for Fontrolux keyboard. %dded 4remember seek time4 option (right9click stop button). <mproved deleting of overlapping notes5clips (now only deletes the top one). %dded waveform display helper (%lt+.) to piano roll5event editor (drop sample onto them). <mproved *ooming from side keyboard in piano roll. %dded optional more precise playback indicator in ,5 L522 (view menu). %lt+click or ?; button on ghosted notes switches to the note!s channel. #hift+wheel now moves channelsA mixer tracksA playlist tracks $ patterns (in step se: selector) around. <mproved autoscrolling when moving events around. #ong loop marker becomes song loop mode for normal markersA right click freed on time bar. .ew handle to rescale scores. ,!s note hint now also adds key name $ -<(< note G. %dded 4%ssign all to93- "5&rigger Finger5padFontrol pads4 option in #licex. <mproved *ooming5scrolling5grids in FL (no more *oom selector) $ several plugins. <mproved right9shift+click on markers in audio editors. (ouble9right click in , now mutes (but still selects in stylus mode). -iddle click on , keyboard to resi*e it. .ew click9free 4magic lasso4 experimental feature (works well enough in ,A not so much in crowded L). ?@ mouse button on existing notes starts a selection. %dded 4Huick :uanti*e start times4 tool. "hanged "aps Lock to allow resi*ing notes from left to "trl+=ome (see 2dit menu). Line snapItick snap at max *oom level. +rowser can be set to auto9hide (docked or floating). Fixed multithreading bug with ad/acent mixer tracks routed to the same hardware outputs. Jpdated mouse cursors. .ew autobackup5autosave system (that also includes the old trash bin folder). 4"lose all windows4 doesn!t hide floating toolbars anymore. ro/ect browser' 4%utomation4 renamed to 4 atterns4A patterns in them have proper pattern popup that allow renaming $ relocatingA patterns have proper colorsA and extra mouse buttons move through patterns. %dded 4Lock to most used clip4 feature to playlist tracksA to mimmic playlist block behavior. Fixed note lengths being off by @ tick. Fixed mouse wheel bug ((elphi!s fault). ,emoved old 4-ain automation4 named pattern from (minimal) templates. 8ptimi*ed si*e of near9empty FL s a little. -iddle9clicking K3 preset selector brings presets in the browser. <n pattern modeA single9clicking on clips /umps to patterns or channels. ro/ect browser now lists patterns that have steps in the step se:. Fixed lots of mem leaks. ,endering $ loading progress now shows in )indows L taskbar button. <mproved channel!s 4assign free mixer track4. Fixed weird escape key problem. .ew vertical *oom in envelope editor (shift or alt+wheelA double middle clickA etc). )rapper' "an now load V#&B and 67bit plugins by dragging the .dll5.vstB file to the wrapper

)rapper' %dded extra options for fixed si*e buffers for special cases (mostly hardware9accelerated plugins) F "' ads can have empty names now F "' %dded wheel support and level *ooming for env editor Fruity 2nvelope "ontroller' %dded level *ooming for env editor .ewtone plugin itcher plugin

9. .0 (7/07/2010) (public beta)

Bugfixes: Little modification in loop recording. Fixed memory leak in spectral display. =armless' little bugfix in oscillator import. -aximus' fixed bug in oversampling (all times were doubled). Fixed 4black noteIholdA white noteItoggle in remote control4 that was broken for lower octaves. laylist' marker relocation now undoable. Fruity )ave#haper' switching to bipolar behaves better when alt curve point mode is used. Fixed bug in playlist clip merging. Fixed various redrawing oddities. Fixed adapting automation events when changing H. Fixed window si*e bug in #licex. Fixed minor inaccuracy in automation clips timing. Fixed 2H mix knob bug in Fruity "onvolver when opening it from menu. Fixed little drag5drop mistake in =armless. Fixed odd bug with effect sidechaining when loading specific pro/ects. 8gun' fixed tiny memory leak. Fixed little bug in envelope editor open dialog. Fixed rare visual bug in env editor. Fixed slight loop recording problem. )rapper' fixed initial si*e of some V#& B plugins )rapper' fixed mouse wheel speed for V#& B plugins )rapper' fixed issue listing plugin i5o after a change initiated by the plugin )rapper' fixed knob mode setting for V#& ; plugins )rapper' fixed stack overflow when activating plugin )rapper' fixed potential crash while loading plugin )rapper' fixed problem for some V#& B plugins )rapper' fixed mixing of multiple outputs to plugin track when fixed si*e buffers are used (irect)ave' fixed reliance on -# runtime dlls (irect)ave' fixed resi*ing of options dialog when fonts are scaled 2nvelopes' fixed neverending envelopes with unconventional arp setups. Additions: -uch improved 4keep on disk4 option. iano roll5playlist5event editor' removed 4(elete all4A cut5copy5delete now applies to all if no (events and time) selection. <nverted behavior when resi*ing clips from left side with slip editing. revents early recorded notes when 4wait for input4 is on but 4recording precount4 is off. <mproved auto placement of recorded clips in the playlist. %utomation clips $ envelope editors' left alt bypasses snap while editingA right alt ($ also alt+right click) deletes pointsA improved step editing (post decimation). <mproved piano roll note display (faster $ looks slightly different)A ghost notes now really ghosted. %#<8' now avoids bu**ing while lots of underruns occur. laylist' tracks can now be resi*ed individually. FB in name editor picks last used color. %dded offset feature for better (less bad) (irect#ound performances under Vista. %dded new alternate playback tracking mode that doesn!t rely on driverA as well as

<mproved meters everywhere.ew playlist marker options. "hanged way channel pitch bend is automatedA to allow proper use of link smoothing. &ime markers now displayed as ticks in main song position slider + their names in its hint. %ctivity indicators for playlist tracks.offset. .ew waveform (peak tracking) view for mixer meters. Little speedup in Fruity LimiterA -aximusA Vocodex. -anual (de)selection now creates undo level. #hift+up5down now works in playlist too. and B plugins (not supported for (irect? plugins) . . laylist5piano roll' can now display time segments other than 7 bars (View93&ime segments).ew triple buffering %#<8 mode. -arkers now imported from -<(< files to the playlist.5 L' <nsert now cuts events at mouse cursor position. %dded 4"urrent clip source4 list in playlist track menu (listing the clips sources used in the track).ew 4-erge similar pattern clips4 editing feature to merge selected patterns $ all their clones. %dded option to mix directly in %#<8!s bufferswitch. "an now relocate pro/ect in song mode from piano roll. =ome (begin) key now relocates to the bar that!s the nearest to the beginning of the view (ctrl+home starts from *ero) in . Little improvements in step edit mode (inserted notes are selectedA can now relocate using time bar in . . 2vent <( ranges are now cached (for speed).ew 4copy5paste value4 for envelope ($ automation clips) pointsA compatible with parameter!s 4copy5paste value4.ight shift+resi*e now rescales events in playlist as well (slightly differently). . %dded support for "akewalk %9#eries controllers. )rapper' added messages while plugin is loading and when it!s failed to load )rapper' added B.5 L522. Left shift+resi*e now move splits in piano roll $ playlist.ew 4duplicate4 (ctrl++) option in piano roll $ playlist. and B plugins in a separate processA to let them use more memory (not supported for (irect? plugins) )rapper' added support for 67bit V#& @A . %dded support for -9%udio 8xygen controllers. )hen an automation clip is created for tempo or channel pitch bendA a default 4sane4 range is assigned to the clip. #peeded up playlist displayA some new display options. %utomation clips $ internal controllers don!t prevent using event automation for the same parameter anymore.J colors in name edit. iano roll delete5mute doesn!t create undo level before actually deleting5muting. <mproved autoscrolling for some editing features.). 2dison5#licex5Fruity "onvolver' holding shift while dropping files appends audio to the existing data (ctrl still replaces regions). . 4#elect time around selection4 now selects the *oomed part when no selection. <mproved scrolling $ optimi*ed refreshes in . Less clicking when relocating songs with audio clips ($ granular effect on clips when declicking is generic or above). .5 L. "hanged 4-ake uni:ue4 and added 4-ake uni:ue as sample4 for audio clips. laylist now showing bar Gs after MMM. . laylist' option to disable track grid. #lightly less clicking when switching presets. . 8ption to move playlist marker content left $ right. .ew 4wide tracks4 mixer view. +etter sorting of -. 8ption to play notes crossing playback start position.bit bridged mode to run V#& @A . <mproved playlist 2dit93-erge pattern clips.

or middle click) now sends to the focused plugin (or the selected channel if there!s none) (handy for testing files in effects). . Fixed crash in some rare cases when replacing $ plugin that has an event being edited in a piano roll. 9. <mproved tempo fitting dialog in playlist.dwp file (irect)ave' now responds to FL max polyphony value (irect)ave' no more drag and drop of foreign formats in () layer (irect)ave' 4#ave program4 now shows a dialog window if the filename isn!t valid (irect)ave' minimi*e lock when loading of settings (irect)ave' update browser after saving a program or bank (ownloader' works correctly with unicode characters in filenames FL .&2. in name editor cycles through random colors. -<(< import dialog doesn!t show for -<(< files with only @ track $ @ channel.e)ire' fixed crash when closing ro&ools with FL loaded F "' show options menu when you click on the pad name label F "' selected layer is now remembered when window is hiddenA shown and resi*ed F "' fixed root path for loop files Fruity 2nvelope "ontroller' small fix in envelope editor )rapper' ad/usted pitch bend range selector )rapper' pitch bend range is now saved with other plugin options )rapper' rescan plugin properties adter loading settings )rapper' fixed free*e with Fruity (elay )rapper' re9implemented loop position calculation Additions: %dded 4realtime4 flag support (useful for hardware9supported plugins).3 (2!/11/2009) Bugfixes: Fixed window focus problem when dropping -<(< files onto a piano roll from an .eplace! in effect plugin menu when there!s already an effect loaded.0. .1.ew Fruity "onvolver effect.ight9clicking piano roll!s channel selector brings the channel settings and plugin editor.ew 4 (" for all tracks4 helper for (".F "' small changes to saving5loading -aximus' improved crossover. <mproved hovering of contiguous piano roll notes5playlist clips that are grouped or selected. 2dison (pax"ompiler9powered) scripts now support >avascript $ +asic. F "' added 4#how in browser4 option to loop menu )rapper' added button to update plugin properties )rapper' indicate if note message is realtime or not (V#& $ V#&B) )rapper' some more speed when copying interlaced to separated buffers and back )rapper' store plugin filenameA use it to find the plugin when loading settings 9.B export to 2dison. "hanged the method used by assisted (" a little. 2dison' added 4send to playlist as audio clip4 shortcut button.ew =armless synthesi*er. %dded .0 (2/02/2010) Bugfixes: Fixed wrongly reported latency in Vocodex. Fixed little bug in playlist 4merge pattern clips4. +rowser!s FN5F6 (or extra mouse buttonsA or 2. . 2dison5#licex' original sample filename now stored in states5pro/ects (to remember the last file loaded). %n empty name in the channel grouping edit now sends to the unsorted group. (irect)ave' fixed loading old states saved with total recall (irect)ave' save wave files before saving the . Fixed broken filter tool in envelope editor (in all plugins). F. iano roll note color selector can show special color names for some generators. . "hanged !#elect! to !.

#peeded up refresh of multidirectional playlist scrolling. Fixed open dialog not defaulting to all types problem in )in? . Fixed minor browser bug. Fixed possible hang when using remote control with smoothing enabled.dwp 9. )rapper' added option to disable threaded processing for a specific pluginA applies to any new instance of that plugin F "' added random triggering of overlapping layers F "' added () program file import (irect)ave' added trigger groups (irect)ave' searches for samples in subfolder with the program!s name when loading a . Fixed slight browser flicker in some rare case.. Fb preview now works better as notes are released when you select another channel.0. %dded !"reate submix to! option in mixer. (ownloader' fixed showing downloader for effect plugins (ownloader' fixed update process #ynthmaker' corrected an issue with exported FL plugins where the plugin wasn!t fully instantiated until the 1J< was opened #ynthmaker' fixed a bug that prevented sysex from being received from an external -<(< device Additions: V#&B plugin support (ashboard' added 4send pitch bend range4 option )rapper' added pitch bend range selection field )rapper' added support for resonus parameter menu interface (V#&B only) 9. Fixed crash in Fruity #tereo #haper when both delay $ phase were in use.0 (10/09/2009) Bugfixes: . Fixed bug loading old pro/ects with internal controllers in sends. Fixed crash in 2dison!s scratching tool.! to knob popup menu. F "' fixed issue cutting preview voices )rapper' don!t respond to 4update display4 messages during saving )rapper' input names were sometimes shortened )rapper' fixed deadlock when i5o changed Fixed little (elphi memory leak. Fixed patterns listed in inverted order in the step se:uencer.1 (26/10/2009) Bugfixes: Fixed minor bug when right9clicking mini piano roll view for immediate /ump in some cases. (ouble9clicking a playlist track edits its mostly used clip. %dded !8verride generic link.0.external source. )rapper' rewrote small part of (? plugin initiali*ation )rapper' fixed loading old (? plugin state if plugin wasn!t found F "' pad volume wheel resets to @DDO instead of DO F "' mute button now works correctly if there are multiple pads triggered by the same semitone F "' deleting a layer would delete two instead of one (ownloader' custom download location wasn!t used in some situations Video layer' fixed 4<gnore tempo changes4 Additions' %dded !#idechain to this track only! option in mixer. "hanged priority stuff when background rendering.. #lightly improved #ytrus rendering :uality. Fixed problem when creating automation clips for channel parameters in some cases.

