The US days ago confirmed Max Baucus as the new, or next envoy to the PRC, but the PRC

should not become too excited about this latest US develo ment or event! This is because it is almost the same as acce ting from a stranger a ython or an anaconda as his "gift# to you for celebrating your new year! Pythons and anacondas have been $nown to strangle their human friends during slee , so the PRC should be extra wary of this new guest! Baucus who is articularly a very strong ally of Big Business and the associated overlords of the Military %ndustrial Com lex as well as being a steadfast ro onent of the economic noose called "TPP# has already gone on record as saying that he would be wor$ing hard to "balance# trade between the US and the PRC! &r in other words, he would be s aring no efforts to ry o en the PRC for the benefit of big giant US cor orations es ecially ultra gargantuan ones such as Monsanto and 'M! Baucus, although a (emocrat, is actually an ultra conservative US olitician, someone not very much different from the li$es of traditional US right)wing war haw$s or warmongers such as Cheney, Rumsfeld or the sinister man)hating *illary Clinton! Conservative right)wing US oliticians such as Baucus are ex ected to wor$ very tirelessly to ensure that in the future, the US +and the west, will automatically have a right to intervene militarily should a serious or rolonged economic or social u heaval ta$e lace in the PRC so that the PRC is not shut to US - western goods and services! Remember the sna$e allegory!

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