The USS George Washington (above) has just emerged unscathed or unharmed from a desperate fight in the US capital

in which the vessel was expected to be mothballed in order to free up a large amount of money to pay for brand new submarines brand new roc!ets brand new batches of "#$%s and many other brand new military toys already approved by the war#loving US &ongress' The USS George Washington nuclear aircraft carrier has long been assigned for the unenviable job of shielding the balls of the japanese emperor and thus was based at the (o!osu!a naval base' )owever this super large vessel is becoming old and lately has been exhibiting very unmista!able signs of extensive rusting and severe corrosion' *t was decided to replace it with the +younger, USS -onald -eagan for that mundane job of ta!ing care of the emperor,s balls thus allowing the crea!ing rust buc!et to be fully repaired and overhauled' .ut any major repair and overhaul operation needs a very big amount of money and the generals in Washington who are already drawing up plans for a war with &hina wanted the ship to be mothballed but &ongress haw!s immediately put their foot (feet) down' /othballing is seen as cutting down the phallic si0e of US naval offensive might' *t is clear the narrow escape from possible scrapyard ignominy by the USS George Washington is a true manifestation of the glaring lac! of sound political leadership in Washington now controlled by big war 0ealots and the paid supporters of the massive US arms industry'