2dison' snapping to *ero9crossing (improved for mono samples) now allows to select edges of sample. 2dison' hint for tempo grid now properly follows downbeat marker. Fixed little thing in mixer!s menu. Fixed not release defaulted to *ero for some functions (step editA piano roll dumpsA etc). <mproved piano roll playback tool (can!t miss tiny notes with fast mouse slides anymore). " J meter no longer shows MMO when audio is temporarily suspended (was often reported as a bug). Fixed bug in Flangus $ Flangus in #ytrus. Fixed some playlist key combo weirdnesses.D when undoing in some rare cases. Fixed 8# error when song was running and returning from Vista!s logging window or screensaverA while autoscrolling was on.o more problem locating pro/ect files over networks.. -aximus' fixed display glitch for bands that are switched off. . 2dison' fixed tempo set to @. )rapper' fixed chunk si*e loading and saving bugs )rapper' fixed updating the preset list for %ttack when loading a "ubase preset )rapper' don!t save parameters if plugin has chunks but returns D for its chunk si*e )rapper' small fix for interfaceless plugin labels )rapper' fixed sysex implementation (irect)ave' fixed crash when cancelling 4+rowse4 button (irect)ave' fixed sample loading from absolute paths (irect)ave' more robust external bank import (irect)ave' avoid 4no disk in drive4 message when loading samples (irect)ave' small improvement to drag and drop (irect)ave' fixed event handling for hosted V#& plugin (irect)ave' fixed browser update after clicking 4+rowse. Fixed slow undocking of toolbars in Vista. Fixed possible hang in playlist <nsert space5(elete space functions. Fixed playlist automation clip display bug. Fixed crash through weird mouse click combo on the plugin preset buttons. Fixed erratic cursor visible for a short time after dragging from browser in Vista. Fixed bug in multipoint envelope processing. Fixed visual bug when detaching windows in Vista. #tep edit mode' improved behavior when going backwards while holding notes. Fixed Vista blur visible when hiding )ave "andy windows. F "' fixed pause point for layer pan and tune knobs )rapper' update interfaceless parameters in the 1J< thread instead of the mixer thread )rapper' dropping fxb and fxp files on the title bar of the plugin window and on the step se:uencer button now works 2dison' changed file9based audio undo system (standalone versions were conflicting). %dded workaround for missing characters in font used to display old 1J<9less V#&!s. #ytrus' mouse wheel on pitch ratio selectors now behaves better. Fixed problem when loading -aximus presets made with a specific version. Fixed undocking annoyances in the browser. Fixed crash when reloading pro/ects through %L&+x shortcutA while a plugin is detached $ focused. Fixed hang when opening FL!s main menu while holding accelerator keys in Vista. Fixed crash when closing FL when playlist was shown $ toolbars were detached.Fixed dropping mixer presets onto mixer tracks failing to select the right mixer track when shown at the bottom. 2HJ8' fixed wrong F? send track display when reloading pro/ects. Jpdated timers to Vista9preferred ones. 2dison' no more pops in sample playback when selecting.4 button FL . .e)ire' now uses tick position for pp: calculations instead of sample position "ancelling audio clip!s 4fit to tempo4 detection dialog now cancels the fitting. Fixed piano roll flam tool that wasn!t starting with the right settings. Fixed annoyance in browser!s !show only one folder content!..

Fixed troubles with snapping grid with specific H settings.eeverb' store parameter changes in selected program instead of the first one Video layer' fixed loading some settings (ownloader' fixed crashes starting a download (ownloader' fixed incorrect 4last selected4 item )rapper' fixed infinite loop when an effect!s inputs were inactive )rapper' switched off scaling of options window )rapper' send special tempo message to old FL V#& plugins (mostly for Fruity (elay) )rapper' prevent crash when changing parameters on interfaceless plugins )rapper' initiali*e input buffers to *ero every time (gets rid of noise in 0ebra. (irect)ave' flush plugin if a sampled note didn!t reach silence (irect)ave' all *one parameters are now changed for all selected *onesA when 4current selection4 switch is on (irect)ave' mod reset now works for multiple selected *ones (irect)ave' fixed the way a soundfont property was counted on import (irect)ave' overwrite existing wave files when sampling a vst (but only . Fixed problem with FL!s hint bar sometimes not refreshing when loading things. Fixed problem with hint system in plugins. #lit pattern by channel now preserves pattern!s beats per bar setting. #licex' fixed little region9related bug when undoing. Fruity . Fixed minor bug in envelope smoothing tool. 2dison' fixed problem when reloading a state that had envelopes not mixed down. Fixed some common window9related weirdness (windows covering others while they shouldn!tA etc).) )rapper' don!t show editor window above options window when opening saved pro/ect )rapper' sidechain inputs now work correctly (instead of all routed to the track of the first input) )rapper' send parameter changes with float value instead of integer (fixes automation recording) )rapper' midi in and out ports are remembered -ultiband "ompressor' fixed crash related to -# runtime )ave "andy' %uto visual mode state now properly restoredA some other bugfixes.wav files) (irect)ave' make sure the samplerate is sent to the plugin before processing a vst plugin (irect)ave' () no longer steals keyboard focusA except for edit controls (irect)ave' Loading a ()+ file now tries to load a sample from file if it!s not in the ()+ (irect)ave' ()+ files now save a reference to the file instead of the sample data when total recall is off (irect)ave' fixed acm import 9 sample length wasn!t ad/usted after conversion (was sometimes less than predicted) (irect)ave' Fixed mouse position inaccuracy for pitch bend and mod sliders (multi tab) (irect)ave' put critical section for sample preview slightly earlier (ownloader' store location in global registry during installationA instead of /ust in local registry (ownloader' fixed some crashes when the downloader couldn!t find the download dll (ownloader' selection window now has minimum si*e (ownloader' fixed bug that caused downloads to start again after being finished (ownloader' fixed download location calculation in manager )rapper' %mpersand was shown as a shortcut underline in the options window (info section) )rapper' fixed a bug loading %rturia %nalogFactory settings )rapper' midi port changes after a plugin was dragged didn!t make the wrapper ask the host to enable midi input )rapper' %dded code to load shell plugins from different filename than when they were saved )rapper' use different way to determine if a plugin is V#&@ or not .#licex' fixed little declicking glitch for specific cases. Fixed little stretching glitch in some cases when a downbeat marker is present.

Jpdated compiler ((.DDL)A drag$drop componentA < library to latest versions. Fixed minor graphical mistake in mixer skin.7bit and B. <mproved multithreaded generator performances. .info files when removing waiting or finished downloadsP tp get rid of multiples (ownloader' tree won!t /ump back to top when refreshing in response to finished download (irect)ave' made sure soundfonts load even though a (previously mandatory) chunk is missing (irect)ave' added support for . . (ownloader' fixed prev preset selection (ownloader' fixed focus bug related to modal content selector (ownloader' fixed bug executing items after downloadA wrong list was used (ownloader' paused downloads are now added at the top of the list (ownloader' tree will refresh less fre:uently (ownloader' now deletes all relevant .e)ire' fixed bus enumeration bug )aspA )asp ?&' fixes related to parameter handling )rapper' "heck if current program index is valid when loading )rapper' "heck if the current program index is valid when saving (irect)ave' can hear hosted V#& plugin again (to preview sound) (irect)ave' 77D=* tone works again in FL version F "' some gui tweaks F "' assign entire font instead of /ust color and style in #et"omponent rops F "' selected layer is no longer reset when resetting an automatable param (ownloader' files would keep coming back if deleted with right9click (irect)ave' fixed loading (not loading) settings in player and demo mode for FL version (irect)ave' fixed product code communication in FL version )rapper' note on5off messages to (? plugins now work again )rapper' don!t show hints for parameter changes while a parameter is being changed from the host )rapper' inputs and outputs were set to inactive for old settings Additions' )ave "andy' added rounded corners si*e selectorA made Vista blur look betterA made preset switching faster. %dded >anko layout to typing9to9piano keyboard option.)rapper' removed first check for value of Fruity lug in Jpdate#i*e to make sure editor si*e is updated when loading the plugin fails )rapper' don!t get parameter labels and value for shell plugin (waveshell) to prevent crash )rapper' fixed buffer (effect version) now doesn!t *ero output buffer and takes into account plugins without inputs )rapper' fixed assumption that an effect would have inputs )rapper' 4onlysavefirstprogram4 workaround for +lood 8verdrive and "ompressor is now used for all V#&@ plugins FL Feys' high notes are now always decayed on releaseA instead of released immediately Fixed minor automation bug in #licex. Jp5down controls should now have no more problem with multiple monitors of different si*es. FL #tudio .bit aiff files (irect)ave' fixed loading soundfonts with multiple banks5presets when those were resorted (irect)ave' continue to load soundfont even if it doesn!t have the 4isng4 chunk )asp ?&' fixed graphical glitch in slider button )asp ?&' parameters past unison had the wrong index when sent to the engine )rapper' calculate new sample position when plugin is processedA instead of when wrapper is processed )rapper' decreased max value of interfaceless wheels to prevent weird behaviour Fixed memory leak in browser. <mproved audio performances in )indows Vista.o one really askedA but auto scrolling state is now saved $ restored.

iano roll 5 playlist local menu (FB or extra mouse button . "an now drop automation F#"!s onto piano roll (when a controller is selected).-aximus now significantly faster. "an now drop audio files onto most envelope editors (does same as audio analysis). (ropping file onto the !8pen audio editor! shortcut button now opens it in a new audio editor. %dded level scaling $ point decimation tools to envelope editor (in plugins). 2dison5#licex' new !2xport regions93For sampler use. #ong info window now shows up while loading pro/ect. 2nlarged playlist $ piano roll time barA playlist panels are not swappable anymore.! that exports with marker middle notesA and improved export. (ropping file in !move! mode (e. <mproved envelope point decimation (used in automation9to9automation clip $ #ytrus58gun). from 2dison5#licex5#ytrus) onto browser moves file to browser folder it!s dropped on. .nfo files). %lt+drag from browser I force drag in !link! mode. Fruity )ave#haper' gutter is now clickable.. lugin picker now features categories. 2xtended browser extra search folders to BD entries.. . %dded multithreading to effects processing. lugin picker' thumbnail hint now shows all of the plugin!s categories (also selected through arrows or mouse wheel)A + other improvements. %dded starting $ (approximate) working time information in pro/ect info window. #hift+mouse wheel to :uickly *oom browser. %dded access to )indows file shell menu from browser item menu. %utomation and =umani*ing presets folders relocated to the #cores folder. laylist now sticks to right edge when browser is resi*ed. )ave "andy now behaves better when !#tay on top! $ !8n desktop! are off' both off I normal floating windowA #tay on top on 5 8n desktop off I will be hidden when popup dialogs appear.ew debug log in settings window. laylist 2dit93<nsert 5 (elete space now cuts through playlist clips. "ontrols (in FL $ FL plugins) now properly support Vista!s window rescaling (font si*e). "an now drop effect presets onto mixer tracks $ channelsA mixer track presets onto effect slots and channelsA channel $ generator presets onto mixer tracks $ effect slots.ew browser !#ort by 93 1roup! option to put most important folders on top (sort group in . -issing plugin warning (now only once per plugin type) now the same for wrapped V#&!s. FL now accepts file drops in copyA move $ link modes.ew (optional) big hint barA showing progress more clearly when loading pro/ects or processing lengthy stuff. "an now double9click on effects in plugin picker. 2dison now drags files in move modeA to avoid extra temporary files (when dragging from an 2dison5#licex5#ytrus to anotherA or between #licex decks). . %dded global smart disable checkbox $ new aligned tick lengths checkbox. 2nvelope step editing now works with snap offA with point decimation. .ew (fortunately optional) pro/ect data folder setting.ecent files! browser folder. !"lose all windows! now closes detached windows tooA and added !"lose all unfocused windows! optionA to keep the focused one open. #hift+FQ now brings plugin database. %dded new browser folder icons $ new !.) now lists editing modes. %dded browser hovering helper for too large items.g. laylist' extra mouse button brings clip source selection popup. %dded scrollbar for *ooming to Fruity 2nvelope "ontroller in key $ vel mapping modes. FL!s audio displays now show proper region purpose colors. 2dison can now be maximi*ed (double9click titlebar or press enter). %dded multithreaded mixer tracks processingA and moved " J settings to the audio panel. .

%dded !#elect by selected source! in playlistA to select clips of patterns or channels that are selected. <mproved 2dison!s resampling (for even better prefilter transition). #licex' right9clicking slice output selector now brings a popup listing mixer track names. #hift+middle click or shift+right click works as old (inverted) bidirectional scrolling. . %dded !"enter! knob to piano roll 5 event editor level scaling tool. 2dison' new . iano roll 5 playlist brush mode now works better for note 5 clip lengths that aren!t :uanti*ed. -iddle click now works as panning $ works vertically as well in piano roll 5 playlistA and made it work in event editor as well. laylist auto9focuses clip type when current clip source changes. . <mproved vertical scrollings in event editor 5 piano roll 5 playlist. %dded button for portamento (/ust like for slide) to piano roll. %dded !group notes! option to piano roll chopA arp $ flam tools. 2dison' new !Lossy normali*e! option to maximi*e short samples without audible loss. <mproved playlist clips display at small si*es.egions93(etect beats option.ew !. -ixer icons now available to channels ($ playlist tracks). 2dison 5 #ytrus 5 others' added new envelope point modes. <mproved oversampling :uality $ speed (#ytrusA Fruity )ave#haperA etc). #ytrus' added new !improved!A !even! $ !blurred! unison distribution modes (see options menu). %lt+mouse wheel on playlist now vertically *ooms in9place (like ctrl+wheel on time).umber of insert tracks upgraded to MMA for a total of @DN mixer tracks.&. %dded note $ clip muting. <mproved note $ clip deletion (won!t miss events when rapidly deleting) $ fixed little bug in note deletion from note properties. . FL built9in tempo detector changed to alternate (constant tempo) one. %dded !(eselect! $ handy !#elect time around selection! option.ew playlist !behind clips! modes ($ old bevelled mode is gone). %dded random color option for patternsA made playlist clip focus selector update along with default item.ecorded audio clips in loop recording mode are now mutedA instead of the associated channel.ew Fruity #tereo #haper plugin (for stereo splitting and effects). %dded note $ playlist clip grouping (works on selectingA movingA resi*ingA deletionA mutingA shifting using mouse wheel). . +rand new playlist track naming $ tools for better song organi*ation. %dded support for Forg nanoF2RA nano %( $ nanoF8. %dded a couple of new mixer icons. "trl+#hift+right click in playlist *ooms on a single clip (handy to edit automation clips). articulate tool. %dded useful colors menu to name edit dialog (right9click color button for random color). . 1roove :uanti*er' can now delete notes too (by /ust setting velocity to D in templates). .Fixed (< think) infamous invalid playlist clips bug. <mproved note $ clip moving5resi*ing detection. !-ake uni:ue! on automation clips now copies (preserves) the link to the control(s).ight9clicking the piano roll !select! button brings the select menu.8L controllers. %dded !8nly with selection! $ random seed options to . -<(< input messages are now logged (only when log window is visible). %udio clips are auto9colored when dropped ($ playlist track is auto9colored when clip is dropped on it). <mproved !+est fit! $ !8n selection! *oom presets (will *oom on selected items if no time selection exists). . iano roll 5 playlist' right alt + right click to :uick :uanti*e a single note 5 clip start positionA end positionA or both (works in slip edit mode too).iff machine! piano9roll tool (see &ools in main menu as well) to create riffs by blending various templates $ settings.

