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Week at a Glance for Miss Jackies Grade 1-J Class Week 26: February 9-13 Week-long: Math This

is week students will continue to work with numbers to 100 and counting forwards and backwards to 100 by 1s between any given number as well as counting by 5s and 10s from a starting point in between 0-50. They continue to work on solving given math sentences. Students will begin to work solving basic math sentences. Science Students will continue to explore what the needs of plants are and how we take care of them. Students will look at seeds and how they grow. Social - This week students will continue the unit of Looking at My World. Students will be working on viewing the world through different perspectives. . Language Arts On Thursday students will be given a spelling test on the words yesterday, not, your, if, her. We will continue to learn about Fairy Tales. Students will participate in the Daily 5 activities (read to self, read to someone, word work, listen to reading and work on writing), on a daily basis. Students will continue to read the story of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, focusing on the comprehension skills of predicting, asking questions and learning the new skill in inferring. Students will begin to develop their narrative story writing skills, they will continue to look at how readers get their ideas and develop their ideas into a story this week. Students will begin to look at how writers add detail into their writing. New home reading books will be sent home when previous books have been read on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. Day Sunday Activities P.E (please remember to have your child dressed in their gym clothes) Language Arts- Students will learn their new spelling words. Students will review all spelling words as well as decoding strategies. Art Miss Jen




P.E (please remember to have your child dressed in their gym clothes) Language Arts Students will review all comprehension strategies. Students will work on their piece of writing about their favorite item. Arabic Islamic Studies for some students Monday Motivation assembly Music with Mrs Rachelle P.E (please remember to have your child dressed in their gym clothes) Language Arts Students will receive feedback from their previous journal entry and write a new journal entry. Students will also learn about adjectives. Arabic Islamic Studies for some students Library Please ensure that you send your child with their Library bag and any books to return. Home Reading sent home Language Arts Students will be receiving feedback on the journal entries that they did to help them become better writers. Students will learn the decoding strategy of Helpful Kangaroo and will review all previous strategies learned. Arabic Islamic Studies for some students


Music with Mrs Rachelle

Art with Mrs Jen

Language Arts Students will review the writing process. Students will again create their own venn diagrams comparing versions of a fairy tale. Spelling test
Arabic French Swimming Please bring swimming bag. This bag should be labeled and include: a bathing suit, towel, sandals, and a swim cap (for girls). Girls bathing suits must be one piece and boys must be swimming shorts. Please label ALL of your childs belongings. Home Reading sent home

Dear Parents,

International Day 12:15pm - 2:45pm

The Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia are coming up, Feb. 7-23!! In order to celebrate this exciting time in the world, the Gr. 4-6 Student Council is having an Olympic Rings day! This will happen on Tuesday, Feb. 4. Students are asked to dress in the colours assigned below. At 1pm, we will take a picture of the students standing in the Olympic rings formation. This picture will be displayed throughout the Olympic Games.

There is also a Poster Contest! Students are invited to make a poster on A4 paper that shows any Winter Olympic Sport. Student council will vote on a winner from each grade from KG2 to Gr. 6. There will be prizes for the top posters. All posters are due to Ms. Erin in 5E, no later than 9am on Sunday, Feb. 16, in order to be entered in the contest. Winners will be announced at the M&Ms assembly on Monday, Feb. 17.

We look forward to everyone participating in these fun events! Ms. Erin and the Gr. 4-6 Student Council

KG2s and Gr. 1KC: Red Gr. 1K, Gr. 1J, Gr. 2R & Gr. 2D: Blue Gr. 2J, and Gr. 3s: Green Gr4s and Gr. 5C: Yellow Gr. 5E, Gr. 5L and Gr. 6s: Black
Dear Parents and Students,

The Me to We Club is a student-led club promoting volunteerism. In the last two years, the Me to We Club has focused its efforts on assisting another school in our Abu Dhabi community. The Pakistan Community Welfare School (PCWS) desperately needs and appreciates our support. This

year we are doing a book and toy drive to help the principals goal of promoting English language learning and joy for the 500 students at PCWS.

This year getting involved is SIMPLE! All students have to do is bring in spare dirhams and place them in their classroom, Dirhams for a Difference, jar. Our goal is 20,000 dirhams by the end of February. Each week the elementary and high school classes that donates the greatest number of dirhams wins a pizza party! The first weekly competition has begun and will end Tuesday February 4, 2014, with the first pizza party taking place Sunday February 9, 2014. Classroom totals will start over each week. As well, if you have any new or used gift bags you would like to donate, please feel free to do so. We will eventually need 500 bags.

We know how supportive our CIS community is and are so grateful to be part of such a caring school! Thank you for helping make Dirhams for a Difference a success!

Me to We Club

If you have any questions please contact me by email ( Thank you! Sincerely, Miss Jackie