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Skills Analysis a. The Number of students on task each 5 minute segment 25-30 b.

Use of available gym space Drills were spread out using the entire length of the gym. c. Use of gym equipment i. How is the equipment distributed Equipment was distributed in an organized and safe manner. ii. How is the equipment returned Equipment was returned in an organized safe manner. iii. How are the drills setup to utilize the space The lines in the drill were set up evenly across the length of the gym floor to maximize the area around each player do to the high probability that errors will occur with the tennis balls. And it allowed each student sufficient room to perform and stay active the entire class. d. Have all safety considerations been followed. Safety was a critical consideration in the entire planning of this class. From the layout, distribution/return of equipment and the competition levels demanded by the drills. e. How have teams been selected? Each line was selected to have a diverse sample of students. Each line consist of both male and female, tall, short, athletic and non anthletic individuals i. How have drills been organized Drills were organized to create sufficient space that allows students to make errors passing the ball without interrupting another pair of students space. And were organized to develop the basics of passing and catching in the sport of basketball. The tennis balls are a great way to warm up and improve passing skills for the sport of basketball. Then the basketballs were brought out to simulate the game.

ii. Was the use of technology affective in the class. No there was almost no use of technology in this class. f. How was roll call taken Roll was taken while simultaneously organizing the lines for the warm up and the drills ahead. g. How did you incorporate special needs students? I did not take incorporate special needs into my drills. For a specific case I would plan ahead to adapt my drills to fit the needs of the student. h. Did you have control of the class at all times? I had control for the entire class. Although transition times between instruction and drills were not efficient due to the absence of my whistle. A whistle would of allowed me to have a call and response signal with my students to bring their attention to me. i. Were the students enthusiastic? The students had a fun time with the drills. From the data I have collected from Lino and the video the students seemed all be engaged from the start to finish and had a good experience learning passing skills. 2. You will include a synopsis of the Lino comments from your classmates in your summary. The lino comments were very informal about my improving my instruction of the one of my last drills. They mostly read that a whistle was needed so I can communicate with the whole class as a whole quicker. I turned my back during one part and I now realize that and can correct this and make sure that I am being observed by everyone clearly. 3. Did you feel the class was a success and why did you feel this. Overall I do think this class was successful. Always there was room for improvement, but all in all I believe that the kids had fun participating, I created a safe fun environment for them to work on improving their passing skill effectively. 4. How did or could technology be used to enhance the class?

If I had a projector screen that I could blow up on the wall I would demo a video of what the drill looks like, where in real basketball clips show the importance and use of improving passing skills. I would get a local basketball coach or player to skype with my students to give a quick motivational speech before class to keep playing and stay active to promote the sport.