%dded option to invert piano roll grid colors (for improved readability). -ultilink to controller!s L2( popup now applies to the last .. . "an now export a piano roll to a -<(< file (notes only). .ight9clicking the !enable effect slots! mixer buttons now shows or hides editors of all plugins for that track. Fixed little #licex resi*ing glitch. <mproved 4split mixer tracks4 rendering filename management.ew envelope filter tool in envelope editor.ew !"law machine! score tool in piano roll (works well along with #licex).5 L522A and 2dison5envelope editors' new autoscrolling when hitting edges while editing. "an now drop channel data (samplesA etc) onto piano roll (more intuitive for #licex). %udio files recorded from FL!s mixer now embed tempo information (the tempo at the time of recordingA for audio clip!s !Fit to tempo! to work without having to guess the tempo).NO. buttons switch mode. Loading a pro/ect with missing samples now asks for the content downloader to locate them. . 2nvelope editor' improved tools. (ropping audio clips onto playlist aligns them properly according to the downbeat marker (if present).! to set up a -<(< knob that always controls the last tweaked parameter.2dison' setting sample to tempo9synced defaults the tempo (if not set yet) to the one of the host. %dded note helping lines in piano roll when notes are played. . =olding %L& while #=<F&9rescaling piano roll scores snaps rescaling ratio to . 2vent editor can now be aware of which plugin parameters appear !centered! (supported by #ytrus so far). #ome menu items (save plugin preset $ score) can now be dragged around (like browser files). . tweaked params if the list is empty. #licex' improved realtime $ offline in5out declicking. <ncoming -<(< notes now have their -<(< channel mapped to the corresponding selected channel in FL (-<(< channel @ controls first selected channelA -<(< channel . Fruity (ance can load user sprite sheets.. 8gun' new "reate pad harmonics tool. %udio clips ($ sampler channels)' added various declicking modes in channel settings window. )ave "andy' improved scale featureA and added piano kb helper to spectral display. controls second selected channelA etc).ewbie enhancement' !#tart on input! feature is not saved5restored anymore.ew !&ools93Last tweaked938verride volatile link. Last tweaked parameter menu moved from plugins to FL!s &ools menu. )ave "andy' added new metering modes for loudness visuali*ationA and new vectorscope visuali*ationA also mouse ?@5?. . FruityLoops 2dition users who have purchased 2dison V#& can now use the FL version in FL. -issing pro/ect samples now located first in pro/ect folderA then only in last folder where previous missing data was found.ight9clicking the playlist clip focus button brings a list of either audioA automation or pattern clip sources.A )ave "andy $ FL now use natural weighting for their spectral display. . . . 2dison' right shift + mouse for tempo fine tuning.MQ. <mprove envelope editor!s envelope smoothing tool $ decimation tool. 2H. 2dison' new 4natural weighting4 $ improved 4natural scale4 for better spectral displayA as well as new (slow) high :uality mode that brings both time $ fre:uency accuracy (especially in natural scale mode).5 L' new 4snap to other events4 mode (also works with ghosted notes).. <mproved playlist mouse wheel scrolling. Jpdated to L%-2 B. 2dison' added new spectrum display gradients. )ave "andy 5 Fruity (ance' anim window popup now features !View settings! to bring up the actual plugin editor..

' added option to process side. +rowser now lists ()+ files. Jpdated score logger to work better with tempo changes (works a little differently now). %dded glow5shadow border option to )ave "andy. #peed up in sinc interpolator. "an now delete playlist clips from their menu (handy for overlapping clips). %dded support for sample preview in browser $ plugin picker using .ecord parameter changes4 option )rapper' added options screen to replace options menu )rapper' implemented multiple inputs and outputs for effects )rapper' multiple inputs and outputs now works with the 4Jse fixed si*e buffers4 option )rapper' can now load new 4shell4 plugins ()ave#hell vN and newerA mostly) )rapper' minimi*e locked time when loading a plugin )rapper' re9implemented saving and loading of settings to be more future proof )rapper' optimi*ed most buffer operations (copy5add5interlace5deinterlace) )rapper' new look for interfaceless editor )rapper' now loads V#& @ and (? plugins automaticallyA instead of FL!s internal host )rapper' fixes to save5load settings for Fruity "ompressor and Fruity +lood 8verdrive (ashboard' send controller values on playback start Fruity #:uee*e' adapted to be threadeable Fruity -ultiband "ompressor' adapted to be threadeable Fruity #cratcher' adapted to be threadeable Fruity Video layer' adapted to be threadeable FL #tudio V#&i' added tray icon to easily show5hide FL window F "' pad now triggers different velocity depending on vertical position of the mouse cursor F "' added 4#how 1. . %dded option to open Fruity L#( in -<(< import dialog. lugin picker now answers to alphanumeric keys. <mproved mixer!s input 4automap4 feature (doesn!t map mono inputsA and doesn!t route them to master to avoid feedback). voices (irect)ave' added browser preview volume control (irect)ave' added home button in browser (irect)ave' browser paths are shortened when they!re inside the content library folder (irect)ave' added option to copy imported dwp and its samples to the content library folder (irect)ave' re9arranged options window . )rapper' added option to steal keyboard focus from the plugin )rapper' adapted to new drag and drop implementation )rapper' buffers are now aligned better )rapper' adapted effect version to be threadeable )rapper' added 4.eeverb .note names4 option to show5hide names in the note selection menu F "' adapted to new drag and drop implementation F "' added popup menu with mixer track names to output selector (irect)ave' increased maximum polyphony from 67 to N@. %dded note preview when changing velocity (or other properties) in piano roll using %L&+mouse wheel on nearest note.Fruity . Jpdated scripting engine used by 2dison scripts (should allow V+ scripts now).+# file import (not much useful anymore). #upport for )av ack files in FLA 2dison $ #licexA preserving original )%V info.F8 files using 4 reviewI#ampleFile. "hange' audio tracks are no longer set to 4cut themselves4. 2dison' improved loop tuner (new tension feature). 2dison can now export to 811 files. #licex' new attempt at auto9naming regions (only kickA snare $ hi9hat for now). !)aiting for input! feature now 6DDO noob9proofied.emoved .ame4.

.educed max polyphony to . %&#$e&ented ' (e&o)ed: . Vocodex' vocoder effect.LR pluginsA as it!s designed for oversi*ed V#&!s).eset plugin4 button to <nfo page of 8ptions window "ew #$ugins' 8gun' synthesi*er speciali*ed in metallic timbres.ight9clicking playlist items no longer deletes them (hold halt to do so). 1ross +eat' beat rearranger effect.com (irect)ave' implemented ilreg protection (irect)ave' added wavpack support (ownloader' set on top if modal F "' implemented . (thrownA too many annoyances) .ew %utogun synthesi*er based on 8gun.N6 to reduce cpu usage when idle (ownloader' cache results of product code registration check to speed it up a bit (ownloader' implemented ilreg system (ownloader' improved filter speed (ownloader' only filter when filter text is at least B characters (ownloader' <mplemented deleteA move up and move down for items in manager!s list (ownloader' &oxic+ioA #awer and -orphine downloads can now also be downloaded from the selector (if the plugin is installedS) (ownloader' improved 4last view4 behaviour a little bit )rapper' now reports the sound device!s i5o latency to the plugin F "' layer shows newly added item (i.padpreset loading in F (TLoadFile )rapper' added 4.e. (thrownA user complaints) "an now middle9click working area to 4pan4 plugin windows (8. scrolls to it) (ownloader' added buy button (ownloader' "hanged status bar message for failed downloadsA when the user is boxed (ownloader' option to load regcode from file now also works in )indows (ownloader' added 4download regcode4 menu item in manager (ownloader' added possibility for web link items (ownloader' double9clicking a failed item will go to the registration page (boxed) or retrieve regcode page (online users) (ownloader' changed text for boxed registration popup menu item (irect)ave' added 4copy to all *ones4 options for a number of *one properties F "' added some more locks when creating layers F "' new skinA some more changes F "' added possibility to 4spread even4 on a logarithmic scale F "' locking layers doesn!t automatically spread them even anymore F "' now remembers the midi loop name when preset5file is loaded back )rapper' cleaned up error message when (? plugin isn!t found (iagnostic' changed 4fruity fonts4 font to 4tahoma4 )asp' decided on a volume log scale to get the new )asp engine as close to the old one as possible (ownloader' changed buy and info links (ownloader' use image9line.(irect)ave' new import dll (ownloader' bring selection window to front when it!s opened again (from FL!s news toolbar or from plugin) Video layer' load video when file is dropped on title bar or step se:uencer button )rapper' load V#& plugin when dll file is dropped on title bar or step se:uencer button (irect)ave' added control to set maximum release time for sampled notes (irect)ave' implemented new downloader interfaceA modeless (irect)ave' click on empty area in scrollbar(s) to go to that position (irect)ave' Jpdated "& dll (irect)ave' .com for redirect link instead of flstudio.

8./0: Fixed crash when sample is used normal and reversed (oesn!t load the midi loop into the pianoroll anymore when changing preset . )rapper' 4#end pitch bend range4 is now off by default. Fixed very rare browser bug. .0. <mplemented new audio clipboard format to counter )indows!es inability to handle long bits of audio.1 (21/0!/2008) Bugfixes: %dded missing folders in the atches folder.-)e: Fixed vst rendering if a plugin reports *ero programs Fixed window resi*e (window kept getting bigger) Fixed memory leak when loading external banks "reate &emp folder before import of external banks +rowser is refreshed when the lib path changes Fixed crash when importing samples with long filenames (longer than B@ characters) Fixed a mouse capture issue Fixed bug exporting waves for V#&i programs that start or end with spaces Fixed some small visual glitches Fixed filename extension extraction bug <ncreased browser button si*e . )rapper' fixed buffer si*e in some cases. files less priority than built9in )%V slicing information. FL finally supports -<(< #ys2x inputA and handles basic --" functions. Fixed bug in multipoint envelope release when release time was *ero. F "' doesn!t load the midi loop into the pianoroll anymore when changing preset. -ade 2dison $ #licex load associated 01. 1enerator smart disable is now compatible with threaded rendering.2 (0 /06/2008) Bugfixes: Fixed rare crash when loading new pro/ect while playlist is visible. %dded error message at startup when --? or ##2@ is not found. *i(e+t.ew 3$i+ex drumloop slicing generator plugin. files.0.8. .emoved mouse wheel velocity sensitivity %dded tablet pc 5 stylus option for controls . %dded knob for note release in step se:uencer $ piano roll randomi*er tool.ew 31nth4-ke( modular environment.ight9clicking browser button now brings plugin picker.0. Fixed misaligned browser thumbnails when file extensions are shown. Additions' %dded preview to 2dison $ #licex tools. )rapper' fixed bottom toolbar behaviour. . Fixed hints on renderer!s bit depth selector. "leartype not forced on anymore for mixer labels for )inM? platforms. Fixed little #licex bug.0 (09/02/2008) Additions' 10 1e-(s -nni)e(s-(12 . ro/ect browser' can show5hide plugin editors from the generators5effects folders.ight9clicking splitters (browserA piano rollA playlist) for spare position.(-##e(: Fixed glitch when changing 4bottom toolbar4 setting 4#end pitch bend range4 is now off by default Fixed buffer si*e communication bug on plugin initiali*ation 8.(uit1 . 1ave 01. Additions' .

