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Published by Jorge Herbert
Sexual education in Japan sometimes is considered too much open, and too accessible to children.
Sexual education in Japan sometimes is considered too much open, and too accessible to children.

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Published by: Jorge Herbert on Feb 07, 2014
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It is said that one of Japan's black spots is its sexual openness, and that in elementary schools sexual education is too premature for Christendom standards. My two readers, it maybe that sexual drive in Japan is too much, but since this country does so many things right, you can but to consider that maybe, just maybe, they are also right on this area of human behaviour. I remembered the story of Shakira Mesta, a Mexican Puritan living in Tokyo. One day she bumped into her fourth grade son's school books and opened them. However she still lacked the ability to read Chinese characters, she found the books full of explicit illustrations about the use of the sexual organs; penis, vagina, testicles, etc. She took a quick breath and without hesitation decided to talk to his son, Matsurubato, and make sure he understood how a God fearing religious youth must behave. This is I think a good moment to tell my two readers that, whatever Shakira Mesta's peers may venture to despise about Japanese society may easily be outmatched by the goodness of Japanese hearts. You can fill but gratitude to its people. They treat foreigners like one of their kind, regardless of what many would say. Their simplicity, their integrity, and their sometimes frustrating attitude of doing things right certainly surprises many. It is true that acceptance of their society and sharing every day life with them is a good ride, and often a good adventure. Yet, it is also true that however good this country maybe, many Latino Americans struggle to accept Japanese ways. More than few Latinos regret living in this country, they make a good living that also provide for their families back in their home countries, however. It's amazing how easy Latin Americans forget that America would be better off if it had been conquered by Japanese instead of Torquemada's thugs. Time inevitably changes and the mother land: that is Spain, has changed at the rhythm of modern times. But however little we may have to complain of modern Spaniards, the damage to the American continent is irreparable and abominable. But sorry, I am wondering away from my original story. Shakira's unbeatable faith in the power of God's commands impels her to talk to her son at once. Because she knows he would be studying she goes straight to his room, the door is unlock. Without knocking she opens the door and finds her little boy in flagrant self satisfaction act. The young lad astonished, shock, and scared, remains mute and without letting his tiny "mojo" off his hands. Maintaining her composure Shakira gazes Matsurubato and says, "When you finish your homework I want to talk to you."

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