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1. Business/Market overview a. Business concept (Describe the business in 3 sentences) b.

Market overview (How is the market for your product) c. What gap is your product filling in the market

2. Business plan a. Operations i. Equipment needed ii. Inputs required and where they will be sourced iii. Production process (Use a flow chart) b. Competitive analysis i. Who are your key competitors in the market ii. What are the advantages you have over the competitors iii. What advantages do your competitors have over you and how do you plan to counter these c. Internal SWOT analysis d. Marketing i. What makes your product unique/ what are the different products options you have (e.g. different carton sizes, bottle sizes etc) ii. What price do you expect to sell the various products/What is your pricing strategy iii. Where will you sell your products/What channels will you use (e.g. Supermarkets, direct sales etc) iv. How will you promote your products (e.g. advertising, referrals etc) 3. a. Financial plan/projections How much do you need to start the business? i. Cost of the equipment ii. Cost of initial raw materials iii. Working capital How much will it cost you to produce 1 unit of your product What are the fixed costs of your business (e.g. rent, salaries etc) How much of your product do you think you can sell per month Detailed financial plan

b. c. d. e.