emote control part of the pro/ect browser. )ave "andy' fixed some bugs $ added Vista window background blur. Jpdated to L%-2 B.ew spectral view in monitor panel. . <mproved accuracy of -<(< input recording under high 1J< " J load. %dded some extra mouse buttons support. )orks well with .ewbie enhancement' snapping is on by default.ewly9recorded patterns now added as pattern clips (when in song mode).ewbie enhancement' window menu icons replaced by holly down arrows. iano roll' added !#elect at random! to select @DO random notesA for variations.usage meter for some systems. #inc interpolator now faster (67point sinc now usable realtime). atterns named !9pattern name! now act as separators in lists. . . "trl+2 to :uickly open an audio editor in a mixer trackA or #hift+2 to open an audio logger. FL ($ some FL plugins) now support .ew slope modes for L 5= 5L#5 eak5=# bands in arametric 2H .%dded mouse wheel support to popup menus $ combo selectors. (rum#ynth' added call to #end atch&o2ngine to VoiceT.e9implemented "-2 JF keyboard support (although -<(< feedback sometimes makes no sense). %dded recording filter (right9click record button). 8ptional stereo waveform display in playlist. . %dded randomi*e $ humani*e to multilink menu. %dded slip editing in playlist clipsA as well as little changes in resi*ing tools. laylist932dit93#hift left5right now works for audio clips too (including using control surface /ogs). . (efault audio device changed to %#<87%LL. plugin. <mproved .ogg format. %dded score logging featureA not to miss scored played while testing. "an now resi*e multiple playlist clips at once. "hannels in piano roll channel selector are now sorted by channel group.endering with latency compensation. %dded (manual) plugin editor thumbnails to pro/ect browser. Fruity (?@D' mod init and sustain calculations now also take samplerate into account "hanged piano roll keyboard modifiers a little (see help file) to add a new #=<F&+click to add note in resi*e mode. "ew 5&u$ti$ink5 o#tion fo( 6ui+ke( (e&ote +ont(o$ -ssign&ent7 +(e-tion of &u$ti#$e -uto&-tion +$i#s7 et+. &weaking controls on V#&(i)s now show a hint message in FL!s hint bar (when possible).ewbie enhancement' browser snapshot now defaults to slot @. "aps lock function changed to allow resi*ing of notes from left side in piano roll.(e+o(ding 8dison. <mproved latency compensation !#et from! option. laylist' clip source selection now in titlebarA and clips panel now on top by default. "an now define absolute increment steps in -<(< remote control window. %dded 811 Vorbis rendering target. %dded !2dit whole mapping! to .ML.ew list of available patterns when right9clicking the pattern selector. Love hilter' piano keys assigned to patterns. 8ne9click audio recording now prompts to record in 2dison. <mproved !undo knob tweaks! to support tweaking several parameters at once without slowing down. arameter smoothing now works for relative knobs or other incremental -<(< controls too. %dded full support for the -ackie "ontrol Jniversal. %nt(odu+ing 53e$e+ted5 &ixe( t(-+k7 to whi+h the se$e+ted &ixe( t(-+k is (outed7 -nd in whi+h 1ou #$-+e )isu-$ effe+ts o( . .eleaseA to temporarily fix a release problem when multiple voices are active %utomation now displayed in pattern clipsA improved event editor display. . . <mproved support for some controllers. %dded !#end previous5next to selected channel! option in browser. . <mproved parameter smoothing. "an now move effect slots around using the mouse wheel.%.

"hanged generator multithreaded processing method a little.ewbie enhancement' !save as! icon blinks once Nmin after the last saveA then each BDsec after @Dmin.emoved obsolete !@6. new support for region typesA and grid aligned to first downbeat marker. *-sh9o-(d' fixed scroller free*e issue edit string dialog now pops up on correct screen 4send value4 for patch control no longer generates an exception messages are no longer added to a buffer to be sent during processing . . can now link notes to markers5regions (for use in Fruity #licer). 8dison' 2HA blur $ reverb tools now remember their envelope editor settings.Q! version of the B. added !:uick rename (all)! option to rename all regions to drum names.ew phase editing feature in 2dison!s 2H. (efault peak meters scale bottom changed to 9LDd+A alternate scale down to 9NDd+. . .L+(. fixed envelope handling./0' invalidate synthpanel on resi*eA to avoid graphical glitch when resi*ing the editor with 4#how window contents while dragging4 off in )indows mouse wheel now changes pad some cosmetic changes pan envelope is now bipolar fixed some save dialog glitches. added wave preview in open dialog. added 4Jndo mix (spectral)4 and 4 aste mix (spectral)4 features. new slave syncA pause buttonA transport active when not playingA support for control surfaces and keyboard input (to slice or for sampler preview). added keyboard (to note or to slice) preview. %dapted wav file loader for more bad interpretations of a bad format. hold right9shift to move markers more accurately (temporary *oom). added !&ime format! menu to display time regardless of the grid mode. 2dison $ #ytrus now captioni*e themselves when starting a sample drag. unselects when live selection is too short (K@NDms)A and added live selection as published parameter. added tools93se:uencing93send to selected channelA to :uickly send audio to the selected channel without dragging (mainly for Fruity #licer).%1 drums from one instance to anotherA to replace drums in a loop with drums from another loop. "hanged spectral display!s windowing to Faiser. new fancy waveform display modeA and option to export display to bitmap file. added stereo waveform display.extra mouse buttons too. <ntroducing FL9chan in wallpapers. new tempo detector that gives better results for fixed9tempo songs. "&. %dded middle note $ score detection <mproved smoothness when recording for several minutes new !dual view! mode showing both waveform $ spectrum. new drum(loop) stretching tool ($ paste replace (drum))A with improved gaps filling. small J< changes .+it wav rendering. slide option now works on markers5regions too. -apped incoming 4all notes off4 -<(< message to panic. new &ools93#end to playlist as audio clipA to send the clip to the playlist at selectionA linked to the same mixer track as 2dison.

(-##e(' 42xport all programs as "ubase presets4 saved the current program in every file fixed new implementation of rocess aram to avoid 4integer overflow4 exception when adding an automation clip added hint when plugin parameter changes some fixes in rocess aram now flushes plugin (inactive5active) in the lug<8"hanged callback don!t send 4all note off4 message for effects the fixed si*e output buffer for effects are now initiali*ed to *ero before processing now call %lloc+uffers when the blocksi*e changes renamed menu items for saving5loading fst and fxb files to 4V#&4 instead of 4"ubase4 added 4#end note off velocity4 option implemented support for sysex messages sent by the plugin (untested) let FL re9read key names when update(isplay message is received from V#& plugin *i(e+t.Dd+ again 4gain4 control on *one tab is now multiplied to the volume instead of added updated downloader implementation double9click on *one (or *one index) now opens sample tab now need to right9click on sample scroll bar to *oom fixed drag$drop crash made library scan (for popup menu) a lot faster fixed browser resi*ing from config dlg fixed behaviour of browser expansion with multiple instances changed volume and velocity implementation re9implemented soundfont supportA now supports .7bit soundfonts fixed resi*ing in FL versionA made it more spec9compliant in V#&i version some V#& specific improvements fixed crash in V#&i when opening5closing browser because of incorrect FL version check effect switches on the *one page now also act according to the 4global4 switch improved demo mode save5restore for V#&i version fixed window si*e bug (browser open5closed) when opening editor fixed ogg importA made it use B. .-)e' fixed bug showing save program dialogs added file compatibility options to (global) options dialog 4gain4 control on *one tab now defaults to D. 4render fast4 is now the default .%ccept-edia#ample to prevent creeping cpu usage moved position updates from rocess to <dle functionA to save some cpu usage detached video will now keep playing if the plugin editor window is hidden added 4<gnore tempo changes4 option fix to prevent rising cpu usage.(uit1 .bit float samples instead of @6bit int restructured filesA recompiled fixed 4full range4 behaviour for selectors (Bug)fixes ' +ugfix in envelope point snapping.better behaviour when samples are missing changed direction for changing pads from mouse wheel fixed midi loop loadingA it now takes into accounts the steps per beat :ideo /$-1e(' do nothing in &VideoViewer. Little bugfix in 2dison!s looping tool $ trimming option. +ugfix in #ytrus unison sub.

ew Fruity Love hilter effect plugin.+ugfix in stretching engine. #ytrus' slightly improved plucked string generator. "an now drop any file onto the browser to get the folder added to the extra folders (handy when using the browser to preview sounds). Fixed minor bug in multiband compressor (master meter was all mono). Fixed crashing pro/ect browser when a mixer control was linked in omni mode. Fixed big bug in wav file loader when regions have comments.%. Little bugfix in Fruity (elay +ank. #ytrus 5 envelope editor' ctrl+shift to bypass point snapping. Fixed strange bug with %#<8. Fixed little problem in -<(< input window. Little bugfix in #ytrus envelope release combined with sustain level. Fixed weird bug importing corrupted playlist data from FL6 pro/ects. Fruity wrapper' added 4<nvalidate editor window4 option (on by default) Fruity wrapper' fixed bug in preset names that start with 494 Fruity wrapper' bugfix' effect version copies input to output when no plugin is loaded . #ytrus 5 envelope editor' multilevel undo $ display updates.7 plugins. "an now edit samples from the browser item popup.0 (03/01/2007) Little 1J< redesign. . +ugfix' :uick :uanti*e no longer resi*es playlist clips.o more flicker when resi*ing plugin windows.. .meter. %dded spectral view in Fruity #licer. #ytrus' hint in harmonics editor not lagging anymore. Fixed thread9locking issue with multiple smoothed up remote control combined with visible pro/ect browser and knob tweak undo enabled.bit wavs.bit float5mono5stereo samples inside FLA Fruity 1ranuli*er $ Fruity #licer.ew resampling engineA support for mono $ B. Fixed tiny glitch with mixer icons. .ew 2dison audio editor. .0. %dded large browser aspect. -apped scroll9lock key to FL!s autoscrolling. Faster slicing in FLA Fruity #licerA Fruity 1ranuli*er and 2dison. #ytrus' little speed improvement when processing arpeggiated5gated presets. +eep-ap' can now drop bitmaps onto channel buttons.eworked toolbarsA with " J usage graph and . #witched to (elphi . Fixed little memory leak in browser!s history. Fixed problem loading some V#& . Fixed wrong displayed hint for automation clips. Fixed little bug when reordering mixer tracks. +ugfix in monophonic mode combined with Fruity #licer plugin. Fixed keystrokes not getting to FL when mixer was detached $ focused. <mproved audio recording to disk (no more crackles when recording lots of mixer tracks). Fixed browser not restoring top item in some cases when switching snapshots. %udio device now stored by name rather than by index. #upport for @6bit integer5B. "hanging . 7. Fixed crash in Vista when (ata 2xecution revention is on Fixed some possible deadlocks when -<(<9controlling parameters. Fixed rare arpeggiator bug.ight9shift in piano roll $ playlist to pan the editor (same as in 2dison). Fixed crash when closing FL while pro/ect browser was open. Fixed tiny browser bug. Fixed bug in )ave#haper $ #ytrus bipolar to unipolar mapping conversion. #mall J< changes $ optimi*ations in #ytrus. . .DD6. Fixed crashing bug in granuli*er. #ytrus' several speedups when triggering voicesA computing $ importing shapes. Fixed little bug in Fruity #licer!s note dump.B bitrate in renderer now doesn!t reset all plugins anymore (was slow for some plugins).

"an now turn event automation into automation clips.N6 harmonics per operator. (ashboard' added 4#end all values4 option (ashboard' fixed sending values of switches and patch selectors (ashboard' updates for note off velocity support and note on velocity calculation (irect)ave' now loads %<FF samples (irect)ave' V#& preset file loader in autosampler (irect)ave' lots of bugfixes FL Feys' fixed loading of some @6bit waves F "' reimplemented voice and envelope processing F "' now loads %<FFA . %dded stretching tool to 2dison.2? files F "' now exports to #F0 format F "' preview notes now also trigger cut groups F "' fixed layer tune F "' allow selection of regions in a wave for start5end points F "' added possibility to keep current note layout when changing presets F "' added option to map every pad to a note one by one (per bank) .D7 and up 2dison' much improved spectrum display. Jpdated *ipping (LL. lugin windows $ mixer can now be detached from the main window. #upport for %pple Loops %<FF extensions. -ono %#<8 inputs now listed in the mixer!s input listA so that you can record from mono sources. Linked sustain pedal to step /ump in step editing mode. <ntroducing smart disable mode for generators as well. #ytrus' fixed rare crash when editing waveshaper envelope. Fixed rare mixer track relocation bug. Jndo for automation clipsA and more meaningful undo names. #upport for %<FF files in sampler channels $ 2dison. %dded !stairs! line mode to envelope editor. %dded more safety checks for bad wav samples. #pectrum can now be displayed in channel settings $ audio clips. #ytrus' little speed $ :uality enhancement and now up to . %dded pattern clips to the playlist. <mproved fading5declicking in 2disonA Fruity #licer and FL.e)ired channel to send its notes to (midi options window) FL (?i' updated calculation of time information to prevent continuous resynchroni*ing in #onar versions 7.bit samples faster F "' fixed two bugs importing midi files and other minor bugfixes . %dded new stretching methods to FL $ Fruity #licer. (ouble9click pattern clips to edit its contents. Fixed tiny keyboard problem with detached windows. Fixed little bug in mixer state loading.B and .Fruity wrapper' bugfix' 4fixed si*e buffers4 option is now saved for each plugin F "' added popup menu for sample displays F "' middle9click on a sample display now opens that sample in 2dison F "' fixed layer display after dropping a wave F "' fixed a crashing bug with empty layers F "' reimplemented resampling F "' re9implemented sample loadingA it!s now independent of FL!s sample loading and loads mono and B. #ytrus' added cherry phaser filter. #ome generators can now be threaded for some " J gain on dual cores. +rowser now previews the sample!s root note. #ytrus' added !bipolar LF8 tension! option to LF8!s. Fixed unreleased notes when using sustain in recording mode. "trl+right click I *oom in playlist $ piano roll. #ytrus' unison panningA volume and pitch now update running voices when automated. <mproved *oom tool in playlist tracks.e)ired' added selection of bus and channel for the .

