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How To: Make Homemade Fruit Roll-Ups

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Homemade Fruit Roll-Ups From Ingredients 2 1/2 3 cups ripe or slightly ove r-ripe dice d fruit swe e te ne r to taste : hone y, sugar, agave , e tc. 2 te aspoons fre sh le m on juice optional: se asonings, spice s, e x tracts to taste Instructions Pre he at ove n to lowe st te m pe rature . 140 or highe r. Pure e all ingre die nts in a food proce ssor until sm ooth. Pour onto a bak ing she e t line d with plastic wrap, or a silicone bak ing m at (dont use foil, parchm e nt, or wax e d pape r), and spre ad to 1/8 thick . Place in ove n and bak e for 6-8 hours, until ce nte r is not tack y anym ore . R e m ove from ove n and pe e l off of bak ing she e t. C ut into strips and roll in parchm e nt or plastic. Store in airtight containe r or fre e ze . Tips: -All fruits will produce slightly diffe re nt re sults. Strawbe rrie s and R aspbe rrie s are two of m y favorite s, that consiste ntly produce good flavor and te x ture . You m ight have to e x pe rim e nt to find what work s we ll. If youre going to m ak e a giant batch, you m ay want to te st one first to m ak e sure it work s we ll. - The addition of sugar or hone y e nhance s the te x ture and m ak e s the fruit roll ups a little m ore che wy than if you le ave it out. - If using plastic wrap, it will shrink a little as the fruit drie s, so do le ave a little e x tra around the e dge s. A silicone bak ing m at work s the absolute be st in m y opinion.

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