Your Baby Looks Very Interesting

By Elton Camp It creates such immediate, outrageous lying A parent who, for a compliment, is trying “Oh, your baby is just as cute as can be. A finer looking one I never, ever did see” laying the praise game is the smartest way !owever different from what truth would say "ith outrage the offended parent would roar #pon hearing accurate words he does abhor “$our baby has a strangely pointed head. lus, his skin is mottled and far too red” “!is ears are shaped like those of a swine !ow can you think that he looks fine%” “!is face is what a space alien is about. lastic surgery will help, there&s no doubt” “In the meantime, it&s likely, it would seem 'hose seeing him will let out a scream” “!aving a baby I am certain that you now rue. (ut how could you know he&d look like you)”

Safer: “Your baby is interesting looking”

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