Fixed dual screen bug showing all menus on the wrong screen when the primary screen was on the right side of another screen.0. Fixed score selection in F " when an empty folder is selected. Fixed bug with echo delay presets in channel settings. . %ssigning notes to slices made easier in Fruity #licer plugin (4Last hit key4 in menu).e-8&2 #L controller.0. Fixed threading problem with smart disable.F "' the pan envelope can!t cut a voice anymore 2dison' new click9free editing. Fixed wet level in Fruity #:uee*e.8 (13/01/2006) (bugfixesS) Fixed the wrapper crashing when it receives information from a plugin that it!s removing. . Jpdated %#<8 host. Little bugfix in Fruity #licer.are bug fixed in #ytrus delay line. Fixed old bug in audio clips. 6.ovation .ew velocity $ release mapping curves in the -<(< settings. Little fix in wav file loader. FL is now optimi*ed for "lear&ype. Fixed browser being able to be resi*ed when docked.DB. %dded !huge! to browser si*e modes. #upport for note off velocity in piano rollA imported -<(< filesA -<(< out $ #ytrus plugins. Fixed patch selector in (ashboard. Fixed bug in audio clips volume envelopes.ew online news $ events toolbar. minor glitches in . Fixed occasional crash when assigning hardware ?R controllers to params.. Jpdated "hrome with tester application. Fixed tempo bug in envelope controller. laylist clips can now be smaller. Fixed bug in Fruity )rapper showing the selection menu when loading songs with a )aveshell plugin.! (28/12/200 ) (bugfixesS) . . Video layer' fixed time calculation for steps per beat other than 7 )rapper' added 4#ave all programs4 option )rapper' several bugfixes )rapper' added 4-<(< "hannel %ftertouch4 special parameter to control aftertouch in a plugin !#et smart disable for all effects! changed to !#et smart disable for all plugins! (now including generators). Fixed non9working shortcut in playlist. Fixed crash when deleting channels while pro/ect browser was open. plugin. Fixed F " crash when changing pad names from the ads tab. Fixed crash while detecting sample tempo. &iny bugfix in sampler envelope display. Fixed decimal point bug in Formula "ontroller. (ouble9clicking a pattern clip opens the piano roll5event editor at the time it was clicked. Fixed . #ytrus' unlink velocity from volumeA link velocity $ release to attack $ release. %dded B. 6.+it stream option to (irect#ound output.ew Fruity arametric 2H . 2scape to abort file searching is now more responsive. Fixed bug saving adsr wheels in 2nvelope "ontroller. Fruity #licer' can assign a slice to the last hit key. Fixed -<(< file import bug. %dded support for . Fixed built9in sustain support. Jpdated (irect)ave to version @. Fixed wrong reloading of sample loop type. Fixed bug in F " and Fruity wrapper that caused drag and drop to stop working. .

+rowser smart search featureA allowing things like Ksytrus or simsUnth or wav and 4revV bongo43..1 (08/12/200 ) . "ew #o#u# &enu engine.0. %dded warning when loading pro/ects made with a more recent version of FL.bit) )%V files. #ytrus' can now drag waveforms (click big waveform or ctrl+click small one) onto . -iddle click to load pro/ects from browser now prompts for saving.ew glue tool in piano rollA to glue contiguous notes. #upport for -<(< hold $ sostenuto with result directly in piano roll. (rag5drop now works on detached playlist. 8dited e)ents -(e now sto(ed in . Little bugfix in automation clips. %dded browser snapshots. Fixed bug that caused some (?i plugins to ignore note messages.&ost (e+ent$1 used $ist. /i-no (o$$ now offe(s 16 note +o$o(s (th-t +-n 9e seen -s 4%*% +h-nne$s). +rowser updated to remember its last stateA visual drag5drop. #ytrus' can now drag5drop single9cycle shapes onto harmonics editorA or channel button.D.Fixed mixer send knobs animated when the wrong track was selected. 4%*% +$o+k s1n+ +-n now 9e sent to &u$ti#$e 4%*% de)i+es.ew !Link all parameters! option in plugins $ mixer! "an now move mixer tracks around. Various other enhancements in the piano roll.(uit1 3$i+e( onto +h-nne$s (o( the ex#$o(e()7 -nd +o#1 the& to the .indows -udio +$i#9o-(d. #peed improvements. #ytrus' can now lock harmonics individually. #ytrus' added 7 new filter types. "trl+mouse wheel to center9*oom at the mouse position in event editorsA piano roll $ playlist. 6. (ropping a file onto the browser /umps to that file (providing it!s available somewhere in the browser). /i-no k9 ke1s now -++e#ted in the 4%*% (e&ote +ont(o$ 9ox (white > togg$e7 9$-+k > $-t+h). Fixed rendering bug in Fruity #:uee*e. Fixed 2H slider hint. %dded option to disable smooth scrolling (in FLA not plugins). #ytrus' enhanced waveform editing tools. -ade overload9safety feature in audio settings optional (for those who have %#<8 troubles). /i-no (o$$ he$#e(s -$so &-(k notes th-t h-)e n-&es (usefu$ with . Fixed bug in 2HJ8 when processing was skipped. #ytrus' arpeggiator built in envelopesA audio file to envelope analy*erA envelope vertical flipping. +rowser now monitors FL!s data folder to refresh itself. now +o&#i$ed with *e$#hi 200 . . Fixed looping and song position in FL (?i when used in #onar 7. 0-n now d(-g indi)idu-$ s$i+es f(o& the . Fixed bug when moving plugin racks while event editor was open for one of their parameters. <mproved stability5safety for %#<8 devices. -inor usability improvements. +rowser can show all file types $ their extension. !. A$$ +ont(o$ e)ents +-n now 9e edited in the #i-no (o$$. 4u$ti#$e 4%*% in#ut de)i+es -(e now -++e#ted.B or later. Fnobs animation is now smoother (for those who can notice). +rowser revamped visuallyA with various little enhancements. #ytrus' waveforms can now be saved to (B. Fixed Fruity Fast (ist bug when rendering.(uit1 3$i+e(). =e)-&#ed &ixe( with enh-n+ed f(ee t(-+k (outing (-$$ t(-+ks +-n now 9e sends). "ew s+-$e<dete+ting he$#e( in #i-no (o$$. "an now replace a channel type by another (was already doable through presets).

2nhancement for tablet "!s' stylus mode that allows easier tweaking of knobs as well as several little usability improvements for pencil use. %dded option to split (explode) a pattern by channel. %dded support for some more hardware controllers. 2nhancement for tablet "!s' most forms states are saved per screen resolution (handy when switching from landscape to portrait mode). "aps lock to move notes without changing their ending times in piano roll. .V (envelopes)A . .Q icon si*e for application bars (8b/ect(ockA etc). +rowser now shows . .F?+ (V#&i . #mall mini9piano roll update bugfix when pro/ect browser is open. iano roll note properties can now show note lengths (optional). F "' volume and pan envelopes per pad. 8ption to save audio $ -<(< clipboard data to files (see tools menu). -isc little enhancements' middle mouse button in browserA mouse wheel working in some new placesA etc.ew 1. #hift+mouse wheel to scroll playlistA shift+right click for playback tool in piano rollA and various similar little enhancements. . )rappers publish @. 4&yping kb to piano4 feature now works from the browser window as well (accel chars now only work in the tree when the feature is off). %lt+5V and "trl+%lt+5V to /ump to5select next5previous song markers. (ouble9right9click piano roll $ playlist brings the options menu.eeverb .other synthesi*ers.F. #hift+left5right or %lt+left5right shifts (nudges) selected notes in piano roll5playlist. %dded workaround for minor )indows graphic bug in the playlist. )rappers now automatically save plugin specific settings (optional). Jltrasmooth visual feedback now off by default and sets a higher smoothnessA and also now applies to fruity plugins. -ore accuracy in the drawing of events in the piano roll. F "' pad presets and note layouts.ew !one9click recording! option for dummies (in the tools menu). %dded auto9map all %#<8 inputs (/ust like outputs)A to monitor all inputs.preset for (rum#ynth Live.ew 2HJ8 automatable e:uali*er plugin. %lt+mouse wheel to change note properties (of the closest noteA or the selected ones) in piano roll $ #=<F&+mouse wheel to move them around.ew )asp ?& synth plugin.Qx@. +etter support for the Forg -#.ewbie enhancement' long audio files are not kept on disk by default anymore. L%-2 (LL now loaded dynamically (to avoid problems when FL is used as a plugin). #upport for multimedia keyboards (play5pause5stop5prev5next5browser keysA etc). Little fix for piano roll splitter losing its aspect ratio when resi*ing the window.ew Fruity #:uee*e sound degradation plugin.D controller' cable in5out are mapped to "" to work as switches.ew Fruity . +ugfix in audio recording undoA and also made it clearer (tells which files are gonna be undone). FL can now send -&" as well as -<(< clock for output synchroni*ation. %lt+click in piano roll5playlist5event editor bypasses the current snap (very handy). Fruity #licer' loading5slicing drumloops doesn!t break audio engine anymore. %dded "" standard names to popup in -<(< remote control box. "an now /ump to song markers using -<(< inputA and create them on the fly. "an now edit note properties to change a note into a slide. .F? 5. Less flicker when resi*ing some windows (unless detached). +ugfix in level scaling event editor tool. %dded support for Frontier (esign!s &ran* ort controller. . %pp includes a @.() ((irect)ave) and . plugin. laylist pattern lane gets a popup menuA and selected patterns can be renamed all at once. #hift+piano roll5playlist cut tool now selects a column. . Live mode' song relocation is bar9synchroni*ed.Q extra parameters for ""!sA so that you can control a V#&i without using a -<(< out channel in most cases. Video player now has an option to disable rendering audio.

. 2xisting automation clips are now adapted when the H settings have changed. Fixed problems with dual monitors' FL can now be maximi*ed on second monitor and will remember the monitor it!s on when maximi*ed. Fixed ?< file loading bug. "ew . . %dded per9editor snap override. %dded option to detach playlistA piano roll and event editors from the working area (can be maximi*ed on a second monitor). "ew -uto&-tion +$i#s in #$-1$ist. Added te&#o dete+to( to -udio t(-+ks to -$ign #(oBe+t te&#o to song +$i#s. "ew #owe(fu$ -(#eggi-to( too$ in #i-no (o$$.ewbie enhancement' 42nable -<(< input5output4 switches itself on when you select -<(< devices. . Fixed problem with -<(< input in FL V#&i versions. Fruity #licer can now export sliced sample. "ue points are not turned into regions anymore.A: fi$es -nd 4/3 t-gs.ew "hrome visuali*ation plugin. . "hanged the default wallpaper to a newbie one.(uit1 3$i+e(7 with st(et+hing -nd =8@ $oo#s su##o(t7 -nd enh-n+ed fi$$ g-#s.@. (isabled looping for sample preview in browser (too many bad loop points in samples out there).patches). Fixed .1 (20/12/0!) (bugfixesS) . . "ew 5&-ke uni6ue5 o#tion fo( -udio +$i#s to se)e( #-(ts. %dded workaround for J%(9@ plugins to work. Fixed disabled automation clips processed when relocating the song.ew level scaling tool in piano roll $ event editor.ew key limiter tool in piano roll.ight9click piano roll options button for direct access to tools. . . Fixed crashing bug in Fruity 1ranuli*er.M6.ew !%rrange windows! item to leave room for the bottom taskbar (handy under )indows ? ). Feyboard shortcuts now work for detached windows.ew (irect)ave sampler plugin.0. Fixed little problem after dismissing the piano roll note properties box. . "ew o#tion to (ende( -udio fi$es with s$i+e &-(ke(s ((egions) 9ui$t<in ((egions -(e defined -s 9e-t &-(ke(s fo( Ado9e Audition). . . 4u+h i&#(o)ed . minor bugs in #ytrus.(uit1 .ew sample and preset downloader for F " and (irect)ave plugins. Jpdated to L%-2 B.2 (26/01/200 ) . Little bugfix in note legato tool.ewbie enhancement' -<(< settings window doesn!t show up anymore to let the user select a -<(< input device. #lightly improved !prepare for -<(< output!.ew Fruity 2nvelope "ontroller plugin. -<(< remote control window now shows a list of all controllers linked to a parameter. Added -utho( ' gen(e to song #(o#e(ties7 s-)ed inside .(uit1 3$i+e( now gets s$i+es f(o& -udio fi$e +ue #oints -s we$$ (-s we$$ -s t(igge( ke1 ?). Fixed little playlist shortcut problem.0 (20/11/0!) . Ae&#o<s1n+ed #(e)iew of st(et+hed s-&#$es. . -inor J< enhancements.-)e3h-#e( effe+t #$ugin.ew score flipper tool in piano roll. Fixed !%dd pitch to key! for plugins. %uto9scrolling doesn!t switch off anymore when editing and the song is not playing. .0. . "ew ti&e<st(et+hing -nd #it+h<shifting in -udio t(-+ks (with se)e(-$ &odes7 in+$uding the 8$-sti6ue engine).

