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Motivating Employees

By Kelsey Lowe

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Founder: Sam Walton Opened first Walmart in Rogers, Arkansas in 1962 Sam and his wife, Helen put up 95% of the money to open the first store He then opened 15 more in 1972 When the stock went public 260 more stores, in 11 states, were built by 1980 In 1983 the first Sam’s Club opened; 1988 first Supercenter By 1989, there were 1,402 Walmart stores and 123 Sam’s Clubs Now there are 9,759 stores and clubs in 28 countries Secret: Give the customer what they want

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Employs 2.1 million associates globally 1.4 million is the U.S. One of largest private employers in the U.S.
◦ Largest in Mexico ◦ One of largest in Canada

Question: What creates enthusiasm for workers and makes them work to full potential?  Motivational ◦ 1. Sense of achievement- recognize hard workers in morning meetings ◦ 2. Earned Recognition ◦ 3. Interest in work itself- put the employees in appropriate department ◦ 4. Opportunity for growth- learn department; develop skills in that department ◦ 5. Opportunity for advancement- know steps of the career path ◦ 6. Importance of responsibility- run each department like it was own store

 Hygiene: ◦ 7. Peer and Group relationships- new mangers get a mentor; get together once a week for lunch discussions ◦ 8. Pay- bonuses every quarter; pay increases with promotions ◦ 9. Supervisor’s fairness- family can’t work under family; policies of fairness ◦ 10. Company policies and rules- make fair and consistent work place ◦ 11. Status ◦ 12. Job Security- one of largest companies and it is growing ◦ 13. Supervisors friendliness- surveys on supervisors ◦ 14. Working conditions- inside; clean; safe

The idea that employees try to maintain equity between inputs and outputs compared to others in similar positions.

Walmart: Employees aren’t allowed to discuss their salaries.

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Promotions aren’t the only way to celebrate a job well done. Walmart’s ways:
◦ Have the employee stand at the meetings and tell what they have done right ◦ Give them Walmart pins ◦ Ice Cream parties ◦ Closed down Animal Kingdom (Disney World Park) for night and let the employees in for free ◦ Let employees in to Disney World early and let families stay a couple of nights for free ◦ Closed down Universal Studios and let the employees in for free

1. What motivates you to work hard at your job? 2. Do you feel that pay isn’t as important as achievement, recognition and interest in the work that you are doing?

  Steve: Walmart District Manager