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Are you longing for love?

Just someone, from somewhere, who loves you and cares?

Maybe you had a good friend, but he or she left you and your broken heart in the dust. GUESS WHAT! (For the answer, turn the page.)

There is someone who sees the heartache inside you!

Jesus, Gods son, volunteered to live on Earth as a human so that He could understand you better.

During His stay on Earth, there were times when His best friends and loved ones left Him.

But He found comfort in Heavens love.

You see, human love can fail and fade away, but Gods love will never fade away,

because God IS love,

and its impossible for Him to fail.

If you want someone in your life who will never fail you, never let you down, and never leave you, someone who can fill that need for love and acceptance, just receive Jesus into your heart.

You can tell Him you want Heavens love right now: Jesus, human love isnt always there when I need it. I need someone in my life who will never let me down or leave me. I want You to be that someone. I ask You to come into my heart and to give me Your everlasting love, and a place in Heaven. Thank You.

Oh, and one more thing. There are other lonely people around you who are longing for genuine love too. With Jesus living in your heart, you can now share the everlasting love you have found.

Find someone else to make happy and happiness will find you!

Illustrated by Anthony. ComicTraX Series Copyright 2002 by The Family. Featured on Feel free to reproduce and distribute this tract!

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