Fixed memory leak in Fruity #licer plugin. "an now load . %dded sampler interpolation method selector for realtime playback (audio settings). #tacked notes in piano roll randomi*er now work better. %uto9scrolling switch now in the main part of the J<A and auto9disabled. #hift disables !typing keyboard to piano! featureA handy to access shortcuts such as . Little bugfix for monophonic mode in step se:uencer. . . -inor cosmetic changes and new wallpapers. %dded option not to auto9unarm mixer tracks. "ew 0o$$-9 too$ to wo(k on sh-(ed #(oBe+ts. ?R controller now supports multiple /oysticks. "an now check !keep on disk!A !resample! $ other options even when not possible. review now only loads the few first seconds (for . %dded global envelope mode to #ytrus (version @."ew d(u& f$-& too$ in #i-no (o$$. Added note $eg-to -nd -(ti+u$-tion too$ in #i-no (o$$. Jpdated drum list in the -<(< out plugin to the 1-. %dded better automation smoothing to -<(< remote control (knob works as @ pole or B poles). for record.fi$en-&e. %dded support for =ercules (> "onsole (when set in -<(< modeA endless knobsA coupled switchesA special switches $ middle /og work).B!s to preview faster).B!s into sampler channels and audio clips. "ew . . 8nh-n+ed . #etting for steps per beat now ad/ust tempo as well (no need for tempo9doubling tricks anymore). &oolbars can now be locked. !Feep on disk! samples can now be modified (loaded from disk when needed). %dded copy5paste preset to #ytrusA to share presets between all plugin versions of it. Fixed crash when deleting -<(< out channels sometimes. B-si+ $oo# (e+o(ding. Fruity #licer note dumping is now done in piano roll selection (if any).eplace !<gnore velocity! option by !Velocity link!A to control per9note filter using velocity. standard. ..M pattern selector. +ackground wallpaper can now be =&-L pages. Added te&#o t-##ing fe-tu(e. #ong markers now properly stored in rendered waves even with tempo changes.ew slicing engine in Fruity #licer and FL (audio clips).)A for perfect gated presets. +k#p shortcut for :uick snap switch. -ade channel resampling option always enabled. . Audio (e+o(ding +-n now 9e undone7 -nd &ixe( t(-+k -(&ing 9utton +-n 9e (ight<+$i+ked not to #(o&#t fo( . . +ugfix in #ytrus (making it a little faster).(uit1 C(-nu$iDe( with t(-nsient<-$ign&ent -nd new skin. -inor fix in Fruity Vocoder.emoved obsolete @.emove transposing from :uanti*ation tool 9 :uanti*ation scores can now safely contain notes other than "N. .i)e now su##o(ts 120 #-t+hes. -ade brush default tool in event editor.ight9clicking the recording disk to arm a mixer track won!t prompt for a filename. %dded option to trim audio clip parts outside playlist selection..ewbie enhancement' snapping is off by default./0 d(u&kit #$ugin. Fixed problem with incoming -<(< note off messages too :uickly after note on. F#& and F#" file extensions are now associated with the app (and loaded in new channels). %uto9envelope cleaning in step edit mode in #ytrus $ Fruity )aveshaper envelopes. "an now set one of the external audio editors to replace the default one. #ong selection now shown in the transport slider as well. .estyled Fruity =&-L . *(u&31nth . "an now shift+click note events to unselect them. #electing an %#<8 input now arms the mixer track automatically.ote+ook plugin. "an now drop samples onto the channel settings window.

(uit1 . "ew =e. <mproved pattern merging. <nserting space in playlist now moves markers as well.2 (1/07/03) .2 (!/03/0!) Jpgraded plugin menus' easier way to browse5automate parameters. . .. Little bugfix in layer loading.N version already ') Added -uto&-tion s&oothing fe-tu(e.9BD5ND controllers (see W#ystemW=ardware specific). "ew 31t(us gene(-to(2 "ew 5-uto5 &ode in -(#eggi-to( (fin-$$1 wo(ks $ike . !. Little bugfix in playlist. "ew #$-19-+k fun+tion in #i-no (o$$. !.emoved the obsolete !tiny slices! rendering setting $ improved rendering. +ugfix in FL Feys $ dashboard plugins. %dded warning when saving to a protected -<(< file. %dded B band e:uali*er and soft mode option in #ytrus. Added .ow showing plugins $ their parameters in the pro/ect browser. Fixed handling of special audio input format. Little bugfix in automation smoothing. %dded support for the 2dirol ". Fixed rare automation problem. 2diting playlist markers is now undoable.). %dded output visual to Fruity Formula "ontroller plugin. Fixed problem with some 0< files not created (really this time). "ew . Little bugfix in preset switching. Fixed tiny visual glitch in browser. #mall bugfix in H changing. 2vent editor LF8 tool can now be cancelled. +ugfix in #ytrus (was unstable).1. %dded repeat mode to arpeggiator.$-ngus effe+t #$ugin. . +ugfix in !*oom on selection! in piano roll.@. "hanged scale for harmonics level editing in #ytrus.. .+$-ssi+ -(# now).) %dded %#<8 " J check for more stabillity (prevents free*ing 1J<). . (3/11/03) (boxed release) !. +ugfix in Fruity #licer plugin.ew free #layer $ FL Feys plugins (actually were in 7. laylist 5 piano roll selection now updated when changing H. <mproved internal controller handling. %dded beep metronome sound.emoved (abused) live loopA in favor of "ollab. <mprovement' arpeggiator now works fine with short single9hits. . #mall bugfix in automation recording. "ew undo histo(1 in #(oBe+t 9(owse(. "ew st(u& too$ in #i-no (o$$. %dded option to use mixer position as playback positionA for those who have crappy sound drivers and experience /erky playback cursors.1 (29/12/03) !. Little glitch fix in #ytrus. Fixed arp5slide last bugs (< hope). #mall bugfix in effect preset selector.(uit1 Ee19o-(d 0ont(o$$e( #$ugin. %lt+click to default note levels in piano roll. +ugfix in playback indicators in piano roll.. #ytrus presets are now compressed (was needed for the V#&i version). #mall bugfix in event editor *oom5select. +ugfix in channel grouping while loading songs.otes in step se: now restricted to the channel!s key*one. %dded %#<8 clock source selector (for compatibility with the &ascam J#9@.i(e (host ' +$ient) su##o(t. (on!t ask why it!s a 7. %dded !insert5delete space! in playlistA piano roll $ event editor.

.x faster on %-(!s). . "ew +oo$ (-nd f(ee) )o+ode( #$ugin2 %dded "&. Audio +$i#s +-n now 9e -dded to the #$-1$ist. #mall fix in filter for Fruity (elay .eworked $ added some new artwork.7+it integer wave files. -ixer tracks can route to other mixer tracksA allowing groups $ sub9groups. &ime markers are saved in rendered waves as cue points..ew black note display mode in piano roll.0 ( /03/03) (FL #tudio) . Fixed F? send automation bug. 3-&e fo( the 5. . Fixed small bug in Fruity #licer. Fixed small weird bug in plugins. . "an open the pro/ect browser from the playlist. . %dded !Link selected channels 93 #tarting from this track! to easily auto9assign mixer tracks to existing channels.@ window 9e+o&es .ew time scaling in piano roll (hold shift $ resi*e notes).*@i #$ugin (. 3tudio now -)-i$-9$e -s . Added -udio in#ut (A3%G on$1) to the &ixe(. Various improvements in piano roll. . -ixer now has 67 insert tracks.ew time markers in playlist (numpad . "an now set pattern color.. shortcut for !#ave new version!. 3tudio :3Ai7 1 ' 16 out )e(sions).. ro/ects not made at 77@DD=* might sound a little differentS #mall fix in Fruity arametric 2H at .ight9clicking the mini piano roll /umps to the clicked position.+ugfix in -<(< file import for controllers.owS optimi*ation (Fruity arametric 2H $ various internal things now .0 (7/0!/03) (bugfixesS) 4-n1 9ugfixes.1. Added di(e+t<to<disk (e+o(ding ' off$ine (ende(ing of &ixe( t(-+ks.-)e A(-)e$$e( gene(-to( #$ugin. !.(uit1 3$i+e( now -uto<s$i+es without the need fo( . 2ffects now have automated mute $ mix level. +ugfix in Fruity haser plugin. "ew BooB-ss gene(-to( #$ugin.&ixe(. . Fixed small bug in event editor line tool. %dded graph in remote control mapping window. -<(< sync device is now shared with -<(< output devices. Fixed -<(< sync output device not remembered. #mall bugfix in #im#ynth Live.(egiste(ed Be-t3$i+e(. .ew cutting tool to piano roll $ playlist. !. Fixed sampler channel filters consistency accross sample rates.i$e<F%&#o(t<FBe-t to s$i+e5 fe-tu(e.L+. to /ump to the next one). "an now record in song mode into a pattern that hasn!t been triggered (pattern is then added to the playlist). (# script loading bug (on some systems) finally fixed. Fixed small bug in envelope display.ew brush mode in playlist and piano roll. #mall visual fix in Fruity #licer. #ampler channels now load . %dded some B(. Fixed minor &#7D7 preset problem. . Fixed precomputed effects at other sample rates. "an now save mixer track presets. .DDD=*. "ew . . atterns can now have different lengths.ew integrated wave editor for channel samples. 3tudio *@i7 . B(-nd new #$-1$ist. #mall bugfix in +oobass plugin.. =e)-&#ed (-ndo&iDe(7 now -$so -)-i$-9$e in #i-no (o$$..

(!/07/02) (bugfixesS) 3. 8ld precomputed effects are now hidden by default. "an now set the track in which preview $ metronome are mixed. Fixed bug with 1(< in browser. #etup now warns about logging as administrator.%dded phase randomness option to Bx8sc plugin. Fixed 1(< leak in Fruity . %dded support for eavey #tudio-ix controller (knobsA slidersA switches $ /og).@ t(-+ks into se#-(-te w-)e fi$es. Formula in -<(< remote control box can now modify increment step (for endless knobs). Added 9-t+h ex#o(t of . . %dded live mode to playlist. Fixed rare bug with event editor!s line tool. &ime hint in step se:uencer. %dded !pausing steps! in some knobs $ sliders. . "hanged tempo $ pattern selectors. 3.! now saves loop points. "ew -d)-n+ed #-tte(n<9-sed +ho##e( in #i-no (o$$..@. #tep se:uencer editing is now undoable. attern cloning now clones automation. %udio clips can be chopped up into regions (cue points stored in wave files or slices stored in 01. Fixed glitch in sampler channels. <mproved wrappers $ fixed timing info. . Fixed )asp!s envelope link problem. .oo#s now -)-i$-9$e -s . #upport for multiout V#&i plugins (generators only).Q controller.:3Ai #$ugin. Fixed invalid automation problem after loading presets over a &#7D7 channel.ew clock toolbar. . Fixed window visibility bug. %dded support for !endless! hardware controllers ((oepfer ocket (ial). 3.ew user interface for #im#ynth Live. Fixed weird rare automation bug. .ote+ook. %&#(o)ed +h-nne$ en)e$o#es (tension). +ugfixed (rum#ynth Live.MB. Fixed rare note9dragging crash in piano roll. . "ew -d)-n+ed 6u-ntiD-tion in #i-no (o$$.. "hanged the way some plugins work with timers. #lightly updated look of the Fruity #licer.endered wave files now have loop pointsA useful when rendering using the leave remainder option. "an now select rows of notes in piano roll. #mall improvement in +eep-ap plugin. %dded some usability improvements. %dded support for #tudio-ix switches.!s). Jpdated L%-2 mpB encoder to version B.6 (29/07/02) (more bugfixesS) #upport for &ascam J#97. %dded autoscrolling in playlist.! (19/06/02) . 8mni mode also works for mixer in remote control window. !#ave modified sample as.ew wave editor. %dded !fit to time! option to Fruity granuli*er. Fixed various minor bugs. Formula presets in -<(< remote control box. 0-n now +o#17 #-ste7 s-)e ' (esto(e -uto&-tion. V#&i version now renders properly in "ubase.(uit1. Fixed small playlist selection bug. 4u$ti A3%G out#ut -dded. Various bugfixes in FL V#&i. Various other bugfixes. .

+ugfix in soundfont player $ improved =H rendering.(uit1 f-st dist #$ugin (s-&e dist -s fo( the A3!0!). #mall bugfix in Fruity slicer (sample rate conversion). plugins. eak meters optionally in d+ format (see general settings). -<(< out plugin now supports channel aftertouch ($ also redesigned visually). +ugfix in echo delay combined with the time shift. .ont #$-1e( #$ugins. <mproved (but slower) sinc interpolation (thx to arguru). "ew in#ut to out#ut &-##ing fo(&u$.(uit1 +ho(us #$ugin.(uit1 soft +$i##e( #$ugin. %nt(odu+ing $-1e( +h-nne$s7 to +ont(o$ se)e(-$ +h-nne$s -t on+e. Fixed two bad memory leaks. %dded !explore! menu item to browser.ight click metronome for another tick sound. Added -+ti)it1 &ete( to +h-nne$s. #mall bugfix in layer channels. &iny bugfix in envelope processing. Added . -<(< remote control window redesigned a little. "olorIX++11. . #mall bugfix in step se: vol knob!s gauge.(uit1 g(-nu$iDe( #$ugin. ro/ect bones now includes automation as well. <mproved step se:uencer. #mall bugfix in channel muting. "ew 8x#o(t<F/(oBe+t 9ones (ex#o(ts -$$ +h-nne$ ' effe+t #(esets H s+o(es7 to &e(ge #(oBe+ts e-sie(). "ew . "ew ."ew .(uit1 w(-##e( #$ugins. Fine time offset knob now automatable (can now do shuffle using internal controllers). . . Added (e+o(ding #(e+ount.0 (19/12/01) Added f-t &ode to +h-nne$s (e+ho de$-1 t-9). +ugfixes in Fruity reeverb (now works fine at any mixing rate). View all channels (ghost) mode in piano roll. -<(< activity L2( now blinks yellow if the -<(< message wasn!t handled (assigned to nothing).ixed the f(eeDing on so&e s1ste&s with the 4%*% out#ut en-9$ed. 4u+h i&#(o)ed (9ut not +o&#-ti9$e) A3!0!.ight click wait for input to allow it only when recording. "ew . #lightly improved pattern humani*er. -aster sync now sends -<(< continue message instead of -<(< start.emoved unuseful auto maximi*e $ stop at bottom options. .ew !save new version! option.(uit1 *@10 ' 3ound.s#ee+h fi$es).. 3u##o(t fo( s#ee+h s1nthesis (. Fruity soundfont player now searches for the first valid patch after a soundfont is loaded. "ew ste# edit &ode. %&#(o)ed . Fruity wrappers now support (?i. %nt(odu+ing +h-nne$ fi$te(ing fo( e-sie( (e-ding of the ste# se6uen+e(. <mproved hermite interpolation (now 6 points) (thx to Rehar).(inte(n-$) +ont(o$$e( #$ugin.(uit1 s$i+e( #$ugin (-dded 5fi$$ g-#s5 o#tion ' s$i+e (e)e(sing).ote properties editing in the piano roll now works only for selected notesA if any. %dded :uick preset randomi*ing $ hybridi*e mode for plugins. %&#(o)ed .in (e&ote +ont(o$ $inking. 3. . .(uit1 fo(&u$. Added s-&#$e st-(t to . %&#(o)ed g$o9-$ 9e-t s$i+ing ($-1e(ing). &ime in seconds now displayed by the playlist in the hint bar. "an now move patterns (or blocks of patterns) up5down (see playlist menu).ew kick synthesi*er plugin.!. -ouse wheel now scrolls step se: keyboard edit. . +ugfix in (rum#ynth patch loader. now recogni*ed in browser info files. %dded !#elect linked channels! option $ F? track renaming (effects window).

