The Parable of the Great storm The great storm fallen its last cry.

Houses are no longer seen because of the flood that the storm caused. People were stuck on their roofs and waiting for help while somewere hanging on a thread for them to survive. On the other hand, the fortunate ones, who were in the higher places, were anxiously calling their relatives to ensure their safety and most of them were eager to help others while some didn’t really care. The Kingdom of God is like the response of the people after a great storm. It is like a fictional world that everyone wants to help and impart service for those who needed. In the first place, the world should be a sharing and caring community for all and it is based on the moral societal contract agreed by ourselves. Greed has caused insubordination to our contract since everyone wants to get rich. That is why some didn’t really bother helping. The storm is a time when social status didn’t matter. It didn’t matter if you poor or rich. Old competitors hold hands and became teammates to achieve one goal, the goal of saving lives. It brought a lot of people of different walks of life. It only shows that in the Kingdom of God everything is fair and just. Further more, it taught us to prepare ourselves and prevent these kinds of disasters. The storm acts as a neutralizer and a sign that we should change our ways for the better good.

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