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Electrical Relay Why a Motor Starter is Really Important and the Various Kinds of Starters.20140207.121921

Electrical Relay Why a Motor Starter is Really Important and the Various Kinds of Starters.20140207.121921

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Motor Starter: Why A Motor Starter Is Essential And The Types Of Starters Contactor Guides

A motor starter is a device that can be electric, hydraulic or pneumatic in nature. Its main role is to regulate the flow of current so the engine can start or stop properly. The History of The Starter In the past, people tried many things and apparatus just to start prehistoric engines of vehicles. Some of these methods included using gun powder cylinders and springs that wound up. When it came to airplanes and other similar vehicles, people used cranks to propel or start the engines. As stated, hand cranks were popular back in the day. These things help start most engines back in the day. However, it was quickly discovered that the method was not only inconvenient; it was also dangerous and complicated. First generation engines were hard to pull. It would take a lot of might just to crank the engines. An engine has the ability to kick back, and this causes it to create a reversal movement. Some manual motor starters once included a slip that went in one direction. This allowed users to release the starter once the engine successfully starts. However, the motor starter would not be released if the engine failed to start. It would remain latched into the engine. As a result, the starter shakes and jerks while the engine turns. This caused accidents in the past. More Info Blogposts On The Subject Of VFD The Different Types Of Starters At present, engines use modern day motor starters. These are the electric starter and the gear reduction starter. Between the two, the electric starter is the widely used. That’s because the electric starter is used in gasoline or diesel engines. Motor starters today consist of magnetic or electrical motor current that is equipped with a relay or solenoid. A current passes from the battery in the vehicle to the solenoid that pushes out the pinion. The pinion then combines with the ring gear, powering the engine. Problems can occur with the pinion when either the driver does not release the key soon after the engine has started, or there is a shortage somewhere in the system and the solenoid is not able to become disengaged. When this happens, the pinion spins alone and not with the drive shaft. To avoid worsening the problem, drivers should not attempt to start the vehicle right away. Drivers should wait for a few seconds before restarting the engine. The Chrysler Corporation is the one that made further advancements to motor starters. In the early 1960s, Chrysler introduced a new type of starter on the market that used a geartrain.

The geartrain is fitted between the drive shaft and the engine of the vehicle. This concept was not entirely new back in the day but it was Chrysler that perfected the design and mass produced the geartrain. If motor starters were not invented, people would have hard time using automobiles and other things with engine. If people settled with crank shafts and old mechanisms, accidents and injuries would be prevalent. It is an essential part of a vehicle that is instrumental in correct functioning and operation of the vehicle.

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