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History of present illness with regard to the eye that will be helpful to the ophthalmologist include the following


 

Anterior uveitis[6] o Acute - Pain, redness, photophobia, excessive tearing, and decreased vision; pain generally develops over a few hours or days except in cases of trauma o Chronic - Primarily blurred vision, mild redness; little pain or photophobia except when having an acute episode Posterior uveitis[6] o Blurred vision, floaters o Symptoms of anterior uveitis (pain, redness, and photophobia) absent o Symptoms of posterior uveitis and pain suggest anterior chamber involvement, bacterial endophthalmitis, or posterior scleritis Intermediate uveitis[6] o Similar to posterior uveitis; painless floaters and decreased vision o Minimal photophobia or external inflammation Panuveitis may present with any or all these symptoms

Grade Flare Cells   

0 tidak ada tidak ada 1+ flare tipis atau lemah 5-10 /lapang pandang 2+ Flare tingkat sedang (Iris dan lensa secara 10-20/lapang pandang diteil masih tampak)

3+ kekeruhan lebih berat (Iris dan lensa 20-50/lapang pandang diselimuti kekeruhan

4+ flare sngat berat (penggumpalan fibrin pada >50/lapangpandang humur aquos)