The reading file consists of a number of general questions and a number of specific questions.

Define the kind of text you are going to read and before you start reading, browse through the questions you are expected to deal with. Everything in English, please. Name Class Teacher Date due version Date made . Title of the book $. )uthor of the book *. +n one sentence say why you decided to read this book. %. ,hat were your expectations about the contents of the book before you started reading(. +n one sentence say what the story is about. .. /ive information about at least two of the characters in the book. 0xplain their relationship. 1. 2ay whether you have or have not been able to identify with one of the characters. ,hy# ,hy not-

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@it bi4 4e computer s4ablonen in Teletop.. /ive a short summary of the book. al op te slaan en eventueel voor 4e?elf al af te drukken. 5anningen 0nglish Department 6eading 7ile 8$ 9wo . vullen. 9ergeet niet N< ==k weer 4e 4aar>leesli4st in te pages.. Choose a different title for the book and say why you have chosen that title.". 2ay which group of readers this book is meant for and say why you think that in the next line: &. The book consists of . niet komen vragen aan het eind van het 4aar wat 4e ook al weer gele?en hebt. 08/02/14 09:58 . . $.. 3ouwens van der 3oi4ecollege.pages. /ive you personal opinion about the book and say why you think that is so. !. 0xplain extensively why # why not: . /ive at least three reasons why you would # would not recommend this book to others.

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