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Residents of Allston and Brighton have trusted Mayor Menino’s Boston Redevelopment Authority to arrange for a prompt and fair relocation of the Charlesview Apartments. The result? A process that has dragged on for too long. A proposal that ignores the needs of Charlesview residents and our entire community. We hope to see the new Charlesview: -Built as soon as possible with quality materials and enough money for proper maintenance in the years after construction -As part of an economically integrated neighborhood with a mix of new homeownership opportunities, retail, and parks to make a family-friendly and enjoyable neighborhood All of this is reasonable and possible but only if Mayor Menino insists that Harvard stop land-banking its vacant buildings and allow new construction to occur.

Please Join Us To Ask Our Mayor to Make A Better Charlesview Possible!

Attend the October 5 meeting
6:00 at the Honan Allston Library, 300 North Harvard St

Send comments by October 13 to
Jay Rourke, BRA, 1 City Hall Plaza, Boston 02201 Jay.Rourke.bra@cityofboston.gov
(please send a copy to Mayor@cityofboston.gov and also to ABNNF@googlegroups.com to share with your neighbors)