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Adaptation AS biology OCR unit 2

Adaptation: Is a feature that enhances survival and long-term reproductive success A well adapted organism can • • • • • find enough food and water to photosynthesis well find enough water gather enough nutrients defend itself from predators and diseases survive physical conditions of its environment such as changes in temperature light and water levels • respon to changes in environment • still have enough energy to reproduce successfully • How to adaptations enhance survival Bahavioural adaptations Behavious that helps it to survive the conditions it lives in Physiological/Biochemical Adaptations adaptation that Ensures correct functioning of cell processes Anatomical Adaptations Means structural - any structure that enhances the survival of the organism EXample of Adaptation - Xerophytic plants Behavioural Adaptations • • • • Stomato closed when there is little water - conserves water Open stomata only at night - conserves water Roll leaves when water is in short supply - reduce water vapur potential gradient Open stomata when they are short of water - leave wilt & exposed so wilt

Physiological/Biochemical Adaptations • Mechanisms by which a plant can open/close it's stomata, fold leaves or store water Anatomical Adaptations • • • • Roots shallow but spread out over a wide area Roots very long Stem or leaves may be fleshy Leaves may be reduced in size

folded.• Leaves may be very waxy • Leaves may be curled. hairy or have stomata sunk in pits .