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Name: Andrew Daley Name of Actor:

Position: Director

Character (circle): Jason Claire Richard - Priest

Traits Passion Confidence Acting Attitude Professionalism Overall Suitability 2 Good points

Rating 0 - 5

2 Bad points

Additional comments

Inspir3 Films The Brother Code Judges Sheet

- Discuss yourself, how you got into the industry, the films/shows/tv/ect you enjoy, inspirations - What have you been working on? - How was that. What did you learn or get from it? - What type of projects do you want to work on in the future, is there a role, industry, genre you really want to do or get experience in? - How would you describe your acting style in a nutshell? - Tell me in 30 seconds who your favourite actor is and why? What was his best role - Imagine youre a door to door salesman, Id like you to sell me a bottle opener, if you wish, you can call it something else. - Is there anything you can bring to the role from previous work? What do you think is Unique or you that you can bring to the character? - What have you worked on previously, experiences in the industry such as theatre/tv/film - Opinions on the role, good/bad - How do you imagine this character? Mannerisms, clothing, accent, hair style? Travel Arrangements? Date availability? Opinions on the script, good bits, bad bits? Opinions on payment for role? Expenses covered, copy of finished product - Are you okay with a contract for the role to ensure you are certain and set on the project if chosen, wont drop out, ect. - Do you have any questions for me? - Roles will be set from 14th 17th.

Inspir3 Films The Brother Code Judges Sheet