In the moon light, hair on tips of ears starts growing, With vampires, history of ways, are in the knowing The Metaboli network !"st before eating reates, # heighten in rease in some animal instin ts e$a erbates an% irritates

# vampire m"st h"rt before it fee%s, # onstant remin%er of its painf"l nee% &"t the main res"lt always the same, To kill, %esi ate the bo%y, to fee% an% maim

&y nat"re the a tions are not personal, It's part of the animal make"p, the a t of goo% reversal The nat"re of the vampire is evil, to %estroy, (f o"rse for the h"man goo% of man, it !"st annoys

To h"mans, vampires are parasites, to be %estroye%, # n"isan e to all h"man life, to e$ting"ish, a t employe% )o on goes the h"nt to %estroy the parasite, )"nlight, namely "ltraviolet light, with vampires kryptonite

by Tim Thayer

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