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7908 W. Kathryn Avenue Milwaukee WI !"#$8 %&$&' &($)7##8 O*+ECTI,E My goal is to be a caregiver and advocate for young children. I also would like to continue working with parents and early childhood professionals in order to support high quality child care. WORK HI-TOR. Grandma’s House Day are enters! Inc. "#$% &. 'rookfield (oad 'rookfield! )I $"%*$ +une ,"! ,%%" to the present- hild are .eacher I am responsible for planning for and working with two/year old children with a co/ teacher. (esponsibilities include but are not limited to creating lesson plans! carrying out activities! tracking each child’s development! communicating with parents! and working with other teachers. Mary 0insmeier 1chools! Inc.2 hildren’s 3du/ are ,#% Greenwood 4venue )aukesha! )I $"#55 1eptember ,*! ,%%# to May "%! ,%%"- enter Director26reschool .eacher I was responsible for interviewing! hiring! training! scheduling! and supervising staff. I gave tours for new and prospective parents. My responsibilities included meeting the needs of the children! parents! and staff as well as following and implementing company policies and state regulations. 7ther duties included ordering supplies! center maintenance! completing staff reviews! conducting new parent orientations! keeping track of and updating staff and children’s files! computer entry! and administrative responsibilities. My teacher responsibilities included lesson planning and implementation! working and cooperating with other teachers! and communicating with parents on their child’s development and e8periences. 3aster 1eals hild Development enter &9: )#*5*$ Homestead Drive Menomonee ;alls! )I $"%$# +anuary #$! ,%%# to 1eptember ,#! ,%%#- Master .eacher of ,/year olds My responsibilities included lesson planning and implementation for a group of si8 ,/year olds! parent communication! working with and cooperating with other teachers! general center maintenance! and following center policies and state regulations. I also was responsible for setting up the 6ro are system on the center’s computer and training the center director how to use it. 7ther duties included updating children’s files and being in charge of the center when the director was absent.

<ohl’s hild Development enter &$= )#9%%% (idgewood Drive Menomonee ;alls! )I $"%$# +uly 9! #::9 to +anuary $! ,%%#- Infant .eacher! Infant2.oddler oordinator!

Infant2.oddler Director .eacher- I was responsible for the care of four infants! creating and implementing weekly lesson plans and parent communication! holding parent/teacher conferences! cooperating with other teachers! and writing a newsletter. oordinator- I had regular classroom duties as well as training new staff! observing infant and toddler classrooms! conducting team meetings! some administrative work! and computer entry. Director- My responsibilities included interviewing! hiring! training! and scheduling staff. I also did classroom observations! conducted group and team meetings! gave tours to new and prospective parents as well as other early childhood professionals! kept track of maintenance needs and supplies! planned and supervised special center events! and researched staff and client questions and problems. 4ddition duties were keeping up with state! accreditation! and <ohl’s rules! regulations! and policies> completing probationary and yearly reviews of staff> conducting new parent orientations> keeping track of and updating staff and children’s files> computer entry> and other administrative responsibilities. .he &urturing &ook! Inc. $9$ Delu8e 6arkway Glendale! )I $",#, +uly #! #::# to +une ,9! #::9- Infant2.oddler .eacher 1eptember #! #::$ to May "#! #::=- Infant2.oddler D4 andidate Mentor I was an Infant2.oddler teacher caring for four children on a daily basis! creating and implementing weekly lesson plans! and communicating with parents. 4s a D4 Mentor! I was responsible for guiding candidates through the D4 process! providing support and encouragement! and providing information resources. <inder are #%9#$ ). 6ark 6lace Milwaukee! )I $",,* 7ctober ,*! #:55 to +une ,,! #::#- Infant .eacher I was an Infant .eacher caring for four infants on a daily basis! creating and implementing weekly lesson plans! and communicating with parents. ?ayre :%%% Green 'ay (oad 'rown Deer! )I $",%: 7ctober #,! #:5# to 7ctober ,#! #:55- ashier! ustomer 1ervice (epresentative! ash 7ffice ashier! Invoice 4uditor! and provided computer data entry skills. I was responsible for the daily receipt balances and was a bonded employee. E/0CATION 0eadership redential! ,%#"/,%#*! @)/Milwaukee Milwaukee 4rea (eggio ollaborative onferences 4ttended )3 4 0eadership 3mpowerment 4ction 6lanning (etreat! May ,%## oncordia @niversity )isconsin/Mequon- Master’s Degree in 3arly hildhood 3ducation! December #"! ,%%" .he (egistry- 0evel #=

hild Development 4ssociate A D4B! Infant2.oddler Infant! hild! and 4dult 6( 2;irst 4id certified @)/Milwaukee- Infants and .oddlers- .eaching urriculum and Instruction A" creditsB @)/)hitewater- 3arly hildhood onferences- #::#! #::"! #::*! #::$! #::=! #::9! #::5! #:::! ,%%%! ,%%#! ,%%,! ,%%*/,%#" M4. - hild 6sychology! Introduction to 6sychology! 3arly hildhood I and II ardinal 1tritch- elebrating Diversity onference A"2:*B! ;oundations of 3ducation A# creditB * ’s- Infant2.oddler ourse @)/Milwaukee- '4 in International (elations! December #:5$ Homestead High 1chool- +une #:5# CAREER ACCOM12I-HMENTMember of ..3.4. .H2(.3.).4.(.D. 1teering ommittee Member of )3 4 Membership 4dvisory ommittee and 4ffiliate 0eadership Group Member of M43C 'oard of Directors2Dice 6resident o/founder of 3arly hildhood 6rofessionals of )isconsin Member of )isconsin hild are 4dministrators 4ssociation ,%%"! ,%#%/,%## Member of 4 3I #::9 Member of &43C 2)3 4 since #::$ Initiated D4 process at .he &urturing &ook <inder are ertificate of 38cellence for Infants A&ovember #,! #::%B #::5 4wards of 38cellence! .he )orld at .heir ;ingertips! from orporate ;amily 1olutions2<ohl’s hild Development enter 6resenter of workshops at local and conference levels AG743C and )hitewater 3arly hildhood onference and at child care centers in Illinois and )isconsinB Implemented Magda Gerber2(I3 and 'aby 1igning techniques at <ohl’s hild Development enter (eferences available upon request