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There is not _____ milk. a much bmany csome Tu respuesta dnone Incorrect!

Lesson: Quantifiers They _____ got a car. anot bdo not Tu respuesta cno d have not Incorrect! Lesson: Constructing Sentences They are moving to Barcelona, _____ they really like Madrid. a however bbecause Tu respuesta cand dtherefore Incorrect! Lesson: Conjunctions He _____ for an hour in the morning, _____ all afternoon and didn't return home until 10 at night. astudy, work bstudies, works chas studied, worked Tu respuesta d studied, worked Incorrect! Lesson: Past Simple Jose called while I _____ TV. a was watching bwere watching Tu respuesta cam watching dwatch Incorrect! Lesson: Past Continuous I _____ three exams already this week. ahad Tu respuesta bhave chas d have had Incorrect! Lesson: Present Perfect vs. Past Simple Pon esta frase en el estilo indirecto: "We went to the movies," he said. aHe said me that they had gone to the movies. bHe said me that they went to the movies. cHe said that they went to the movies. Tu respuesta d He said that they had gone to the movies.

Incorrect! Lesson: Direct and Reported Speech The book _____ by Mark Twain. awrote bwas wrote Tu respuesta c was written dwas writing Incorrect! Lesson: Passive Voice If I had known then what I know now, I _____ things differently. a would have done bwould do cwould done dwould had done Tu respuesta Incorrect! Lesson: Conditional Sentences We are having a fantastic time on vacation. We don't want to _____! ago back Tu respuesta bcome in cgo out d come back Incorrect! Lesson: Phrasal Verbs