(uit1 ste(eo enh-n+e( #$ugin.emoved !shuffled! option in channel!s echo delay. %nt(odu+ing inte(n-$ +ont(o$$e(s.(uit1 Big 0$o+k7 . "hanged knobs popup menu (added !"opy value! $ ! aste value!) 1ot rid of the !filenames with spaces in them loaded as several files! problem. 2ffect plugins can now be named. Fixed patch not restored by the -<(< out. . %rpeggiator time to max I holding.emote control mapping now updated when modules change.(uit1 3$i+e(7 .NN)." tabA mainly for the step se:). Fruity plugins own data can now be collected $ included in *ipped loops.emoved 2xport93"lick marked samples option (hello alt+s freaks). Added #o(t-&ento to -$$ +h-nne$s. Fixed last -<(< device not working for -<(< output sync. .emoved random associationA replaced by the channel layeringA better but uncompatible./pg).ewA better set of fonts.elooked testing kbA now with visual feedback $ layer key *ones.(uit1 w(-##e( +-n now (e-d I.@ send t(-+ks ' u# to 8 #$ugins #e( t(-+k.emoved raster visual effect in event editor. Added 2 . %dded automatable gate time in channels (FJ. %dded a wallpaper (&itle. "ew . . . 3. . -inor bugfix in mixer. Added BuDD &-+hines w(-##e( (gene(-to( ' effe+t) #$ugins.(uit1 dB &ete( #$ugins. %dded levels ad/ustment per channelA for easier automation $ preamp. %dded !add root note to key! feature (useful for Fruity slicer $ Fruity soundfont player).ote properties box now also works on selected notes in piano roll. #amples with loop points stored in wrong order are now loaded properly. Little bugfix in volume envelope attack. Fixed rare bug in mixer. #mall bugfix in plugin preset selector.emote control mapping now listed in the pro/ect browser. <n pattern modeA the whole pattern is now renderedA not /ust the first bar.@B fi$es.. Added A3%G out#ut (no &u$ti+h-nne$ out#ut7 wi$$ 9e done7 don5t -sk).0 (16/10/01) 4u$ti#$e 4%*% de)i+es +-n now 9e +ont(o$$ed -t on+e. . "ew7 (-the( -++u(-te7 g$o9-$ (&u$ti+h-nne$) 4%*% fi$e i&#o(t. %dded a couple of new Bx8sc presets. Added . Added )e$o+it1 ' k9 t(-+king to -$$ +h-nne$s.N7A pitch bendIG. . "hannel aftertouch now mapped to G.(uit1 C(-nu$iDe(7 . Bette( #$ugin $iste(7 now )e(ifies ' so(ts #$ugins. Fixed minor bug in F? sends. . %dded pitch per note in the piano roll. .NB in -<(< input mapping (key aftertouchIG. Little startup things are now set to better default values. "ew . +ugfix in channel settings repaint (very rare $ harmless bug). . Fixed some disappearing cursor problems. +ugfix in plugins custom shapes.emote control mapping now saved in FL !sA not as a general config anymore.(uit1 de$-1 2 #$ugin. <mproved sample view in channel settings. %dded tempo fine tuning (song settings). Fixed thing in levels ramping (rendering with !tiny slices! on is now perfect). %dded features to the Bx8sc. .3. . %dded ! lay to end! option to Fruity slicer plugin.%dded vertical *oom in event editor. +ugfix in channel F? track G automation. Added #o(t-&ento5s in ste# se6uen+e( ' #e(<+h-nne$ g-ting. Fixed bug in sampler channels envelopes $ -<(< remote control.

. -<(< input now handles start 5 stop 5 continue messages. 8)ent t(-+k now #e( #-tte(n. 2xporting to -<(< file now works. "hanged sliders a bit. %dded Fruity L#( $ Fruity #pectroman plugins (reg. "ow su##o(ting *@i #$ugins2 iano roll data can now be copied from the step se:uencer. "ew . &urned auto snap into auto smoothing in event editor.emoved background wallpaper centering. -<(< files now appear in the browser (to be dropped onto piano rolls) as well. A(#eggi-to( fo( e-+h +h-nne$. -<(< controllers can now control several channels at once. attern (visual) length now saved in pro/ects. 3.ew user9made -<(< out presets.0.1 (26/02/01) 3. Jpdated Fruity plug #(F. Jpdated to new (rum#ynth renderer. %dded !<nit with current position! in event editor. %dded (dirty) workaround for taskbar covering problem. +ugfix in Fruity -ute . /i-no (o$$. Favorites now available to channels as well. -inor bugfix in -<(< out plugin.Jpdated L%-2 mpB encoder to version B. <mproved dropping of audio tracks into the playlist. <mproved auto channel naming. "ew $-1out. %dded right click on snap selector for stock note lengths. .QM.ew bugfixed Fruity #cratcherA )%# $ Fruity phaser plugins. )rapped V#& plugins now save their state into chunks (useful for the +#9@). event editors at once fixed.F#" FruityLoops score (piano roll) presets.1 (3/0 /01) +ugfix in song relocation. "yrix problem finally fixedS -inor bugfixes. . /(oBe+t (-uto&-tion) 9(owse(. +ugfix in closing piano roll. 8ptimi*ed song positioning. %dded metronome. %dded pro/ect uploading feature. #mall bugfix in mixer $ pattern playing. luckedS $ Bx8sc plugins now support custom shapes. 3.. Fixed >edi mode ') disappearing mouse cursor problem. Various other improvements.ew user9made -<(< out presets. 2ffect version of Fruity wrapper plugin now properly listed.0 (2 /01/01) . only).0 (11/09/02) (boxed version) 3. Fruity #pectroman can now display in stereo. &yping keyboard to -<(< option. #mall bugfix in pro/ect browser.0. #mall bugfix in !1o to next empty pattern!. -inor bugfix in channel!s edit menu. <ntroducing V.@ t(-+ks (now 16 inse(ts H 2 sends) "entered views for some controllers in event editor. . "hannel mute switch $ F? track G are now automated. =armless bug when closing . -inimi*ed mode in piano roll. %dded log decay switch to envelopes. Various bugfixes in wav renderer (can now render a playlist selection properly). %dded custom controls for (rum#ynth presets.1.1.

C$o9-$ +h-nne$ . preset renderer.ote+ookA -<(< outA etc. +ug in B(F? display drivers avoided (they!ve fixed it too). )ide skin script fixed. Fixed little bug in &#7D7 starting note. %dded !smart disable! feature in effects. Fixed small problem with multiple monitors (again). #light optimi*ation in &#7D7. Added .ew -<(< output plugin $ much better -<(< support. Fixed envelope LF8 shape not saved in FL !s. +ugfix in main oscilloscope. 2.! (6/0 /00) .1 (2 /09/00) 3&-$$ 9ugfix (e$e-se: Fixed problem with some )in.(uit1 #h-se( #$ugin 91 3&-(t 8$e+t(on:x.. %dded dithering to @6+it option (rendering only). Fruity Fast L plugin added (the main filter will disappear in a future release). Fixed filter bitmap in &#7D7 interface. Fixed bug in playlist hint.G -dded7 h-nd1 fo( 9-ss$ines. %dded -<(< kb to mute5solo mapping.0 (22/07/00) 2.Fixed syncing problem. %dded a couple of great instrument presets. Fixed ugliness with system fonts set to large. <mproved Fruity reeverb plugin (no more slowing down). Fixed right click on loop icon in playlist. 2.. 3u##o(t fo( #$ugin #(esets (s-&#$e 9(owse(). Jpdated L%-2 mpB encoder to version B.ew plugins' Bx 8scA +eep-ap (image synth)A Fruity an8-aticA Fruity . .Q7 #urround effect removedA added !Fruity phase inverter! to replace it. +ugfix in sample loading. %dded presets to envelope time wheels../7 B/7 J/ ' "ot+h to +h-nne$ fi$te(. 1raphic engine changedA now eats a lot less graphic resources. %dded new filter types. Fixed minor bug in event editor.7.. Fnobs should work better under )in. Fixed random association not saved properly. +ugfix in pattern rendering when playlist has a selection. -uch more. %dded !(on!t limit windows to screen! option for multimonitor support. +ugfix $ slight optimi*ation in &#7D7. +eatslicer standalone editor added. Fixed minor visual bug in title bars. .+# ext added to sample browserA $ FL !s are shown in all folders. -uch faster sample locating. +etter (typing) kb mapping for testing (channel settings kb). bugs in &#7D7 preset loading. Fixed .ewA better pattern randomi*er.. <mproved ##. ./ x2 fi$te( -dded to +h-nne$s. eating unneeded " J).ew plugin system (effects $ generators). %lternate +9splines interpolator in event editor (right click). . %dded antialiasing to &#7D7 (rendering only). #nap mode (with interpolation) in event editor. Added .7. .k configs $ registration. -ore safety checks for !altered pro/ect! flag. . =ad to remove bitmaps from song info editA too much buggy '( +ugfix in filter section (was always on. eak meter now shows clipping. 0< $ .k. Fixed minor bug in sample display.

. )in. .ich2dit crash fixedA selector display fixed. 2. Fixed rare crash with channel settings form $ channel cloning. &iming is all new inside $ more accurate. Fixed rare click problem with resonant filter. %dded sinc interpolation (very slow 9 rendering only) because cubic is sometimes noisy.1 (19/01/00) . Fixed small problem in level ramping. 8ld crap trashed out' mix feature (graph edit) $ vol5pan5pitch5mix wheels. "ow using the . itch bend now supported. <mproved beat slicing (mergingA shifting all the notesA checking for !groups!). "ew design fo( the A3!0! (-$so -dded t(i-ng$e . Fixed bugs in 0< export. Fixed recorded sample saving. +ackground process for long renderings. "ew i&#(essi)e (e)e(9 #$ugin 91 K$t(-funk. %dded support for pyramid panning shape (circular is good but can generate clipping).ew instrument patches by +#+. . 2cho delay now linked to the channel. . Fixed big samples always set as keep on disk samples. -inor bugfix in changing H.. %utostretch follows tempo changes.A48 4/3 en+ode( fo( the 9est 6u-$it12 2.u$$ en)e$o#es ' .LD Fixed linking of envelope wheels to -<(< controller. . Fixed bug in sampler envelopes.$ot of 9-(s).ow renders playlist selectionA if any..k compatibility' .T2xtra5. .0 (13/0!/00) .L patchesS (5##. %dded !keep notes continuous! tool (handy for &#7D7 without gate). . Fixed crash when setting tool launched at startup with channel sample. 1raph edit now allows offset of the filter...earranged plugins list (too many on screen) + favorites. %dded precalc (" offset removal. "an now re9read the sample browser without collapsing everything.Jpdated L%-2 mpB encoder to version B. 0h-nne$ settings window (edesigned. %dded option not to resample waves (better for looped stuff).emoved click removal option (always on).ew #im#ynth . <mproved #im#ynth . renderer (LL. -apped key aftertouch into controller .L) . %dded presets to event editor LF8 (speed wheel popup).endering changed $ bugfixed (tempo changes). Fixed bug in rendering of &#7D7 (distortion). Fixed fine tuning not saved in FL !s. Ae&#o is now s-&#$e<-++u(-te (usefu$ when 1ou (ende( .N7. %dded keep on disk samples. Jser skins will have to be slightly ad/usted to work with this release..3A 5+h-nne$ st-te5 fi$es (inst(u&ents < (e#$-+es I. Fixed old bug in playlist.ew humani*e presets.ow &#7D7 sustain max I infinite. .ow @DDD bars in playlist. %dded handy !clone pattern! macro (tools). Filter now automated. %dded !live loop!. -inor bugfix in pattern editor.1. .G sh-#e). (irect? filters support updated. /-(ti-$ i&#o(t of =eBi(th 338 song fi$es. F? in the graph edit reordered.!0! fi$es).G (#-n7 )o$7 fi$te( ' #it+h)2 "ew I.

.ew default basic drumkit ("lub basic). "an now render to B. Fixed slave sync bug. Fixed note range in &#7D7 (some notes were clipped). .o more flicker on some controls. attern autoscroll now optionnal. "an now drop sound files on the playlist (very :uick for effects on a song).o more pattern $ playlist clipboards filled at the same time to avoid mistakes. #witched default ticks per beat ( H) to M6. &#7D7 LF8 now ad/usted correctly when changing song position. %dded !Fruity center! plugin.edesigned humani*e box. %dded balance custom plugin.Ae&#o +h-nges now (e+o(ded too (with so&e $i&it-tions).ead-e. %dded plugin editors in view menu.1 (21/11/99) roblem with background wallpaper covering some windows fixed. %dded about box to Fruity plugins. . Fixed bug with channel mix5random. #crollbars can be moved another way (right click). %dded !arrange windows! in view menu. #witched most time values (shiftA delay) to a @M. #cans V#& plugs in both user $ Fruity directories. "rash with default skin in paletti*ed mode fixed. Fixed small bug in wav looping. #upport for middle mouse button (to reset wheels $ scroll windows). <mproved support for (irect? filters. 2vent editor enhanced. <nternal sync has changed a lot $ visuals are smoother.emoved !insert pattern in playlist! (not useful). +asic -<(< input added (see . 0-n now s$i+e u# 9e-ts thx to the Be-t3$i+e( engine. Fixed bug with the piano kb $ &#7D7 user shapes.andom tool now affects notes $ slides for &#7D7 channels. . . Fixed click bug in fake surround effect. revents nasty slow F J denormali*ation also in &#7D7 delay line $ volume ramping. #ong settings separated from environment settings (more logical). %utoscroll patterns when playing. -ore space around wheels (&#7D7 $ V#& plugins) not to miss them anymore. . %dded record buttonA mainly for keyboard input for now. . %dded !&wice slower! in the tempo menuA for easier recordings. -apped pitch bend into controller . Fixed minor visual bug in event editor.+it float wavs (for use in "ool2dit ro). . Added . -ain reso filter now applied after the master plugins (better). "hanged limitations of demo version.G too$ in e)ent edito(. . +etter distortion on the &#7D7 when rendering (too slow). Fixed small bug in window arrangement. Fixed bug in V#& plugins handling. .doc). . %dded FL file format description (beta).NN for remote controlling. Fixed something with &#7D7 $ patterns. %dded !captionni*ing! to event editor. H accuracy. %lso redraws smoother.ight click a F? track button to pop up the list of plugins. %dded new tipsA read themS "an now move channels up5down. %dded pan wheels to the main window.ow supports (irect? plugins (crashes to be expected').0. 2.emoved !update on each n ticks! option (< had to). . -ain cutoff now ramped.emoved the !auto arrange windows! option in settings.

presets (riffA tempo). <nstaller now adds shortcut icon $ stuff. %dded !=ermite curve! interpolation (even better than linear) on stretching for sample loading $ rendering (too slow for realtime). Fixed glitch in cubic interpolation. . %dded favorites to more dialogs (useful when exporting to wave file).@ t(-+ks (edesigned7 now u# to 8 t(-+ks -)-i$-9$e.3B .%dded Fruity ro 5.). %dded ping pong delay. rob with saving of wav files fixed.o more preview on right click in the sample browser (was annoying). 0-n now $o-d 3i&31nth 2 #(esets thx to *-)id Bi$$en. 4-in7 +h-nne$ ' de$-1 $ine #-n/)o$u&e twe-kings inte(#o$-ted to -)oid #o#s. <mproved sample locating (as #am wanted).earranged main sliders.ow renders %cidi*ed wav files.o need to move your old onesA they!re not compatible anyway. . rob when mixing .i)e (e+o(ding2 %nteg(-ted e)ent edito(2 G#tion fo( &o(e (e-$isti+ $og-(ith&i+ $e)e$s (song settings). rob with dots window fixed. Fine tuning is read from )%V files (middle note isn!t 9 too many "7 by default where it should be "N). 1.eset to make a config reset in case you!re in trouble. %dded !auto *ip empty channels! (general settings) for those who prefer to work this way.&s $-ten+1 on .. %dded cool (but slow) light show (not totally finished). %d/ustable fade out (when cut) for better strings. #kins now in 5#kins subdir. Jser shape is back. <nternal sync small bugfix. ut the check for another instance back (this time only when there!s a command line param) (hope crashes won!t be reported this time). 2ven slightly faster. %dded useful !insert $ remove pattern! tools. roblem with last opened pro/ects menu fixed. %dded note fine tuning for samples which don!t match. %d/usted the range of all the reso filters. 4%*% (e&ote +ont(o$$ing of &ost +ont(o$s2 =e&o)ed 5-he-d du(-tion5 &ixe( setting ' -dded #o$$ing ' h-(dw-(e 9uffe( settings fo( down to . . %dded !1o to next empty pattern! tool. &#7D7 fixed. .eplaced #=<F& by 1 to pop up the graph edit (< had to free #=<F& for shortcuts). .inished new #$-1$ist $ook2 (sti$$ s-&e fe-tu(es fo( now) . Feyboard autoscroll when notes are out of range (autocentering would not be a good idea). 2xtended params for #im#ynth . %d/usted range of the filter in the &#7D7. . -ore minor enhancements. %dded !8pen with FruityLoops! in popup menu associated with FL files. %dded clone option to the channel pop up too. +ugfix in scope.i)e2 . #ome shortcuts changed5added (#=<F& instead of %L& for shifting left5rightA shortcut for #ave as.6 (bugfixesS) small visual bugfixes. &#7D7 rewritten internallyA using floatsA no more clipping $ more stable filter. Fixed small bug in my use of the &#7D7.. %dded !#elect unused channels! tool (to delete them to clean up your song). 0h-nne$ )o$u&e +-n now 9e twe-ked on the f$1 (needed fo( the $i)e (e+o(ding). lugin wheels now have a default value. Added ex#o(t to 4/3 thx to B$-de8n+. rob with #im#ynth note fixed. +ugfix in the disk renderer. .7.

-ore checks for !bad! wavs (there are).emoved the channel settings unuseful pan $ vol menus. robs with )inMQ fixed' the . %dded cool !shade! scope mode. <nverted the shuffle slider (more logical). (efault values for all sliders (right click). %dded background tiled bitmap. . (irect#ound not opened if disabled.ow eats less )indows graphic resources.ew cool splash screen. (20/06/99) Added su##o(t fo( 3i&31nth fi$es.ow support all plugins type. . -<(< not opened if disabled.6. . Jse of devices cleaned a bit. "an also set the middle note of #im#ynth files. Added the A3!0! 9et-2 .-ain volume can be raised to @. . .2 (9/03/99) . Added g(-#h edit #(esets in the s-&#$e 9(owse( (text fi$es to edit &-nu-$$1 fo( now). #ome more minor bugfixes. ing pong loop available even when not looped. . -inor visual bugfix. .23 (3/0 /99) 1.emoved the check for another instance (crash reports)..(# plugins (they!re all shit). #ends start 5 stop 5 clock 5 # .NO.eload sample! bugfix. %dded the recording box. F?B is now interpolated (much less noisy). #hould also follow tempo changes.o more temp directory (uses the windowsWtemp instead). V#& plugins support beta. %dded sync delay too. "an now drop &#7D7 presets to create &#7D7 channels. &#7D7 presets in the sample browser. B-si+ #-+k now in+$uded in the inst-$$ #-+k-ge.emoved support for )in%.. %dded clone channel option. laylist now starts from @ instead of D (nicer). -any are badly written $ some crash because of this. V#& plugins which have their own editor no longer have built9in wheels. 0-n now -+t -s &-ste( +$o+k fo( s1n+2 (read the . 1.!. 2ven faster (maybe unless you!ve got an %-( processor).emove mute checkbox in the channel settings (not useful). 1.3 (13/03/99) 1. "hanged stuff in the main menu. . Added ! effe+t t(-+ks (H&-ste() su##o(ting u# to ! #$ugins e-+h. lugin stuff saved inside the FL . . . #upport for more extra sample directories. 0h-nged the &ixe( engine f(o& 329it int to 329it f$o-ts.!. %dded *ip5un*ip support for samples $ FL in one single 0< package.ead-e. rob with background picture fixed. %dded stuff in the channel settings sample menu. -inor bugfix in loop files from sample browser. %dded true delay line for the &#7D7. #houldn!t alter the sound in any way.doc file for limitations). %lso try to locate missing samples in these dirs.ote deletion (right click) bugfix.endering $ click removal bugfix.&F format has slightly changed in )inMQ $ caused crash problemsS !. Added 5shift de$-15 to the g(-#h edit. "hannel settings form shown unactivated to avoid mistakes. -iddle mouse button used to reset wheels.

%dded auto9scroll to the selected channel (arrow keys). Loop selection in the playlist (right click+drag down). Looped strings (using loop points defined inside the )%V file). Finally up to 67 notes per pattern. (ynamic sample browser (faster). %dded Fast&racker . 1.! in the channel context menu. %dded tools to the !sample scope! popup menu (so you can edit (# files directly with (rum#ynth). %dded linear interpolation to realtime stretching (optional).0 (16/12/98) Last rendered wav path bug corrected. -ore hints on the wheels (numeric value). 1. %dded !Fill each x notes! to channel menu. . (# $ ?< files now in sample browser too. %dded translation (for (#") (french $ nederlands).. (but not compatible with old versions of FL). . ?< instruments support (import only). -ulti lugin crash bugfix (but still a prob here). %dded pattern naming (right click the top row in the playlist). %dded stereo $ !flower! scope (right click the scope).. +etter !stop at screen bottom! (takes care of the task bar). "hanged the wheels to flat wheels in the default skin. %dded !repeat block length! (/ust visual). %dded precalc reverb. +ugfix in the loop info stuff (SYGS . %dded some tips. %dded handy !%lways full height! option. atterns take less memory (but who cares).ich2dit control).asty click removal (have a low bass cutting itself to see the difference).emoved unuseful !2xport loop to clipboard! (now exports according to the loop state). %dded background wallpaper (for those who don!t like to have the desktop behind). #cope crash bugfix.3. %dded cut5copy5paste in the playlist. only '( %lt+click on knobs for :uick note off (for strings) (/ust set volume to *ero). Little anim on the sample browser. %L&+click on a wheel to reset it. %dded !+ig #cope! skin.-ax tempo raised to MMM (don!t tell me you need more). %uto detects email in J. %utostretch now up to N@. . &he prog now takes a bit less graphic resources (but still too much). &ips made external (translation).N6 colors warning message. %dded interpolation to imported wave files under 77Fh*. %dded a small starting 7 channels kit in the package. . )ide skin now for reg. %nother bugfix again (when loading old loops). !crash on exit! bugfix.8 (27/10/98) . 0ipped channels bugfix. Faster stretching. +ugfix in autostretch $ ending silence trimming (sorry for incompatibilities). (rag5drop small bugfix. %dded :uick !Load sample. -ath copro related bugfix.L box.!. (rum#ynth (# files support. %dded . #mall bug in the piano keyboard corrected.ow looks a bit better under weird )indows color schemes.emoved the loop selection $ replaced it by looping the cut5copy selection. 8utput scope has a faster response. -ain window never goes below screen bottom. Linked windows (sample list windowA piano window) move smoother. %dded loops in the sample browser.

#tereo delay $ phaser effect added.13 (not (e$e-sed) %ttack added. 2dit mode buttons added ( an5vol $ Feyboard modes). -ain pitch slider added. 6 (01/08/98) 1.#aves V. Finally added pattern length (set globally). "&.(uit1.2. -<(< tempo now updated when synchroni*ed. %lso right clicking on the left part selects the pattern too. 8ld way to set dot volume removed. %dded :uick !copy whole pattern!.. )ider range for the delay volume wheel. "hanged the ugly )indows scrollbar.12 (01/06/98) +ug that caused the echo to cut the sample itself corrected. +ug with the 6 numeric key sending minus corrected. %dded piano keyboard. %dded drumkits. %lso the 5V keys change the playing pattern. &he selected channel gets the sample directly from Fast)%V (double click). -<(< bank selection stuff corrected. %dded a +) skin that looks good $ works almost well with paletti*ed systems. %dded integrated Fast)%V9like sample browser ("&. %void old "om"tlB. . #hows " J usage (sample settings). %dded channel selection.3. #ave modified sample (right click the scope in the channel settings). +ug in the -<(< rendering5export corrected. -ore compatibility with compressed wav formats (%( ".nd notes can be achieved (using another channel).(LL bug by loading bullets $ slider knobs externally. #tarting sound. 1. (ot panA dot noteA mix effect $ random now work with -<(< too. "orrected bug in the precalc resonant filter. "an now render to mono. . "&. <nverted the pattern numpad to match the keyboard one. %dded !shift delay! trick so that B.3. #cript to customi*e the skin (colorsA holes $ positions).66 (26/08/98) .3.L to transpose (keyboard mode). %uto trim silence at the end of samples not to have to mix it (faster). %dded bottom status5resi*e bar. =umani*e on pitch $ mix.nfo file on rendering (for Fruity&racks5(--).3. Various bugs corrected. %nother (old) -<(< related bug corrected. #tretching now in realtime.2. layList window can now be resi*ed. %dded -<(< controller settings. %dded graph edit. Favorites in wave open dialog. (ots window added.eplaced the old echo by a useful one. . %dded <ns5(el buttons in playlist. 1. review in wave open dialog.67 (28/08/98) 1.L+left click on any set button for a :uick preview of the sample. %uto9close Fast)%V. 1.oo#s /(o 1.ew playlist that allows multiple patterns at the same time.$ mu9L%) can now be loaded using the installed %".ealtime resonant filter added. .72 (01/09/98) "hecks for another instance $ asks to have it closed.L++). itch for each dot added.codecs several times).

-inor bugs corrected. Loop settings menu removed. -<(<5#amples menu option added.8 (1 /0!/98) +ugs corrected in the saving of FL files. (previous versions were -<(< only beta releases) .2.10 (02/0 /98) 1.7 "hannels volume5mute $ main volume5shuffle now in the main window. .ote window has merged with the channel settings form.9 (19/0!/98) 1. #hould be more stable.2. . "orrected another bug that made samples not to be found sometimes. 1. #cope mute button bitmap now loaded (skins). =umani*e pan too. #ettings box shown when no output selected. 1. anning for each dot. 1. %dded tips of the day. )arning message when no output driver selected. < hope. recalculated $ rather slow. %dded preview in the settings form. )ill loop the existing patterns if playlist empty instead of playing the first one.2. -ain window position saved $ restored.ich &ext format (. Jnregistered version now limited to 7 channels. #ample settings window rearranged.L key to ad/ust the volume of a whole line.. =umani*e added. . =ope they will be read ') "an now drop FL files on the main window.%dded preamp $ decay precalc effects.ight clicking a channel mute button for !solo!. Loop comments are now in . =umani*e now in percents. -inor bug on the small volume wheel corrected.ew way of setting dot pan $ vol (#=<F&). #tretching to fit the pattern.2. Feyboard keys to mute channels. #amples now support panning. "&. &ried to !attach! Fast)%V to the main window.11 (20/0 /98) )in%. "lose (irect#ound when loosing focus so most wave editors can run. -ore accurate wheel movement (right click). . #ync to input bug corrected.B decoding added then removed (see below).&F)..2.(# plugins support (registered only).

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